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By myLIFEspeaks

Speak up for those who can't speak for themselves. - Proverbs 31:8

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Haiti Now Episode 4 (Desperation)

myLIFEspeaksJun 29, 2022

Haiti Now Episode 4 (Desperation)

Haiti Now Episode 4 (Desperation)

Tune in as we talk to some extraordinary guests born and raised in Haiti. They'll discuss why Haitians are so desperate to leave "Haiti Now". 

Jun 29, 202220:06
Haiti Now Episode 3 (Natural Disasters)

Haiti Now Episode 3 (Natural Disasters)

Listen in as we discuss Episode 3 of Haiti Now and talk through Natural Disasters and what God is doing in "Haiti Now"

Jun 22, 202224:15
Haiti Now Episode 2 (Insecurities in Haiti)

Haiti Now Episode 2 (Insecurities in Haiti)

Join us as we interview the Co-Founder of myLIFEspeaks and talk about some of the insecurity issues in "Haiti Now". Listen in as we share personal, deep stories about our first-hand experience with these insecurities. We hope you enjoy!

Jun 15, 202238:16
Haiti Now Episode 1 (30,000 ft view)

Haiti Now Episode 1 (30,000 ft view)

We're so excited to share with you our NEW series "Haiti Now" throughout this series we'll talk about the state of Haiti Now and what is occurring on the ground, but most importantly still share how the hand of Jesus is still so evident today!

Jun 08, 202232:06
Episode 30 (myLIFEspeaks Devotion) : Worship In A Field of Cows and Roosters
May 31, 202224:00
Episode 29 (myLIFEspeaks Devotion): Trash to Treasure
May 30, 202214:33
Episode 28 Sunset (myLIFEspeaks Devotion): Sunset - Solèy Kouche
May 29, 202214:48
Episode 27 (myLIFEspeaks Devotion) : "Take My Child"
May 28, 202216:55
Episode 26 (myLIFEspeaks Devotion): LIFE 46:4, Elderly Program
May 27, 202224:42
Episode 25 (myLIFEspeaks Devotion) : Being The Mother of a Special Needs Child in Haiti, Marie Sonie's Story
May 26, 202220:50
Episode 24 (myLIFEspeaks Devotion): Broken Glasses and Heavenly Identities
May 25, 202217:50
Episode 23 (myLIFEspeaks Devotion): Is it time? Can we go now?
May 24, 202217:40
Episode 22 (myLIFEspeaks Devotion) : Joel's Story
May 23, 202225:06
Episode 21 (myLIFEspeaks Devotion): Sophonie's Story
May 22, 202218:34
Episode 20 (myLIFEspeaks Devotion): The Roads of Neply
May 21, 202216:22
Episode 19 (myLIFEspeaks Devotion): Mr. George
May 20, 202215:55
Episode 18 (myLIFEspeaks Devotion): Sarah's Story
May 19, 202222:26
Episode 17 (myLIFEspeaks Devotion): God is Our Healer, Prayer Is Our Weapon
May 18, 202219:08
Episode 16 (myLIFEspeaks Devotion): What Is My Life Reflecting?
May 17, 202213:44
Episode 15 (myLIFEspeaks Devotion): Keeping Our Eyes On Heaven
May 16, 202221:03
Episode 14 (myLIFEspeaks Devotion): A Hurricane Is Coming
May 15, 202221:09
Episode 13 (myLIFEspeaks Devotion): Babies Don't Belong In Cages
May 14, 202217:59
Episode 12 (myLIFEspeaks Devotion): Friendships That Last
May 13, 202217:57
Episode 11 (myLIFEspeaks Devotion): Night to Shine Haiti, Celebrating People With Special Needs
May 12, 202221:51
Episode 10 (myLIFEspeaks Devotion) : Power in the Name of Jesus
May 11, 202226:54
Episode 9 (myLIFEspeaks Devotion): Acho's Story
May 10, 202221:00
Episode 8 (myLIFEspeaks Devotion): Frantzky's Story, A Smile That Changed Lives
May 09, 202233:03
Episode 7 (myLIFEspeaks Devotion): Roman's Story, Standing On Faith
May 08, 202233:32
Episode 6 (myLIFEspeaks Devotion) : The Woman On The Side Of The Road
May 07, 202220:38
Episode 5 (myLIFEspeaks Devotion): More Than Sports

Episode 5 (myLIFEspeaks Devotion): More Than Sports

In today's episode, Eli Wilson, shares about myLIFEspeaks' Sports Program and how we can use the athletic abilities God gave us to glorify His kingdom.

Listen in on us discuss and talk about Day 5 of our myLIFEspeaks devotion. 

If you want a copy of the myLIFEspeaks devotion to follow along, you can download it here:

May 06, 202221:08
Episode 4 (myLIFEspeaks Devotion): Bèl Ewo (Beautiful Hero)
May 05, 202214:41
Episode 3 (myLIFEspeaks Devotion): "The Great I AM"
May 04, 202220:49
Episode 2 (myLIFEspeaks Devotion): God Sized Dreams, Dr. Peter Mesilien's Story
May 02, 202221:14
Episode 1 (myLIFEspeaks Devotion): Kerwen's Story
May 02, 202233:03
Founding Story (Part 2/2)

Founding Story (Part 2/2)

In this episode, we get to know co-founder of myLIFEspeaks, Missy Wilson, and how God prompted her and Mike to start myLIFEspeaks and move full-time to Neply, Haiti. There are plenty of twists and turns along the way, but spoiler alert, they have lived in Neply for over 5 years now!

Apr 24, 202026:19
Founding Story (Part 1/2)

Founding Story (Part 1/2)

How did myLIFEspeaks get started? Why is it called myLIFEspeaks? Why Haiti?

All of these questions and more will be answered in Part 1 of our Founding Story.

Apr 07, 202033:44
Why a podcast?

Why a podcast?

Why is myLIFEspeaks doing a podcast? Because we believe we are called to "Speak Up for those who can't speak for themselves." - Proverbs 31:8. We will be sharing stories of some of the amazing things God is doing in Neply, Haiti.

What is your LIFE saying?

Mar 10, 202008:37