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Host, Caleb Nelson, has dedicated his life to inspiring others to live to their fullest potential. Naked Sunday is the pursuit of all aspects of personal growth. Exploring all topics, ranging from health, love, spirituality, wealth, discovering your purpose, and beyond. All in the name of deepening our connection to our sense of self and empowering meaningful relationships, in hopes of inspiring action for a brighter collective future. It's your opportunity to challenge your status quo, get your weekly dose of self-reflection, and go after the life you've always wanted.
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Episode 80: Lisa Heintzelman

Naked SundayJun 19, 2022

Episode 130 - Mark Borst - Give Yourself Permission
Sep 24, 202301:17:02
Episode 129 - Lexi Nelson - Same Team

Episode 129 - Lexi Nelson - Same Team

In this episode of the Naked Sunday podcast, we get a look into the relationship of Caleb and Lexi Nelson.

Get insight into how they've navigated the entrepreneurial life, supporting each other through different phases of growth, and what they do to keep their marriage strong and healthy.

Tune in for some trivia questions, guest appearance from their dog Tyson, and plenty of laughs.

Until next time...

Love. Every. Body.

#relationshipgoals #happycouple #empoweredcouple #powercouple #love #marriedlife #laughteristhebestmedicine #entrepreneurlife

Sep 17, 202301:24:29
Episode 128 - Whitney Walker - Go the Distance

Episode 128 - Whitney Walker - Go the Distance

Join us on this thought-provoking episode of the Naked Sunday Podcast as we welcome the inspiring Whitney Walker. In this installment, we explore the transformative power of forgiveness and understanding, delving into the depths of empathy and self-compassion. Whitney Walker shares her insights on how understanding the motivations behind others' actions can dissolve anger and lead to profound forgiveness. Discover the liberating truth that 90% of what people do is not about us but is a reflection of their own experiences and frustrations. As we journey together, Whitney opens up about her personal experiences with forgiveness, touching on her own path to sobriety and the crucial role self-forgiveness played in her healing process. We explore the challenging terrain of forgiving ourselves, acknowledging that our past selves were doing the best they could at the time. In a world often clouded by judgment and resentment, this episode reminds us of the transformative power of empathy, understanding, and the ability to release the weight of our own past mistakes. Tune in to Episode 128 of the Naked Sunday Podcast, "Go the Distance," and let Whitney Walker's wisdom guide you towards a more compassionate, forgiving, and empowered journey through life. Subscribe now on Spotify and YouTube to never miss an episode. 🎙️ Until next time... Love. Every. Body. Connect with Whitney: Instagram - @womenwaken Website - #GoTheDistance #Forgiveness #Understanding #NakedSundayPodcast

Sep 10, 202301:58:56
The Vision: Spiritual Health Crisis, Generational Health, & World Inner Peace

The Vision: Spiritual Health Crisis, Generational Health, & World Inner Peace

Welcome to a transformative LEBTalks episode of the Naked Sunday Podcast with your host, Caleb Nelson.

This exploration titled “The Vision: Spiritual Health Crisis, Generational Health, & World Inner Peace,” Caleb delves deep into the essence of our existence and the path to true inner peace. 

Join us on a journey that transcends time and societal expectations, as we discuss the urgent need for inner alignment in a world plagued by spiritual crises. 

Discover why the pursuit of external abundance often leads to hollowness internally and how we can shift our focus towards inner wealth. 

Caleb challenges us to reflect on our actions, asking, "Are you being congruent, or are your words hollow? It's about becoming better role models and realizing that love must be earned through consistent, grounded actions."

Prepare to be inspired as we explore the profound impact of generational health, emphasizing values, authenticity, and unity over material wealth. 

Join the movement toward inner alignment and become a beacon of light in this ever-evolving world. 

Remember, elevating humanity begins with each of us. Tune in, reflect, and embark on the transformative journey of inner alignment together.

Until next time…

Love. Every. Body.

