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Mwende Bwino

Mwende Bwino

By Mazuba Kapambwe

Mwende Bwino which translates to 'Go Well' in several Zambian languages is a travel themed podcast which will inspire you to explore your city, country, continent and beyond.
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To The African Music Festivals We've Loved Before

Mwende BwinoDec 06, 2020

To The African Music Festivals We've Loved Before

To The African Music Festivals We've Loved Before

Dec 06, 202001:00:08
Why You Should Visit Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Nov 16, 202026:57
How To Go Camping in Six Provinces in Zambia
Nov 05, 202029:16
Why Kenya Should be Your Next Wine Destination
Oct 20, 202029:16
What It's Like Running a Black Owned Wine Company in 2020
Oct 06, 202032:43
World Tourism Day Zambia Webinar

World Tourism Day Zambia Webinar

In honor of World Tourism Day 2020, Mwende Bwino collaborated with Discover Zambia to host a webinar under the theme 'Tourism and Rural Development'.  

Guests were Brian Ross from Prospero Zambia, Dorothy Walker Partner at Discover Zambia and Travel content creator, Luwi Nguluka from Women for Conservation and the Wildlife Crime Prevention Progam, Gemma D'Souza Editor and Founder of Nyayo Magazine,  James Milanzi Country Director at African Parks and Gilmour Dickson Safari Manager at Kaingu Lodge.

The webinar was moderated by Mwende Bwino host Mazuba Kapambwe.  

Oct 01, 202001:20:05
How to Plan Your First or Next Trip to Livingstone in Zambia

How to Plan Your First or Next Trip to Livingstone in Zambia

Livingstone is the tourist capital of Zambia, and home to the Mosi-o-Tunya (Victoria Falls).  In this episode, our guests content creator Chisumbu (@alwayschisumbu) and Mimi from Adventures With Mimi share their tips for visiting Livingstone; from the best activities to do, where to stay, where to eat, how to get there and more.

Photo Credit: © flowcomm / Flickr

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Sep 15, 202040:13
How to Plan Your first Ski Trip with Mount Noire
Sep 01, 202020:16
Why You Should Travel by Train in South Africa and Zambia
Aug 18, 202050:29
What it's Like Working with Elephants in Zambia
Aug 12, 202039:57
Why The Hudson Valley is Our Favorite Weekend Getaway
Aug 03, 202001:03:47
Why Morocco and the World need more Women in Tourism
Jul 21, 202028:57
How to Slow Travel Through West Africa
Jul 07, 202057:38
What it's like Living in a Historic Home in Northern Zambia
Jun 16, 202035:17
Why You Should Learn an African Language Before Traveling to Africa with Lingua 54
Jun 02, 202026:04
How Everyday Lusaka is Spotlighting Lusaka through Postcards
May 19, 202035:45
How Irin Journal is Spotlighting Underrated African Cities
May 05, 202039:46
Why You Should be following the #21Days21Destinations hashtag.

Why You Should be following the #21Days21Destinations hashtag.

Alpha Sipho is a self described foodie and traveler who has visited every province in his home country South Africa. When the South African government instituted the 21 days lockdown due to corona, Alpha created the #21days21Destinations campaign to showcase past travels.

Upon hitting a milestone of 1 million impressions, we spoke to Alpha about the future of the campaign post corona.

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Why You Should use Guidebooks and not Instagram to Plan Your Next Trip
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How our Mother's Taught us to love Travel
May 22, 201901:02:58
What to do When Your Flight is Delayed
May 02, 201901:04:02
We Planned Your First Hiking Trip

We Planned Your First Hiking Trip

Ever wanted to go hiking but don't know where to start when it comes to what equipment you need or what kinds of hiking trails would work for you? We talked to Irine  who is a self described “adventure-loving travel photographer and digital content creator” from Kenya and residing in Seattle, Washington. Her blog Travelwithirine documents her hiking experiences in the United States.  Irine  provides tips on how to organize and make your first hike happen and shares her guide to visiting Seattle, Washington.

 'We Planned Your First Hiking Trip' is sponsored by Aduna,  an Africa-inspired health food brand and social business. Their products include superfood energy bars and teas with ingredients such as Baobab and Moringa. 

 One lucky winner will receive the complete bundle of the Aduna superfood energy bars. To stand a chance to win, follow Aduna on instagram  adunaworld and comment on my post via my instagram @iamthezuba by tagging your hiking buddy. You can enter as many times as you’d like. The winner will be announced via my  Instagram on April 8th. 

  Follow Mwende Bwino on twitter for guest announcements and more travel related content. Visit the Mwende Bwino blog for shownotes.

Apr 02, 201953:32
We Planned Your First Trip to Ethiopia

We Planned Your First Trip to Ethiopia

 Greta F Iori is a wildlife crime, conservation and sustainable development expert. Greta also runs the travel and photography blog

Greta shares her journey as well as her top picks on what to see, do, eat and where to stay if planning a trip to Ethiopia. Greta was featured as a 'Woman To Watch' by Unearth Women.

The 'We Planned Your First Trip to Ethiopia' episode is sponsored by Ethiopia Taxi App (ETTA) , ETTA is Ethiopia's first full service taxi hailing company with a 24 hour call center available by calling 8707. With the ETTA app, you can save money on your ride using promo codes, know your estimated price via the price calculator and rate your drivers. Download the ETTA App today via the google play store or the app store.

Mar 05, 201949:13
These are the African Countries Travel Mags Want you to visit in 2019
Feb 26, 201950:33
How to Plan the Perfect Baecation
Feb 12, 201950:01
The Katundu Guide for the 2019 Traveler
Feb 05, 201954:59
The 19 Places You Have to Visit in Zambia in 2019
Jan 29, 201945:02
How To Tick African Countries off Your Bucket List in 2019.
Jan 07, 201952:45
Mwende Bwino Podcast Trailer

Mwende Bwino Podcast Trailer

Mwende Bwino which translates to 'Go Well' in several Zambian languages is a travel themed podcast inspiring people to explore their city, country, continent and beyond. Each episode will feature a conversation with people who embody what 'traveling well' means to them from bloggers, photographers, conservationists, film-makers and more. 

Mwende Bwino is hosted by travel writer Mazuba Kapambwe whose travel writing has appeared on CNN Travel, The Culture Trip and in-flight magazines (Nkwazi, Wings). 

The first episode of 'Mwende Bwino' will feature a travel blogger from Kenya who at the time of the podcast recording has visited 19 African countries. Stay tuned for Episode 1 launching Tuesday January 8.    

Dec 30, 201800:31