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Feldenkrais: Moving into the Unknown

Feldenkrais: Moving into the Unknown

By Heidi Carroll, Kym McGregor and Libby Murray

Our conversations explore embodying human potential. We dive deeply into the connections between the sensory body, the cognitive mind and emotional intelligence - and specifically the relevance of the Feldenkrais Method today.

Join us if you are a Feldenkrais enthusiast, movement teacher, philosopher or interested in your own human evolution.

Feldenkrais: Moving into the Unknown is led by Heidi Carroll, Kym McGregor and Libby Murray, embodied scientists who are currently training to be Feldenkrais Practitioners.

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Connor Voss captures self-expression beyond movement exploration and dance…

Feldenkrais: Moving into the UnknownJul 28, 2022

Andrew Gibbons enthuses rigour …

Andrew Gibbons enthuses rigour …

Passionate about the pedagogy of delivering Feldenkrais to an open audience, Andrew Gibbons is intent on refining his craft. Andrew sees the potential for using Feldenkrais as a practice to level up your biological fitness to perform in all areas of your life. In introducing his explicit style of investigation into finding efficiency in movement quality, Andrew is not shy of designing lessons offering challenge to those willing to “engage” in the rigour of a learning experience. Far from just having an “experience” in a lesson, or even enjoyment in learning experientially, Andrew brings a desire as a teacher to provide a context and scaffold whereby the student begins to understand for themselves what the benefits of this practice can be. Andrew exploits the ATM context to build a movement experiment with specificity which asks students to engage in a way that heightens their responsibility as learners. He helps them to sense biomechanical principles for themselves, to make clear and deliberate movement choices and to learn to trust their own experience.

Andrew unpacks what it means to understand how to reflexively deliver ATM, in not only offering lesson structure but having the sensitivity to perceive the potential diversity of student response and experience requiring lesson adaptation. He discusses the layers of skill teachers need to refine to adapt and change delivery to make the precise details of how a lesson works accessible to as many people as possible. He does not hide from the need to give inherent value to each student ready to apply themselves within each lesson, demanding presence from both teacher and learner.

He gives a healthy blueprint for successful self-motivation as young ATM graduate teachers in bringing to life this ingenious Method of orienting people clearly and attentively to the way we “use” our bodies in movement - for whatever purpose we desire. Andrew’s enthusiasm brings richness to the conversation, challenging us to develop both with and within the Feldenkrais Method.

Andrew Gibbons:

Feldenkrais Moving into the Unknown:

Hosted by: Heidi Carroll, Libby Murray, and Kym McGregor.

Nov 30, 202201:13:01
Margaret Mayo advocates the power of agency…
Oct 27, 202248:20
Anna Yen evokes playfulness, creativity and presence…

Anna Yen evokes playfulness, creativity and presence…

Anna Yen, a highly trained and well accomplished performer, theatre producer and Feldenkrais Practitioner shares her passion for play, presence and rhythm.

Play she enthuses shows us the wonder of possibilities and the delight of learning while highlighting our blind spots. Her passion for play invites us to experiment in Awareness Through Movement classes. Using light attention we can discover different qualities of movement, interact more powerfully between internal and external, to become more present. Anna’s mentor, Monika Pagneux, one of Europe's leading exponents of movement in contemporary theatre, who integrates Feldenkrais into theatre schools terms this, “waking up”.

Anna also introduces us to the musicality of movement, so we can see more of and flow with the the natural rhythms of life and to play with the timing, emphasis and patterns in Awareness Through Movement classes.

“Play Moves” and “Wake Up”, are Anna’s ATM series that use imagination, theatre skills and games to expand awareness, options and engage us with the subtleties of our surroundings and to become more aware.

Explore more of Anna Yen: 


SBS production of Anna's play Chinese Take away: 

Explore more of Monica Pagneux: 

Her book and movie: 

Anna Yen's article about Monika:  Monika Pagneux The Feldenkrais Journal, No 25 LET'S PLAY 2012. Feldenkrais Guild of North America 

Feldenkrais Moving into the Unknown: Hosted by: Heidi Carroll, Libby Murray, and Kym McGregor.

