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MOSES Organic Farming Podcast

MOSES Organic Farming Podcast


Dive into the most relevant topics of sustainable and organic farming through interviews with farmers and ag professionals, as well as audio from MOSES Conference workshops and field days. Organic Specialist Chuck Anderas hosts this podcast.
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Queering Farm Ownership: Inside a Worker-Owned Cooperative Farm with Hannah Breckbill of Humble Hands Harvest

MOSES Organic Farming PodcastMar 18, 2021

Systems Approach to Organic Farming with Rodrigo Cala
Sep 03, 202158:31
Climate Change: Keynote Conversation from the 2021 Growing Stronger Collaborative Conference
Aug 20, 202157:15
Climate Change: Resilient Soils with Dr. Jessica Gutknecht and Dr. Lauren Snyder

Climate Change: Resilient Soils with Dr. Jessica Gutknecht and Dr. Lauren Snyder

Continuing our climate change series, this episode is a workshop from the 2020 MOSES Conference with Dr. Lauren Snyder and Dr. Jessica Gutknecht.

According to the NOAA, "the Midwest set a record for the wettest year in history (1895-2019) for the second straight year" in 2019. The need to build healthy soils that can withstand weather extremes is clear. In this episode, Dr. Jessica Gutknecht and Dr. Lauren Snyder share research-based guidance on practices that can improve overall soil structure and water-holding capacity—characteristics critical to dealing with extreme precipitation events. And we'll also hear from farmers as they share their reflections after a small group discussion on the topic.

Lauren Snyder is a science advisor at the Organic Farming Research Foundation and a freelance science contractor. She has a doctorate in ecology and evolutionary biology from Cornell University.

Jessica Gutknecht is a soil ecologist at the University of Minnesota in the Department of Soil, Water, and Climate.

Dr. Jessica Gutknecht’s slides:

Dr. Lauren Snyder’s slides:

Reducing Risk through Best Soil Health Management Practices in Organic Crop Production 

Video: Soils Provide Hope for Severe Weather

MOSES Organic Field Days:

MOSES YouTube Channel:

New Farmer U:

Aug 11, 202145:33
Climate Change: Build Resilience with Soil Biology with Dr. Kris Nichols
Aug 06, 202101:25:55
Building Community Food Webs, Part 2
Jul 15, 202158:55
Building Community Food Webs, Part 1
Jul 09, 202140:44
Introducing Bootless: the new season of In Her Boots with Tiffany LaShae
Jun 29, 202116:23
Rodale Farming Systems Trial: Watershed Impact Trial
May 27, 202141:40
Rodale Farming Systems Trial: No-Till Vegetables
May 20, 202156:25
Rodale Farming Systems Trial: Carbon Sequestration
May 13, 202101:03:02
Food-Grade Grain: On-Farm Milling with Artisan Grain Collaborative
Apr 22, 202118:50
Food-Grade Grain: Diversifying Crop Rotations with Artisan Grain Collaborative
Apr 15, 202122:05
Food-Grade Grain: Behind the Seeds with Artisan Grain Collaborative
Apr 06, 202144:07
Queering Farm Ownership: Inside a Worker-Owned Cooperative Farm with Hannah Breckbill of Humble Hands Harvest
Mar 18, 202148:59
Growing Wellness: Mindfulness
Feb 04, 202118:21
40 Acre Co-op, Part 2
Feb 01, 202140:10
40 Acre Co-op, Part 1
Jan 27, 202135:29
Pollinator Habitat Farmer Chat
Jan 20, 202146:12
Practical On-Farm Pollinator Habitat
Dec 04, 202001:16:04
Growing Wellness: Responding to Someone with Thoughts of Suicide
Nov 30, 202023:05
Seed Selection for Pollinator Habitat
Nov 19, 202035:44
Establishing Pollinator Habitat on Organic Farms
Nov 12, 202032:04
Growing Wellness: How to Care for Your Mental Health
Oct 29, 202016:50
Fighting Food Apartheid with a Farmers Market & More
Oct 16, 202021:09
Growing Wellness: Empowered Decision-Making
Sep 24, 202020:37
Free the People, Free the Land
Aug 13, 202038:13
Local Food Is Essential & Update on COVID Farm Safety
Jul 31, 202037:39
Do the Numbers: Organic Grain Transition
Jul 02, 202041:51
Do the Numbers, Part 2: Dairy Graziers on the Economics of Dairy Grazing
Jun 18, 202037:37
Do the Numbers: The Economics of Dairy Grazing
Jun 04, 202038:11
Starting a Cooperative, Part 2

Starting a Cooperative, Part 2

This is part 2 on cooperatives with Kelly Maynard from the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives. In part 1, we talked about the importance of group work, goals of co-ops, and questions to ask before getting started. This week, we get into the role of feasibility studies, grants and loans to get started, what kinds of businesses are best suited for coops, and more on the principles that cooperative businesses can teach us.

