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From Outer Wellness to Inner Wellness

From Outer Wellness to Inner Wellness

By Dr Nasrin Parsian

Inner Wellness podcast with Dr Nas Parsian aims to help people evolve to their better 'Self' and optimise their wellness. The focus of this podcast is on holistic perspective of health and wellness that encompasses the core interconnected aspects of emotional, mental and physical wellness: "The Wholeness".
After so many years being closely involved with working, educating and researching in different areas of healthcare, I came to a conclusion that health and wellness is far beyond than what we see and experience in conventional medicine and it is more an inside job.
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Episode 29: How to prime your brain for wellness and success; With Dr Sharon Grossman

From Outer Wellness to Inner Wellness Nov 19, 2021

Episode 36 with Dr Suzanne Henwood : Human Complex Dynamics, Regulation Vs Quick Fix!

Episode 36 with Dr Suzanne Henwood : Human Complex Dynamics, Regulation Vs Quick Fix!

Why are people struggling these days more and more with unresolved and at time deteriorating problems in health and wellness? There are so much discussion about declined quality of life and lack of contentment. This is a REAL issue in our current world!
In this episode we discuss the complexity of human's dynamics, the crucial roles of emotions in either causing a disease or facilitating the process of healing, and how human truly needs a deeper regulation in the nervous system and the WHOLE complex dynamics, rather than relying on quick fix approaches.

Our guest speaker today, Dr Suzanne Henwood is a neuroscience based coach and counselor. She works with an integrated toolbox to assist people to deeply reconnect with themselves to find their own inner wisdom.

Suzanne started her professional life in Radiography, moving into education and over 25 years headed up Postgraduate Education in Healthcare in a London University, later moving to New Zealand and spending nearly a decade as an Associate professor for Health and Social Sciences.

Along the way she began her exploration of what makes people tick. Why do some people excel? Why do some struggle? What impact does the environment play, especially around bullying, toxicity, isolation, exclusion and the difference true leadership plays at an individual and corporate level.

Today Suzanne draws on NLP, mBraining, Havening, ACT, IDT, Refocusing Counselling, Heartmath, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Polyvagal Informed Therapy, Emotional Culture Deck, Time Line Therapy, Map of Meaning, Breathwork, Mindfulness, Psych K+, Existential Coaching and years of study and application to focus on deep inner change, stress, anxiety and trauma, and helping people to find wholeness and healing.

Suzanne is an author, speaker and regular contributor to The Great Health Guide and Rapport, and Worldwide Coaching Magazines, and in 2022 she was a finalist in the ANLP Awards for education and research. In August 2022 her latest book is being published, co authored with Sarah Carruthers: The Ultimate Gratitude Journal.

I hope you find some lights of wisdom here.

With love,
Dr Nas Parsian
Oct 14, 202243:56
Episode 35 with Hayley Schiller: How to manage stress and burnout?

Episode 35 with Hayley Schiller: How to manage stress and burnout?

Hello my faithful audience,
Today's questions...
How often do you hear these days about the word "stress"? How much energy you spend everyday to challenge with managing your stress in different situations? And are you able to get rid of it or heal it in a sustainable way?
We definitely cannot and do not want to get rid of stress, as it is part of our lives and indeed part of our growth journey. The point is that stress is going to be a REAL problem when it is happening constantly, ongoingly and chronically, in a way that can seriously impact your health.
If you get a chance listen to the earlier episodes on this podcast when I clearly talked about stress as a cause of disease and why do we really need to heal chronic stress.
As an experienced health professional and educator, I can confidently say that our conventional medicine fails in addressing this super important cause for many health conditions and unfortunately does not provide patients and clients with effective, productive and sustainable approaches to handle their chronic stress. Very often stress is totally ignored when we treat and care for people who are seeking for help in our medical system.
In this episode, we have someone from the multidisciplinary healthcare team. Hayley Schiller, who is a social worker and founder of Reaching Equilibrium, LLC. Reaching Equilibrium is a stress management program which provides resources and education on avoiding burnout and navigating life balance. Hayley recognises life is not one size fits all and strives to educate the public on the vast amount of wellness resources that exist. She is introducing some simple tips to help you deal with stress.
You can communicate Hayley using the links below:

If you like this episode please share it with others. I also appreciate if you give it a 5 stars review, so, it can be easily reaching to the ones who can benefit from it.