Sep 30, 202251:59
Jenni Evans honours the power of our innate intelligence…

Jenni Evans honours the power of our innate intelligence…

Jenni Evans reminds us that there is always possibility for improvement. Our body is where we live but we are not just our bodies. We are our life experiences, contexts, communities, relationships and more. By bringing us back to the fundamentals of ‘what is Feldenkrais’, Jenni assists newcomers and seasoned veterans to understand the expansiveness and potency of the Feldenkrais Method.

Offering specific examples and real-life stories to demystify the Feldenkrais Method, Jenni helps us to realise that it is in patiently listening to and honouring our ‘self’ as a whole system that we learn to allow and trust our innate intelligence to move us into a more potent way of being in and engaging with the world. The Feldenkrais Method resources us with increased awareness, a learning process and gives us an empowering framework to uncover options to meet the moment between thinking and acting in a new way.

Through our discoveries and learnings in Awareness Through Movement Classes or interactions in one-to-one Functional Integration sessions, Jenni demonstrates that small changes have a rippling, profound impact on all aspects of our self, our relationships and the world around us.

Explore more of what is Feldenkrais:

The Australian Feldenkrais Guild offers a few different videos

Explore more from Jenni Evans:

For a list of Feldenkrais practitioner trainings, calendar events – ATMs & workshops go to:

For all Feldenkrais resources Jenni runs

It has a  wide selection of Feldenkrais books, downloadable lessons and equipment.


Feldenkrais Moving into the Unknown:

Hosted by: Heidi Carroll, Libby Murray, and Kym McGregor.

Aug 31, 202252:57
Connor Voss captures self-expression beyond movement exploration and dance…
Jul 28, 202254:41
Irene Lyon educates, soothes and excites our nervous system…

Irene Lyon educates, soothes and excites our nervous system…

Irene Lyon, nervous system expert, teaches people around the world how to work with the nervous system to transform trauma, heal body and mind, and live full, creative lives. After graduating as a Feldenkrais Practitioner Irene went deeper into the somatic world, studying the work of Peter Levine and Somatic Experiencing and Kathy Kain's Somatic Practice. Using this unique blend of understanding, Irene assists people to address stored trauma and build their own capacity.

Through this “capacity building” Irene offers ways Feldenkrais enthusiasts and Practitioners can use ‘Trauma Aware’ practices to create a safer more inclusive Awareness Through Movement and Functional Integration experience.

Irene’s insights suggest the majority of people experience dysregulation of their nervous system in some form and believes that education about the nervous system such as the hierarchy of freeze, fight, flight and social engagement can assist in engaging more fully in the Feldenkrais process and engaging more fully in life. A truly remarkable conversation!

Irene's website and resources:



Downloadable booklet on creating safety in Mind-Body Classes:

Downloadable booklet to assist recognising undiagnosed trauma:

How to find a good somatic practitioner:

Feldenkrais Moving into the Unknown:

Hosted by: Heidi Carroll, Libby Murray, and Kym McGregor.

Jun 30, 202201:15:57
David Zemach-Bersin conveys hope for human potential…
May 26, 202201:10:09
Molly Tipping on anxiety, the nervous system and emotional maturation……

Molly Tipping on anxiety, the nervous system and emotional maturation……

Apr 26, 202201:04:34
Dr. Susan Hillier showcases research into the neuroscience of body awareness…

Dr. Susan Hillier showcases research into the neuroscience of body awareness…

As Professor in Neuroscience and Rehabilitation at the University of South Australia, Dr. Susan Hillier explains the term “neuroplasticity” and how directly experiencing the Feldenkrais Method parallels evidence from neuroscience. Susan discusses current scientific research in how the role of body awareness and the impact of training sensation, perception and awareness can re-establish meaningful function for the whole person after stroke and other movement disorders.

Sharing her personal journey into the Feldenkrais Method, Susan tells of discovering profound personal change along the way to becoming an Educational Director of the Feldenkrais Training Program in Australia. She derives enjoyment in witnessing how the intrigue in Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons, Functional Integration lessons and in Feldenkrais Trainings helps people feel agency and autonomy to put choices into practice to improve their own functioning.

