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More Than Rice and Beans

More Than Rice and Beans

By Coqui the Chef

More Than Rice and Beans is a Spanglish mother-son podcast that is on a quest to share stories from the most inspiring, creative, and impactful Latinxs. In each episode, Tania and Miguel chat with artists, entrepreneurs, writers, entertainers, and more. Subscribe to More Than Rice and Beans on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts to access all the episodes.
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The Miami Voice of Food & Culture Meet Carlos Frias

More Than Rice and BeansDec 08, 2022

Meet Our Cousin Charlene Rodriguez Gomez, This is More Than Family Gossip

Meet Our Cousin Charlene Rodriguez Gomez, This is More Than Family Gossip

What's better than two family members on this podcast? Of course, three family members!

In our 4th episode, we are joined by our cousin, Charlene Rodriguez Gomez. However, this is more than just family gossip—Charlene is a determined Latina fighting for opportunities for Puerto Ricans in her career. Listen as this trio discusses the challenges facing the people of Puerto Rico, offers financial tips and solutions, and reveals what is really happening in Puerto Rico. Moreover, Charlene gives us new insight into the family and shares her favorite foods and traditions.


  • A look at Charlene’s career with the federal sector in Puerto Rico.
  • A discussion of some of the unique challenges people in Puerto Rico are facing.
  • How Charlene’s own experience as a Latina inspired her career path into government work.
  • Career advice for people from marginalized communities interested in a role like hers.
  • A dive into family food and traditions and more…

About the guest:

Charlene Rodriguez Gomez works with the federal sector in Puerto Rico. Her work has helped to bring vital assistance to areas of Puerto Rico that experience persistent poverty and economic distress. She lives in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and is Tania’s cousin!

Links and resources we talked about in the episode.

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Follow Charlene Rodriguez Gomez

  • Instagram: @alaila_zahaara & @lacamaleona_del_ caribe


Public Service:

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New Season, New Guests!

New Season, New Guests!

We are back for season number cuatro!

We’ve had three incredible seasons introducing you to Latinx people who are genuinely changing the world through their passions, skills, and talents. And we are so excited to continue this journey with our new season, premiering April 6, 2023.

New episodes will drop every other Thursday!

Apr 04, 202301:32
Got Sofrito for Your Soul?! Meet George Torres

Got Sofrito for Your Soul?! Meet George Torres

George Torres is the guy who knows everyone. He’s a master at connecting people, sharing stories, and building community in digital spaces. 

On this final episode of season 3, Tania and Miguel chat with the award-winning Sofrito for Your Soul founder about the importance of storytelling, how to connect with your culture and traditions in modern ways, the changes and challenges brought by social media, and of course, food!



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Episode 8 Glossary:

o Sancocho: Puerto Rican beef stew, also known as sancocho is a blend of tender beef, soft root vegetables, and bold flavorful broth!

o Sofrito: Spanish sauce that consists of tomatoes, onions, garlic, herbs, and peppers. Sofrito, which means “to lightly fry,” forms the aromatic flavor base for a range of Spanish recipes.

o Patacones sandwiches: a sandwich with tostones instead of bread.

o Jibarito Sandwiches: an authentic Puerto Rican sandwich made from flattened, fried green plantains instead of bread. This version uses flank steak and is complemented by Swiss cheese, tomato, onion, and a garlic-flavored mayonnaise

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Season 3 Trailer

Season 3 Trailer

Season 3 airs on Sept 1, 2022, and this season, we’ve got some of the most influential and inspiring creators, writers, chefs, entrepreneurs, and musicians in the Latin community. Be the first to listen, subscribe to our podcast!

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