#InnerAlignment #ElevatingHumanity #SpiritualHealth #GenerationalHealth #Authenticity #Podcast #SelfDiscovery #Unity #Love #Values #Inspiration #NakedSundayPodcast

Sep 03, 202328:23
Episode 127 - Julie Mann - Habit Fixer
Aug 13, 202301:13:46
Episode 126 - Michael Thornhill - Casa Galactica

Episode 126 - Michael Thornhill - Casa Galactica

Discover the transformative power of healing and self-discovery in this captivating episode of the Naked Sunday Podcast, hosted by Caleb Nelson. We are honored to welcome Michael Thornhill, co-founder of Casa Galactica in Peru, to share his remarkable journey and insights.

Michael is the co-founder of Casa Galactica in Peru. Michael is a trauma-informed plant spirit healer, professional channel, somatic trauma therapist, and non-dual teacher. Recovering from addiction, trauma, and abuse has been a big part of Michael's own healing journey. He now dedicates his life to helping others heal themselves.

Casa Galactica offers Ayahuasca Healing and Evolution Retreats, online private sessions, and group programs for dedicated inner-truth seekers and multidimensional healers.

Unlock the power within you. Tune in to this enlightening conversation as Michael shares invaluable insights and tools for embracing your true self. Don't miss this empowering episode on the Naked Sunday Podcast!

Until next time...

Love. Every. Body.

⚠️ Disclaimer: The Naked Sunday Podcast and host Caleb Nelson are committed to providing informative and entertaining content. This episode includes discussions about plant medicine, including Ayahuasca. The Naked Sunday Podcast or Caleb Nelson shall not be held accountable for any actions or decisions taken by listeners in response to the content provided. This is not medical advice and listeners should consult with their medical provider, seek professional guidance, and exercise personal responsibility before considering any plant medicine journey or undertaking.

Connect with Michael

Special Offer:

30% off for Naked Sunday listeners for 60 minute sessions. Use code "SUNDAY" at checkout.

Aug 06, 202301:24:15
Episode 125 - Victoria Dorsano - Foraging for the Spice of Life

Episode 125 - Victoria Dorsano - Foraging for the Spice of Life

Join us on the Naked Sunday Podcast with certified health coach and behavior change specialist, Victoria Dorsano. Victoria empowers working professionals to improve their relationship with food, bodies, and work lives.

In this captivating episode, Victoria shares insights on personal growth, adventure, and holistic well-being. Discover the power of connecting with others to enrich your own experiences. Embrace the spice of life as Victoria reveals how exploring life through the eyes of fellow adventurers can be even more fulfilling than personal encounters.

Navigate the winding road of life's interruptions and learn to accept its terms. Victoria provides practical guidance on developing a healthy relationship with food, body, and work life. Whether you seek inspiration or evidence-based solutions, this episode is a must-listen.

Tune in as Victoria Dorsano, based in Chicago, IL, shares her wisdom gained from working with clients worldwide. Don't miss the opportunity to expand your horizons and unleash your true potential.

Until next time…

Love. Every. Body.

Connect with Victoria:


Special Offer for Naked Sunday listeners!

Free 5 day mini-course on how to set up the systems that will help you stay accountable to your goals:

#growthmindset #challenges #spiritualpath #entrepreneurlife #nakedsunday #podcast #lifecoach #healthcoach

Jul 30, 202358:51
Episode 124 - The Real Jason Duncan - Exit Without Exiting

Episode 124 - The Real Jason Duncan - Exit Without Exiting

Welcome back to the Naked Sunday Podcast!

We have the incredible guest, The Real Jason Duncan. He’s a renowned entrepreneur, best-selling author, TEDx speaker, and podcast host. Join us as we dive deep into thought-provoking conversations with Jason, where he shares his wisdom on embracing authenticity, finding purpose, and achieving entrepreneurial success.