P.S: Are you interested to learn more about overcoming burnout, stress and learn the approaches that optimise inner wellness?
Or/And are you looking for the powerful and evidence-based approaches that optimise the service you offer to the world in the area of health and wellness and bring sustainable outcomes for yourself and your clients?
Is "YES" your answer to any of the above questions? Then join my FREE Facebook community using the link below:

Thank you for your support.
Dr Nas Parsian

Aug 13, 202239:48
Episode 34: Confidence in Youth
Jun 30, 202230:54
Episode 33: You Own the Power to Create Your Destiny

Episode 33: You Own the Power to Create Your Destiny

Hello my amazing listeners,
Today I'm back after nearly four months with some changes! I slightly changed the name of the podcast and the cover; I would love to hear about your feedback?:)
On this episode, you will listen to a real story, a journey from No Hope to Full Life and Joy. This is what happens when you become your own creator.
Today's guest in Soodabeh Mokry, RN, CHt, Amazon #1 Best Selling Author of Emerging You and the author of the immigration memoir, Angel Nightingale, Motivational Speaker, Certified Hypnotherapist, and Transformational Coach for High Performing Women.
Soodabeh is the epitome of an American dream. She knows exactly what it feels like to live a life that is shattered, filled with fear and more hopeless by the day. Escaping her war-torn homeland at the age of thirty, Soodabeh discovered an inner strength she had no idea she was capable of. Her fantasy of a happy life in the United States as a refugee from Iran was replaced by a nightmare when her marriage ended shortly after she arrived. She was left alone with two young children, no money, no family or friends, and the challenge of learning a new language.
Embarking on a on a life-long journey of learning, self-discovery, and enlightenment, that continues to unfold to this very day, Soodabeh inspires people to move beyond limitations to create lives they desire.
Supported by her thirty years of medical experience and the data behind both Western and alternative wellness techniques, Soodabeh empowers people by providing the step- by- step tools to achieve our goals. She has worked with people suffering with heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain – many of whom come to her after other attempts and relapses.
"We are each born with the power, passion, and determination to experience a harmonious and fulfilled life. Sometimes our challenges seem to prevent us from reaching our full potential. Limited thoughts and beliefs that we learn from our parents and communities may encourage us to give up and settle for less. But Soodabeh’s message in her patient sessions, presentations and programs, and writing is this... you are not bound by any circumstances. You can create and manifest the life you want. You own the power to create your destiny!"

P.S: If you are interested to begin the journey of mastery for your life and wellness join my free facebook group
The next intake for the Heart-Based NLP and Hypnotherapy Certification Training is close. Feel free to send an email to if you want to learn more about it or book a free discovery call here

Apr 15, 202245:26
Episode 32: Three tips for Creation in 2022

Episode 32: Three tips for Creation in 2022

Hi my lovely listeners,

I would like to first of all thank every single of you, for supporting my baby podcast. It means a lot and I am so much grateful. I feel it is now starting to grow and I would appreciate to have your feedback and also your review. Please share with your friend if there is any episodes that might be resonating.

Today is the New Year Eve in Australia. I call 2022 as the year of "Creation" and I am going to share my thoughts about three points that may help us begin the journey of creation.

Remember that we are the CREATOR and we can transform our lives and ourselves to the best possible New version only if we choose, set an intention and act. It is of course involved with a deep inward work, but the three steps might facilitate the jump start. Feel free to connect if you need any further help in the process.

Wish you all a very happy, healthy and uplifting year full of transformation and newness.

I will be also launching my brand new certification training program that enables the graduates to launch their Heart-Based NLP and Hypnotherapy practice. Feel free to connect if you are interested. The applications are still open. You can DM me on FB, Nasrin Parsian, or Instagram DrnasInnerwellness or email to

Stay well and happy!



Dec 31, 202121:58
Episode 31: Connect to your body and HEAL- With Laura P. Martin

Episode 31: Connect to your body and HEAL- With Laura P. Martin

Hello wellness seekers,

Only few days left to say goodbye to 2021 and welcome another New Year. It feels like it was yesterday when we wished to have a peaceful 2021. We survived and hopefully thrived with all the challenges, fears, ups and downs and chaos.

I ‘m sure that we all know that growth doesn't happen in ease and comfort. Let’s think and wish big for this coming year, change our position from victim to empowered and chase our inner truth and freedom.

