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My Bad Poetry

My Bad Poetry

By Aaron and Dave

Aaron and Dave dive into an old private journal to read poems written in high school. Along the way the two have found themselves joined by some incredibly amazing people, all willing to share some of their own bad poetry. Experience a mix of self-reflection, humor, self-deprecation, great conversations and just maybe a half decent poem!
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She Is...

My Bad PoetryDec 04, 2023

She Is...
Dec 04, 202321:40
Bad Songs-giving
Nov 27, 202318:16
The Devils Playground
Nov 20, 202321:09
A Reason
Nov 13, 202327:16
Not Long Song... Not Long
Nov 06, 202325:13
Our Bad Introductions
Oct 16, 202309:52
A Word of Advice
Oct 09, 202326:48
The Prince & Old Photographs (w/Megan McDermott)
Sep 25, 202344:33
Return to the Wolf Journal
Sep 18, 202322:03
Popularity, Two Similar? & When a tree is chopped...? (w/Emily Dillon)

Popularity, Two Similar? & When a tree is chopped...? (w/Emily Dillon)

Though Dave had to bow out to be a good parent to sick kids, Aaron and Emily take a break from parenting to talk about poetry! Emily brings not only old poems but pictures from an eighth-grade project. Ekphrastic might be one way to describe these works but..."bad"...may be more accurate?

My Bad Poetry Episode 4.17 "Popularity, Two Similar? & When a tree is chopped...? (w/Emily Dillon)

End Poem from a Real Poet: "Pink Prose" by Emily Dillon published through Twin Pies Literary. Emily is a writer, teacher, coach, artist, and editor, from Maryland. You can find her website at which includes a list of her publications. When she isn't busy doing everything you can follow her on Twitter @emily_dillon or Instagram @ emilydillonwriting.

Podcast Email:

Twitter: @MyBadPoetryThe1 Instagram: @MyBadPoetry_ThePod

Website: ⁠

Sep 11, 202353:25
Sep 04, 202323:30
Poem & I have (w/ John Yamrus)

Poem & I have (w/ John Yamrus)

The co-hosts are honored to have a two time "Wakefield Prize" winning poet on this week's show. Aside from made up awards, John Yamrus brings decades of wisdom to the podcast in writing and being published. Of course, he also brings what he calls "embarrassingly" bad poems. My Bad Poetry Episode 4.15 Poem & I have (w/ John Yamrus) End Poem from a Real Poet: Two works from Selected Poems: The Director's Cut by John Yamrus. You can find and purchase Yamrus' most recent book Twenty Four Poems here as well as many of his other 35 publications here. You can find and follow Yamrus on his Facebook account here: Podcast Email: Twitter: @MyBadPoetryThe1 Website: ⁠
Aug 28, 202342:45
A Party at the Manger, The Beard Balm Conundrum, & Judging the Dead (w/ Ken Tomaro)
Aug 21, 202344:56
Aug 14, 202323:37
Conchence, Achers, & Smite (w/ Jessica Cuello)
Aug 07, 202343:29
Midseason Blooper Break
Jul 10, 202316:31
Jul 03, 202321:22
Kissing the Fire Eater, Beach House, & Wish He Was Here (w Tate Lewis-Carroll)
Jun 26, 202339:08
Married and Buried, Thought is a Caterpillar, & Gently Used (w/ Nolcha Fox)
Jun 19, 202342:14
PDA, Ugolano...& Masochist (w/ Robert Allen)
Jun 12, 202342:55
A Hillbilly’s Desiderium in Colombia & Reverse Rain (w/ Laurence Foshee)
Jun 05, 202337:50
Untitled Works & Ganymede in Waiting (w/ Adrian Dallas Frandle)
May 29, 202344:07
The Hall
May 22, 202326:19
A Walk & Revelation (w/Paul Lutter)
May 15, 202340:12
Elegy & A Limerick (w/Matt Schur)
May 09, 202344:37
Worms & I Sense the Presence of a True Believer (w/Candice M. Kelsey)
May 01, 202341:25
Flipped Coin & Lottie (w/Alex Carrigan)
Apr 24, 202341:10
A Call (w/ Roberta Spaghettio)
Feb 20, 202307:44
Meditation at Callicoon & On the Occasion of Our Tenth Anniversary (w/ Julia Guez)
Feb 13, 202341:05
My Light at Last & Behold the Glory (w/ Jared Beloff)
Feb 06, 202334:35
The Green Machine & The Disease (w/ Michael VanCalbergh)

The Green Machine & The Disease (w/ Michael VanCalbergh)

From a concrete poem that might have benefited from it's own Hulk Smash to a emo-laced exploration of that thing called "Love,"  Michael VanCalbergh's high school poems live up to this show's title.  Dave and Aaron find another fast friend with this week's guest as Michael brings the perfect energy to a rare evening recording.  Be warned however the final poem hits hard as it carefully explores the loss of a parent through a unique lens.  Note: When discussing the End Poem Aaron references a song that he thought was sung by Lewis Capaldi when in fact it's a song by Dean Lewis. 

