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Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life

Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life

By Nadia Delacruz

A spiritual podcast inspired by the teachings of Dr. Wayne Dyer. Join Nadia Delacruz, founder of the Wayne Dyer Wisdom Community for spiritual conversation and inspiration for living your life with joy and purpose. Episodes feature incredible guests who share their own stories of insight, awakening, and transformation. Together, we explore topics like manifestation, the law of attraction, meditation, Taoism, shamanism, angels, tarot cards and so much more.
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Ep41: Project Love with Payman Fazly

Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life Nov 13, 2022

Ep46: Ram Dass & Wayne Dyer with Dassi Ma
Apr 16, 202301:16:38
Ep45: Remembering my Father / Grief
Apr 02, 202321:09
Ep44: Discovering the Tao
Jan 22, 202322:57
Ep43: Happy New Year
Jan 01, 202323:19
Ep42: Holiday Self Care
Nov 27, 202247:03
Ep41: Project Love with Payman Fazly
Nov 13, 202201:10:59
Ep40: A Journey to Healing with Tracey Pagana
Oct 23, 202201:07:19
Ep39: Divine Genius with Adam C. Hall
Oct 09, 202201:15:55
Ep38: Landing at Ram Dass' Door

Ep38: Landing at Ram Dass' Door

Tune in for a conversation about Dr. Wayne Dyer and Ram Dass, including some amazing synchronicities from my recent trip to Maui that led me to Ram Dass' home. (Recorded live in the Wayne Dyer Wisdom Community on Facebook.)

Dr. Wayne Dyer played a pivotal role in Ram Dass securing the support that enabled him to spend the last 15 years of his life on Maui. Wayne had looked up to Ram Dass as a mentor and modeled his own speaking style from him. They later became friends, having dinners together and joining to speak at conferences on the island.

In his letter, Be Here For Him, Now, Dr. Wayne Dyer had this to say about Ram Dass:

"To me Ram Dass was and is the finest speaker I have ever heard, period! He was my role model on stage; always gentle and kind, always speaking without notes from his heart, sharing his inspiring stories and always with great humor. I tell you this from my own heart; I could listen to his lectures for hours and always felt saddened when they would end."

"One of the truly great men of our time needs our help. I write these words to encourage your generosity and support. Back in the 1960’s a Harvard professor named Richard Alpert left behind the hectic world of academia and traveled to India—there he was to meet his spiritual teacher who gave him a new purpose to fulfill along with a new name. He of course is Ram Dass.

His guru told him love everyone, feed people and see God everywhere. Ram Dass became a person who lived out this mandate—he did what so many of us could only dream. He connected to his spirit and devoted his life to serving others.

In 1969 he wrote and published the signature book on spirituality and applied higher awareness, Be Here Now. In keeping with his commitment to love everyone and feed people, he donated all of the royalties and profits to foundations that did just that. With millions of dollars at stake, Ram Dass simply chose to live his life as a man of service to God.

After years spent in India in pursuit of a higher more enlightened consciousness for himself and for our troubled world, he returned to the United States to lecture throughout the country. He spoke to packed venues wherever he went, and as always he donated the proceeds to such causes as would keep him in harmony with his mandate to serve. He co-founded the Seva Foundation and his writing and lecture fees were primary sources for this compassionate and inspired work."

"If there has ever been a great spirit who lived in our lifetime, literally devoting his life to the highest principles of spirit, it has been Ram Dass. I love this man; he has been my inspiration and the inspiration for millions of us. It is now time to show him how we feel by doing what he has taught all of us to do—Just , BE HERE for him, NOW."

Sep 25, 202251:47
Ep37: Mid-Summer Check In / Be Here Now

Ep37: Mid-Summer Check In / Be Here Now

We are halfway through summer and I wanted to share a really human moment and check in with all of you. Below is some guidance that I received in a beautiful quiet connection with spirit. Take some time to slow down and just be present. Love to you all! 

I'll be back with more episodes after the summer break. Drop me a line at

Life is not a checklist of experiences, it is a way of being in the world.

Don't ask what do you want to do, but who do you want to be? How do you want to feel as you move through this space, interacting with all that is?