In this episode, "Exit Without Exiting," Jason explores the concept of contrived authenticity. Discover the delicate balance between staying true to yourself and meeting the demands of platforms, as he sheds light on how to authentically connect with your audience while navigating the digital landscape.

Jason also unveils the core principles that lead to entrepreneurial fulfillment. From delegation to stress elimination, establishing systems and processes, and investing in people, gain valuable insights that will transform your business and enable you to live a life aligned with your true purpose.

Additionally, Jason delves into the importance of prioritizing relationships, particularly highlighting the significance of putting your spouse first. Learn how nurturing a strong connection sets the foundation for a fulfilling life, even when the children leave the home.

Tune in to the Naked Sunday Podcast on Spotify, ApplePodcasts, and YouTube to join this enlightening conversation with The Real Jason Duncan.

Get ready to be inspired, empowered, and equipped with practical strategies for personal and entrepreneurial growth. 

Until next time…

Love. Every. Body.

Connect with The Real Jason Duncan:

Instagram/Facebook/LinkedIn/YouTube - @therealjasonduncan

#NakedSundayPodcast #freeyourself #Authenticity #EntrepreneurialFulfillment #ExitWithoutExiting #DontSayDivorce 

Jul 23, 202301:14:19
Episode 123 - Jacqui Baker - Mid-Life Match-Maker
Apr 30, 202301:07:07
Episode 122 - David Roden - Losing 200lbs and Keeping It Off

Episode 122 - David Roden - Losing 200lbs and Keeping It Off

Join us on Naked Sunday as David Roden opens up about his life-changing journey from suicidal obesity to a healthier, happier life, shedding 200lbs and keeping it off for good.

Connect with David:

Instagram/Tik Tok: @fit_drock

Until next time...

Love. Every. Body.

#NakedSundayPodcast #DavidRoden #OvercomingObesity #Transformation #InspiringJourney #HealthierHappierLife #Triumph #WeightLossJourney #Motivation #Inspiration

Apr 23, 202301:08:22
Episode 121 - Laura & Barry Ash - Super Power Couple
Apr 16, 202301:10:18
Episode 120 - Catherine Kontos - Why Not?

Episode 120 - Catherine Kontos - Why Not?

Catherine has been leading retreats and offsite corporate events for a decade, servicing thousands of clients worldwide. She embodies the words, « Live life with purpose, on purpose. » As such, she has traveled to over 90 cities and is known to have zip-lined 3000 feet over the rainforest in Costa Rica, swum two feet away from a 40-foot whale shark in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, she rode camels in the Israeli desert after a sand storm, drank apple tea with customs agents in Turkey, dined with the Greek Patriarchy in the Holy land, flew to the Caribbean to write her book where she lived a novel-like whirlwind romance and met her life partner. Virtually, she helped lead an event that went viral. It included over nine ministers of the Canadian Parliament and assisted in the movement to open borders for families separated by border closures during the pandemic. Followed with an invitation to the Canadian Parliament as a guest expert to help change policy. Her versatile business and life experience, as well as her international connections, are assets to planning and executing seamless and impactful retreats. Her company, RetreatBoss, helps wellness, travel, event professionals, retreat venue owners, and companies replicate this success either through the retreat planning mastery program or retreat planning services for offsite or destination events. As the founder, she has made it her life's mission to help others create transformational experiences. Whether it's for fun, profit, bonding, or growth, she can help curate any retreat, including offsite corporate retreats. She is a virtual, hybrid, and a destination event expert and has the skill set to make your retreat aspirations a reality. Catherine is a multifaceted award-winning scholar and professional, featured in television, magazine, newspaper, and radio news coverage. As a real estate investor, she has owned and transformed retreats, commercial, and revenue properties cumulating over 100 doors bought and sold. Her transformation has also been used to launch startups and flip them for profit, including companies such as medical clinics, branding, hospitality, and restauration to name a few. She has influenced her followers as a transformational business coach, entrepreneur, speaker, author, and philanthropist, who has passionately ignited the fire in their businesses and in transforming their lives. “My search is always ongoing in connecting with like-minded professionals and companies who desire continued transformation for themselves, their company, and their community.“ Connect with Catherine

