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Cardigan & Collar

Cardigan & Collar

By North American Lutheran Seminary (NALS)

Cardigan & Collar is the podcast of the North American Lutheran Seminary (NALS), pursuing theological conversations for the enrichment of pastoral ministry. In each episode, Professor David Luy and Pastor Maurice Lee interview guests, discuss books, trade insights, and seek wisdom, in the conviction that theology is both Christ’s gift to the church and its responsibility. To learn more about the North American Lutheran Seminary visit
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Why Catechesis?

Cardigan & CollarNov 02, 2023

Why Catechesis?

Why Catechesis?

Why Catechesis?

In this episode, the Rev. Dr. Joel Scandrett joins Dr. Luy and Pastor Lee as they explore the role of catechesis in Christian formation. They delve into the historical and theological significance of catechesis, drawing from early Christian and Reformation traditions. Dr. Scandrett highlights the importance of classic catechisms like the Apostles' Creed, the Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Commandments in shaping Christian identity and understanding. The episode emphasizes the dynamic relationship between catechists and students and the need to integrate catechesis within the worshipping community. Dr. Scandrett's insights offer a compelling perspective on the ongoing relevance of catechesis in nurturing Christian discipleship.

Key Topics:

  • Historical context and theological foundations of catechesis
  • The role of classic catechetical topics in Christian formation
  • The importance of dynamic catechist-student relationships
  • Integrating catechesis within the worshipping community
  • The ongoing significance of catechesis in Christian discipleship


  • Dr. Joel Scandrett – Associate Professor of Historical Theology at Trinity School for Ministry


  • Dr. David Luy
  • Pastor Maurice Lee

 Additional Resources:

  • The North American Lutheran Seminary's summer interterm class on "Word and Sacrament Mission in a Post-Christian World," taught by Dr. Dan Alger
  • SE 1 | EP 2: Catechesis in the Early Church with Dr. Alex Fogleman coming next month

To learn more about the North American Lutheran Seminary, visit

Nov 02, 202349:12
Why theology for the church?
Oct 11, 202336:17