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Who Cares? - A Podcast for Creative Entrepreneurs Who Care

Who Cares? - A Podcast for Creative Entrepreneurs Who Care

By Nathan & Zoey

Hey! We are Nathan and Zoey, husband and wife, best friends, and wedding photographers, and we are building the life of our dreams.

From work we are passionate about to hobbies that fulfill us, we believe that life is what you make it.

We know life can sometimes feel lonely, so think of this podcast as a virtual conversation with your BFFs. From tips for creative entrepreneurship to navigating the messiness of life, we are here for you. We care.

Welcome to the Who Cares Podcast.
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012: Tech Support Turned Therapy with Tom Wright

Who Cares? - A Podcast for Creative Entrepreneurs Who CareApr 25, 2023

012: Tech Support Turned Therapy with Tom Wright
Apr 25, 202351:18
011: In the Mind of a Wedding Photographer with Madison Olling
Apr 17, 202301:00:54
010: Mobile Wedding Filmmaking and Other Things with Savannah Groves
Mar 31, 202301:11:57
009: Is the Earth Flat? and being brave with Miles Witt Boyer
Mar 03, 202301:10:20
008: In Conversation with John Dolan

008: In Conversation with John Dolan

In this episode of the podcast we sit down with renowned photographer John Dolan. John Dolan has reinvented the wedding photography genre and is a huge influence in our own work. He has been named one of the top photographers in the world by Harpers Bazaar and photographed client that include Jerry Seinfeld, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Naomi Biden. John talks with us about the magic of giving up the expectations of what wedding photography has to be and creating work you are proud of.

John's Website
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Nathan and Zoey's Website
Feb 24, 202356:46
007: The AI Takeover?, defining your style, and sustainable backups with Tom Wright

007: The AI Takeover?, defining your style, and sustainable backups with Tom Wright

Today on the podcast we are sharing our conversation with UK commercial photographer and workflows educator Tom Wright. We talk the takeover of AI in editing, the importance of research and develop in defining you photographic style, and creating backups that work for you and make your life easier rather than just stress you out.
The Editing Post on Tom's Instagram
Tom's Website
Tom's Podcast
Nathan and Zoey's Website
Nathan and Zoey's Facebook Community
Feb 17, 202357:49
006: Serial Entrepreneurship with Devin Robinson
Feb 10, 202345:55
005: SEO, Blogging, and ADHD Whispering with Roy Serafin
Jan 27, 202343:44
004: Making Marketing Human Again with Derek Couts
Jan 20, 202357:21
003: 5 Tips to jazz up your 2023

003: 5 Tips to jazz up your 2023

On this weeks episode we are giving you 5 tips to make sure that your 2023 is your happiest year yet.

5 Tips for your best 2023:

1. Do something scary

We all have something we've put off because we were scared. Whether it be because we were worried about what other would think about us, that we would fail, or simply because the thought made us uncomfortable. Pushing through this can open our life up to so many experiences that provide us joy and enrich our lives.

2. Just start

You can do it. Now do it. It doesn't have to be perfect. Learn that the joy is in the journey and start doing that thought in your head today. I've been there constantly in the planning stage and never in the doing, knowing you have a great idea but constantly pushing it off. Start in whatever way you have to one baby step at a time.

3. Don't forget about you

You are not a machine, and even if you are machines still need maintenance. Taking time for yourself to recharge means that you can take care of your clients and your family and friends the absolute best that you can. Delegate things in your life out when you can so that you can do more of the things that you love. As business owners we normally think this means work things but if you love work delegating personal things can work just as well.

4. Don't do it alone

Life is more fun in a community, as small businesses it is easy to isolate ourselves and believe that this will serve us best as we hunker down and attempt to power our way to the business we want. Finding a community that you supports you and makes you feel loved will allow you to work through everything and keep going even when its hard.

5. Figure what inspires you

And then do more of it.

For full notes check out

Jan 13, 202344:54
002: Cold Showers and Black Friday Deals to Elevate Your Business

002: Cold Showers and Black Friday Deals to Elevate Your Business

We don't know about you but three things we love to do are spend money on things we love, save money on those things if possible, and make our lives easier where we can. In this episode, we are breaking down some of our favorite things we use in our business and the deals they have going on for Black Friday so you can do all three.

The Sales:

1. Tonic Site Shop - 20% off your website template

Code: nathanandzoey

No more searching high and low to find the right designer, or spending endless hours (and money, and bottles of wine) trying to nail your online presence. Just pick a design, buy it, customize it, launch it, and sit back with a cocktail while the compliments roll in.

Check out our Tonic Black Friday Shop

Tonic's Instagram

The Tonic Weird, Famous Newsletter

The sale starts Monday November 21.

2. Sprout Studio- Free trial plus 25% off a annual plan

Say goodbye to the disorganization of other systems. Sprout Studio keeps you organized, makes you more money, and saves you time switching between software. With hundreds of CRM and gallery features, Sprout Studio has everything you need to run (and grow) your photography business in one place. If they did any more, we would need to add them to our payroll!

Sprout's Black Friday Deal

Honeybook (CRM for non-photographers)

The deal starts on Friday and runs through Cyber Monday, please mention Nathan and Zoey when they ask who sent you.

3. Flodesk- Save 50% for your first year

Flodesk is a digital marketing service provider that’s built for creators, by creators. You can use it to design and send on-brand marketing emails, create high converting sales and checkout pages, publish opt-in forms to grow your list, and build powerful email automations. Send emails people love to get.

Checkout Flodesk

4. Education

Ben Hartley- Sale Announced on Black Friday

No more guessing. No more trial and error. Get ready to have new energy and passion breathed back into your business when you have results focused strategies taking you step by step through how to get more inquiries, make more money & grow your business.

Check Out Ben's Website

Join Ben's Group to hear about his Black Friday Sale

Listen to Ben's Six Figure Photography Podcast

D'arcy Benincosa- 50% off all courses

D'arcy is a success coach, brand brainiac & marketing ninja to ambitious entrepreneurs. She helps you make more money, travel the world, and live life on purpose.

Check out D'arcy's Sale

Listen to the Play It Brave Podcast

Two Mann- Metanoia - currently open for enrollment

Check out Metanoia

Cleaning service to check out:

The cleaning service we use and it makes us feel like we live in a resort.

Check out Curry Clean

Nathan's Weird Idea:

What if we crowdsourced dreams? I believe banding together we could truly change peoples lives.

Check out Support My Dreams+

Nov 18, 202247:26
001: Creating the Life of Your Dreams

001: Creating the Life of Your Dreams

Do you have big dreams? Like really big dreams? In this episode Nathan and Zoey discuss their tips for letting go of your limiting beliefs and seizing the life of your dreams.

Please subscribe if you enjoy!



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Nov 11, 202248:17