Apr 09, 202301:09:24
Episode 119 - Jim Lomot - Action Builds Confidence
Apr 02, 202301:03:51
Episode 118 - Chuck Copenspire - Your Energy Signature
Mar 26, 202301:08:21
Episode 117 - Rachael Bosanquet - Gift of Time
Mar 19, 202301:12:27
Episode 116 - Hope Lafferty - Living Up to Your Name
Mar 12, 202301:24:47
Episode 115 - AzLyn Berry - Emotional Architecture
Feb 26, 202301:11:06
Episode 114 - Morry David - Time for Your Legacy
Feb 19, 202301:18:37
Episode 113 - Jaime Nolan - Woo and Do
Feb 12, 202301:11:43
Episode 112 - Mark England - Unlock the Breath of Humanity

Episode 112 - Mark England - Unlock the Breath of Humanity

Hello beautiful humans!

This week we welcome Mark England to the show. Mark is a TEDx Speaker, as well as Co-Founder and Head Coach of Enlifted. He has been researching, presenting, and coaching on the power of words and stories for the past 15 years. Mark holds a Master's Degree in Education and was an Elementary School sports teacher before getting into personal development.

In this conversation, we discuss practical approaches to Mindset. We cover everything from the influence of language on our confidence, to the importance of breathing in coaching, and much more! 

This is the perfect episode for anyone looking to tap into their potential, change the negative perception they have of themselves, and become a more impactful coach and communicator. 

Tune in and enjoy! 

Until next time...

Love. Every. Body. 

Connect with Mark:

Website -

Feb 05, 202301:27:55
Episode 111 - Abby Marks Beale - Patience to Let the Fog Settle
Jan 29, 202301:26:57
Episode 110 - Karen Lombardo - Don't Have an "F-Off" on Your Forehead

Episode 110 - Karen Lombardo - Don't Have an "F-Off" on Your Forehead

Welcome back, beautiful humans!

We've got a powerful conversation in store for you today with our amazing guest, Karen Lombardo.

Karen is a blogger, copywriter, and all-around amazing human. Her blog (Pasta on the Floor) covers topics ranging from her battle with breast cancer, to miscarriages, to the passing of her husband, all in an effort to help others work through their own challenges in life.

In this episode, we discuss her path to writing, how she's used it as a means of her own personal therapy, her own process of grieving loss, and the importance of keeping a positive mindset and staying open to new connections. It's all about kindness.

A value-packed podcast for you! Tune in and enjoy!

Until next time...

Love. Every. Body.

Connect with Karen:

Websites -



Jan 22, 202301:02:07
Episode 109 - Kayla Van Egdom - You're Gonna Pay for that Later

Episode 109 - Kayla Van Egdom - You're Gonna Pay for that Later

Welcome back, beautiful humans!

On this episode of the Naked Sunday podcast, we have Kayla Van Egdom joining the conversation.

She's a health coach, author, and podcast host. Kayla helps who helps free women from food prison & body shame. 

Kayla shares her journey with her own challenges with binge eating, self-acceptance, and life lessons that have helped her better serve her clients with a holistic coaching approach.

We discuss everything from relationships, the importance of practice, the power of mindset, communicating with integrity through difficult times, and much more. All with the goal to pursue a more empowered version of yourself.

This is one episode you don't want to miss!

Until next time...

Love. Every. Body.

Connect with Kayla

 Slay & Thrive Podcast -

Slay & Thrive Facebook Community -

Schedule a call -

Jan 15, 202301:05:37
Episode 108 - Michelle Nedelec - Little Blue Pill of Business Growth

Episode 108 - Michelle Nedelec - Little Blue Pill of Business Growth

Welcome back, beautiful humans!

This week we've got some laughs, and tons of fun, and it's chock full of wisdom for business owners with our guest, Michelle Nedelec.

