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Ambitious Women

Ambitious Women

By Dr. Dee Frayne

If you’re a leader, innovator, or changemaker you belong here. Because, around here, Ambitious Women are encouraged to have big, bold, unapologetic goals and dreams, and given the tools to execute and achieve them without the pressure, hustle, overwhelm or burnout. Dr. Dee Frayne is a life + business coach, and performance expert, and has helped hundreds of clients execute their ambitious goals, including scaling 7 figure businesses. In this podcast you’ll learn to stop underperforming and underearning. You’ll ditch the stress without working harder or sacrificing family time or your sanity.
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62. Speaking Truth with Audrey Christiansen

Ambitious WomenSep 14, 2021

62. Speaking Truth with Audrey Christiansen

62. Speaking Truth with Audrey Christiansen

In this episode I interview Audrey Christiansen and we get down and dirty talking about how speaking our truth, no matter the consequences, is sometimes the very most important thing you can do. Audrey shares her journey through motherhood and postpartum depression, and how learning to speak her truth that it wasn’t enough, that she needed more, set her free. We talk about the pain and discomfort she navigated to find her purpose, start her art business, and build a supportive community. And we talk about one of her most recent experiences speaking her truth, and how that resulted in her getting fired from her job. We talk about why she had to speak up, why it mattered, and why it was worth risking her family’s financial security to do so. If you’ve ever felt a nagging truth inside that you’ve been scared to honor, a truth you’ve felt you have to hide, or a truth you’ve feared to speak out loud because of the potential consequences, this episode is for you.


Audrey Christensen is a full time artist/ homeschooling momma who believes that art heals. She loves to empower people to go after what they are passionate about and loves to help build communities where that is possible. She’s an oversharer with a big heart who spends a ton of time writing, painting and finding adventures along the way.


Sep 14, 202155:56
61. Other People's Opinions with Erica Reitman

61. Other People's Opinions with Erica Reitman

In this episode I interview Erica Reitman and we get down and dirty talking about the weight of other people's opinions...and what's at stake when we let that noise crowd out our truth. Erica shares her journey of shedding the need for approval and gaining the self-certainty to own a Zero F*cks mentality that has helped her grow her business empire. We talk about her decision to be intentionally polarizing in her business, and how sharing  her experiences with depression and not having children have caused her to lose followers in her business...but also a highly engaged community and the freedom to show up exactly who she is. As childfree women we talk about how other people have many opinions about this inherently personal decision, and how rejecting this social expectation helped us both to evict other people's opinions from our mental and emotional space. She also shares the her top suggestion for how to honor your truth, hone your confidence, and strengthen your self-trust. If you spend a lot of time worrying about what other people think about you, trying to control your image, worrying about being rejected for your truth, this episode is for you. 


Erica Reitman is a biz mentor for tell-it-like it is coaches who are ready to grow their online empires...especially while saying "fuck." In her past life, she was a successful interior designer, and her home has now appeared in two best selling design books. She's written for HGTV, Elle Decor, House Beautiful and the Huff Post. She's also been lucky enough to speak at conferences like the Alt Design Summit and SXSW. In 2019, after making world shifting changes in her own life, she got certified as a coach at Brooke Castillo's Life Coach School. In her first year she earned over six-figures, and her husband and their senior Basset Hound Gus were able to move to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. She's now on a mission to help 1,000 women build their own online coaching businesses that turn heads, keep people talking and make all the basic bitches jealous. 


Sep 07, 202150:13
60. F*ck Your SMART Goals
Sep 03, 202136:30
59. Love Fueled Change with Holly Pendergast

59. Love Fueled Change with Holly Pendergast

In this episode I interview Holly Pendergast and we get down and dirty talking about our relationships with ourselves and our underlying motives for change. We dive deep into what's fueling our ambition, drive, and desires - whether it's coming from a place of love or loathing, and what part societal conditioning and expectations are driving our decisions. Holly shares her own journey to self-love, having lost 30 pounds by rejecting diet culture and instead went on the only diet we decided that one ever needs: the mind-drama diet. If you've been using pain, punishment, and self-denial to fuel your goals and desire for change, this episode is for you. We share the quickest and most direct to getting the change you desire -- without it feeling so terrible in the process. 