Our body knows the way; all we need is to communicate with our inner Self, connect to the mind, heart and every cell in our body, and achieve our best state of harmonious health.

In today's episode with Laura Patricia Martin, we have a chat about how connection with the body as a whole can heal trauma-based physical and emotional issues and leave us with the healthiest and happiest life.

I hope you enjoy this episode and I wish your moments filled with joy, health and happiness.

Happy holidays and talk to you in 2022.

With light and love,


Here's where you can find Laura Martin in IG:  @itslaurapatriciamartin @healingtohappy 

P.S: I have a special bonus offer for our Conscious Heart-Based Coaching certification program, that helps you launch your NLP practitioner and Hypnotherapy practice. If you are interested to know more about it simply book a time and we can jump on a call to discuss in detail. Here is the link for my Calendly:

We have also a FREE facebook group called Health and Wellness

Fee free to click on the link and join :)

Dec 23, 202142:32
Episode 30: Close 2021 with a cleansing meditation

Episode 30: Close 2021 with a cleansing meditation

Hello wellness seekers,

What a super challenging time we all had in the last two years, full of unexpected chaotic events not only in health and wellness but in all areas. 

Our health, our life, our humanity and our universe now are in a serious need for change and transformation. This transformation can be only created and led by YOU. Every single human is responsible to make a transformation not only in their health and wellness but in all areas of living to create a new life.

Se, let's take the responsibility to make this creation happen. 

I'm here, as a human who LOVES serving the world and humanity, and as an enthusiastic health practitioner and educator who devoted nearly all her life to healthcare, to give you any possible support for this transformation to happen. 

In the light of this higher purpose, I will also have a certification training program running in January 2022, to help other enthusiastic professionals use the powerful tools for changing lives and optimise human's wellbeing. 

Feel free to send me a message if you are the one who is eager to serve people's health and wellness using the alternative methods of Heart-Based NLP and Hypnosis.'s episode is a short guided cleansing meditation to help you connect to your body and purify the energy centres. I hope you enjoy it!

With light and love,


Dr Nas Inner Wellness


You can reach me on:

Dec 03, 202121:44
Episode 29: How to prime your brain for wellness and success; With Dr Sharon Grossman
Nov 19, 202139:55
Episode 28: Six Recharge tips to build a better resilience
Nov 04, 202132:27
Episode 27: It's Time To Change and Your Choice Matters!

Episode 27: It's Time To Change and Your Choice Matters!

The world is in a very different state and major changes are happening right now! On one hand there are so much fear, anxiety, overloaded stress, fatigue and uncertainty. On the other hand a lot of external factors that may make people give up their own values to the point that 'just survive'.

Our experiences of life and our health are very much associated to what we choose.

You may feel insignificant or having lower self-worth. This is something that humans continually experienced in history as a result of conditioning by the society, history, community, family or it might have been occurred as a result of the past trauma or even intergeneration traumas.

You may live in a survival mood, and constantly seek and outsource your vital needs in order to survive even if means dishonoring own integrity.

You may feel extremely uncertain, so can easily manipulated and victimised by the external influences.

You may feel disconnected, which is totally against the human's core nature. Disconnection may bring the significant negative effects on mental, emotional, and biological health; not to mention that the impacts on relationships in all dimensions and family dynamics could be massive.

Now ask yourself, do you really want to give up your fulfilling life and wellness and invite illnesses to your life?  What are your true inner values? What is simply your truth? What are the beliefs that are going to drive your desired true choices for living your life?

 It is NOW the time to act, make a change and dare to lead. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the consequences.

It is Now the time to create different and new beliefs that can best serve humans' life and wellbeing.

Use this time to begin the journey of Newness, learn skills that help you achieve your optimal wellness, and serve humans on earth for their wellbeing! You got to get people out of their undesired, and destructive victimised state that can affect health and cause dis-eases in all forms.

It is Now the time to change and your choice matters!

If you are with me on this journey and you are eager to master your wellness, feel free to join my Free facebook group:

Use the following link if you like to have some information about the new training program, HCLC, two certificates in one training.

