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Mountain Collective Podcast

Mountain Collective Podcast

By Mourad Bahrouch

Experience weekly doses of inspiration, self-discovery, and artistic growth on Mondays 7 AM (CET) – Join talks w/ Mourad Bahrouch & industry leaders, artists and creative directors fuelling your self-growth to excellence.
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EP 5 Stephan Klimpke - AR, AI, Machine learning, Deep learning - Co-founder at Viking

Mountain Collective PodcastDec 05, 2020

EP 81: Adobe's Head of Education, Partnerships 3D&I, Reveals the Future of Creativity

EP 81: Adobe's Head of Education, Partnerships 3D&I, Reveals the Future of Creativity

In this podcast, Alwyn Hunt, the Head of Education, Partnerships 3D&I, Adobe, shares insights into his role, focusing on forging partnerships with top design schools worldwide. He discusses the importance of preparing students for industry needs, specifically in mastering the latest technologies like Substance 3D. Alwyn also delves into his role as a co-founder of The Rookies platform, a community supporting aspiring 3D artists, emphasizing the platform's role in connecting students with industry professionals, providing opportunities through contests, portfolio development, and career guidance. Moreover, the conversation touches on the evolving landscape of AI in the creative industry, highlighting the necessity for artists to adapt to new tools and opportunities. Alwyn emphasizes the significance of blending technology with fundamental artistic principles, encouraging a holistic approach. He also underscores the importance of students developing interpersonal skills, navigating interviews, and maintaining a balance between professional output and personal well-being. The discussion extends to the expanding avenues for 3D artists beyond traditional studios, emphasizing the need for a broader perspective on career opportunities in emerging industries. Timestamps (00:00) Alwyn Hunt (02:00) The Rookies Platform (04:00) Impactful Stories from The Rookies Community (07:00) Alwyn's Diverse Career Journey (10:00) The Ever-Evolving Nature of Careers (16:00) AI in Education and Industry (17:00) Importance of 2D Fundamentals (22:00) Preparing for Interviews (23:00) Balancing Work and Wellbeing
Nov 27, 202329:56
EP 80: Navigating the World of Brand-Artist Partnerships.

EP 80: Navigating the World of Brand-Artist Partnerships.

In this podcast episode, Harrison Fox, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Ohlogy in Amsterdam, shares insights into the world of brand and artist partnerships in the music industry. He emphasizes the importance of authenticity and the need for collaborations to make sense for both parties.

Harrison discusses the complexities of negotiating partnerships, the role of music in brand strategy, and the nuanced nature of measuring return on investment. The conversation explores how emerging and underground talent can benefit from brand collaborations and highlights a real-life example showcasing Ohlogy's strength in identifying talent early in their careers. Overall, the episode provides valuable perspectives on navigating the dynamic landscape of music, branding, and partnerships.


(00:00) Harrison Fox

(02:00) Inspiration for Choosing Music Partnerships

(04:00) Journey from Music Enthusiast to Commercial Music

(06:00) Navigating the Intersection of Music, Art, and Commerce

(09:00) Benefits of Brand-Artist Collaborations

(14:00) Navigating Brand-Artist Collaborations

(25:00) Long-Term Strategic Investment

(28:00) Criteria for Brand-Artist Partnerships

(29:00) Importance of Authenticity and Overlap

Nov 20, 202335:06
EP 79: Overcoming Bullying Through the Lens.

EP 79: Overcoming Bullying Through the Lens.

In this engaging podcast episode, Hugo Korhonen, a 20-year-old photographer from Finland, shares his inspiring journey into photography and how it became his escape during challenging times in school. Bullied throughout his childhood, Hugo found solace in nature, leveraging Finland's 70% forested landscape. His passion for photography blossomed, leading him to a full-time career in the field. Hugo also delves into his interest in NFTs, Web3 technology, and self-development, emphasizing the role of past struggles in motivating him towards success.
Hosted by Mourad, the conversation takes a turn towards humility in the creative space. Mourad applauds Hugo's down-to-earth approach and recounts their meeting at a conference, highlighting Hugo talent and humility. The discussion extends to the challenges of Northern Lights photography, where Hugo details the intricacies involved in capturing these breathtaking moments, emphasizing the importance of location, camera settings, and the unpredictable nature of the lights.
The podcast explores the power of dreams as a creative catalyst. Hugo shares personal stories of nightmares influencing positive changes in his life. The conversation then transitions to the impact of consistency on social media success, with Hugo reflecting on his Instagram journey and the recent surge in followers. As the episode concludes, Hugo envisions a future where he combines his passion for photography with education, aiming to travel the world, capture diverse perspectives, and help others become their best selves through his experiences.