Holly Pendergast is a confidence and weight loss coach, certified with The Life Coach School. She helps her clients change their relationship with food and their bodies so they can stop emotional eating and better their relationship with themselves. By combining incredible mental and emotional wellness, and a positive and healthy relationship with food, it's simple and easy for her clients to keep weight off for good. She herself lost 30lbs and has kept it off using the same tools she uses to coach her clients. She's currently offering one-to-one coaching for people that want to stop obsessing about their body and food so they can feel peace, freedom, and confidence knowing they never have to worry about gaining the weight back.


Aug 31, 202147:34
58. Hunger for Sustainability with Anne Dunaway

58. Hunger for Sustainability with Anne Dunaway

In this episode I interview Anne Dunaway and we get down and dirty talking about sustainability, at every level. We begin with talking about the need to balance our relentless drive with boundaries, focus and honoring our needs - to create sustainable ambition. Anne identifies the question that changed everything for her - that led her to leave the corporate hamster wheel to drive community change. She shares how her experience with food insecurity led her to use her agricultural knowledge and skills to tackle hunger, poverty, climate change. We explore how sustainability starts at the individual level, it strengthens communities. And she drops some truth bombs about the problematic shifts in agriculture, the myth of food scarcity, and how big agriculture chooses profits over people.


Anne Dunaway has built a unique perspective on sustainability as it applies to various operations including mountain recreation areas, agriculture and community outreach. As an active sustainable agriculture farmer and a passionate conservationist, Anne has experience in conservation and sustainable practices as they apply to large land areas and outdoor specific elements which impact our opportunities in sustainable practices. Anne received her Bachelor’s degree from Idaho State University in 2011. During her time there she participated heavily in the outdoor education center which sparked a passion for conservation that has lasted a lifetime. Anne began a sustainable agriculture farm and education company in 2019 Called Urban Prairie Agriculture. With the desire to grow strong local food systems and community gardens and experience in outdoor recreation, sustainability and transportation, Anne is committed to making an impact on our environmental impacts.


Aug 24, 202101:05:11
57. Actually, I Can!
Aug 20, 202117:03
56. Revolutionary Wealth with Molly Berger

56. Revolutionary Wealth with Molly Berger

In this episode I interview Molly Berger and we get down and dirty talking about wealth - and how the financial system is largely underrepresented. We dive deep on financial literacy, money shame, and gendered practices that wealth out of the hands of women, POC and LGBTQIA+. Molly shares her journey that led her to work in the financial industry, and her mission to put the “revolutionary in fiduciary.” She offers insights for how we can change our relationship with money and begin building wealth — and not when, but now. She tackles the far too common top belief that hurts rather than helps our financial security. And we plead the case for why the world needs more money in the bank accounts of underrepresented communities (pssst having money won’t turn you into a bad person). If you’re ready to drop money shame, financial struggle, and shitty money beliefs, this episode is for YOU.


Molly Berger is a lifelong feminist, activist and change-agent, and passionate about helping marginalized communities with financial literacy. She specializes in working with women, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities, as well as, entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals and artists, and crafting comprehensive financial plans. She spent much of her career in nonprofit sector, followed by years with mission-driven startups and entrepreneurs, serving a variety of financial related roles. After earning degrees from Whittier College and then Claremont Graduate University and starting her career, Molly returned to her hometown of Denver CO and started her planning practice there. Her goal is to make financial planning an approachable, non-judgmental experience as she believes all of us deserve a financial plan regardless of income, assets or backgrounds.