Are you someone that is relaxed, present, flexible? Connected to your body and enjoying the sensations that come with everyday things? Paying attention to how you feel and noticing how others are feeling, too. Not chasing or pushing or pulling, but relaxing into a new way of being. One that recognizes YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOU DO.

Do not fall for the temptation of judging yourself based on achievement, appearance, or what others think of you. You are above and beyond all of that. Break the bonds and realize you are free simply by being alive in this body right now.

Jul 31, 202211:02
Ep36: Happy Birthday, Dr. Wayne Dyer!
May 15, 202259:27
Ep35: Friendly Neighborhood Shaman Patrick Corrigan
May 01, 202201:22:52
Ep34: Happiness is the Way with Bobbe Branch
Apr 17, 202201:16:44
Ep33: Masters of the Far East with Tim Nixon
Apr 03, 202201:13:50
Ep32: Near Death Experience (NDE) with Andrew Thiessen
Mar 20, 202201:37:50
Ep31: Living with the Tao with Jessie Asya Kanzer
Mar 06, 202201:10:01
Ep30: Dr. Wayne Dyer's first Public Talk with Linda Goor Nanos
Feb 20, 202201:11:38
Ep29: Wayne's Wisdom for 2022- Reflections on the Pandemic
Feb 06, 202240:58
Feb 05, 202200:60
Ep28: Spirituality for Challenging Times

Ep28: Spirituality for Challenging Times

Spirituality adds depth and meaning to our good days but it can also be life-saving when we need it the most. In this episode, we're talking about how a spiritual perspective can lift you up and guide you through hard times. (Recorded live in the Wayne Dyer Wisdom Community on 6/7/2021.) 

Visit for more details about this podcast.


  • What is spirituality?
  • Do you need a spiritual practice and what does one look like?
  • 3 BENEFITS to a spiritual perspective during challenging times:
    1. Look for opportunities and manifest solutions.
    2. Mine it for meaning. Stay open to what this has to teach you.
    3. Everything is an opportunity for awakening.
  • There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

“My personal understanding of a spiritual practice is that it is a way of making my life work at a higher level and receiving guidance for handling problems.” – Wayne Dyer

Jun 13, 202101:09:32
Ep27: Life is Happening for You with Pedram Owtad
Apr 18, 202101:22:47
Ep26: Meeting Wayne with Dan & Sharon Morley

Ep26: Meeting Wayne with Dan & Sharon Morley

Dan and Sharon Morley were the winners of a free ticket giveaway to see Dr. Wayne Dyer for his Maui conference in 2008! They even got to meet Ram Dass while they were there. This couple now facilitates mindfulness meditation retreats at a non-profit outside of Chicago. In this episode, we had so much fun talking about their trip to Maui as well as diving into deeper topics related to addiction and finding a spiritual path.

Apr 04, 202101:07:04
Ep25: Live with Dr. Ken Harris

Ep25: Live with Dr. Ken Harris

My first ever guest on the Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life podcast joins me once again in a special live broadcast for the Wayne Dyer Wisdom Community! Dr. Harris was a friend and chiropractor to Dr. Wayne Dyer. In this episode, we're talking about health, healing, and Synchronicity.

Mar 21, 202152:02
Ep24: First Generation Father with Anthony Blankenship
Mar 07, 202101:16:13
Ep23: Love Period with Reverend Charles Foley
Feb 21, 202101:09:22
Ep22: Top 3 Dr. Wayne Dyer Books
Feb 16, 202101:02:20
Ep21: You Get to Choose with Sarah Dion Brooks
Feb 07, 202159:32
Ep20: Restoring Balance with Deanna Delaney
Jan 24, 202101:08:08
Ep19: 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace

Ep19: 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace

We're talking about Dr. Wayne Dyer's book, 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace. Recorded live in the Wayne Dyer Wisdom Community on January 18, 2021.

Jan 19, 202137:10
Ep18: Heart and Soul with Theresa Gooch

Ep18: Heart and Soul with Theresa Gooch

Theresa Gooch is certified as a Quantum Energetics practitioner, using energy clearing techniques to help people make positive changes in their life. She facilitates a 6 week Transformational Journey program, guiding people into the heart and soul of their body temple. She is also the author of a children’s book titled, It Was My Star. In this conversation, we talk about Dr. Wayne Dyer’s impact on her life and the work that she does to help people connect to the expression of God that resides within.

