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The NAJGA Japanese Garden Podcast

The NAJGA Japanese Garden Podcast

By The North American Japanese Garden Association

This is the official podcast of the North American Japanese Garden Association. Learn from professionals and enthusiasts alike all about the art, craft and heart of Japanese gardens in the United States and Canada. Our goal is to increase the number of resources, conversations and awareness of Japanese garden design, theory, and techniques in the English language. Each episode is a conversation with an expert based on a monthly theme. Visit our website at to find out more about membership, read our blog and access our free Japanese gardening resources!
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Tea Gardens - Episode 1 - NAJGA Japanese Garden Podcast

The NAJGA Japanese Garden PodcastAug 24, 2023

Tea Gardens - Episode 1 - NAJGA Japanese Garden Podcast

Tea Gardens - Episode 1 - NAJGA Japanese Garden Podcast

Welcome to the NAJGA Official Podcast, the ultimate resource for Japanese garden enthusiasts. The official podcast of the North American Japanese Garden Association (NAJGA) explores the art, craft, and heart of Japanese garden design. Join Shayna as she engages in unscripted conversations with experts and enthusiasts about everything related to Japanese gardens.

In this episode, Shayna sits down with John Powell, an experienced Japanese landscape gardener who has built and maintained Japanese tea gardens across America. They dive into the world of tea gardens, discussing the challenges and joys of sharing Japanese tea gardens with guests of all knowledge levels in North America. The conversation delves into the delicate balance between form and function in Japanese garden design, highlighting the unique aesthetic and practical considerations that shape tea gardens.

As they explore the challenges posed by varying climates and available materials in North America, John offers insights into adapting traditional design principles to suit local environments. They discuss the importance of introducing guests to the immersive experience of a tea garden, fostering engagement with all five senses. The conversation also touches on the intersection of tea ceremony practices and garden design, revealing how each element complements the other in creating a holistic experience.

Join Shayna and John on this illuminating journey through the world of Japanese tea gardens. Discover the intricate nuances of design, the significance of cultural context, and the ways in which these tranquil spaces invite visitors to engage with nature, aesthetics, and tradition.

To explore more Japanese garden insights, resources, and engage with the community, visit the NAJGA website at and follow us on social media. And remember, becoming an NAJGA member not only supports the community but also offers you exclusive benefits and access to a wealth of knowledge in the world of Japanese garden design. Happy Japanese gardening!

Aug 24, 202333:27