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The Natasha Stuart Podcast

The Natasha Stuart Podcast

By Natasha Stuart

Hi my Name is Natasha Stuart and I am from Belize. I say that because that’s the biggest reason I am here. Belizean’s need a place to feel relatable, to be inspired, to feel heard, to share their stories and ideas. That's what this is for. I want to help with that by speaking to awesome Belizean’s and people from all over the world that I think can inspire us to do great things.
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News Anchor and Journalist | Cherisse Halsall

The Natasha Stuart PodcastMar 02, 2021

Why am I being called an influencer though?

Why am I being called an influencer though?

I mean besides the fact that I have done influencer-like things, like a podcast. I just really don't think that's something that I am, or that I do or that's a thing at all. This is just me expressing this at random, just because I missed talking into a mic, basically.
Sep 01, 202121:60
Jamie Thompson | Professional Dancer
Apr 12, 202101:34:46
Mar 29, 202154:44
A New Podcast and The Truth About The Climate Crisis | Andre Habet
Mar 22, 202101:41:19
A Belizean Vagabond | Vladimir Vargas

A Belizean Vagabond | Vladimir Vargas

In this episode, I have a conversation with Vladimir Vargas, who has found passion in travel and exploration. Vladimir recently spent two years backpacking North, Central, and South America through couch surging and hitchhiking. Of course, the pandemic brought his travels to a pause but Vladimir reached out to me in hopes of encouraging others to go out and experience different people and cultures whenever we can, in authentic ways, to live with the people and totally immersing. I agree that travel is the biggest and best way to learn and grow!  

 Check out Vladimir's Blog:

Mar 15, 202101:12:30
News Anchor and Journalist | Cherisse Halsall
Mar 02, 202101:07:09
Self-taught designer & founder at Zayvha Sarai | Ronelli Reqeuna
Feb 22, 202101:24:50
Change your Mindset Change Your Life | Marlon Andrews

Change your Mindset Change Your Life | Marlon Andrews

In this episode, I am joined by Marlon Andrews, investor, Forex trader and business owner. Marlon gets very candid in the conversation, he shares with us some of the harsh realities and life circumstances he faced and how he was able to turn his life around.

Marlon on Instagram

Marley Top 10 Books

1. Outwitting The Devil - Napoleon Hill

2. The power of positive thinking - Norman Vincent Peale

3. Garrain Jones - Change Your Mindset Change Your Life.

4. Your wish is your command - Kevin Trudeau

5. The power of your subconscious mind - Joseph Murphy.

6. Miracle powers for infinite riches - Joseph Murphy

7. Can’t Hurt Me - David Googins

8. Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiosaki

9. Think & Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill

10. The Magic Of Thinking Big - David Schwartz

Bonus - The Strangest Secret - Earl Nightingale :

Marley Top 10 Quotes.

1. I’ve Never Allowed My Schooling To Get In The Way Of My Education - Mark Twain

2. You Don’t Have To Be Great To Get Started, But You Have To Get Started To Be Great - Zig Ziglar

3. I Believe That I Am Always Divinely Guided, I Believe That I Will Always Take The Right Turn Of The Road, I Believe That God Will Always Make A Way, Where There Is No way - Norman Vincent Peale

4. People May Forget What You Did, People May Forget What You Said, But No one Is Ever Going To Forget How You Made Them Feel - Maya Angelou

5. Nothing In Life Has Any Meaning Except For The Meaning That You Give To It - Garrain Jones

6. You Must Be Willing To Do The Things Today Others Wont Do, In Order To Have The Things Tomorrow Others Wont Have - Les Brown

7. Success Is Something You Attract By The Person You Become - Jim Rohn

8. Ego Is The Anastasia That Deadens The Pain Of Stupidity/Pride Is The Burden Of A Foolish Person - Michelangelo

9. Never Let Success Get To Your Head, Never Let Failure Get To Your Heart - Zaid K.

10. I Am No Longer Cursed By Poverty Because I Took Possession Of My Own Mind - Andrew Carnegie

Bonus Quote - If You Think You Can Or If You Think You Can’t, You’re Right! - Henry Ford

