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a dose of healing

a dose of healing

By mtgaines

Take a journey with your host, Taz, as they give you " a dose of healing." Each episode will spotlight a guest who will share their thoughts around healing in today's times. The conversation will explore themes of abolition, child care, racism + other systems of oppression and so much more. Each guest brings their lifr and work to the mic for juicy talk.

Stay tuned for more episodes. Stay connected by following @adoseofhealing on instagram.
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Healing with Joanie

a dose of healingDec 01, 2021

Healing with Joanie
Dec 01, 202140:26
Healing with Briana P.
Aug 14, 202001:09:54
Healing with Chasyn C.
Jul 22, 202038:50
Healing with Lorie B.

Healing with Lorie B.

Join me as I sit down with Lorie B and talk about healing or the things that charge you up to keep you going! If you are interested in following Lorie personally, check out their instagram @lb_blaze. If you are interested in some of their creations, check out their other insta @the_horned_goat

Apr 21, 202029:43
Healing with Brittany P.

Healing with Brittany P.

Brittany, a radical liberator, educator, minister, and organizer from Nashville, TN. She also happens to be a very close friend.

Check out this vulnerable conversation! 

Note: Brittany' s mention of "How Long O Lord," it is a reference to the psalmist in Psalm 13 rather than the Prophet Amos!

Apr 21, 202034:21
Healing with Ted.E G.

Healing with Ted.E G.

In this first episode, I sit down with one of my best friends, Teddy G, to talk about healing and resilience practices. There's also a special song that we sing together in the 3rd segment. Thank you for joining us on this experiment in healing.

You can find Teddy G on Instagram: @ted.e.g

You can follow me on Instagram/Twitter: @mtgaines

Apr 21, 202023:15