My Bad Poetry Episode 3.20: "The Green Machine & The Disease (w/ Michael VanCalbergh) 

End Poem from a Real Poet: "Instructions for My Father's Mortician" by Michael VanCalbergh 

Michael VanCalbergh can be found on Twitter @MVCpoet.  You can find his work published with Parenthesis Journal, autofocus Lit, Atticus Review, Spoon River Poetry Review, Beaver Magazine, and many other spaces. 

Podcast Email: 

Twitter: @MyBadPoetryThe1 


Jan 30, 202342:46
Analogy of Life Wrap Up
Jan 23, 202321:10
Untitled (Silence IV)

Untitled (Silence IV)

Just when you thought you had heard the last of the "Silence Saga", the very end of high school Aaron's third anthology throws one more in the mix.  An untitled poem musing on the need and lack of silence seems to be a fitting companion for Dave and Aaron this week as Aaron's "recording studio" -aka the kitchen table- is repeatedly interrupted by a child who is stretching the definition of their "quite/rest time."  Nevertheless they persevere to say a lot on the little they had to work with.  Hopefully this is not one you are waiting to unhear!  

My Bad Poetry Episode 3.18: "'Untitled (Silence IV)"

End Poem from a Real Poet: "Silence" by Babette Deutsch

Podcast Email:

Twitter: @MyBadPoetryThe1


Jan 16, 202322:38
My Words (II)
Jan 09, 202327:47
New Year/Same Ol' Bloopers
Jan 02, 202318:55
Blizzard & Three Soap Limericks (Holiday Special)

Blizzard & Three Soap Limericks (Holiday Special)

With the holidays and vacations, Dave and Aaron decided to try their hand at a new format for this special episode.  With randomly generated words, chance styles, and five minutes the two co-hosts attempt to write poems for the season.  Some fair better than others.  None fair well.*

Hoping the end of 2022 has brought with it times of rest, joy, hope, peace, and reasons to be happy.  Next time yule be hearing from us is in the New Year. ;) -Aaron and Dave

My Bad Poetry Episode 3.15: "'Blizzard' & Three Soap Limericks (Holiday Special)"

End Poem from a Real Poet: "O Jesus Christ, Thy Manger Is" by Paul Gerhardt

Podcast Email:

Twitter: @MyBadPoetryThe1


*Aaron must apologize for the sound this week.  A certain three year old was playing with the microphone right before recording and Aaron forgot to check the gain. 

Dec 25, 202222:32
musing & (at) fireworks on the 7th (w/ Matthew E. Henry)

musing & (at) fireworks on the 7th (w/ Matthew E. Henry)

Dec 19, 202244:16
Silence III

Silence III

When should a writer take the title and theme of their work as the best advice?  Perhaps when they continue to work with "Silence."  With a recording scheduled that spanned a week, Aaron and Dave return once more to the endless well that is high school Aaron's "deep" thoughts on silence.  Also Dave has a pretty good joke about Webster's word of the year sprinkled in there.    

My Bad Poetry Episode 3.13: "Silence III" 

End Poem from a Real Poet: "In Deepest Night" & "In Sacred Manner" by Susan Palo Cherwien  

Podcast Email: 

Twitter: @MyBadPoetryThe1 


Dec 12, 202222:28
Silence II
Dec 05, 202220:43
The Mask & Patron Saints (w/ Frances Klein)

The Mask & Patron Saints (w/ Frances Klein)

Dave and Aaron break up the silence (and by that we mean the recording of two poems on Silence from Aaron's journals) with another amazing guest episode.  Frances Klein not only brings her quick wit and sense of humor to the show but she brings her first ever poem.  A work she composed as a thesis project of all things.  Hear the evolution of her craft from first draft to today and laugh along along the way.     

