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MxV Mental Wellness Podcast

MxV Mental Wellness Podcast

By Leanna Lee

Welcome to MxV! Meet your co-hosts, Mike Veny and Leanna Lee. We're freelancers and business owners from different backgrounds and industries who have one thing in common: our struggle with mental health. Together, we focus on long-term mental health management and practical business strategies to help you work better and live well. Every month, we offer support and actionable advice to help you develop healthy wellness habits, be more productive, and build a strong support network.
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Therapy for Freelancers Part 3: Getting the most out of therapy

MxV Mental Wellness PodcastNov 27, 2020

Therapy for Freelancers Part 3: Getting the most out of therapy
Nov 27, 202037:02
Therapy for Freelancers Part 2: How to find and pay your therapist
Oct 20, 202041:06
Therapy for Freelancers Part 1: Why you need it!

Therapy for Freelancers Part 1: Why you need it!

We know that therapy can be expensive and complicated, and a good therapist is hard to find, but it’s SO important to have consistent, professional mental health support as a freelancer, especially if you have mental health challenges.

In this 3-part series, we’re really going to examine what freelancers can get out of therapy and HOW they can get the right support, even on a budget or without insurance.

In this episode, Mike and Leanna Lee discuss why freelancers should consider therapy...and what it can do for your business. 

Be sure to listen all the way till the end for a very important insight that will help you grow your business.

Sep 04, 202034:59
Working for Yourself Mindfully with Dr Isaiah Pickens

Working for Yourself Mindfully with Dr Isaiah Pickens

In our August episode, host Mike Veny invites his own guest and friend, clinical psychologist Dr. Isaiah Pickens, to talk about working mindfully. Together, they explore the challenges of prioritizing and sustaining balance and how self-soothing and mindfulness can help you manage mental health.

Dr. Pickens is the CEO of iOpeningEnterprises, which helps transform human performance through interactive, science-based professional development and practical wellness tools.

“I make sure I eat lunch, I make sure I’m drinking a gallon of water a day. I‘m trying to get my sleep...six to eight hours, trying to be more on the eight hour side. But, these are things that to me are not extra, they’re necessary.”

In this episode, he shares:

Why walking to McDonalds was an important mental health exercise for himHow he incorporates practices for clients into his own life to support mental healthHow self-soothing can help you manage your body’s physical reactions to stress Simple actions to take when you feel suicidal

Get to know more about Dr. Pickens on his website and on social media @PickensPoints

Aug 11, 202025:31
Managing Trauma, Boundaries, and Breakthroughs during COVID with Gigi Griffis

Managing Trauma, Boundaries, and Breakthroughs during COVID with Gigi Griffis

**Trigger Warning: Be advised, this material could be triggering for some (contains mentions of abuse and rape)**

In our July episode (a late tribute to PTSD awareness month!) our co-host Leanna Lee is joined by special guest, location-independent writer Gigi Griffis. Together, they talk PTSD/CPTSD symptoms and the kinds of mental, practical, and financial boundaries they’ve set this year to manage mental health at work. 

Currently quarantined in Estonia, Gigi also shares several huge recent mental health breakthroughs she’s had with her childhood trauma. 

“This was me taking my power back and saying ‘you don’t get to decide the terms of our relationship. That’s up to me now.’”

Some “crisis boundaries” that have worked for her:

Taking on extra work with low-stress clients Resisting the urge to keep taking on new projects she doesn’t need (hoarding impulse)Checking in with her mental health each daySetting emergency protocolsAdjusting her budget and financial goals so she feels more secure about money 

Her biggest advice? Being kind to yourself and learning to be flexible when it comes to your own needs: “Part of managing your mental health is recognizing that you’re not always going to be in the same place.”

Jul 14, 202048:26
Learning To Pivot When Shit Happens
Jun 23, 202038:58
Finding Support During a Crisis with Matthew Knight of Leapers
May 26, 202036:53
How the F*ck To Manage Freelance Mental Health: Coronavirus Edition

How the F*ck To Manage Freelance Mental Health: Coronavirus Edition

Today, Mike and Leanna switch up their regular schedule to check in on each other’s mental health from separate states. They share ideas to help freelancers, business owners, and remote workers manage stress, find work, and keep busy as they deal with anxiety and social distancing.

Mar 17, 202047:12
Avoiding Conference Burnout: Part 2

Avoiding Conference Burnout: Part 2

This episode is all about managing yourself and your energy during conferences, seminars, and networking events. Mike and Leanna share some stories from the different events they’ve been to and give hands-on hacks for conserving energy and making the most of every session and event day.

Listen in and learn how to set small, achievable goals, look out for FOMO, and create meaningful connections without the burnout.

Feb 11, 202028:36
Combating Conference Burnout: Part 1

Combating Conference Burnout: Part 1

Everyone approaches professional events differently. But “speed date” networking evenings, professional workshops, and 2-nights-in-a-hotel-where’s-the-damn-map events can all take a toll on time and energy.

So how do you handle it all without losing mental momentum?

In this episode of MxV, Mike and Leanna share tips for combating conference burnout and staying present and active during draining events.

Jan 20, 202028:06
Handling Freelancer Holiday Stress

Handling Freelancer Holiday Stress

It’s that time of year, isn’t it? Whether it’s the weather, family expectations, or work winding down for the year (or speeding up last-minute!), freelancers have a lot to contend with between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.

This month’s episode focuses on how to handle stress in a healthy way, checking your spoons, and NEVER underestimating the power of JOMO!

Nov 23, 201924:12
Leanna's Adoption Story

Leanna's Adoption Story

This month, Leanna shares the story of her daughter and her experience as a birthmom for the first time on air. 

Adoption awareness plays a huge part in reducing the stigma surrounding birthmothers and their stories. In this episode, Mike and Leanna explore open adoption, and the complex emotions and mental health struggles that come with it.

Nov 23, 201925:25
Mike, Leanna, And Depression Have A Chat

Mike, Leanna, And Depression Have A Chat

October is National Depression and Mental Health Screening Month. In this episode, Mike and Leanna dive into depression from their own unique perspectives, discuss how their self-employment can trigger their depression, and coping skills.



Oct 30, 201926:16
Episode 1 - Welcome to MxV!

Episode 1 - Welcome to MxV!

Hosts Mike Veny and Leanna Lee (re)introduce themselves and the new podcast. Today's episode dives into Mike and Leanna's self-employed backgrounds, their daily struggles with mental health, and best tips for "preventative maintenance".

Learn how focus x consistency = mental health momentum!


Twitter/Instagram: @mentalmomenta

Sep 30, 201929:59