Keep shining


Dr Nas Inner Wellness

Oct 07, 202136:50
Episode 26: The secret of reflection

Episode 26: The secret of reflection

Hello my wellness seeker friends! What's up?
I am back on the show sharing some of my present moment feeling and thoughts about "Reflection" and how crucial is to include it in our life at this special time of the world.
People who have worked or practised reflection are familiar with the "What, So What and Now What" simple model of reflection, that can be used on everyday bases. I keep asking these three questions nearly in every single moment; and believe me or not, the more practice I do , the deeper questions and the more lights show up. The process is challenging, fun and full of growth!
This is the time of the world that we need to begin changing the old matrix and everything we have done in the past, as they do no longer serve us and our lives, neither serve our future. Let's begin building a new matrix, the one that can connect us to the core heart and the Unity.
I hope you enjoy this episode and I will be grateful to see your feedback, comments or review.

With love,
Jul 29, 202125:33
Episode 25: Lifestyle change in Chronic dis-ease with Karen Beauchamp
Jul 02, 202152:45
Episode 24: Dealing with Burnout with Emmanuel Anthony

Episode 24: Dealing with Burnout with Emmanuel Anthony

Hello inner wellness seekers

This is a must listen episode! 2020 and the first half of the 2021 has been catastrophic and so challenging for many across the globe. Massive overload stress, anxiety, panic, loss of jobs, loss of trust and confidence, loss of the personal power, changing relationships, massive fear, chaos and uncertainty, and the list can go on and on... are some of our experiences in the last 18 months. 

One of the common challenges is burnout! Especially when your work requires your constant and active involvement with computer, social media, virtual spaces, with no Real Presence and energy, for hours and hours, on the top of so many other responsibilities you carry on your shoulders. 

Burnout is a real problem that can be analysed and discussed for hours, but in this episode my guest speaker, Emmanuel Anthony, human behavior specialist, will give you some tips that may benefit handling the situation. We touched on some other things like relationship mastery, time management and identifying the values ladder in seven areas of life and even we touched a bit on perpetual positivity, which is going to be another important topic to dig in later. 

I hope you enjoy listening to this episode and if you enjoyed please share it and give it a review to make it available to people who might be interested to listen.  

About Emmanuel: Emmanuel Anthony is working with Demartini human behavioral method and helping so many people globally find their own truth, trust their inner self and create their true inner values, regardless of the outer pressure. Here are the links where you can find Emmanuel:

Jun 28, 202158:26
Episode 23: Breakthrough fear with Enlivened Speaking with Moroslav Petrovic

Episode 23: Breakthrough fear with Enlivened Speaking with Moroslav Petrovic

Hello wellness seekers,

After a bit of gap in my podcast from the last episode, it is time to speak up! 

Let's claim our inner power and connect to our core body this time through "Speaking". 

Embodied speaking is a very new evidence-based approach introduced to the speakers who want to connect to their audience in deeper authentic levels, centred in the heart. Using this approach, the speaker can indeed break free of fear and old hidden and unknown traumas; so, it can be considered also as a healing approach. 

Miroslav Petrovic believes being in connection with our own personal presence could be the most important, dynamic relationship we have in life.  This, at its core, is the Power of Presence.

He is inspired by embodied speaking, teaching, and training to face the fears that most often hold us back from our greatest lives. He teaches that when we conquer the fear and limiting beliefs that hold us back, we can use them as tools to reach our fullest potential.

Miroslav Petrovic is a pioneer and thought-leader, often described as "a cross between Eckhart Tolle and Tony Robbins".

He has presented across Australia, appeared across mainstream media and worked with over 5,000 people supporting them to embrace their fears and live a life in alignment with their deeper desires. He has also delivered training on workplace culture and emotional intelligence to companies such as Lululemon Athletica.

Speaking from the heart, Miroslav fuses mindfulness with an engaging stage presence to create immersive experiences that connect and inspire. Inviting the audience to meet their ‘edge’and dive deeper into the intimacy of the present moment.

Miroslav has spent his life confronting his own limits - from Amazonian immersions to Ashram life in India, and he continues to explore what’s possible for us as humans in relationship to each other and our fears. Integrating ancient wisdom into contemporary life in a fun and interactive way, participants leave feeling deeply reconnected to themselves and ready to take action in their lives.

This episode sounds so fascinating, if you really want to begin a new inspiring chapter of what you are doing either as a teacher, coach, speaker or  simply as a person who wants to transform their speaking to an authentic and more connecting form.

I hope you enjoy this episode and find some messages of wisdom. And if yes, please share it in your social media, with your friends or whoever might be interested.