Aug 17, 202101:05:31
55. How to Be an Effective Giver (SYWTBAH Pt 3)
Aug 13, 202140:59
54. Turning Anger into Action with Tansy McNulty

54. Turning Anger into Action with Tansy McNulty

In this episode I interview Tansy McNulty and we get down and dirty talking about finding the courage to tackle complex systemic issues. She shares her journey to the decision to start and lead 1 Million Madly Motivated Moms - a movement uniting Black Moms to fight and end police brutality by 2038. We talk about how she found the motivation to overcome her former people pleasing ways and fight for the safety of her children and her community, while maintaining mental health as priority #1. Tansy explains how she’s using her knowledge, skills, and experience to combat police violence, one powerful step at a time. If you’ve felt anger and wondered how to channel it into social change, this episode is for you.


Tansy McNulty is a BoyMom, active duty military spouse and the Founder of 1M4 (AKA 1 Million Madly Motivated Moms). Tansy's background is in Supply Chain Management with expertise in Logistics & Procurement operations. But at her core, she's a problem solver who simply wants to save lives and create a more equitable justice system.

1M4 empowers Black Moms to end police brutality through legislative policy, financial assistance to impacted families, and encouraging the next generation of Black youth to pursue roles in criminal justice & politics.

Moms have given birth to the solutions for our community’s most pressing issues. So 1M4 seeks to protect & propel those solutions to reach their fullest potential.

This type of activism and organizing requires that Moms protect their greatest weapon in the fight... their mental health. 1M4 is here to give Moms a place to air their frustrations with recurring police violence, create solutions that have measurable impact, and prioritize their mental health to maintain peace of mind despite the chaos of inequality.

The African proverb holds true "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

1M4 is uniting Black Moms to do just that, go the distance in the fight for justice... Together.


Aug 10, 202157:25
53. Self-Denial (SYWTBAH Part 2)
Aug 06, 202120:51
52. Servant Leadership with Nadine Stecklein

52. Servant Leadership with Nadine Stecklein

In this episode I interview Nadine Stecklein and we get down and dirty talking about the desire to serve. Nadine shares her journey in becoming a servant leader and the lessons she has learned along the way. We explore her practice of having a priorities based focus so that she can expand and strengthen her impact in the communities she serves. She shares her top practice that helps her remain centered on community need, and why need to pay more attention to governance at a local level. And we go deep talking about her campaign for city council - how she got started, the fears she had to overcome, and what it’s like to run for office as a WOC. If you’ve ever wondered how to juggle multiple leadership roles, what it’s like to run for office, or how to serve effectively, this episode is for you.


Nadine is a higher education professional with nearly two decades in the public sector. She has worked for city, state, and federal governments. Nadine currently serves as the chair of the College Place Diversity Inclusion and Advisory Board, president of her local Lions club chapter, and an active member of the Blue Zones Project Walla Walla Engagement Committee. She has a BA in public policy and a Master’s in Public Administration. She currently lives in College Place Washington with her husband Zach and pup Lou. She is running for a seat on the College Place City Council in her first ever political campaign.


Aug 03, 202145:01
51. Selflessness (SYWTBAH - Part 1)
Jul 30, 202114:38
50. Choosing Resilience with Athens E. Pellegrino

50. Choosing Resilience with Athens E. Pellegrino

In this episode I interview Athens Pellegrino and we get down and dirty talking about the power you gain from developing resiliency. Athens shares her story of becoming first a military spouse, then a mother, and how moving just seven days after giving birth to her second child propelled her into starting a business. We talk about identity shifting and creation, and having to “start over” with each of her seven military moves, and how that’s impacted her skills development and career decisions. She shares how her business came from the desire to help her child, and not finding the tools she wanted, as well as the path she took to create the successes she has in authoring a book and getting it to market. Ultimately, we land on resilience as the choice we make to become strong in the face of challenge rather than shrinking or accepting defeat. 