(00:00) Hugo Korhonen
(00:28) Discovering Photography as an Escape
(04:12) Navigating Nature and NFTs
(09:30) Humility in Creativity and Challenges of Northern Lights Photography
(15:45) Dreams as Creative Catalysts
(20:20) Consistency and Social Media Success
(25:55) From Nightmares to Aspiring Educator
Nov 13, 202327:04
EP 78: Future of Orchestration & AI in Musical Storytelling.

EP 78: Future of Orchestration & AI in Musical Storytelling.

In this podcast episode, Kent ( a Dutch-Japanese orchestra conductor and media composer, discusses his passion for storytelling through music. He shares insights into his musical journey, from early piano lessons to composing and conducting. Kent emphasizes the importance of collaborating with directors and using music to enhance storytelling in opera, film, and games. The conversation delves into the intersection of traditional and modern music, exploring how technology and AI are impacting the industry. Kent believes that while technology can replicate orchestral sounds, the human touch and imperfections in music are irreplaceable.

The podcast also highlights Kent's exciting project, where he combines a live orchestra with an interactive game to engage a new generation of listeners. Kent believes that technology can enhance the musical experience but emphasizes the unique value of human creativity in music.

Overall, this podcast episode explores the evolving landscape of music, technology's role, and the enduring significance of human expression in the world of music.


(00:00) Kent' background (01:00) The curiosity of the audience and Kent's work (03:00) Early exposure to music and journey into conducting (04:00) The Difference between conducting and composing (09:00) Balance between visual and musical worlds in media (17:00) The future of music and technology (15:00) Upcoming project involving a game and a live orchestra (23:00) The value of human imperfection in artistic expression

Nov 06, 202325:07
EP 77: Crafting Powerful Evergreen Films.

EP 77: Crafting Powerful Evergreen Films.

In this engaging podcast episode, the host, Mourad, welcomes guest Leo, a director at Blauw Films, a film studio with a unique approach to film production. Blauw Films is all about open source filmmaking, aiming to help aspiring filmmakers achieve their dreams without compromising artistic integrity while ensuring profitability. Leo shares his journey into filmmaking, emphasizing the power of collaborative and strategic thinking to break down barriers and make films as envisioned. He discusses the three key types of assets in filmmaking: digital, physical, and cultural. Digital assets offer short-term high-margin monetization opportunities, while cultural assets are the core of a film's lasting impact, with the potential for long-term value. The conversation delves into the significance of authenticity and evergreen thinking in creating projects that resonate with audiences, drawing parallels between art and business, and the importance of nurturing an artistic vision for sustainable success. The podcast explores how artists can monetize their projects effectively, emphasizing the need to preserve the cultural asset while capitalizing on various income streams. Leo shares a real-life example of how his space film project, "Syntactic Labyrinths," turned research and development into valuable products and revenue, building anticipation for the film's completion. The conversation concludes by highlighting the importance of nature as inspiration and the idea of "farming" ideas, ultimately connecting back to the profound impact and sustainability of art in our lives. The episode promises to be an insightful resource for artists and creators looking to navigate the intricacies of monetizing their projects while staying true to their vision. Timestamps

(00:00) Introduction to Blauw Films (01:00) Leo's Journey into Filmmaking (02:00) The Birth of Blauw Films (03:00) The Potential for Creators (04:00) The Growth of Digital Filmmaking (05:00) The Resilience of the Film Industry (06:00) Types of Assets: Digital, Physical, Cultural (07:00) The Influence of Cultural Assets (08:00) Importance of Long-Term Thinking (09:00) Achieving Evergreen Art (10:00) Opening Up the Audience (11:00) Conveying the Message Authentically (12:00) The Power of Artistry and Nuance (13:00) Evergreen Brands and Artists (14:00) The Role of Symbolic Tones and Melodies (15:00) Understanding Human Nature (16:00) Ancestral Societies' Language (17:00) The Function of Modern Language (18:00) Adapting to Established Systems (19:00) Overcoming Filmmaker Challenges (20:00) Leveraging Technology and Platforms (21:00) Creativity, Balance, and Impact (22:00) Navigating the Film Industry's Ecosystem (23:00) The Role of Storytelling in Society (24:00) Continuity in Human Expression (25:00) The Timeless Nature of Artistry (26:00) Wrapping Up the Conversation

Oct 30, 202331:39
EP 76: Freelancing Pro Tips and Success Stories.

