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MRP Show

MRP Show

By LykosPro

Welcome to The MRP Show—an arena for fostering distinctive viewpoints. "Minority Report" transcends racial confines; it's synonymous with independent thinking.

In a world of monotony, we champion uniqueness, inviting those who dare to deviate. Join us to disrupt norms, catering to seekers of novel ideas.

Together, we celebrate divergence, sparking new perspectives.
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Lenses For Lessons Part 2 (S3E4)

MRP ShowDec 07, 2022

Lenses For Lessons Part 2 (S3E4)
Dec 07, 202201:08:21
Lenses For Lessons Part 1 (S3E3)
Nov 08, 202259:51
Left for the Living (S3E2)
Oct 31, 202201:29:27
Hidden Sight (S3E1)
Oct 21, 202202:02:02
Sound Check: Kiyanosh (S2E17)
Apr 28, 202134:45
Rona Tales (S2E16)
Apr 21, 202101:37:07
Astral Meet Part 2 (S2E15)
Apr 07, 202152:21
Astral Meet Part 1 (S2E14)
Mar 31, 202141:38
Kitchen Witch (S2E13)
Mar 24, 202101:34:33
Private Investigator: Marvin Dixon (S2E12)
Mar 30, 202058:50
Dream Theater (S2E11)
Mar 05, 202001:33:28
From Side to Main Hustle: Filmmaker Marco Hernandez (S2E10)
Feb 26, 202001:00:12
Organized Belief (S2E9)
Feb 19, 202001:24:16
No Cap ReCap (S2E8)
Feb 12, 202001:04:34
WBRB: A quick message from the MRP Show Team (S2B1)
Dec 16, 201904:15
Divided We Stand (S2E7)
Dec 05, 201902:24:55
In Gun We Trust (S2E6)
Nov 27, 201902:03:02
Abundant Love (S2E5)
Nov 20, 201901:44:51
The Hunt (S2E4)
Nov 13, 201901:28:17
Notarized Tech (S2E3)
Nov 12, 201901:52:06
Campfire Thieves (S2E2)
Oct 31, 201901:36:11
Former Heathen: Kevin (S2E1)
Oct 16, 201946:57
Still Beautiful (S1E9)

Still Beautiful (S1E9)

Nicky Purple, author of "Still Beautiful" and several other books stops by for a conversation about overcoming challenges and becoming successful. "Through my life, I have suffered physical and sexual abuse, homelessness, and the loss of my teeth to a gum disease by age 21. Despite these bleak experiences, I've managed to give life to three beautiful human beings, and accomplish some other pretty amazing things. "

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email: A production of 

Jun 19, 201945:10
A Mental Health Story (S1E8)
May 31, 201901:00:32
Reporting Abuse: The importance of taking action (S1E7)
May 22, 201901:04:44
The Spectrum Part 4 (S1E6)
May 13, 201947:59
The Spectrum Part 3 (S1E5)
May 06, 201901:12:20
The Spectrum Part 2 (S1E4)
Apr 30, 201951:47
Male POV: Relationships Pt.2 (S1B2)
Apr 22, 201901:27:07
Male POV: Relationships Pt.1 (S1B1)
Apr 22, 201901:43:00
The Spectrum Part 1 (S1E3)
Feb 19, 201901:38:49
I'm an Alien (S1E2)
Feb 06, 201901:16:03
Harrison Power (S1E1)

Harrison Power (S1E1)

Harrison joins us to discuss power lifting, steroids and drugs.

Jan 30, 201901:22:38


 Our purpose with the podcast is to develop our voice and opinion. When I think of Minority Report, I don't think of just minority in the sense of race but in the thought process. The Majority of people say and do the same thing everyday. Our hope is to reach everyone that wants to think different and do different.

Jan 16, 201903:35