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More Than A Therapist

More Than A Therapist

By CarrierBradley Agency

More Than A Therapist is for ambitious clinicians who want to create impactful careers beyond the couch. Episodes feature mental health professionals who've carved unique paths for their careers. Listeners can expect to hear inspiring testimonies, helpful advice, and practical resources.

New episodes every Thursday.
Hosted by Davia Roberts, LPC.
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Ep 12: Money Matters

More Than A TherapistSep 14, 2023

Ep 12: Money Matters
Sep 14, 202335:40
Ep 11: Position Yourself as a Thought Leader
Sep 07, 202328:07
Ep 10: Branding For Therapists
Aug 31, 202332:07
Ep 09: Therapist to Media Personality
Aug 24, 202337:07
Ep 08: Create a Coaching Program
Aug 17, 202339:01
We're Back
Aug 10, 202300:40
EP 07 Don't Wait for Perfect
May 04, 202312:14
EP 06 Protect Your Genius
Apr 27, 202345:60
EP 05 Becoming a Published Author
Apr 20, 202333:06
EP 04 From Public Schools to Digital Health
Apr 13, 202323:35
EP 03 Clinicians and Consulting
Apr 06, 202339:26
EP 02 Turning Therapy Tools into Products
Mar 30, 202341:44
EP 01 Careers In Tech
Mar 23, 202338:17
Careers Beyond The Couch

Careers Beyond The Couch

If you’ve ever felt burnt out, bored, or stagnant in your career as a clinician… This is the podcast for you.

The More Than A Therapist podcast is a limited series that follows the stories of therapists who've built expansive careers beyond the couch.The purpose of this podcast is to ensure that therapists realize we’re equipped to do more than direct services.

If you’ve ever wanted to do consulting on the side, dreamt about writing a book, or even switching to tech… Our guests will share how they made the pivot and tapped into other fields.

So if this message gets you excited or even just a little curious, be sure to subscribe and tune into our first episode on March 23, 2023.

New episodes every Thursday.
Hosted by Davia Roberts, LPC

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Mar 08, 202301:37