EP 76: Freelancing Pro Tips and Success Stories.

In this captivating podcast, join Joey Pool and Mourad as they explore the world of freelancing, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Discover the secrets to turning your passion into a profitable freelance career, with valuable insights and real-world experiences shared by the hosts. Gain practical advice and inspiration on thriving beyond the 9-to-5 grind. Whether you're a seasoned freelancer or just starting your journey, this masterclass will equip you with the knowledge and motivation to unleash your creative genius and unlock the path to success. 

Joey, a freelance illustrator and artist, and Mourad engage in a dynamic conversation about the challenges and intricacies of being a freelance artist. They explore various aspects, including networking, the balance between personal artistic work and business-oriented work, and the journey from taking on any job to selecting the right clients. Joey emphasizes the importance of being visible both online and in real-life meetups while also separating artistic and business mindsets. He advises emerging freelancers to maintain a balance between personal artistic expression and client-oriented work, highlighting the need to protect oneself and manage time effectively. The discussion provides valuable insights for artists seeking to establish themselves in the freelance world and maintain a successful and fulfilling creative career.


(00:00) ⁠Joey Pool

(03:00) Challenges of Combining Colors in Art

(04:00) Pursuit of the Perfect Brushstrokes, Colors, and Details

(06:00) Background and Transition to Becoming an Illustrator

(07:00) Importance of Being True to Oneself

(19:00) Relationship Between Personal and Business Work for Freelancers

(22:00) Separate the Business-oriented Side From The Artistic Side

(25:00) Goal of Spending More time On The Artistic Side

Oct 23, 202327:54
EP 75: How One Artist Overcame the Odds to Master Their Craft.

EP 75: How One Artist Overcame the Odds to Master Their Craft.

In this captivating podcast episode, we delve into the remarkable journey of a talented character designer Saverio Wielkens⁠ who defied the odds to achieve unprecedented success in their craft. From humble beginnings marked by doubt and adversity, our guest shares the inspirational story of their ascent from obscurity to excellence. This episode offers a unique insight into the artist's incredible evolution, shedding light on the struggles they faced and the pivotal moments that shaped their trajectory.

Listeners will gain valuable insights on perseverance, artistic development, and the unyielding pursuit of one's passion. Join us for a transformative exploration of this remarkable journey that transcends conventional narratives, leaving audiences inspired and ready to embark on their path to excellence.

For those seeking an artistic and personal transformation, this episode is a must-listen. Discover how a single individual overcame adversity and honed their craft to reach the pinnacle of their field. Uncover the secrets of their success and learn how you too can surmount obstacles on your journey to greatness. Don't miss this opportunity to be inspired, motivated, and equipped to take your own creative pursuits to new heights.


(00:00) ⁠Saverio Wielkens

(02:00) Challenges at Design School

(04:28) Expanding Horizons and Facing Competition

(05:43) Collaboration with Classmates

(09:33) First Internship

(16:44) Challenges & Pursuing Opportunities as a Freelancer

(23:19) Taking Advantage of Networking

(29:20) Future Goals

Oct 16, 202330:16
EP 74: A Dive into Emerging Technologies, Gaussian Splatting & NERF.

EP 74: A Dive into Emerging Technologies, Gaussian Splatting & NERF.

