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Ms Mystic

Ms Mystic

By Wendy Anderson

Join professional artist and hostess Wendy Anderson to discover the journey of artists and creative professionals across the globe. Why make art? Learn why it is essential to the human experience and how it elevates us.

Topics such as the arts and their relationship to consciousness and spiritual awareness.
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Ms Mystic Jan 25, 2021

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Apr 19, 202101:10:19
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Mar 29, 202101:12:21
Burnt Toast with Amanda Burns

Burnt Toast with Amanda Burns

The queen behind Amanda Ruth Art, Amanda Burns, is a beautiful acrylic and oil painter from Southern California.  In this talk we cover topics such as mental health, the double edge sword of social media, and burnt toast (lol).  A funny yet deep conversation and at the core we find the power of art.

From Amanda: I am a work from home artist who mainly paints fan art, pet portraits, and Bob Ross style landscapes. I use mainly acrylic paints, and then oils for the landscapes. I began painting when I was in about 5th grade. I had a very creative teacher who sparked a creative passion in me and I have been painting ever since.

I took as many art classes as I could in high school and went on to study media arts and animation. I did not complete my animation degree because the more I studied it the more I realized that digital art was not for me. I missed the hands on messiness of traditional painting. So I left college to pursue other art dreams.

For about 5 years I worked as a paint and sip party host. I would host art parties at different restaurants and venues and lead people through beginner paintings while they all drank and had a great time. I stepped away from that and I am now living my dream of being a self employed, work from home artist. Huzzah!

I have an amazing husband who treats me like a queen, a corgi named Olimar, and a cat named Midna. We are huge Nintendo fans and all around geeks. I like to paint the things that make me happy, which means a lot of fan art and corgis!

I recently became a Certified Ross Instructor (CRI) and am now able to teach other people the Joy of Painting using the Bob Ross techniques.

I live stream all of my paintings and process on Twitch where you can watch me paint and chat with me. I love to get to know new people so come say hi!







Mar 15, 202101:15:10
Communication Through Art with Rose Laverdure

Communication Through Art with Rose Laverdure

Microbiology major and art teacher? Let's find out how these two things merge in our beautiful guest Rose Laverdure.  We will explore the need for art as a universal language and mode of communication that could change the world as we know it!

From Rose about herself: "I was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I was engaged in the arts at a young age. Dance was one of my first passions. I did competitive Irish dancing for most of my childhood and fell in love with ballroom and Latin dancing as a teen. I auditioned to get into an art high school (De La Salle), where I ended up specializing in a newfound passion: visual and media arts.

I’ve always been inspired by the natural world, and that is reflected in my art. My portfolio mainly consists of watercolour and acrylic paintings of landscapes, trees, water, flowers and animals. Van Gogh, Monet, Emily Carr and the “Group of Seven” served as inspirations. I’ve always loved impressionism, post-impressionism and naturalism. My love of nature translated into my academics. I developed a love for the sciences, namely biology, and pursued a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Biology at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario.

After my bachelor’s, I moved to Montréal, Québec to complete a Master’s degree in Applied Microbiology. The 2020 pandemic hit in the middle of my degree, and I rediscovered my love of art as a way to cope with the stress and uncertainty. Once I picked up my paintbrush after a nearly 10-year hiatus, I have not been able to put it down since. I started teaching online painting classes with Yaymaker and have started commissioning art work for people across Ontario. I moved back to Ottawa and plan to continue teaching and painting post-graduation. I’m active on Instagram where I share my artwork and events.

Follow Rose on Instagram: @everrose_art

Mar 01, 202101:12:12
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Ms Mystic Trailer

Ms Mystic Trailer

My Podcast Trailer! Here is a brief introduction to the intention behind this podcast. Listen to me Wendy Anderson, your hostess, go over what I’ll be talking about with all types of artist and creators.
Dec 02, 202002:36