Outlining some structure and functions of the neural connections in our changeable brain, Susan points to how scientific inquiry into strengthening physiological and behavioural feedback mechanisms for learning are vital in evidence-based research, clinical therapy and Feldenkrais practice. Susan lauds the rich international Feldenkrais community now in supporting the emergence of new pedagogy to find ways we can teach, learn and deliver the Feldenkrais Method successfully.

Links for further learning:  International Feldenkrais Federation (IFF) Reference database for research

Literature Review: The Effectiveness of the Feldenkrais Method: A Systematic Review of the Evidence by Susan Hillier and Anthea Worley, 2015

Book: The Feldenkrais Method® - Learning Through Movement. Chapter by Susan Hillier – The Importance of the Brain, Nervous System and Body in Learning

Feldenkrais Moving into the Unknown hosts: Heidi Carroll, Kym McGregor and Libby Murray.

Mar 29, 202257:04
Mia Segal on the essence and roots of Moshe Feldenkrais’ work…

Mia Segal on the essence and roots of Moshe Feldenkrais’ work…

Mia Segal was Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais’ first observer, protégé and trusted collaborator in perpetuating his masterful work. Mia is joined by her daughter Leora Gaster in recounting moments from their close personal relationship and home life with Moshe. This has afforded them unique insight and perception into the spirit of Moshe's artful attitude and approach to improving human ability. Mia and Leora speak passionately of the importance of the work for teaching responsibility and autonomy to children, its ground in Judo principles and the art of gentleness. Mia, together with her daughter Leora, still loves actively teaching and sharing the system of questioning and refinement of learning evolved by her close association with Moshe Feldenkrais. Mia’s work over seven decades has enriched the lineage of already potent teaching and learning of practitioners today. Leora and Mia support how research is widening to encompass the interlacing of individual aspects of cutting-edge science as we contemplate how humanity fits with our environment. They conclude by highlighting the importance of research in confirming Moshe Feldenkrais’ work today. 

Mia and Leora welcome students to Mind Body Studies Academy at: 

Upcoming courses:

Feldenkrais Moving into the Unknown hosts: Heidi Carroll, Kym McGregor and Libby Murray.

Feb 25, 202244:38
Paul Watt on nervous system self-regulation and managing stress...
Dec 29, 202101:14:30
Deborah Bowes evokes curiosity…..

Deborah Bowes evokes curiosity…..

Deborah offers insightful expertise on chronic pain and pelvic floor health coupled with simplicity of process. Initially enticed by Moshe Feldenkrais’ theory of the mind and body connection, Deborah embarked on a personal journey of emotional and mind transformation. With more than 34 years as a revered Feldenkrais Practitioner and Trainer, Deborah has developed a unique style engaging people in a gentle, safe and pleasurable process of self discovery. An inquisitive scholar, Deborah has delved deeply into pelvic floor health and chronic pain research and has keenly refined a distinctive, highly effective style which has enhanced the quality of life of thousands of clients throughout her career.

As a Feldenkrais Trainer, Deborah continues to inspire students and graduates to develop and gain confidence to pursue their passion as practitioners. Deborah’s authenticity shines as she explains how her unwavering curiosity has allowed her to explore and develop deep understandings. She shares practical, easy to implement strategies and techniques for the path she has grown to love, that of working with people with chronic pain. Deborah helps listeners understand through evoking curiosity, we can interrupt our patterns and that pain can change as people alter their self image. This is a delightfully personal and practical conversation with a highly respected Feldenkrais elder. 

Deborah's website:

Self-Paced Online Feldenkrais® Courses:

Feldenkrais Moving into the Unknown hosts: Heidi Carroll, Libby Murray, and Kym McGregor.

Nov 23, 202159:40
Leora Gaster gifts simple refinement of the mind-body connection...

Leora Gaster gifts simple refinement of the mind-body connection...