Keep shining,

Dr Nas Parsian

Holistic and Emotional Health Consultant & Educator

Apr 29, 202148:10
Episode 22: Neutralise your anxiety

Episode 22: Neutralise your anxiety

These days nearly everyone in dealing and talking about anxiety. it is no wonder to see being anxious is going to be kind of normalised in this unpredictable, fast paced and stress-filled world. 

There are so many contributing factors that trigger your anxiety and make the loop more chaotic and complicated with some consequences that may affect your physical/mental health. The symptoms might become more intense, specially when you are a goal oriented or high achiever person.

Changing of the financial status, challenges in work situation, social engagement, relationships, uncertainty about the future, all may make you feel  lost of your purpose.

There are many suggestions and tools for anxiety management but the question is are the results sustainable, or how can they be easily applied? How about if you could see anxiety from an alternate angle? How about if you change your perception and insight, and indeed your relationship with anxiety? How about if you can neutralise your anxiety? 

This episode is for you if you want to want to hear more about these!

I hope you enjoy and find some tips of wisdom.

Be well,

Keep shining,


Mar 05, 202132:02
Episode 21: Break through Confidence and healing with Embodied Dance

Episode 21: Break through Confidence and healing with Embodied Dance

Feb 11, 202144:00
Episode 20: 8-steps to ease the circle of worry
Feb 06, 202144:35
Episode 19: What is Stress Healing and why it needs to be healed rather than managed?

Episode 19: What is Stress Healing and why it needs to be healed rather than managed?

Jan 23, 202143:31
Episode 18: My awakening journey

Episode 18: My awakening journey

Hello my wellness seeker friends,
Have I talked about myself before?
You might know me already or you might be curious to know who I really am? ;)
Well, it is a long journey that could be perhaps couple of books if I want to go through it all :) Indeed I have a plan to write a book one day!
But, right now, given it is the special time of the year, I thought to share couple of highlights from my journey that may help you begin your creation, your newness, awaken your inner divinity and visit your inner master!
While I was always a powerful carer, giver and a health professional who has achieved many successes and eagerly devoted her life to care for patients and educate medically trained and nursing students to care for others, I have myself gone through my own journey of self-mastery and self-growth.
In this journey I discovered my own fears, my stress, my sources of hidden anxiety that caused many emotional and physical manifestations and the outcomes were my deep healing and achieving inner freedom. The journey is of course ongoing with more learning and more hunger and I have much more to share with you in the future.

In this episode, I have a very intimate and authentic chat with you talking about my raw emotions and how I came from being in a state of "effect" to be a "Cause" for me and my life, and how I learned to connect with my heart!
We are all the creator!
If you want to know more about the HOW, I feel excited to announce that I have a gift for you!
A FREE consultation call with me that you can book in here:
Feel free to send me a message if you need to:

And also I have a gift for amazing and powerful women who have highly achieved in their profession or business and now they want to optimise their own inner wellness: A FREE private facebook group

Stay well and keep shining,

Jan 14, 202135:42
Episode 17 with Emmanuel Anthony: How to live your most authentic values in 2021?

Episode 17 with Emmanuel Anthony: How to live your most authentic values in 2021?

2021 after all the hard and unpredictable challenges arrived! Happy New Year!
This New Year feels very different for everyone across the globe, with a unique sense of togetherness!
So many unexpected events happened during 2020, to tell something important about our life, our being and our world.
Our life is a gift! How much really and truly we appreciate it? Do we dare to live our own deep authentic values in this earth life?
Very often we live the values given by our society, family, history, culture, or even our old very deep and past wounds without our awareness.
This is the time to revisit them. It's the time to master our lives, master our own true values that could have been hidden, buried or suppressed for so long.
This is the time to live your own truth!
Are you ready to begin?
If that is you, this episode is for you!
Emmanuel Anthony shares here his transformational journey that ended up to discover and live his own authentic values after so much life challenges!
He is working now with Demartini human behavioral method and helping so many people globally find their own truth, trust their inner self and create their true inner values, regardless of the outer pressure.
We have also had just a bit of touch on the mental disorders and how the human behavioural changes can help managing or transforming those situations. However, much further depth needed in this particular area that will be certainly discussed in more episodes in the future.
I hope you enjoy listening to this episode!