May 21, 202030:21
Starting a Cooperative, Part 1
May 16, 202021:01
Rebuilding a Just Food System after COVID-19

Rebuilding a Just Food System after COVID-19

COVID-19 is stressing the food system in unprecedented ways. Farmers and local food advocates have a unique opportunity to build new and more just food systems. Today’s guest is Dan Cornelius. Dan is a farmer, a member of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin, and is the Intertribal Agriculture Council’s Technical Assistance Specialist for the Great Lakes Region. Dan shares his thoughts on food systems, the role seeds play in resilience and food sovereignty, cooperatives, and some examples from work different Tribes have been doing that pre-date the pandemic.

May 08, 202027:57
Social Media for Your Farm Business

Social Media for Your Farm Business

Mimo Davis and Miranda Duschack are flower farmers in St. Louis. Most of their 10,000 followers on Instagram are local customers. (Look for @urbanbuds.) They’ve invested a lot in learning how to do social media well. Their insights are even more important now that in-person connections at farmers markets and on our farms have been put on pause. Plus, they are funny people! 

Apr 30, 202049:32
Best Of: Farmer Chat—Market Farming in a Pandemic
Apr 27, 202042:27
Beef & #DairyTogether during the Pandemic

Beef & #DairyTogether during the Pandemic

Why are conventional dairy farmers dumping milk? How are the closures of the meat processing plants impacting livestock farmers? Chuck checks in with Bobbi Wilson from Wisconsin Farmers Union and organic dairy farmer Kevin Mahalko to talk about the issues and how to build more resilient dairy and livestock farms.

Apr 23, 202038:04
Bonus: Farmer Chats

Bonus: Farmer Chats

Join us for Zoom meetings to chat with our guests about the topics featured in our podcast episodes. 

UPDATE: May 21, 2020

Our Post-Podcast Farmer Chats are on hiatus for the rest of the farming season.

Apr 20, 202000:45
Farm Commons on Sick Leave for Farmers or Farm Workers

Farm Commons on Sick Leave for Farmers or Farm Workers

Our friends at Farm Commons have a great podcast series to help farmers manage legal issues that could arise during the pandemic. We're posting a crossover episode here to introduce our audience to Farm Commons' resources. In this episode, they discuss key legal considerations of sick leave policies for farms that may have sick employees and/or employees with sick family members/kids at home because school is canceled. 

Apr 17, 202020:41
Produce Safety and COVID-19
Apr 16, 202043:10
Farmer Mental Health in this Crisis

Farmer Mental Health in this Crisis

With the incredible uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are experiencing mental health problems for the first time, and the added stress is worsening many peoples’ underlying mental health conditions. The American Psychiatric Association recently found that over a third of Americans think the coronavirus pandemic is seriously affecting their psychological health.

For this episode, Chuck has candid conversations with Emily Krekelberg, head of Minnesota Extension’s Rural Stress Task Force, and farmer and farm advocate Rick Adamski of Seymour, Wisconsin. They have personal experience with mental health issues and draw from those experiences to help others. These conversations can help you recognize mental health issues in yourself or others and give you suggestions on how to address them.

For immediate help:
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255
Farm Aid Crisis Hotline: 1-800-FARM-AID
Minnesota Farm & Rural Helpline: 833-600-2670 x 1

Apr 09, 202001:14:05
Organic Grain & the Coronavirus

Organic Grain & the Coronavirus

How is the coronavirus affecting organic grain farmers? What effect might the pandemic have on commodity prices? What should organic farmers be considering as they think about this year? Listen in on conversations with economist Ryan Koory of Mercaris and organic farmers Carmen Fernholz and Luke Peterson. Turns out, the solutions are the tried-and-true principles of organic and sustainable farming—diversify your crops and markets and join forces with other farmers.

Apr 03, 202054:18
Market Farming in a Pandemic

Market Farming in a Pandemic

COVID-19 has forced us all to make big changes fast. This is especially true for market farmers. In our first episode, we talk to vegetable growers Katie Bishop and Rebecca Henderson on how they’ve adjusted so far, as well as online marketing expert Janelle Maiocco on how to quickly get started in online sales.

Mar 25, 202048:11
March 24, 2020

March 24, 2020

Mar 24, 202000:35