Leora Gaster brings Moshe Feldenkrais’ background to the foreground with a fresh sense of aliveness and gives colour to the creative environment she experienced growing up through the formative exploratory years of Moshe Feldenkrais' work with her mother, Mia Segal. It’s an uplifting account of the vibrant experimentation and cross-pollination of ideas with eminent thinkers influencing the human potential movement. Leora expands on how the synthesis of Moshe Feldenkrais’ work was based on questioning with respect - all the science and philosophy of the time.

Immersed in the influence, observations and teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais since childhood and emerging with wisdom and clarity of her own, Leora is embracing a new generation of practitioners with Mia Segal in Mind Body Studies Academy and is ready to impart with simplicity the tools and techniques everyone can use to improve the whole of life. MBS Academy teaches an accessible language of communication between our brain and body using movement-thought exercises to empower self-knowledge and self-mastery. Leora gives a practical example for understanding the essence of this effective work in a simple precise blueprint.

Leora affirms the continuity and relevancy today of the ways Moshe Feldenkrais was seeking to further develop the intersection between disciplines discovering the connections between movement, thoughts, emotions and self-image. She further distills and succinctly expresses the simple ways we can identify and change the seemingly inseparable physiological and psychological aspects of life to improve our human ability, movement and behaviour.

Links for all Leora’s resources and Mind Body Studies Academy:

Upcoming courses:

Feldenkrais Moving into the Unknown hosts: Heidi Carroll, Kym McGregor and Libby Murray.

Nov 03, 202101:05:32
Lavinia Plonka integrates our Emotional Body ®...

Lavinia Plonka integrates our Emotional Body ®...

It’s not just about the body! Body language expert Lavinia Plonka brings recognition of the fullness of expression of our emotions into relationship with our body posture, gestures and breath using the lens of the Feldenkrais Method® with her signature Emotional Body® techniques. Lavinia has always been attracted to the expression of self through her love of movement and recognises the role her extensive creative life in mime, dance and theatre has played in her own conscious evolution. Integrating all the elements of her own deep humanistic quest towards self-actualization and creativity, Lavinia gives us a sense of embracing the wholeness of ourselves, helping us recognise our passions and fears in identifiable archetypes of human behaviour.

Lavinia explains for everyone how from within a place of personal safety in a Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement or Functional Integration lesson, we can begin to explore and recognise not only physical and movement habits but patterns of emotional expression. Here we can use the power of where we place our attention to discover our unseen emotional habits, uncover our biases, and see for ourselves the stories our bodies tell to find more congruency, capacity and resilience to channel more efficacy into our lives. We can find links between our physical and emotional discomforts, learn from these expressions and reorganise to release ourselves from many fears or other self-limiting emotions. Lavinia champions that finding creativity within ourselves is accessible to all of us.

For practitioners, Lavinia suggests that using the Feldenkrais Method as a means to develop our authentic professional path includes following Moshe Feldenkrais’ lessons for ourselves. In integrating what we know of our emotional as well as cognitive and physical “self”  with ongoing discovery and interoceptive perception, we can give the best representation of our authentic selves to simply BE with our clients to help them to do the same for themselves.

Lavinia Plonka practises the Feldenkrais Method® as a teacher and assistant trainer and is the director of Asheville Movement Center in Asheville, NC, USA.

She runs Feldenkrais workshops, classes and retreats online and in person, and is a teacher of the Alba Method and an Emotional Body Instructor. She was an artist in residence for the Guggenheim Museum and movement consultant for theater and television companies around the world. Lavinia is a faculty member of the Shift Network and the author of several books and audio programs, including her best seller "What Are You Afraid Of?" which has been translated into five languages.

Link for all Lavinia’s resources:

Feldenkrais Moving into the Unknown hosts: Heidi Carroll, Libby Murray, and Dale Dickins.


Oct 01, 202158:29
Tara Eden - from Yoga to Feldenkrais

Tara Eden - from Yoga to Feldenkrais

Tara Eden, Feldenkrais Practitioner, began her Somatic Movement Project as a child and continued her innate life journey as an observer and student of the human condition. She travelled an intense route of self-expression via the heat and power of yoga, striving to overcome frustration, anxieties and burnout – society’s common symptoms of chronic disconnection to self in a saturated life chasing improvement, betterment and existential change. Tara explains how we have tried to form and conform ourselves to not only yoga but society’s poses and postures without reference to the individual self.