Here are the links where you can find Emmanuel:

Couple of urgent news about Inner Wellness:
1) A FREE masterclass will be coming on this Monday at 6pm Australia, Melbourne time. You need to hurry up to register if you are keen to attend:
2) A private brand new free facebook group for empowered women who want to optimise their own inner wellness. Feel free to join here

Stay well and keep shining,
Nas :)
Jan 08, 202101:03:28
Episode 16: A healthy goodbye to 2020 and the three tips

Episode 16: A healthy goodbye to 2020 and the three tips

Dec 24, 202040:34
Episode 15 with Kristian Martinow: Healing Journey From Fatigue to Vitality

Episode 15 with Kristian Martinow: Healing Journey From Fatigue to Vitality

Hello wellness seekers, We are about closing the chapter of 2020 and beginning a new chapter in 2021. So, why not to begin a new journey of healing?  It is the perfect time to begin a healing journey on  many conditions that have been perhaps ignored or mis-treated for years. It is the best time to listen to your body, connect to your inner intelligence and ask them what do they really want you to do and what are the messages they are trying to give to your health and wellness? You may be the one who has been struggling for years to find a better answer to handle the physical and mental challenges or simply to find a better way to live a healthier life. Or you may be the one having a loved one dealing with a chronic problem and struggling to find a different way. If any of the above mentioned points are talking to you, then you are the one who should take a quite space, be present and listen to this episode with your body's ears!  Kristian Martinow found his way of integrative healing by truly listening and connecting to his body, a healing journey from chronic fatigue to vitality. This is the episode that you do not want to miss. About Kristian: Kristian is a heart-led educator, facilitator, coach and speaker empowering individuals, families and teams with the knowledge and tools to achieve optimal mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and social wellbeing.   He has personally worked with more than 4,500 people and has facilitated with numerous organisations including The Man Cave, The Rites of Passage Institute, YMCA, Driven Outcomes, HeadQuarters Australia, Game Changers and Landmark.   Kristian is the founder of The Timekeeper, an ex-management consultant with Strategy& (part of the PwC network) and taught business at the University of Melbourne for 5 years. He is passionate about the intersect our human health has with the natural environment, and has spent time living and working on land, learning regenerative agriculture (permaculture) and loves to cook nutritious meals.   Kristian brings a unique perspective blending ancient wisdom traditions and modern science to empower people to become the best leaders they can be. You can find Kristian Martinow in Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin Keep shining, Nas   PS: If you are women, health coaches and consultants who are interested to begin your journey on stress and anxiety healing, improve your sleep and energy, and optimise your wellbeing, feel free to click on the link below and join my free face book private group, Women's Inner Wellness Circle and I 'll see you there :)
Dec 18, 202052:17
Episode 14: A Healing Journey on Eating Disorder
Dec 10, 202051:58
Episode 13: What is Self-mastery in the context of health and wellness?

Episode 13: What is Self-mastery in the context of health and wellness?

Hello my wellness seeker friends!
I always say that wellness is an inner job. Every single human is responsible and is the first in-charge of their own well-being.
You are the bus driver of your life!
"Self-mastery" is an important concept has been actively arrived to the field of health and wellness in all areas in the recent decade, while it is still on the move and further growth. Enormous evidence and discussions are here and there about different theories, self-control, locus of control, self-regulation in the context of health and quality of life improvement.
What are all these concepts and theories talking about? Some of them may sound literally like psychological jargon -:O
But, consciously or unconsciously, we all go through kind of self-regulation process when we treat/manage a condition including physical or mental; or just simply go through a change and transitional state in life.
So, it is good to know more about this process and what is really involved with it :)
Be well,
Keep shining,

Nov 27, 202037:18
Episode 12: Ease The Overwhelm

Episode 12: Ease The Overwhelm

Hello wellness seekers

It's a difficult time of the world! 

So much transformation is happening in different levels, with various forms and degrees globally in humans' lives, hoping they will eventually end up with some good changes and greater newness. 

We cannot ignore that so many lives have been affected by the current situation, either directly by the pandemic or by the way it has been handled. So many people might feel totally overwhelmed and cannot emotionally move forward in this situation with ease and comfort. Not to mention that there are so many factors worth discussing in this context. I like to seek your attention to focus on what YOU CAN DO in this complicated situation to overcome the overwhelm and ease the uncomfortable state.