Natasha’s Current Top 10 books

  1. The Four Agreements Companion Book - Don Miguel Ruiz
  2. A New Earth - Ekhart Tolle
  3. Anatomy of the Spirit - Caroline Myss
  4. You Can Heal Your Life - Louise Hay
  5. Rising Strong - Brenè Brown
  6. The Untethered Soul - Michael Alan Singer
  7. Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiosaki
  8. Richest Man in Babylon - George S. Clason
  9. The Motivation Manifesto - Brendan Burchard
  10. Think & Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill
Feb 09, 202101:35:50
Youngest Politician & The Entrepreneur Mindset | Allan Pollard Jr
Feb 01, 202101:10:28
Miss Universe Belize 2021 | Iris Salguero
Jan 25, 202101:18:22
Good News in 2020

Good News in 2020

Thank you to everyone who helped me put together this very fun episode! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Dec 29, 202039:41
Gratitude Is A Must!

Gratitude Is A Must!

I had some thoughts on Thanksgiving day and I decided to share some. Love uno long time! 

Nov 27, 202019:53
A Weekend of Cultural Immersion W/ Chef Sean Kuylen
Oct 07, 202001:39:23
Pop & Sip W/ Monica Gallardo and Dora Guerra
Sep 23, 202001:07:28
How To Make A Difference W/ Kristin Marin
Sep 16, 202054:59
Purpose and Presence W/ Alan Riva
Sep 09, 202001:49:02
Environmental Engineer and Climate Change Professional Brittany Meighan
Aug 26, 202001:04:02
Intuitive Guidance, Spirituality and Letting go W/ TP PAZ

Intuitive Guidance, Spirituality and Letting go W/ TP PAZ

Come into this one with an open mind - In this episode, I am joined by friend TP Paz. For Decades, TP has been providing guidance, clarity, comfort, and validation by connecting with individuals through the intuitive process she refers to as soul readings. I have known TP for many years and when I have been in my toughest times I have gone to her and she's always been a huge help to me. I wanted to shine some light on this and open this door to anyone who would be interested in something like this. It's very different and this is a side of me I don't share very much at all, but I figured this would be a good time for some clarity in this time of so much uncertainty.  We also share some of the sources that have helped us. It's important now more than ever to take care of our minds. 

I don't think we can lose anything at all in just trying to find ways of wellness and understanding ourselves, for real. 

To contact TP email:

Books and sources mentioned: 

Untethered Soul by Michael Singer

 A New Earth by Ekhart Tolle 


 Wim Hof

Sadhguru and Isha Kriya Yoga

Aug 17, 202001:04:11
Covid, Second Lockdown and mental health awareness with Emilio Perera

Covid, Second Lockdown and mental health awareness with Emilio Perera

It's my FIRST ever Podcast! I invited my good friend and Artisan Emilio Perera to have a discussion and share our opinions on Covid19 and the second lockdown. We talk about the importance of mental health and somethings that have worked for us. Bear in mind, these are our personal opinions, we are completely winging this conversation. We do hope you enjoy listening in, we sure did enjoy sharing our thoughts with each other. Thank you again Emilio for joining me!   

More about Emilio:  

Emilio Perera, the designer/artisan, was birthed from a beautiful encounter and relationship with Guatemala art, history, and culture. This introduced a world of creativity, community, and connection that told stories of craft, of heritage, and of life. After living, learning and crafting in Antigua, Guatemala for a few years, Emilio returned home to Belize City where he continues creating and designing with locally produced materials and newfound regional techniques. He is a multidisciplinary artisan who specializes in leather design but also elaborates works with natural fibers, hand-loomed fabrics, wood, and more.  

Follow Emilio on IG @emilio.perera

Aug 13, 202001:03:32



Aug 12, 202008:14
August 6, 2020

August 6, 2020

Aug 06, 202000:44