Athens E. Pellegrino grew up in Ocean City, New Jersey. She attended St. Joseph's University and obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. She met her husband Christopher while attending the university and married in 2009. After, she studied at Troy University and received a Master of Public Administration degree. Athens serves the United States Air Force as a Budget Analyst and military spouse. She has a love for traveling, cooking, dogs, and fitness. Athens and Christopher have a son, Atticus (age 2) and daughter Callista (age 1). The family has experienced 7 Permanent Change of Station (PCS) assignments (military speak for moves). The latest was 7 days after giving birth to Callista. Athens is intrigued by the strength and resiliency of military families, which led to her creation of the Military Child Chronicles series. The first book is, Mission: My First PCS.


Jul 27, 202136:41
49. Leadership Truths
Jul 23, 202115:47
48. When I Grow Up with Janette Dalgliesh

48. When I Grow Up with Janette Dalgliesh

In this episode I interview Janette Dalgliesh and we get down and dirty talking about our paths in life. We explore the common question of "what do you want to be when you grow up?" and the implications, consequences and ramifications of this seemingly innocent question. Janette shares her story of being a puppeteer, a union organizer and now a coach who uses strategic astrology to help her clients answer who they want to be when they grow up. We go deep on identity, privilege, and inequality. Janette shares her journey becoming a social justice warrior, including the stumbles she had on her way to becoming an effective, inclusive, anti-racist. If you've ever wondered how you can first reconcile and then use your privilege to help others, this episode is for you. 


Janette Dalgliesh helps people from all walks of life to figure out who they came here to be, and how to live that life from a place of joy. Based in south-east Australia, Janette uses her unique blend of astrology and life coaching to support her international clientele of poets, physicians, rebels, politicians, creatives and entrepreneurs.


Jul 20, 202101:09:25
47. Inherent Worthiness
Jul 16, 202119:51
46. Selfless Not Selfish with Heather Dumas

46. Selfless Not Selfish with Heather Dumas

In this episode I interview Heather Dumas and we get down and dirty talking about the bullshit beliefs and toxic programming women have around selfishness. We explore how the idea of being selfless causes us to put ourselves and our physiological needs last, and encourage listeners to take selfless back in a way that enables women to powerfully care for their mind, body and spirit. We also tackle a lot of the objections our clients often have about self-care and making changes. This message is for all women, but especially for those who have big goals but are often burnout, overwhelmed, and exhausted.


Heather is a personal trainer, nutrition, and lifestyle coach, best known for her no-nonsense approach and success she’s had helping women transform their lives by prioritizing self-care without sacrifice. For over 10 years she has been inspiring women through the world of fitness and nutrition. She has been featured on podcasts and stages around the world. She is the #1 bestselling author of 2 cookbooks, The Master Your Macros Cookbook and Your Guide to a Protein Packed Day, as well as a speaker and of course a coach. Her clients include vice presidents of large corporations, 6 figure entrepreneurs, and c-suite executives. Heather has shared the stage with well-known coaches and speakers from around the world. She offers a simple, easy to execute method for creating and sustaining a healthy lifestyle through her signature program Self-Care for Female Leaders. When she isn’t kicking peoples’ asses via Zoom, she is enjoying the greatest snow on earth (frozen or melted) with her family.


Jul 13, 202155:11
45. Long Term Goals
Jul 09, 202120:00
44. When Women Run with Angel Castillo

44. When Women Run with Angel Castillo

In this episode I interview Angel Castillo and we get down and dirty talking about the change in the political landscape when women get involved - from working on (or volunteering for) a campaign to running as a candidate. She shares her story of how she came to run for Ogden city mayor in 2019, her takeaways from the race, and importance of being an engaged citizen. We explore how being a woman and a POC impacted her campaign, and how she'd approach things differently next time. If you've ever thought that politics needs to change, you'll want to listen to this episode to learn how YOU can be a part of that change. 