Jan 10, 202147:05
Ep17: No More Holiday Blues
Dec 22, 202030:40
Ep16: Celebrate Your Life with CEO Liz Dawn

Ep16: Celebrate Your Life with CEO Liz Dawn

Liz Dawn is the CEO and co-founder of Mishka Productions. As the creator of Celebrate Your Life events, she brings together some of the greatest spiritual visionaries of our time for transformative events, retreats, and online classes. Dr. Wayne Dyer was a featured speaker at a number of these events, spanning nearly two decades. In this episode, she shares her personal stories of what it was like working backstage with Wayne Dyer.

Nov 29, 202057:00
Ep15: Overcoming Paralysis with Scott Sunderland

Ep15: Overcoming Paralysis with Scott Sunderland

Scott Sunderland is passionate about helping people to overcome tragedy, stop seeing themselves victims, and realize how powerful they are. At the age of 36, in just 3 days, he went from a strong and capable man to being unable to move or speak. He suffered total paralysis and was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Guillain-Barre syndrome. He held a vision of being able to ski again and eventually made a full recovery. Then in 2012, his world came crashing down again when he witnessed the loss of his best friend. He writes about transforming your worst moment into your greatest gift in his book, Finding Ugly. In this episode, we talk about what he learned from the most difficult moments of his life and how you can empower yourself to live life on purpose.

Nov 01, 202001:07:59
Ep14: Finding Purpose with Life Coach Adam Edwards

Ep14: Finding Purpose with Life Coach Adam Edwards

Adam Edwards is a life coach and wellness promoter that incorporates the teachings of Dr. Wayne Dyer in the work he does with all of his clients. For 20 years, he was as a successful bar and nightclub owner in Australia. In an effort to regain balance and improve his health, he walked away from that business, transforming his life to reconnect with a deeper sense of purpose and meaning. In this conversation, we talk about how he turned his life around and how you can, too.

Oct 18, 202057:52
Ep13: Sobriety and Mental Health with Brandon Mangion

Ep13: Sobriety and Mental Health with Brandon Mangion

Brandon Mangion is a successful DJ and nightclub owner in Melbourne, Australia. Living the life of a rock star, alcohol and party drugs were just part of the scene. After lockdown with the pandemic earlier this year, Brandon found himself using as much as before, but this time without the party. He decided to make a change and committed to one year of sobriety. He has been deep diving into spirituality as he advocates for mental health and men’s suicide prevention. He is an ambassador for Mindfull Aus, fundraising to end the stigma, spread awareness, and provide support where it’s needed most.

Oct 04, 202001:03:29
Ep12: The Pastor who found God outside of Religion - with Tim Nixon
Sep 27, 202001:25:23
Ep11: Reinvention after Prison with Craig Stanland
Aug 30, 202001:09:37
Ep10: The Gift of Fire with Dan Caro

Ep10: The Gift of Fire with Dan Caro

Dan Caro is an accomplished musician that is no stranger to adversity. When he was just 2 years old, Dan survived a gasoline explosion that left him with third and fourth degree burns over 80 percent of his body. At the age of 12, he began learning how to play the drums despite the loss of both his hands. He is now a highly respected drummer in his hometown of New Orleans. He is also an incredibly inspiring public speaker. Dr. Wayne Dyer brought him on stage for a speaking tour in 2008 and wrote the forward to his book, The Gift of Fire, How I Made Adversity Work For Me.

Aug 16, 202001:15:50
Ep09: Life is Worth Living with Karen McDonnell Hilligoss
Aug 02, 202045:53
Ep08: Wayne Dyer's Father
Jul 19, 202019:36
Ep07: No Storm Lasts Forever with Dr. Terry Gordon
Jul 05, 202001:01:26
Ep06: John of God with Jessie Kanzer
Jun 28, 202055:11
Ep05: Miraculous Healing
Jun 14, 202037:10
Ep04: Synchronicity with Dr. Ken Harris
May 31, 202047:38
Ep03: from Psychology to Spirituality
May 24, 202019:54
Ep02: Wayne Dyer's Origin Story
May 17, 202058:18
Ep01: The Beginning
Apr 27, 202022:04