In this podcast, Michael Gula, often referred to as the "Batman of LinkedIn," shares his unique journey and passion for the world of 3D and reality capturing. He discusses his core business, which focuses on laser scanning, photogrammetry, AR, VR, and customized applications, aiming to bring the physical world into the digital realm. Michael highlights the significance of building a personal brand on LinkedIn and the value it brings to his business, allowing him to connect with a niche audience and attract collaborations with big companies in the 3D industry. The conversation delves into the future of 3D rendering, exploring emerging technologies like 3D Gaussian Splatting and NERF (Neural Radiance Fields), emphasizing the potential for these innovations to transform various industries and how they'll coexist with traditional 3D modeling.
In summary, Michael Gula's podcast showcases his entrepreneurial journey in the world of 3D and reality capturing. He discusses the importance of personal branding on LinkedIn, highlights his core business, and explores the exciting future of 3D rendering technologies.
Oct 09, 202333:53
EP 73: Crafting Curiosity into a Career at Warner Bros.

EP 73: Crafting Curiosity into a Career at Warner Bros.

In this interview with Lennart van Kralingen, a motion graphic designer at Warner Brothers / Discovery, he shares his journey in the creative industry. Lennart started with a passion for creativity, attending design school, and gaining experience through internships at broadcasting and production companies. After freelancing for a while, he found a home at Discovery, where he enjoys the creative freedom to experiment with various techniques, from Photoshop to After Effects, and even explores the possibilities of AI. Lennart believes that AI, while still in the early stages, offers incredible potential to save time and enhance efficiency in creative workflows.

Lennart emphasizes the importance of taking risks and trying out new ideas in the creative field. He encourages emerging artists to execute their ideas without fear, as failures can lead to valuable lessons. His core advice is to keep experimenting, embrace the joy that design brings, and stay committed to the creative process while keeping an open mind about emerging technologies like AI, which are set to revolutionize the industry.

Oct 02, 202329:18
EP 72: Designing a Brand that Speaks to Millions.

EP 72: Designing a Brand that Speaks to Millions.

In the podcast interview with Simon Dixon, co-founder of DixonBaxi, the conversation delved into the rapidly evolving world of branding in 2023. Dixon shed light on how technology, social media, and globalization have reshaped the landscape, making it easier for brands to connect with larger audiences.
However, he emphasized that with this increased accessibility, the challenge lies in maintaining authenticity and distinctiveness in branding. Dixon outlined the essence of branding as the creation of a meaningful and authentic relationship between a brand and its audience. This involves establishing a brand's unique perspective, understanding its value to people, and effectively delivering that value through various channels, from voice to comprehensive design systems.
The interview also provided insights into DixonBaxi's comprehensive creative process, spanning multiple stages in their projects, where in-depth audience research plays a pivotal role in crafting strategies that truly resonate with people.

The discussion further explored the impact of technology, such as AI and VR, in the branding realm. Dixon emphasized that technology should serve as a tool to enhance the creative process rather than replace it entirely. While it can expedite certain tasks, human creativity and ideation remain irreplaceable. Additionally, the interview touched on Dixon's personal drive to continue pushing creative boundaries, highlighting the limitless nature of creativity, irrespective of age. Dixon's perspective reinforced the idea that creativity thrives as long as one remains open to learning, collaboration, and adaptation. Overall, the interview provided valuable insights into the dynamic and ever-evolving world of branding, emphasizing the enduring importance of authenticity, thorough audience research, and the unwavering role of creativity in brand development.
Sep 25, 202321:33
EP 71: Learn How to Master the Creative Process like Mischa Rozema.

EP 71: Learn How to Master the Creative Process like Mischa Rozema.

In this podcast, Mischa Rozema, the founder of The Panics, a film production company, discusses various aspects of creativity and his approach to filmmaking with the podcast host.

Mischa talks about his passion for creating, the importance of staying creative and moving forward, and how technology and AI are impacting the creative process. He emphasizes the uniqueness of human creativity and expresses concerns about AI potentially diluting the creative source. He also discusses his experiences with project setbacks and the importance of staying proactive and motivated in the face of challenges. Overall, Mischa shares his insights into the world of filmmaking and storytelling.

Sep 18, 202333:34
EP 70: Inside the World of Top VFX Studios.

EP 70: Inside the World of Top VFX Studios.

Tomas Sackmann | Senior Character & Creature Artist at DNEG / Asset Artist

" I am a passionate 3D Character and Asset Artist currently working as a Senior Creature Modeler at DNEG Vancouver.