Based in Ogden, UT, Angel Castillo is a Marketing Consultant with deep local advocacy roots. She serves Ogden as a board member for YCC, Roads to Independence, and as an Executive Committee Member with the Ogden NAACP.  As former Planning Commissioner for Ogden City, Angel had a front row seat to how local government directly impacts quality of life. Knowing real change comes from shifting power and creating policy, she ran for Ogden mayor in 2019. While the race went to the two term incumbent, to be just 7.5% shy of winning is monumental considering Angel lived in Ogden just under two years at the time of election. Angel is a champion for affordable housing, equity/inclusion, unsheltered advocacy and public safety. She uses the Ruth Bader Ginsburg quote "Women belong in all places where decisions are being made" unapologetically and will repeatedly ask you to run for office. And yes, she's running in 2023.


Jul 06, 202101:16:13
43. Diversification with Kristen Floyd

43. Diversification with Kristen Floyd

In this episode I interview Kristen Floyd and we get down and dirty talking about the importance of diversification and contingency planning as business owners. Kristen shares her journey through public service, entrepreneurship, nonprofit management, and mental health counseling. We talk about the challenges she has faced as a woman business owner in a male dominated field, as well as how she manages to juggle so many roles and responsibilities, and the top practice that makes it all work.


Kristen Floyd is the Executive Director for Safe Harbor domestic violence and sexual assault crisis center. Prior to her current role she enjoyed a rewarding career with the State of Utah for over 20 years as a State Director. She is the proud owner of multiple local businesses in the Ogden area and including a construction company, an axe throwing venue and a private practice office for mental health counseling. She is a WSU Alumni, graduating with her Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and a high honor graduate from the Univ. of Phoenix with her Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. Kristen has held a variety of community support positions assisting individuals in meeting their career potential. She has had the great privilege of participating as a USU board member, a Cache Valley economic development board member, a STEM competition judge, and a Pageant platform advisor. Kristen is a current commissioner for the Women in Economics Commission, appointed by Governor Cox and was recently awarded the 2020 Philanthropic Hero Award. Kristen has enjoyed a wide range of engagements as a key note speaker on topics such as assertive communication and domestic violence. In her free time, Kristen enjoys pickleball, the outdoors, live music, and time spent with her family.



Jun 29, 202137:09
42. Embracing Change & Making Decisions with Biljana Vishnagara

42. Embracing Change & Making Decisions with Biljana Vishnagara

In this episode I interview Biljana Vishnagara and we get down and dirty talking about what's possible when we shift from fearing and resisting change to fully embracing it. We talk about how reinvention is normal, and to be expected, and how decision-making is one of the most critical practices to enable us to transform into who we are truly meant to become. Biljana shares how she's welcomed and embraced change from immigrating to the US, motherhood in two different decades, huge shifts in education and career, and claiming what's possible as a woman in her 40s. If you struggle with decision-making or are on the precipice of transition, you won't want to miss this episode. 


Biljana Vishnagara is a licensed clinical social worker and life coach for women after 40. Her name might be complicated but her philosophy on life is simple: 40s are the age to own your power, speak your truth, and show up for your the life you want. She guides you through this process with a combination of mindset work, emotional regulation, mindfulness, and ungodly amount of humor and expletives.   Biljana grew up in Kosovo, Serbia and has lived in the US since 2002. She is remarried and a mom of an 18 year old and a 7 month old.   You can find her on Instagram where she shares all the coaching tools and knowledge to help you boost confidence and live your best life.


Jun 22, 202153:04
41. Redefining the Good Life with Aysin Karaduman

41. Redefining the Good Life with Aysin Karaduman

In this episode I interview Aysin Karaduman and we get down and dirty talking about what it means to live a life bursting with intention. She shares her journey through life as an expat and entrance into motherhood, which helped her question assumptions and expectations that we rarely pause to consider, let alone discard. Aysin decided that the "rat race of modern life" is not for her - and she sees how her clients are awakening to the same truth. We explore what it means to redefine a good life - and why this practice is so critical to our wellbeing. We also geek out on the concept, practice and embodiment of ambition.     