My Bad Poetry Episode 3.11 "The Mask & Patron Saints (w/ Frances Klein)" 

End Poem from a Real Poet: "In the bower/the roses hang so heavy—" by Frances Klein published in New and Permanent 

Frances Klein's poetry can be found in River Styx, Tupelo Press, So it Goes: The Literary Journal of the Vonnegut Memorial Library, HAD, Roi Faineant Press, and so many more!  She is the assistant editor of Southern Humanities Review and a high school English teacher.  Her chapbook New and Permanent is available through Blanket Sea Press (with 10% of proceeds going to support "The Little Timmy Project") and her microchap The Best Secret is provided by Bottlecap Press.  More information on her work and where to find her can be found through her linktree:  and you can follow her on Twitter @fklein907. 

Podcast Email: 

Twitter: @MyBadPoetryThe1 


Nov 28, 202242:22
A Revelation and Season Four Resolution- Bonus Episode
Nov 22, 202204:10
Nov 21, 202225:06


This week's episode is often in direct conversations with our previous episode 3.7 "Alive."
Aaron's high school self brings his notable style of subtlety to this week's poem.  And by that we mean, the title tells you exactly everything to pay attention for this poem.   Dave and Aaron attempt to improve the work with some actual -yet small- success.  Meanwhile Dave continues his renaissance of "must be read" poems at the start of this episode. 

Content Warning: This week's poem deals with ideas around suicide.  If you are someone you know are struggling with thoughts of suicide, severe depression, or anxiety, please speak up, talk with family or friends, or text or call the US national lifeline 988.  Support is out there and you are worth it.  

My Bad Poetry Episode 3.9: "Letters"

End Poem from a Real Poet: "[The cry of the cicada]" by Matsuo Basho -translation by William George Aston

Podcast Email:

Twitter: @MyBadPoetryThe1


Nov 14, 202228:52
Enraptured, Breaking With Reality, & I Want to Believe (w/ Lauren Theresa)

Enraptured, Breaking With Reality, & I Want to Believe (w/ Lauren Theresa)

When scheduling conflicts and unseen events prevented a Halloween weekend recording with Lauren Theresa it seems like some of the magic may have been lost to time.  Thank goodness for Daylight Savings which gave everyone another hour and a perfect time for Aaron and Dave to hear the bad, the batty, and the beautiful poems from this great guest.

My Bad Poetry Episode 3.8 "Enraptured, Breaking With Reality, & I Want to Believe (w/ Lauren Theresa)"

End Poem from a Real Poet: "Motels" by Lauren Theresa published by Maudlin House

Lauren Theresa's published work can be found in HAD, Maudlin House, Rejection Letters, Gutslut Press, Tiny Wren, Warning Lines, Daily Drunk Mag.  She is a poetry editor at Onley Magazine and a co-creator of ICEBREAKERS.  Her chapbook Lost Things is available through BullSh*t Lit.  More information on her work and where to find her can be found on her website here:  and you can follow her on Twitter @ImLaurenTheresa

Podcast Email:

Twitter: @MyBadPoetryThe1


Nov 07, 202242:55
Halloween "Special" aka Bloopers

Halloween "Special" aka Bloopers

When life got in the way of recording this week, we dove into the crypt of cut pieces to Frankenstein together something "new" for our October 31st episode.  While the bloopers aren't necessarily frightening, we hope you enjoy this impromptu Halloween "special." Correction: Aaron says Sondheim worked on the Broadway "Marry Poppins." That was hastily corrected by his sister. Sondheim had worked on his own version early on but couldn't get the rights. He was not involved in the Disney stage version. 

My Bad Poetry Episode 3.7.5: "Halloween 'Special' aka Bloopers" 

Podcast Email: 

Twitter: @MyBadPoetryThe1 


Oct 31, 202210:16
Oct 24, 202224:11
Oct 17, 202222:29
Bad Poetry & Airplanes Won't Leave Washington (w/Clifford Brooks)
Oct 10, 202244:13
Love II
Oct 03, 202222:43
Love (another poem by that name)

Love (another poem by that name)

Your mind is not deceiving you.  There was a poem titled "Love" which the podcast covered back in Season 2 episode 3 but here in Season 3 episode 3 the two hosts have found a poem by that exact same name.  Dave and Aaron wish there was something original in this work to work with, but are left with another generic emo-esque collections of words.  Secondhand Serenade is evoked and sung, FD Signifier is cited and praised, Great British Bake Off is discussed and debated... basically Aaron and Dave did their best to avoid talking about this poem.  

You can find FD Signifiers tour-de-force on the manosphere here: "Dissecting the Manosphere" and here "Connecting the Manosphere"

My Bad Poetry Episode 3.3: "Love"

End Poem from a Real Poet: "My Love" by Bruce Nugent

My Bad Poetry Twitter: @MyBadPoetryThe1


Sep 26, 202223:54