This episode will highlight few helpful tips that can be simply used in a day to day life as well as in a complicated and challenging living situation. 

I hope it will shine even some tiny lights to your life.

Keep shining and stay well :)



Nov 07, 202046:19
 Episode 11: Three steps to make a change

Episode 11: Three steps to make a change

Hello inner wellness seekers,
Do you know why we are not sometimes successfully able to make the lasting change? We plan, work hard and do our best, but keep failing!
There are certainly many factors involved in different contexts, but I am going to talk here about the 3-step process involved with any decision making , which begins with intention. Intention is mostly connected to the creative part of the brain. However, not always our intentions are productive and efficient, if they are 100% head-focused and analytical based. This may sound a bit weird from an academic brain like mine :) but it is definitely something that I have researched about for years and I am myself a living proof and evidence!
I will talk very briefly in this podcast about how we can set the greater intention for the process of change. Of course setting the right and efficient intention will need to be followed by two other steps.
I do personally go through these 3-steps before any change or decision I make in my everyday living, and trust me, it works! Because it is integrated and coming with the right alignment with what I truly want!
I would love to hear about your experience :)
Be well, Nas
Oct 22, 202036:33
Episode 10: Why do we need to "Process" our "emotions"?

Episode 10: Why do we need to "Process" our "emotions"?

Hi wellness seekers!

Another episode on emotional health and the importance of emotions in your wellness. 

Our emotions are naturally good, no matter joyful or painful! They are the path to the truth and have significant value for our being.

Undermining our emotions can negatively affect our health and well-being in all dimensions, including physical.  On the other hand, a deep and true connection with our emotions benefit our health in general, facilitate managing health challenges, help dealing with unexpected and difficult situations,  optimise our sense of wellness and inner peace,  and can even improve body's biological behaviors.   

In this episode we briefly discuss why it is so important to process our emotions "properly". 

Of course, this is a massive concept with so many further information and key points to follow. The good news is that the New Science now is on a speedy discovery on this important aspect of human's being. 

Thank you all for your ongoing support!



You can find me at:

Facebook Private Group:

Oct 08, 202053:29
Episode 9: 21 Hacks and facts to re-align your inner wellness

Episode 9: 21 Hacks and facts to re-align your inner wellness

Hello wellness seekers

Anxiety, uncertainty and current overriding stress are kind of increasingly impacting our whole life. Perhaps we get sometimes confused about what is happening; and is there any ways to re-grow in this situation and make something different? 

There are certainly so amazing tools that we can use in different contexts and various situation to improve out well-being, depending on what we really need and what we find aligned with our needs. I have already talked a bit about few tools in relation to stress and inner well-being; and have certainly much more to share about, in the future. 

But, today and in this episode I simply want to share some hacks and facts and indeed the raw messages I have played with in my own future Self reflection and in my Me times. Hope, you can find even one thing out of these messages that can resonate with you and help you connect to your inner freedom and  thrive in this situation.

Also, this is the link if you are interested to join my free private facebook group, where I share more about my goals, mission and tools, and we share some challenges and some more. Hope to see you there :)

Be well,

Keep shining,


Sep 17, 202048:32
Episode 8: Polyvagal theory and inner wellness

Episode 8: Polyvagal theory and inner wellness

Human's body is naturally wired in a way that can heal itself as long as we know how to connect to its intelligence. 

Did you know that our autonomous nervous system has the third part, in addition to sympathetic and parasympathetic,  which is responsible for the social engagement and connection and indeed is an important part to consider when dealing with anxiety and trauma healing? 

Yes our vagus nerve has the myeinated section called ventral side of the vagus system, with the specific function for social engagement.  This is discussed under the polyvagal theory introduced by Dr Stephen Porges in 1995, which has been a powerful foundation in some trauma healing  practices. 

In this podcast I just briefly presented the simplified introduction of this theory. Of course, there is more to discuss and learn about. I always appreciate that learning is an ongoing process. I am searching now to learn more about the function of polyvagal and heart coherence.

I hope you enjoy this episode and I would love to receive your feedback, comments and suggestions for further improvement.

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Sep 03, 202031:24
Episode 7: What is panic attack?

Episode 7: What is panic attack?