Aysin Karaduman is a Life Coach and Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who helps driven people get out of their own way and finally create the life of their dreams. She does this using her signature blend of mindset tools, ancestral nutrition and deep inquiry into just what it means to be human today. Aysin grew up in Turkey, went to the US for college where she lived for fifteen years and has been in Europe since 2007. And after almost a lifetime as a city-dweller, she moved her family to the SW coast of France 3 years ago. She is the host of the podcast, Redefining the Good Life where she invites us to escape the rat race of modern life and build a life aligned with our deepest values.


Jun 17, 202155:09
40. Break the Rules
Jun 11, 202118:28
39. Whatever it Takes with Pamella Arnold

39. Whatever it Takes with Pamella Arnold

In this episode I interview Pamella Arnold and we get down and dirty talking about her commitment to doing whatever it takes to live life by her own terms. Through her story of moving from Brazil to the US to the UK all in her early 20s, we cover the difference between courage and fearlessness (which people often confuse), the power created from deciding what you want and committing to it, and the possibility that's created in resourcefulness and being unwilling to quit. Pam shares the beliefs that helped her do so many things that other people are unwilling to do or could never dream of  doing. She also shares the number one practice that helped her (and her clients) to stop emotionally overeating. 


Pamella Arnold is The Emotional Eating Coach, Qualified Nutritional Therapist and host of the podcast Overcome Emotional Eating. She helps women overcome emotional eating and lose weight for good. After her first heartbreak at age 19, she became an emotional eater. Only 4 years later she was diagnosed with insulin resistance and borderline diabetes, suffered with anxiety and panic attacks at age 25, and yo-yo dieted until age 32. Pamella tried all the diets out there and that resulted in getting stuck in a yo-yo body and self-loathing. She successfully reverted her diagnosis with good nutrition, lost weight and overcame emotional eating with coaching. Now her passion and mission is to help women to stop dieting and start living their lives using the coaching tools she has been using so you can achieve mind, body and life freedom.


Jun 08, 202151:21
38. Living A YES Life
Jun 04, 202127:15
37. Embracing Your Humanity
Jun 01, 202121:20
36. Your Big Beautiful Brain
May 21, 202127:14
35. Smashing Rural Stereotypes with Chéla Breckon

35. Smashing Rural Stereotypes with Chéla Breckon

In this episode I interview Chéla Breckon and we get down and dirty talking about her rebellious path to success, and her efforts to disrupt the stereotypes and strategies of rural communities. We talk about her research in the economic development of women and how that's shaped her current business strategy, and why building feminism into the core of her business was non-negotiable for her. She shares her number one practice that's brought her back from burnout, and how we can use our privilege to lift up women and communities.


Chéla Breckon is a Disruptive Leadership Strategist and Founder of With Chéla Inc, a Strategy Firm devoted to teaching small town women and rural communities how to think strategically to achieve meaningful change. With Chéla Inc. develops and leads the best practices in small town strategic development for change-making initiatives. We contribute to disrupting the rural stereotype so that more women and girls living in smaller communities can see their value and opportunities no matter where they choose to live.

Chéla believes in a changemaking ecosystem. She knows that when women rise, communities rise, and when communities rise, women rise. Changemaking women are integral to the changemaking potential of a community. A community’s ability to create an environment for women to thrive becomes essential to women’s capacity to be changemakers.  Because of this belief, Chéla, supported by Team Radiance, (her kick-ass team of six amazing women) has built programs, training, and strategy development that serves both the community and organizational side of that ecosystem, and the individual women who will undoubtedly rise, disrupt, and lead.

All of the offerings follow the With Chéla Inc. signature, changemaker’s formula. They believe that informed intention and strategic thinking elevate leadership. They use the formula in their education and development products, offered in two distinct segments: 1.) private and public programs for women and 2.) community organization strategies and training for change.

Chéla is on a mission to expose and optimize the greatness of rural women so that more women and girls can see it to believe it’s possible no matter where they live.