I have been working in 3D since 2011 for different industries such as product design, experiential marketing, events, Interior architecture and 3D visualization. Currently focussing on 3D Character Art, Modeling and asset creation for films and games

In the link below you can see an interview I did for Adobe Substance 3D Magazine about my workflow "

Sep 11, 202332:44
EP 69: Kingdom Of Something.

EP 69: Kingdom Of Something.

Maxwell Reed — Co-Founder at Kingdom of something, The Kingdom is a safe haven where great ideas thrive and grow, where the gates of creativity never close. Our knowledgeable knights vow to bring the people the tales and visual experiences they deserve. Tirelessly pushing the boundaries of the impossible.
Sep 04, 202330:19
EP 68: Boost Productivity with AI.
Aug 28, 202326:27
EP 67: Time to Level Up Your Freelancing Career with Digital Fashion.
Aug 21, 202336:32
EP 66: How to Harness the Full Power of AR, VR, and AI.
Aug 14, 202336:39
EP 65: Discover the Essential Skills, Work-Flows, and Effort for Success.
Aug 07, 202336:39
EP 64 DIRECTOR: How to Stay Motivated.
Jul 31, 202333:05
EP 63 CGI: Observations 3D Artists must practice.
Jul 24, 202338:32
EP 62 DIRECTOR: Love, Passion & Work.

EP 62 DIRECTOR: Love, Passion & Work.

CHRISTIAN ZSCHUNKE | Creative Director at Sehsucht.

Christian is telling engaging stories in colourful pictures at Sehsucht for over 12 years. Stories for small start ups and big tech giants alike. Stories for clients, viewers and himself. He combines a passion for graphic design and simple shapes to visualize complex topics in new and unexpected ways.His work as designer has been met with critical acclaim, and his work as a director with enthusiasm by the international clients he has worked for. Despite all the fun he has, creating an eclectic range of styles, what he cares about most is the story behind his designs. He believes that a good design without a good story is just another beautiful picture in today's vast visual ocean.

Christians Instagram:

Directors page at Sehsucht:

LAURA ALBANI | Directors Representative at Sehsucht.

Berlin born and Barcelona bred, Laura always loved movies, specially the cute animated ones.After realising she probably wont be a rich academy award winning actor herself, neither an animated figure, right after graduating school, she decided to rather start her career behind the camera. From audio post- & music-production, her way went quite speedy into other areas of the commercial production world - always driven by her need to gather an overall understanding for the full "making a movie" process. After working as a producer, she understood the undeniable fact: what makes a film beautiful is always the team behind it, the artists, in each little segment and process of movie making. Since 2018 she's representing artist from VFX/3D and post production, 2019 she founded her own agency specialised on Sound Artists. In 2021 she started working as Talent Manager for Production Houses, and shifted over to Sehsucht in 2022, to look for great talents to work with, whilst representing Sehsucht's amazing Directors and Creatives Roster. 



Jul 17, 202333:57
EP 61 ART: Building trust in the digital age.

EP 61 ART: Building trust in the digital age.

" I am a fashion designer and 3D art director. I combine these two disciplines to create a unique style of digital fashion art, designing fashion products and capturing 3D-rendered photography and film to showcase my creative ideas.

I studied at Central Saint Martins Menswear program, and I have also trained at Parsons School of Design for fashion illustrations. With a decent background in fashion design, 3D art, and motion graphics, I have the ability to turn virtual 3D products into reality, bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds.

My work is characterized by its simplicity and minimalism, with a focus on bold and striking colors to create a strong sense of contrast. My aim is to create designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also innovative and thought-provoking.

With the blend of my skills and vision, I am paving the way for a new era of digital fashion art, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and redefining the relationship between fashion and technology."


Instagram: @mbymastudio

Jul 10, 202333:57
EP 60 FIGHTER: mentality to stay in control.
Jul 03, 202333:14
EP 59 SELF DEV: How to stay consistent.

EP 59 SELF DEV: How to stay consistent.

Romain Guillon is a 3D artist, art director, and educator from France.
His work is driven by complex simulations and unique concepts.
His goal is to give back to the community by teaching everything he has learned through his diverse experiences with clients like Adidas, Chanel, L'Oréal, and more.
Jun 26, 202333:35
EP 58 SOCIAL MEDIA: From 0 to 36K+ followers on Instagram.
Jun 19, 202331:14
EP 57 FREELANCE: How to successfully work from anywhere.