Moving from the frenzied pace of New York to exploring a spiritual path in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Tara found personal vulnerabilities were exposed in the energetic exchange of Thai massage. Leading herself with this newfound “feeling” and beginning to differentiate uncomfortable choice points led to the discovery of limitations in yoga for options of choice, rest and adaptation. Tara transitioned into a Feldenkrais immersion of authenticity and acceptance of self, and now offers this window to others wanting to see themselves clearly, discover healthier self-use, empowerment to trust and learn from their own embodied experience and to discover a unique inner calm, stillness and self-knowing that arrives spontaneously in an embodied state change.

Tara suggests strategies to have this container of Feldenkrais for yourself, as a structure and a lens for being able to support yourself and other people in their authentic experience of themselves, to literally and metaphorically “come to the floor” and reconnect with themselves.

Tara is a Feldenkrais Practitioner and member of ISMETA (International Somatics Movement Education and Therapy Association) offering individual, group, online and face to face Functional Integration and Awareness Through Movement lessons and Somatic Movement Mentorship.

You can reach out to Tara:



Feldenkrais Moving into the Unknown hosts: Heidi Carroll, Libby Murray, and Dale Dickins,


Thanks to our guest interviewer Jools Glinkowski.

Aug 27, 202101:02:21
Kim Sargent-Wishart expands our somatic experience…
Jul 29, 202159:05
Taro Iwamoto reaches further with Feldenkrais on YouTube…

Taro Iwamoto reaches further with Feldenkrais on YouTube…

Taro Iwamoto meets people at exactly the point of understanding of their own movement or life challenges, responding and making connections with them via his YouTube channel “Feldenkrais with Taro Iwamoto”. He takes great pride in making simple, practical and useful YouTube videos using the Feldenkrais Method that speak to people of diverse ages and abilities. Taro has found a way to make an impact on how people connect with themselves to improve their own performance beyond the limitations they perceive, expanding individual human capability not just in the functional actions of everyday life, but in shifting ideals of perfection in favour of recognising that other options exist.

His unique Feldenkrais learning framework on YouTube takes inspiration from his background in athletic training, physical therapy and martial arts to use clear, elegant messages to engage people to discover their own solutions to movement within their own safe environments. He is inspiring people daily with Feldenkrais principles to be comfortable on solid ground, be able to find their way to stand, to overcome the fear of falling and to use the adaptability of their own nervous system for better balance, independence and ease of existence in many areas of life.

Feldenkrais with Taro Iwamoto



Feldenkrais: Moving Into the Unknown hosts: Dale Dickins, Heidi Carroll and Libby Murray;; twitter@FeldenkraisMI

Jun 24, 202151:12
Meet Nick Strauss-Klein, the creator and voice of The Feldenkrais Project...

Meet Nick Strauss-Klein, the creator and voice of The Feldenkrais Project...

Nick Strauss-Klein is committed to unveiling the grand vision of the Feldenkrais Project of carefully collated online audio Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lessons for all of humanity. The Feldenkrais Project promotes at its core the actualisation of the Feldenkrais Method across the globe, in a form easily available, digestible, sharable and definitely durable. In amplifying the accessibility of these simple but deeply clarifying lessons, Nick is a beacon, orientating us to the fundamentals of familiarising our ‘selves’ with the guiding principles and structures of Feldenkrais. 

Offered free, this novel model of the Feldenkrais Project has grown to be fully crowd-funded as the level of public responsiveness continues to grow. Ordinary people are discovering extraordinary wisdom first-hand and have the opportunity to contribute their own individual responses to lessons and ATM practice in fascinating raw and honest testimonial. Whether orienting newcomers to the Feldenkrais Method, delighting his growing website listening community or satisfying the curiosity of the serious Feldenkrais learner, Nick provides a Feldenkrais resource of great depth and uncommon contextualisation for everyday life, valued by all levels of participant. Nick’s pure intention of generating interest in and expanding awareness of the life-changing benefits of the Feldenkrais Method is now gaining traction and inspires practitioners to achieve this with online offerings.

