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NCASS is the Nationwide Caterers Association, the membership association for independent food and drink businesses. We have been helping independent hospitality thrive since 1990.
The NCASS podcast seeks to discuss and shed light on the world of independent hospitality, talking to a range of individuals with expertise in the sector. We seek to educate, inform and entertain on all matters catering.
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Talking Tech With Our Own IT Crowd

NCASS PodcastDec 06, 2023

Talking Tech With Our Own IT Crowd

Talking Tech With Our Own IT Crowd

Jamie and Jon are back for the second part of our episode shining a light on the wonderful work the NCASS tech team do.

As well as lifting a lid on just how the NCASS operation works from a tech point of view, we get a little bit foodie and discuss favourite eating establishments, and find out what dream catering ventures both have in mind!

Dec 06, 202325:26
Providing A Voice for Independent Business
Dec 04, 202307:22
Why You Should Invest in Training
Nov 20, 202307:37
Are These The Tech Guys You're Looking For?

Are These The Tech Guys You're Looking For?

In this episode, Jamie and Jon from the NCASS tech team join Andy on the podcast to highlight the work the team does and how significant it is to supporting the overall NCASS operation. We disclose the reality of what goes into the membership experience from a technology point of view and the impact this has had both internally and externally.

Stay tuned for part two of this episode where we delve into food interests, run with an amusing 'little chef' analogy and explore some dream food business ideas!

Nov 03, 202323:23
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May 03, 202325:30
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Feb 28, 202325:32