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Ohio Field and Farm

Ohio Field and Farm

By Clifton Martin

Hosted by the Ohio State University Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources program in Muskingum County.
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Buckeye Beef Byte Episode 5: Elizabeth Harsh

Ohio Field and FarmFeb 26, 2021

Sheep Barn: Dave Rowe, Mid-States Wool Growers
Mar 26, 202134:22
Buckeye Beef Byte Episode 6: Stan Smith
Mar 05, 202130:57
Buckeye Beef Byte Episode 5: Elizabeth Harsh
Feb 26, 202125:09
Buckeye Beef Byte Episode 4: Ron Cramer
Feb 19, 202125:52
The Sheep Barn: Roger High
Feb 17, 202129:28
Buckeye Beef Byte Episode 3: Reproductive Management with Alvaro Garcia Guerra
Feb 11, 202129:12
Buckeye Beef Byte Episode 2: Jessica Pempek

Buckeye Beef Byte Episode 2: Jessica Pempek

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March 10 Beef Sire Selection for the Dairy Herd Webinar

This is the second in a six-part series of discussions with Beef industry specialist at OSU and in Ohio. Jessica Pempek is an Assistant Professor, and Animal Welfare Extension Specialist, in the Department of Animal Sciences at Ohio State. In this conversation we discuss animal welfare issues in Ohio and the beef industry.

Feb 05, 202133:52
Buckeye Beef Byte Episode 1: Mike Amstutz
Jan 26, 202121:07
An Interview with Garth Ruff, OSU Extension Beef Specialist
Sep 22, 202014:06