Aug 22, 202043:51
Episode 6: TRANSFORM Your Stress

Episode 6: TRANSFORM Your Stress

Hello wellness seekers

We are experiencing a challenging and difficult time across the globe! The good news is that we are all together on this journey and we are all suffering from some levels of stress for so many various reasons. I have created a kind of stream in my podcast to get a bit of familiarity with stress, what it is, what it does with our body, and how it makes us sick. I have also briefly introduced some concepts and techniques that can help reducing and releasing stress, in the last two episodes.  Today in this episode I summarise some information and collect them to introduce a simple practical tool to TRANSFORM your stress.   I used the word 'TRANSFORM' as an acronym for this tool, hoping it can add even small bit of value to what you do to manage your stress in this strange time.  

Your feedback for further growth will be deeply appreciated. 

Stay centred and well.  


Aug 06, 202055:28
Episode 5: A simple technique to elevate your Emotions

Episode 5: A simple technique to elevate your Emotions

Your emotion is the path to the truth! 

Your emotion can play a magical role to improve your wellness, if only you know how to care of it. It is your job to connect your body to the New Emotion that creates uplifting motion towards your better Self and healthier Life. 

All you need is to connect to your emotion, understand how it communicates with your body and apply couple of very simple techniques to elevate it! If you are eager to know more about it, listen to this podcast and I hope you find one thing that can facilitate this transformation. 

Remember accountability and consistency are the keys for any transformation :)


Jul 16, 202031:45
Episode 4: Can we prevent stress making us sick?

Episode 4: Can we prevent stress making us sick?

As previously discussed chronic stress is the CAUSE of so many illnesses and most of the times the root is stored in the past memories  Our body doesn't differentiate thinking and imagining of the past memories stored in the cells with the physical outer stimuli or stressors; so it responds to them in the same ways. Our conscious mind is not normally aware of this storage, so tending to familiarise with some similar situations through rationalising, comparing and resorting. This process can go over and over until out body becomes sick, due to experiencing frequent long term shut down as a result of excessive stress response and depleted energy. Basically, our repetitive thoughts are what make us sicker!  

The healing begins when the root is discovered and this is nothing but the stories from the past overloaded with the reactive thoughts and emotions at the time. The emotions created indeed to protect our body in that chaotic situation, but they belong to the past and now must be elevated to something energising. This information is now evidence-based and research shows that the heart is the centre of this healing that can create the new signals and new emotions which are in coherence with our body's intelligence.   

This is my favorite topic that I love to search and talk about forever. Because I do strongly believe that it's the missing part in our healthcare system. In this podcast I am trying just to begin stepping into this adventure.  I would be deeply appreciative to hear about your feedback, comments and any kinds of light to facilitate moving on this journey.  With gratitude, Nas

Jul 01, 202027:34
Episode 3: What is the ONE CAUSE of Illnesses?

Episode 3: What is the ONE CAUSE of Illnesses?

Is stress a good thing or bad thing? Well, your answer would possibly be both in different situations. 

But did you know that the chronic or frequent episodes of stress can lead body's systems to the state of shut down, most significantly your immune system? 

Did you know that stress consumes the most amount of your body's energy? 

And more interesting, did you know that stress is not always about something real in outer world, and indeed the most harmful stressors are the ones that are basically imagined and our body responds to them as real triggers and energy drainer?

This episode is talking briefly about the types of stress, how it affects your body and if it can be the cause of your physical and mental health conditions. More specifically, you will find out which type of stress is more silent and needs some in-depth awakening job?

We will go in the further episodes through the next steps. Your feedback, comments and suggestions would be much appreciated and can lighten the road of my discussions! 

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Jun 18, 202028:40
Episode 2: Inner Wellness First Aid Kit

Episode 2: Inner Wellness First Aid Kit

Have you heard about ABC First Aid Survival Kit? Airway, Breathing and circulation are the three crucial elements to survive. 

But how about when we are alive on this earth life and we want to go beyond survival? We want to thrive and live fully and healthy. Some work certainly needed to achieve this purpose: and this is a journey to become your better Self. 

In this episode we introduce three keys to move on this journey that facilitate making the bigger shift in our wellbeing happen.

 I hope you enjoy listening to Inner Wellness First Aid (ABC) kit! :)

Jun 03, 202029:60
Episode 1: What is Inner Wellness?

Episode 1: What is Inner Wellness?

Hello! I am so excited to begin this journey with you; something that has been thrilling my heart for so many years: Inner wellness! Let's dive into it!   

May 21, 202019:11