EP 57 FREELANCE: How to successfully work from anywhere.

I am inspired by what moves humans. My work is focused on creating pleasing visuals that evoke specific feelings.

Currently engaged in a series of work inspired by nature and spirals.


34 years. Freelance 3D Artist. Based in Amsterdam. Digital Nomad often working from Bangkok and Seoul.
Jun 11, 202331:41
EP 56 ANIMATION: Berthold gone wild, process explained.
Jun 05, 202331:11
EP 55 GENERATIVE AI: Top things you should know.
May 29, 202330:25
EP 54 FOUNDER: From concept to commercialisation explained by Alicia Wiid.
May 22, 202330:45
EP 53 WEB3: Find W3orld treasures and win one of the 3 gifts.

EP 53 WEB3: Find W3orld treasures and win one of the 3 gifts.

Go to and look for the treasures.

This podcast is with Ivan Puzyrev is the CBDO & Co-Founder of W3rlds. W3rlds is a creator's driven platform to produce content, spaces, and events for companies in the Metaverse.

May 15, 202331:44
EP 52 CEO: Rob Sloan explains the power of virtual production
May 08, 202330:19
EP 51 Ai: G-Star first denim designed by artificial intelligence.
Apr 24, 202327:07
EP 50 PRODUCT MANAGER: Maxon on the future of Ai.

EP 50 PRODUCT MANAGER: Maxon on the future of Ai.

Award winning Compositor / Generalist / PM: Alexandru Niculin is a product manager at Maxon. A 3D computer animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering software.

Mar 08, 202333:16
EP 49 MOTION DESIGN: PlusOne's Philipp Hartmann talks Ai after effects on the industry.

EP 49 MOTION DESIGN: PlusOne's Philipp Hartmann talks Ai after effects on the industry.

Philipp Hartmann is a 3D Motion Designer helping global brands find new ways of expression. Being naturally curious he gained hands-on experience at onformative, a studio for digital art and design and working for clients such as Adobe, Samsung and Ars Electronica. Now at PlusOne Amsterdam, an independent creative studio crafting award-winning design and motion graphics working as a Houdini Artist creating procedural systems and abstract simulations, as well as doing lighting and shading in Redshift.

Jan 05, 202333:45
EP 48 FREELANCE: How to be an obsessive excellent human being and freelancer.

EP 48 FREELANCE: How to be an obsessive excellent human being and freelancer.

What is a client relationship really?

Adrián Morán Molinero has previously freelanced with tech giants :

GoogleApple, AmazonMeta  , adidas studios such as BUCK Media.Monks and Ambassadors.

With 14 years of freelance experience combined, Adrián and I opened up a DEEP conversation on MOUNTAIN COLLECTIVE (podcast) about client relationship in the post-modern digital age.

Adrián Morán Molinero

" I’m a Freelance Motion Designer & Character Animator & Illustrator, from Barcelona, with devotion for colors, shapes and movement.

Always focused on concept and message. Using any tool or technique which is needed to express and transmit the message. Through animation or illustration, always with simple shapes and powerful colors, where the main point is the message.

Always open to learn, improve my skills and collaborate with other creative people.

Have any project in mind, let’s talk bout it!! " 

Dec 22, 202228:52
EP 47 WEB3: Lacoste's 3D Design Engineer tools, workflows and future views on 3D, WEB3 and Ai.

EP 47 WEB3: Lacoste's 3D Design Engineer tools, workflows and future views on 3D, WEB3 and Ai.

Chris Barlow:

"I push the boundaries of how 3D is used within Lacoste PCL.

My primary focus is on the design and development of new footwear. I also create 3D renders in place of physical samples, as well as animations for both sell in tools and global product launches.

I work closely with footwear designers, developers and Asia factories to drive new design through mainline, SMU and future concept projects.

I also work across performance led briefs, where 3D has helped to iterate designs quickly with technicity and manufacturability in mind. Often, I will use Grasshopper and Rhino 3D to generate upper patterns and outsole textures/treads that can be modified to meet the specific design requirements of these complex briefs.

By pushing 3D and implementing new ways in working, I have been able to streamline processes, delivering better results in a shorter space of time, with less samples being made.