This conversation suggests there may be a direction to connect the body of worldwide endeavours to continue Moshe Feldenkrais's legacy, in collaborative explorations linking self-organising interest-based groups such as Australia’s Feldenkrais Interest Group, the Legacy Forum of the Feldenkrais Guild of North America and Cynthia Allen’s Feldenkrais Awareness Summit.

The Feldenkrais Project

Feldenkrais Interest Group

Feldenkrais Legacy Forum FGNA "get a password to a website that tells you more information"

Feldenkrais Awareness Summit

piano by DJ, with a reminder: "all this stuff is practice"

May 29, 202154:21
Russell and Linda Delman awaken our Embodied Life™️ potential…

Russell and Linda Delman awaken our Embodied Life™️ potential…

Russell and Linda Delman encourage us to bring warmth, humour and kindness of heart and mind to the exploration of our intimate inner selves and the “feeling states” of being human. Together they explain “embodiment” and introduce to us a simple and powerful practical taste of the Embodied Life School™️. Via Feldenkrais Method, conscious movement and meditation using precision specificity of feeling and sensing, grounded presence is created in your own immediate experience. Russell and Linda discuss the meaning of “integration” of feelings, sensations, emotions, thoughts and convey how using principles by which our nervous system learns to grow our awareness beyond our physical body can be used to awaken to our individual and collective human potential. This awareness may be a tangible doorway to enter new states of consciousness available and useful to all of us, to a larger experience of spaciousness and deeply connected relationship to ourselves, to others, to our environment and our earth.

Embodied Life™️ evolved from Russell and Linda’s extensive personal explorations and experience with Moshe Feldenkrais’ teachings, with Moshe himself, giving Functional Integration lessons to Moshe and in giving numerous Feldenkrais Trainings together, as well as Russell’s longstanding Zen meditation practice, somatic psychology and Focusing studies and Linda’s Sacred Dance, spirituality and conscious movement studies and deep appreciation for nature.

Sustaining awe, wonder and curiosity in how we deeply listen to ourselves in the present moment can grow our own capacity and resourcefulness in moving beyond our self-limiting habits and beliefs to find the possibility of expressions of freedom, wisdom and love Moshe Feldenkrais’ teachings were leaning toward. Russell and Linda have taken the Feldenkrais Method to another level, truly evolving their own handwriting in their offering to humanity.

Links : website The Embodied Life School™️ - seminars, program and retreats

Linda Delman's YouTube -over 50 short Embodied Life School practices, free to subscribers

Books, CD's and products including recently released Let's Bow Together: Meditations Guided By Russell Delman in English and German

Living The Embodied Life: Feldenkrais Method®, Meditation and Guided Inquiry

The Embodied Life School Movement Essentials: A Guide for Cultivating Awareness

Apr 21, 202159:52
Alan Questel gifts intentional kindness...

Alan Questel gifts intentional kindness...

Heidi and Dale introduce a veteran gift to this Feldenkrais space, Alan Questel from SanteFe New Mexico USA. Alan has been practicing Feldenkrais since injuring his back many years ago whilst he was making a living to become an actor. He shares about some of the obstacles he faced along his pathway from being a client to becoming a trainer. Moshe often talked about practitioners bringing a unique aspect of themselves to his method, it seems his wish was that his insights for BEing human were expressed through people as they struggle/d with the maturation process of becoming a practitioner to further establish his work. Alan certainly took Moshe's intention to a different level, he has developed a signature style by practicing intentional acts of kindness via his Awareness Through Movement classes. He invites people to like themselves, beginning with sensing pleasurable options in the most unlikely movement - like rolling from back to belly with books on each foot (Imagine the advanced version of this, balancing books on hands also). Click here to see the downloadable collections on his website - reversibility, or as he calls it, ytilibisrever is amongst a host of valuable lessons.

