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Mrs.C's Podcast for Parents, Teachers and Administrators

Mrs.C's Podcast for Parents, Teachers and Administrators

By Jennifer Carter

Working with learners can feel isolating- You are NOT alone! Listen as we discuss the ideas and questions you have about parenting and education.
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Episode 32 - Wrapping up Season 1 with Mrs.C

Mrs.C's Podcast for Parents, Teachers and AdministratorsMay 07, 2021

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Episode 36 - How Early Childhood Education in The United States of America Compares to ECE in Canada

Episode 36 - How Early Childhood Education in The United States of America Compares to ECE in Canada

Guest - Anisha Angella, Early Childhood Educator and Author

Instagram: @anishaangella

Mrs.C and Anisha compare Early Childhood Education between USA and Canada and discuss what it takes to have a high quality center and  program.

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Oct 01, 202134:44
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Episode 32 - Wrapping up Season 1 with Mrs.C
May 07, 202102:31
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Episode 22 - How to Support Your Child's Cultural Identity

Episode 22 - How to Support Your Child's Cultural Identity

Guest - Nina Sohn, elementary, middle and high school parent

Nina shares her experience as a White mom who has biracial children who identify as Asian.  She and Mrs. C talk through the challenges and joys of helping children step into who they are, even if it’s different from who their parents are.

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Hi I'm Jennifer Carter and thank you for joining me on a podcast for parents, teachers and administrators. Today's conversation should be a good one and i'm sure it's something on your mind so let's get to it. So thank you so much for joining me here today Nina, can you just tell us a little bit about how you're connected to the world of parenting and education.

Of course it would be my pleasure. Probably first and foremost I am a mom so I have three children. I have a son who is 16, he is a sophomore in high school and I have two daughters who are 13 and 11 so they're in eighth grade and sixth grade respectively and um quasi in school these days sort of half time, um but I'd say being a mom is inherently weaves you in with the education community because that's a such a huge part of their journey um, and then I've also taught a lot of art over the past decade at my children's school just on a volunteer basis.

Usually concurrent with the curriculum, and I've really really really loved that I have a passion for art and I love working with younger kids in particular because they're totally unjaded and confident and their perceptions around art so it's really awesome to throw up something contemporary and weird and hear their like announcement of what it is in fact boldly and uninhibited and so really. Not alacrity. Enjoy that. It's been some  just remarkable experiences doing that. I'm really grateful for it so those are the people I'd say my two primary connections to the education world.

Excellent and so what are we going to talk about today? Oh I get to pick is that right! Dealers choice. Anything is fair game, okay. Gosh I would love to talk about well, I would love to talk about race in schools. In part because I think it's super current I feel like I have a toe in the water. In it a little bit in a I don't know how to describe it, because it's not full throttle, but my husband's korean so my kids are half asian and they identify as asian which is interesting. It's been an interesting experience for me as a parent to realize that my children's identity and also their experience is different than mine as a very white person. So that topic really really interests me a ton all the all the levels of it.

So do you find this here's a question for you that may be a little unusual but do you find because your children are korean american and white, do you have to feel like there's almost like a hierarchy of needs when you talk about racism and ostracism? Um I have some we used to live with students who are korean and chinese and they would sometimes feel like they were passengers on the race bus and not necessarily active participants or drivers in getting people to see them and to steer away from stereotypes. Have you had that experience with your kids?

I would say yes. Although I would with the qualifier, because of the school they go to it's a private school it's a wonderful school but it's, I would say poor in the diversity department. So they actually in that setting they are actually quite diverse, um but I think if you were an african-american child you would feel much more um I think they would feel much more engaged with race issues in that particular setting.

Feb 26, 202126:57
Episode 21 - How To Explore the World Without a Passport

Episode 21 - How To Explore the World Without a Passport

Owner, Gail Hawkins shares the foundation of her interests in artifacts from around the world.  Visitors to Ms. Hawkins’ store will find artifacts from Asia, Africa and beyond.  During the day, Ms. Hawkins works in the medical field, but uses this local store to share the world with residents in View Park/Windsor Hills


4421 W Slauson Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90043

Cultural Interiors Website

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Hi, I’m Jennifer Carter and thank you for joining me on a podcast for parents, teachers, and administrators. Today's conversation should be a good one and I’m sure it's something on your mind. So let's get to it. I just want to thank you, Miss Gail Hawkins, for joining us and or joining me. It won't be us until we play it on the actual podcast. Okay okay. Can you tell me a little bit about how the store came to be a store?