I believe that 3D can be used smartly to lead a more sustainable approach to footwear design, adding value across design, development and marketing.

Key skills: Product modelling and visualization (Rhino, KeyShot), algorithmic design (Grasshopper), 3D printing, animation, Adobe Suite, 3D printing"

Dec 21, 202229:02
EP 46 The story behind the abandoned supercars by The Dizzy Viper (Hint of Mint)

EP 46 The story behind the abandoned supercars by The Dizzy Viper (Hint of Mint)

In this episode we talk about the journey of the 3D Visual Artist from Italy on his Daily Renders. 

We focus on the supercars posts, if you haven't seen it, check out his instagram:

Also, he is a partner at the ecofriendly & curated NFT boutique: 

Nov 19, 202233:54
EP 45 DIRECTOR: Burnout recovery of Mathijs

EP 45 DIRECTOR: Burnout recovery of Mathijs

"Clients I've worked for include: Adobe, Hermès, The New Yorker, TedX, FX, Adidas, Nike, Google, Android, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Paddle, Spotify, Tycho, Jesper Ryom, and more. 

Studios I’ve worked with include: Buck, Oddfellows, Ordinary Folks, Giant Ant, Gunner and more.

My name is Mathijs Luijten and I'm a dutch freelance Senior animator / Director based in Sydney, Australia.
I've worked in the creative industry for 13 years (time flies when you’re having fun!)

My first 4 years were as an in-house animator at two great creative agencies, teaching me the importance of client centered concepting / designing. The next 3 years I spend at two exciting animation studios, perfecting my animation moves. After a short period of freelancing I took on a senior role at Buck Sydney, one of my all-time favourite studios in the world, for 3 years. These days I freelance my way around the world, striving to perfect the art of storytelling and the many ways a story can be brought to life."

Sep 22, 202233:36
EP 44 STORYTELLER: “The Journey of Self” with storytelling visual artist Joshua Abebrese.

EP 44 STORYTELLER: “The Journey of Self” with storytelling visual artist Joshua Abebrese.

Joshua believes that everybody and anything has a story but not always a voice. Through his own ongoing Journey of Self was he able to see his own story and rediscover his voice that led to the creation of ‘CONNECTED’, as a way to aid others in seeing and telling their unique story, in order to find their own voice. 

Parts of ‘CONNECTED’ called ’CONNECTED’ “The Mandem Story” was shown in the Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam (Foam) as part of the group exhibition called Disconnect early 2022 and subsequently served as the bedrock of the concept for MAKERS VAN NOORD. 

MAKERS VAN NOORD is part of a research program (Centrinno) by The European Union (EU) spread over 9 European pilot cities in order to research the posibilities of how can we turn industrial, historical heritage sites and areas into creative, cultural production centres called Fab City Hubs, that:

1. work with the ecological challenges of our time

2. stimulate a diverse, inclusive, innovative economy for the city

3. and use heritage as a catalyst for innovation and social inclusion?

In this episode Joshua also briefly touches on his next project called ‘ReCONNECTED’ and the great and largely unharvested powers of our good memories and the rol the limbic system plays in this. 

Link to ‘CONNECTED’:

Social Media: 


Sep 09, 202201:05:04
EP 43 DIRECTOR: GMUNK's journey.

EP 43 DIRECTOR: GMUNK's journey.

GMUNK is a visionary whose creativity and innovation span a diverse range of mediums, and has established himself as one of the top visual design directors in the world. Utilizing a fusion of psychedelic themes and richly textured palettes, his signature style is enigmatic, atmospheric, and metaphysical – much like the Munky himself.

Aug 29, 202247:29
EP 42 DIRECTOR: Johan van Aalst explores new modern education ways.

EP 42 DIRECTOR: Johan van Aalst explores new modern education ways.

"We at sQuare show ourselves and our work through exhibitions, showcases and talks in our own house and the Tolhuistuin."

Jul 04, 202233:25
EP 41 DAO: Advisory board member of Metaverse Fashion Council Simon Mikolajczyk talks DAO.

EP 41 DAO: Advisory board member of Metaverse Fashion Council Simon Mikolajczyk talks DAO.