They talk about the ripple effects this enquiry has introduced to his life and how it has shaped his actions.. true to his intention he offers listeners options to pay what they feel for one 'set' from his collection of material.

And, yes, the missing quote from Ram Das:

“… when you go out into the woods and you look at trees,
you see all these different trees.
          And some of them are bent,
and some of them are straight,
                     and some of them are evergreens,
and some of them are whatever.

And you look at the tree and you allow it.
You appreciate it.
You see why it is the way it is.
You sort of understand that it didn’t get enough light,
      and so it turned that way.
And you don’t get all emotional about it.

You just allow it.
       You appreciate the tree.

The minute you get near humans, you lose all that.
And you are constantly saying
                                           “You’re too this, or I’m too this.”

That judging mind comes in.
And so I practice turning people into trees.

Which means appreciating them just the way they are.”

— Ram Das, On Self Judgment

Heidi and Dale host this episode, the format of two hosts per episode has been planned for the rest of the year. Next month Heidi and Libby move into the unknown with Russell and Linda Delman, more Feldenkrais legends. 

Mar 27, 202101:22:33
Kirk Aaltink’s journey of authentic maturity…

Kirk Aaltink’s journey of authentic maturity…

Libby and Dale chat with Kate Tremlett, a Melbourne Feldenkrais practitioner, and her client of 20 years, Kirk Aaltink, with his mother Angie.  In their synergistic journey of Feldenkrais inquiry and growth Kirk’s natural curiosity, drive and immersion in life-long learning and self-motivation has resulted in “Team Kirk” – a group of people dedicated to assisting Kirk to live his life with the intention of co-ordinated whole-body movement.
Kirk’s desire for freedom and speed in movement has surpassed all expectations, culminating in free skiing the Australian downhill slopes. His story is one of ultimate independence of spirit, fun, focus of mind and versatility in how our body and brain can mature together through adulthood when given a nurturing learning environment.
Join our conversation with a story of community and commitment, self-empowerment and developing human potential.
Watch Kirk fly!

This episode opens the year inside the theme of Somatic Learning.

Highly recommended: See Kirk Aaltink’s skiing achievement video's on FaceBook:

For those who may wish to enquire about skiing for people with disabilities:

Falls Creek Snowsports School Adaptive Program:

Mt Hotham Adaptive Ski Program:

Kate Tremlett, Feldenkrais Practitioner-email:

Contact Moving Into the Unknown:

This episode opens the year inside the theme of Somatic Learning.

Feb 21, 202157:36
Zoran Kovich on making a difference …
Nov 26, 202001:04:34
Molly Tipping and Brigit Cosgrove investigate anxiety…
Oct 28, 202001:11:53
Cynthia Allen shares business tips...
Sep 23, 202001:13:15
Julie Peck and Lesley McLennan expand ideas...
Aug 24, 202001:12:59
Larry Goldfarb flavours a conversation...

Larry Goldfarb flavours a conversation...

Larry Goldfarb takes us on a colourful journey with lived practice of the Feldenkrais Method, discussing its relevance in navigating the terrain of contemporary personal adaptability and responsiveness. Questioning how to create a functionally integrated Feldenkrais community of learners, Larry ponders how to further evolve the education of Feldenkrais Practitioners, including online. In line with Moshe Feldenkrais’ intention, Larry challenges us to actively be involved in collaboration and innovation to bring Feldenkrais forward into relationship with more people in the world.

Continue the conversation by visiting our twitter account @MovingIntoTheUnknown. 

Jul 26, 202001:02:22
A profound conversation with Jeff Haller...
Jun 19, 202001:07:35
Introducing Feldenkrais: Moving into the Unknown

Introducing Feldenkrais: Moving into the Unknown

Hi Welcome to Feldenkrais: Moving into the Unknown. A place where we dive deep into the Feldenkrais Method, chatting to "Embodied Scientists". We are Dale Dickins, Libby Murray and Heidi Carroll who are currently in training to become Feldenkrais Practitioners. Join us as we explore what it is to truly live in your own potential.

Jun 12, 202000:53