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The Megawatt Hour

The Megawatt Hour

By Brandon Tomei

Welcome to The Megawatt Hour, a podcast dedicated to connecting New Jerseyan's with sustainable resources and information that lead to a greener future.
Our mission is to discuss renewable energy, solar (our specialty), and how that fits into local issues and opportunities currently affecting us. How can homeowners reduce their carbon footprint? How does solar work in NJ with incentives? How can homeowners be more resilient as things like climate change and storms get worse? These topics and more explored.
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1. Understanding the Utility and Your Utility Bill

The Megawatt Hour May 14, 2021

1. Understanding the Utility and Your Utility Bill

1. Understanding the Utility and Your Utility Bill

Understanding the basics of how the utility companies work, and how that effects your utility bill is huge if you want to try and save money, or simply get an understanding of how we get our power.  Especially if you're looking into going solar, understanding your utility bill before anything else is a massive important step. 

This episode talks about the utilities in and around New Jersey, and how that affects you as the homeowner. We talk about the large storms we have been getting, and how that is affecting homeowners decisions with their power.  We discuss key bullet points to know about your bill, such as the fees and costs you are charged.  We mention how solar fits into your bill, and why your usage history is extremely important in sizing the right system.

May 14, 202153:00
The Megawatt Hour - The WHY Behind Solar Renewable Energy in New Jersey

The Megawatt Hour - The WHY Behind Solar Renewable Energy in New Jersey

The Megawatt Hour is a podcast presented by Genrenew, a local solar installer located in Freehold New Jersey, set on a mission to explore the issues, opportunities and straight facts facing us today in New Jersey.  How can we combat climate change? How can solar help us toward a greener future in the state, and how does it affect the everyday homeowner? All of these questions and a lot more will be explored. 

Our goal is to share statistics, go over misconceptions and shed light on things that are not widely known about renewable energy in the state.  We want to have other guests on as it pertains to other technologies, and policies set forth by the state.  All with the intention of informing people what's really going on behind the scenes, and how they can navigate a greener future themselves.

Our expertise is within the solar industry, so a lot of our topics will start from that framework, and expand from there. 

This podcast is hosted by Brandon Tomei from Genrenew.  

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Apr 30, 202133:25