She shares her stories of OVER 20 years as a serial entrepreneur, discussing phases of business growth, how to thrive while working with your spouse, and great insight as to how to manage the ups and downs of the #entrepreneurlife.

If you're looking to take your business to the next level, this is a great episode for you :)


Connect with Michelle:

Webiste -

*Free resources, access to her podcasts, and self-business audit available there!

Jan 08, 202301:04:03
Episode 107 - Ahmad Jooma - Make Fear Visible
Jan 01, 202301:07:47
Episode 106 - Ella Mesma - Be Fully You
Dec 25, 202252:17
Episode 105 - Lotta Siebold and Ryan Kingsbury - Shut Up and Cuddle
Dec 18, 202201:18:32
Episode 104 - Spencer Jones - Prince of Positivity
Dec 11, 202258:56
Episode 103 - Sara Im - How I Survived the Killing Fields
Dec 04, 202252:21
Episode 102 - Be a Beacon
Nov 27, 202201:49:33
Episode 101 - Dai Manuel - Mentors and Models

Episode 101 - Dai Manuel - Mentors and Models

Welcome back beautiful beings!

We’ve got a blast of conversation coming at you today with my guest, Dai Manuel.

Dai Manuel is a super dad, “dating his wife,” and leading by example through simple his way of living. He’s got a contagious personality who is on a mission to positively impact one million role models around the globe to lead a FUN-ctionally healthy life through education, encouragement, and community.

He is an award-winning digital thought leader and author, Distinguished Toastmaster, TEDx speaker & edutaining keynote speaker, former partner and Chief Operating Officer of a multi-million dollar retail company, and a sought-after lifestyle mentor executive performance coach.

Dai knows the struggle of the juggle and keeping his health and happiness a priority. He models his work based on the 5 F’s: Fitness, Family, Faith, and Finances with an overarching roof of FUN, built on a rock-solid foundation of Health. Nuggets of wisdom and inspiration to take action to be your best self are guaranteed when you connect with Dai!

Tune in for a jam-packed episode full of insights, his journey through rises and falls as a business owner, getting sober, and living life to its fullest while supporting his family and his community!

Until next time…

Love. Every. Body.

Connect with Dai:









Special Offer

5 Day Sugar Detox Resource & Challenge -

Nov 20, 202201:20:21
Episode 100 - Jackie Goddard - Power to Speak
Nov 13, 202201:05:59
Episode 99 - Carly Poyser - Sila Mata
Nov 06, 202255:50
Episode 98 - Sarah Ibrahim - The Recovery Witch

Episode 98 - Sarah Ibrahim - The Recovery Witch

Welcome back beautiful beings!

Today I welcome Sarah Ibrahim to the show! Sarah is a Recovery Coach, and is known as “The Recovery Witch.” She inspires people to truly live their best life.

In this episode, she shares her struggles and journey through drug addiction, and how she transformed her life. Now she’s turned that energy into supporting others on their own path to self-improvement. Sarah discusses key turning points, what impacted her with her family growing up, and how she was able to overcome the obstacles that were holding her back from getting clean.

Spirituality underpins all of Sarah’s endeavors and she teaches her clients how to understand and harness the power of the Law of Attraction in order to manifest their heart's truest desires. Sarah believes that we really can have it all and is determined to live a life that demonstrates that.

Sarah is the founder of Recovery Central, a brand-new support hub for those in recovery or recovery-curious. This community has been built upon the principle that addiction thrives in isolation and therefore creates spaces where we can recover and grow together, sharing experiences, getting support, being heard, seen, validated, and incorporating a level of accountability are pivotal in our recovery journey.

There’s a ton of energy in this episode and some great takeaways for all. Tune in!

Until next time…

Love. Every. Body.