" I started my career in my father's marketing company- at first, helping him with various projects, from finding new customers to create social media campaigns, and then I had to be Ceo ad interim because of his hospitalization. I maintained the company, that included working with Media-Saturn holding and Nivea, negotiations of new contracts and finding new partners.
In that time I also founded my first own businesses, Hype'n' and a lifestyle online magazine and online platform for exchanging style photos.

Then, after 3rd position in the First Step into Business by Adam Mickiewicz University, competition for young entrepreneurs I co-founded fashion e-commerce start-up Neat Store that dominated Polish social media channels and was very high in e-commerce rankings thanks to online marketing campaigns and very well located showroom/boutique. During this project, my primary role was brand/social media/business development management, creating a membership program, events organization.

After 5 years in Berlin, MaisonDAO project was started at the end of 2021.

Decentralized Metaverse Gallery for digital art and fashion, located in EDGEcity. Join the revolution now!"

Jun 13, 202230:34
EP 40 FOUNDER: Fight District Amsterdam's Richard van der Put talks fighters mental drive.

EP 40 FOUNDER: Fight District Amsterdam's Richard van der Put talks fighters mental drive.

At Fight District, no two people are alike. And that's our greatest strength.

Apr 29, 202232:08
EP 39 FOUND: Meaningful work is fundamental. Dan Moore & Clayton Welham tell us how & why.

EP 39 FOUND: Meaningful work is fundamental. Dan Moore & Clayton Welham tell us how & why.

Found creates extraordinary visual content for the world’s most discerning brands. Found are artists and storytellers who fuse 3D motion design with film craft and technology to create content that’s imaginative, innovative and impactful.

Apr 26, 202259:11
EP 38 NFT: Rarible's Evgeniy Medvedev talks about the future of digital assets.

EP 38 NFT: Rarible's Evgeniy Medvedev talks about the future of digital assets.

Digital & Brand marketing professional with 10+ years of experience in sports & entertainment at global, European, and local levels. I enjoy building meaningful campaigns that bring people joy, producing creative that shapes culture, and learning as much as possible from brilliant minds along the way.

Apr 21, 202213:50
EP 37 FOUNDER: Mr.Frank AKA Miguel Teixeira talks balance in company growth

EP 37 FOUNDER: Mr.Frank AKA Miguel Teixeira talks balance in company growth

Founder and creative Director at Mr.Frank talks on the ups and downs of running a company, adding true value to the Metaverse and investing in NFT and Crypto.

Apr 15, 202201:19:50
EP 36 DIRECTOR: Simon Holmedal, from passion to director/3D artist.

EP 36 DIRECTOR: Simon Holmedal, from passion to director/3D artist.

Talking with Simon Holmedal about his journey to become the director of Panoply.

Mar 03, 202254:52
EP 35 FOUNDER: Media.Monks Wesley ter Haar journey.

EP 35 FOUNDER: Media.Monks Wesley ter Haar journey.

A journey from building Media.Monks, Metaverse, NFT to favourite movie of Wesley ter Haar.

Jan 24, 202232:06
EP 34 METAVERSE: Exciting news with Edmund Howard on the journey to the METAVERSE

EP 34 METAVERSE: Exciting news with Edmund Howard on the journey to the METAVERSE

Helping brands navigate the metaverse. (Branded) content expert with experience in helping leading brands tell meaningful stories at a global and local level. International background and raised bilingually (English & Dutch)

Past and present clients include: BMW, PlayStation, Unilever, Bacardi Group, Rabobank, The UN. 

Dec 24, 202118:33
EP 33 METAVERSE: How to make your own Metaverse avatar?

EP 33 METAVERSE: How to make your own Metaverse avatar?

Ready Player Me / Wolf3D Lead Unity Developer Sercan (Sarge) Altundaş explains how to make your own avatar. 

Sercan (Sarge) Altundaş is a developer of Ready Player Me. Helping developers build the Metaverse. 

MSc Software Engineer / Game Development Generalist
Unity3D / Full-Stack Web / Blender.

Nov 15, 202147:23
EP 32 NFT: Simple Guid to start minting

EP 32 NFT: Simple Guid to start minting

Sidharth Vohra: A self-taught Digital Artist from New Delhi dwelling into the world of Motion Graphics and Animation!
A minimalist at heart and content writer.

Art speaks better than words:

Social Media:

Nov 06, 202120:48