May 18, 202101:15:59
34. Interconnected Success with Ashley Wolthuis

34. Interconnected Success with Ashley Wolthuis

In this episode I interview Ashley Wolthuis and we get down and dirty talking about creating success through the power of connectedness. She shares how success is not created in a vacuum - and how she attributes her success to working within and for the betterment of her community. Ashley believes that having high standards, committing to excellence, and sharing her knowledge have helped her continue to grow her multiple businesses and loyal customer base. 


Upon graduating from Weber State University, Ashley Wolthuis attended the Universitat Juame I in Castellon, Spain where she obtained her Master’s Degree in Development Studies. Today Ashley is a second-generation Certified Residential appraiser and owner of Element Appraisal, as well as an author for national real estate publications. She is an award-winning real estate agent with RE/MAX Associates, and was the recipient of the Ogden Connection 2021 "Ogden's Favorite Realtor" award, the NWAOR Top 250 Realtor Award, the RE/MAX Platinum Club award, and a three-time winner of Indie Ogden's "Ogden's Best Realtor" award.  Ashley is currently the co-Chair for the  Board of Governors for the National Association of Appraisers and is the former President of the Utah Coalition of Appraisal Professionals (UTCAP).



May 11, 202101:02:51
33. Toxic Positivity
May 07, 202128:19
32. Finding Your Moxie with Jami Furniss

32. Finding Your Moxie with Jami Furniss

In this episode I interview Jami Furniss and we get down and dirty talking about moxie - what it is and how to find it once you’ve lost it. Jami shares her story of losing her job as a SVP and her path to building not one but two successful businesses while raising two kids as a single mom. She shares a her perspective on how to make it work and why self-care is a mandatory part of her to-do list.


Jami is a true entrepreneur and marketer at heart with a passion for anything she can market from products to services. She is keen on keeping up to date on the latest and greatest trends in the continually changing marketing field. With a sweet and sassy approach she is able to captivate her audiences in the events she is asked to speak at. When she is not at a speaking engagement she puts her focus on helping companies understand how to optimize their marketing efforts and align their organization to accelerate revenue and boost team morale.

Jami started her career in the Bronx, New York. She began and later moved to Utah and then Idaho and now back in Utah. She is the founder and owner of The Moxie Agency, a full service marketing agency and Moxie Blankets, a minky weighted blanket company. Both companies are near and dear to her heart and were the outcomes of overcoming trials. Jami is currently raising her two super humans, loves to play in the mud aka creating pottery, going on adventures with said super humans and an avid sports fan.


May 04, 202152:52
31. Discipline
Apr 30, 202149:08
30. Big Happy Money with Serena Hicks
Apr 27, 202157:07
29. Reclaiming Possibility with Esperanza Lebron

29. Reclaiming Possibility with Esperanza Lebron

In this episode I interview Esperanza Lebron and we get down and dirty talking about possibility.  Esperanza shares her story of being a teen mom and high school drop out and how she reclaimed what was possible for her regardless of what people and statistics say is possible for women in that situation. You'll want to listen for the one thing that helped her change everything, and how she's now pulled by a bigger vision of helping her people change their beliefs on possibility and money. 


Esperanza Lebron is a Life Coach and Army Veteran whose life mission is to help her gente break possibility open. As a teen mom at the age of 15 and 17 she struggled for many years until she leaned in and realized that while everyone told her who she was, she was ultimately the only one in control of who she could become.

Esperanza went from a high school drop out to earning her master's degree and joining the Army in 5 years. When asked how she did that, she responds with one word: responsibility. Once she became responsible for all the results she didn't want in her life, that energy propelled her to become responsible for everything she wanted in her future.

From earning 14K 11 years ago to earning 204K in 2020, Esperanza's passion lies in talking dinero to the LatinX Community and teaching the Art of Possibility. Esperanza also coaches on the capacity to have and how having more money ripples an impact for generations to come.