The store came to be a store because years ago I had developed an interest in design, and I was taking some, my husband was had started taking some classes over at Otis school of fine art and design. He wanted to be you know he's in medicine but he wanted another thing, that he wanted to explore his passion. His passion was photography. So he found out there were photography classes in the evening time over at Otis. So he started taking classes and then he knew that I was always interested in design, and he says you know they have a design class why don't you take some classes over there? And I was like oh that sounds interesting and then just happened at the same time. Um I had gotten offered to start a store. Okay. And with a friend um getting uh getting me and another person together to see about opening a small gift store right there and you know in Baldwin Hills. So we decided to go, we sat down we talked, we discussed everything, we decided to do it and then my husband said well this is the perfect thing if you want to take those classes at Otis then I will you know I’ll put the bill and you go take those classes. And I was like whoa hey yeah I’m gonna do it then. You know and it was unbelievable the classes were amazing, I had such a great time, I met such interesting people. And then so once I finished it um I was able to get into the whole thing with the store, because then I felt more comfortable and that I could go into somebody's house and help them design you know a room or a bathroom or something like that or you know bring art into their house and so it just kind of came into being that way so that was the start. Wow how long have you, has the store been there? It's we have had, it first start off it's called was called “Arrivals” and it was started around 1999, 2000. Wow. And then um things kind of went crazy after we had the um after 9 11. Okay. And then we couldn't you know travel as much. And people were really nervous about going back and forth and, so we kind of kept it going and then everything my partner decided that it was not working out between the two of us so we ended up you know splitting. So I decided you know what I’m not going to give up. I am not going to give up. And so I said I can do this I, can handle this by myself. So I renamed the store. Okay. “Cultural Interiors” and we were there for we're probably there about a good four or five years late, more and then what happened is the economy just tanked in 2008, years after in 2008. So we decided hey, you know um this isn't gonna go so we decided to just bag it.

Feb 22, 202128:08
Episode 20 - How to Find Yourself in Books

Episode 20 - How to Find Yourself in Books

Guest - Malik Books

Mrs. C learns how Malik Mohammad uses his bookstore, Malik Books, to help African American/Black readers.  This episode offers great reads for children and adults who are able to understand their identities as a pathway to loving others by first loving themselves.


Malik Books

Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall

3650 W Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Ste #245

Los Angeles, Ca 90008



Malik Books

Westfield Culver City Mall

6000 Sepulveda Blvd Ste #2470

Culver City, Ca 90230




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I'm here with Malik of Malik BookS. Hello, I’m executive director of Oak Tree View Park Windsor Hills Preschool at Slauson in Angela's Vista and here we're I mean I'm a former english teacher full disclosure. So this is like being in heaven. You know just sitting around and talking about books, and so for black history month um I didn't necessarily want to just talk about history books but I just wanted to go through some selections that you recommended. This is a great time the great moment. This month although we need it for 365. I mean if you black you, you black for 365. So your history is 365. Yeah you can't be black just like today. No, no, not at all not at all but, Malik Books this is our growth of me wanting to share what I discovered in books with our community because if it changed me i just felt that it changed others it would change other people for the better you know and so if you love yourself you love your neighbor. Yes. And so I think that collectively um if we love each other by first start loving ourselves you know I think books gotta contribute to that and I think image and how we view ourselves have a lot has a lot to do with the books that we read. Yeah, like it's interesting you talk about it in terms of self love but I look at in the preschool and and elementary school space not so much once we get to middle and high school because the assumption is that kids will have a solid sense of self-esteem but in those younger years we do this thing called Maslow's hierarchy and one of the the lowest things is like psychological security and knowing that you're okay is that knowing that and I think that's something that. People don't understand when we talk about trauma and repeated trauma is when you see people who look like you are traumatized, then you start like as a small person you internalize that so imbuing a sense of worth kind of balancing some of the scarier things that kids may hear or see because you know I try to buffer kids from some of the realities of the world not shield, not sugar coat, but make sure that we had like a little bit of a buffer so that they can get into that that psychological security without worrying, and I think books are a great way to do that. Absolutely, that remind me of this one book that just came out called Black Magic and the the the subtitle is what black leaders learned from trauma and triumph and so we all have experienced that being black. We experienced both trauma as well as triumph because uh we've overcome a lot of things and our blackness has overcome whatever adversities they were put in front of us and so we have all of us have shared experiences, um and the thing is you can overcome whatever cards you're dealing with it and that's what resilience is, and that's one thing I know about black people I know one thing for certain is that we are resilient.