Connect with Sarah:

TikTok -

Instagram -


Facebook Group -

YouTube -

Oct 30, 202201:22:08
Episode 97 - Rich Heller - The Peacemaker
Oct 23, 202201:31:32
Episode 96 - Mike Lawrence - Step Into Their Shoes
Oct 16, 202201:16:36
Episode 95 - Rob Scott - The Forgiveness Guy
Oct 09, 202201:28:29
Episode 94 - James and Kelly West - It's All About Relationship
Oct 02, 202201:24:14
Episode 93 - Samuel Main - The Main Journey
Sep 25, 202201:13:38
Episode 92: Guy Shahar
Sep 11, 202201:01:53
Episode 91: Mills Bender
Sep 04, 202201:08:45
Episode 90: Benjamin Drury
Aug 28, 202201:06:38
Episode 89: Naomi Light
Aug 21, 202201:15:39
Episode 88: Andrew Biernat
Aug 14, 202201:04:54
Episode 87: Ben Albert
Aug 07, 202201:34:02
Episode 86: Dr. Rob Bell
Jul 31, 202201:12:18
Episode 85: Kallum Nicholson
Jul 24, 202201:26:08
Episode 84: Brandon Eastman

Episode 84: Brandon Eastman

Welcome back, beautiful humans! Boy, do we have a value-packed show today for you!

Today we welcome Brandon Eastman to the podcast.

He helps purpose-driven coaches and experts break through their limitations, expand their impact and build their transformation business. He is on a mission to make a 1% difference in the world by empowering leaders to uncover their gifts and abilities and USE them to positively impact others.

Brandon knows that in a world full of distractions and noise, it's more important than ever to prioritize your own mental & emotional health so that you can truly live an extraordinary life. He models his work on the 5 P's: Creating a Plan, surrounding yourself with the right People, uncovering your Purpose, making Progress, and having the POWER to fuel it all!

In this episode, we discuss his amazing weight loss transformation, and how it was a catalyst for his personal development journey. Listen to how making small consistent steps to grow and love himself has led to profound changes in his relationships and the advancement and success in his professional life.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!!

Free Gift: SELL Your Expertise Playbook

This is the step-by-step game-plan to turn your expertise into a business that pays you. It's the same steps he used to build a profitable coaching business in 2021!

Social Links:




Jul 17, 202256:02
Episode 83: Alex Hitt

Episode 83: Alex Hitt

Welcome back, beautiful humans!

Boy do we have a cool story for you! Today’s guest, Alex Hitt, shares an amazing journey that has led him to the tropical state of Hawai’i. Listen in as he explores his ups and down both in his youth, his pursuit for knowledge and truth, and the wild road that has tested and grown his entrepreneurial spirit. Don’t want to say much more than that to not spoil the adventure… you’ll have to dial it up now and listen!

Share with a friend and enjoy the show!

Connect with Alex:


Tiktok: @MLM_Tips

Jul 10, 202201:15:34
Episode 82: Tracey Howes - Breathe Freely

Episode 82: Tracey Howes - Breathe Freely

Welcome back, beautiful humans!!

Tracey Howes is a Functional Breathwork Instructor, Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor, and RAID free diver based on the south coast of England.

Freediving is a form of underwater diving that relies on breath-holding until resurfacing rather than the use of breathing apparatus. This specialized training inspired Tracey to expand her knowledge of functional breathing to improve general health and wellbeing.

By incorporating scientifically proven breath work techniques into daily practice and training her clients have transformed their breathing habits to build confidence, improve focus, concentration, and sleep quality, reduce anxiety and stress, train for marathons and prepare to swim The English Channel.

Tracey is particularly interested in women’s breathing with medical evidence supporting how

hormonal fluctuations affect women’s overall quality of life.

Clients include recreational athletes, corporate leaders, and teams, independent business owners, and teens, amongst others. She is passionate about sharing breathing education and practical exercises which can be applied in day-to-day activities with meaningful, measurable, and long-lasting results.

Connect with Tracey:



Book a Discovery Call:

Jul 03, 202201:20:46