Apr 20, 202144:02
28. Consistency
Apr 16, 202142:25
27. Trusting Your Knowing with Stacey Andon
Apr 13, 202155:49
26. Belief
Apr 09, 202129:19
25. Paying Your Dues with Teresa Guy
Apr 06, 202136:58
24. Self Sabotage (Isn't Your REAL Problem)
Apr 03, 202138:03
23. Honoring & Protecting Yourself with Mairin Van Shura
Mar 30, 202141:28
22. Relationships with Your People
Mar 26, 202124:13
21. Smashing Ceilings & Disrupting Industries with Liz Sears

21. Smashing Ceilings & Disrupting Industries with Liz Sears

In this episode I interview Liz Sears and we get down and dirty talking about the mindset changes that she made in order to finally smash through her performance ceilings. She knew she was smart enough, worked hard enough, and could be wildly successful, but she kept hitting her upper limits and she shares how the decision to ask for help changed everything. She shares how she went from selling $10M in real estate as an independent agent to 18 months later selling $17.5M while starting a brokerage, recruiting and training 25 agents, and disrupting the industry with her desire for ALL committed realtors to succeed and their clients to have the best real estate experience EVER (and the innovative training and support that her brokerage offers in order to make that happen). 


Liz Sears is a Broker Owner of My Utah Agents, a boutique real estate brokerage destined to be the next leader in the industry. She and her business partner, Shannon Olsen, are passionate about creating the best brokerage that attracts and trains the highest skilled, best trained, maximally supported, most fun, and absolutely most amazing realtors who create "Raving Fans" with every transaction. They are turning the industry statistics on its head and turning heads in the process. 


Mar 23, 202101:08:58
20. Your Relationship with YOU
Mar 19, 202144:36
19. The Power of Networking with Sarah Shotton
Mar 16, 202101:01:58
18. Your Relationship With Goals
Mar 12, 202117:18
17. Being Unapologetically You with Renae Saager

17. Being Unapologetically You with Renae Saager

In this episode I interview Renae Saager and we get down and dirty talking about the path to owning, accepting and celebrating your authentic self.  Renae is amazing at showing up in all her glory, and she shares how shedding the shame is what finally unlocked that authentic expression. She shares her story of overcoming disordered eating, alcoholism and learned how to embrace her desire, drive and ambition. We also take on the "no f*cks given" advice and share why "properly allocated f*cks" is a better strategy for living your best life. 


Renae Saager is a certified health & life coach and emotional eating expert who teaches women around the world how to start living a powerful, authentic life free from food and weight obsession. Tapping into her own unique journey with disordered eating and alcoholism, Renae connects with her clients on a deeper level, supporting them through the process of rewiring their brain with her no-BS approach. Renae is able to help clients challenge their mindset and begin healing, using her own sense of humor and unparalleled perspective which creates a more enjoyable and transformational process. Undoing the crazy you feel around food is Renae's specialty, the confidence and clarity gained is the guilt-free icing on the cake.


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14. Relentless Drive & Women's Wealth with Tabatha Butler

14. Relentless Drive & Women's Wealth with Tabatha Butler

In this episode I interview Tabatha Butler and we get down and dirty talking about what it means to be misunderstood for having relentless drive. We also talk about her love for high heels and what that has to do with the willingness to show up authentically. With a latte in hand, Tabatha shares her new ambitious goal to change the face of women's wealth by taking on outdated gendered financial advice.


Tabatha is a certified financial coach who believes that you can manage your money with a latte in hand. After making all the wrong financial decisions in her early 20's she pulled herself out of thousands of dollars in consumer debt only to graduate at the height of the 2008 crash. With no job prospects in sight, she went on to work multiple jobs while getting her graduate degree. After grad school she had over $35,000 in student loans and her dream job offered to her but it only paid $14/hr! Tabatha spent all her 20's making and digging herself out of debt. Now completely debt free and with over six figures invested towards her future she took everything she learned about being money savvy and turned it into an affordable financial coach texting service to share the motivations, wins and work that can change your money mindset too!


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