Feb 12, 202112:16
Episode 19 - How the African Diaspora Reaches Ties to American Culture
Feb 05, 202135:26
Episode 18 - How Teachers Bring Passion, Depth and Dedication to Teaching
Jan 29, 202129:41
Episode 17 - How to Decide Between Public, Private and Charter School
Jan 22, 202128:47
Episode 16 - How Social and Emotional Skills Build Better Learning in All Academics

Episode 16 - How Social and Emotional Skills Build Better Learning in All Academics

Guest - Podcast Hosts Tom Whisinnand and Josh Monroe from What the World Needs Now.

Podcast hosts and educators Tom and Josh crusade for more social and emotional awareness for elementary school children and those who are older.  They share why a solid emotional and social foundation sets children up for deeper and more long lasting learning in core academic subjects.


Permission to Feel by Marc Brackett

Help for Billy by Heather T. Forbes

Harmony Social & Emotional Learning Curriculum

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Jan 15, 202140:20
Episode 15 - How To Parent Perfectly with Imperfect Parenting
Jan 08, 202132:30
Episode 14 - Hopes and Wishes for the Podcast for the New Year
Jan 01, 202127:51
Episode 13 - Merry Christmas Greetings from Mrs.C
Dec 25, 202005:21
Episode 12 - How Parents, Teachers and Administrators Can Hear All Sides to the Challenges of Distance Learning

Episode 12 - How Parents, Teachers and Administrators Can Hear All Sides to the Challenges of Distance Learning

Guests- Mahdis Keshavarz and  Nana Lolachi

Mom Mahdis, school administrator Nana Lolacgu and Mrs. C take a deep look into the challenges presented by distance learning for parents across a spectrum of socio-economic groups.  Distance Learning frustrates many, but this episode demonstrates the problems with Distance Learning that are not just about Distance Learning.


CQEL, Statewide Preschool Advocacy and teacher support group:

California Masterplan for Early Child Care

California State Assembly - Committee on Education Members

Current Preschool Legislation sponsored by Assembly Member Kevin McCarty

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Hi i'm Jennifer Carter and thank you for joining me on a podcast for parents, teachers and administrators. Today's conversation should be a good one and i'm sure it's something on your mind so let's get to it.

 Thanks you guys for joining me on the podcast and thanks for inspiring what I think will be a lively conversation about distance learning. If you guys could just introduce yourselves,

I'm Nana Lolachi i've worked in different capacities in schools, I've been a teacher of different grades and currently i'm working as a coordinator so really working with targeted student populations, students who are english learners and really seeing the administrative side of working in a school too for the first time. I'm a mom of two boys. 

My name is Mahdis Keshavarz and i am a mom of a little boy as well as a first grader, um and he is in school here in Los Angeles and I'm working from home running two companies called the Make Agency and Polite Society and trying to juggle homeschooling parenting, momming, wifing, living, notice my self-care comes last in that list as I'm sure you women can relate to.

Absolutely so you know actually Mahdis you put up a Facebook post that caught my attention, so can you just share a little bit about what the what you said in that post and you know we can go from there.

 Well I shared a post, uh talking a little bit about what's being asked of teachers, um and it was it kind of in response to so much of what I see online and other conversations of kind of these demands for us to get our kids back into school which, i am all for and I want that to happen but i think that sometimes In that trajectory one of the things that i've noticed is a lot of times those moments of abdication of parenting, that happen are highlighted in this pandemic and some of the things that we're easily able to slide and kind of put on teachers to deal with over the course of the day we're not able to do in the year 2020 and i think that that's made for really difficult encounters with parenting but also for me it's been really uncomfortable to see how much more is being asked of educators that seem outside of what is reasonable and so...

Dec 18, 202044:56
Episode 11 part 2 - How to Raise Children Who Value and Understand Money
Dec 12, 202012:41
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Dec 04, 202047:45
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Nov 27, 202022:19
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Nov 20, 202027:28
Episode 7- How to Help Biracial and Multicultural Children
Nov 13, 202028:26
Episode 6 - How to Teach Understanding in a Divided and Divisive World
Nov 06, 202022:09
Episode 5 - How to Add Balance to Life as a Working Mom
Oct 30, 202052:16
Episode 4- How Teachers Can Value Every Student: Seeing All Children in the Classroom
Oct 23, 202046:26
Episode 3 - How to Add Formal Assessment to Everyday Learning
Oct 09, 202019:52
Episode 2- How to Support Children During Trauma and High Stress
Oct 01, 202033:10
Episode 1 - Introduction to Mrs.C

Episode 1 - Introduction to Mrs.C

Mrs. C introduces her podcast for parents, teachers & administrators.

Visit our website for more information:

Oct 01, 202012:35