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Nursing Rounds

Nursing Rounds

By North Carolina Nurses Association

Nursing Rounds is an interview-style podcast from the North Carolina Nurses Association, featuring nurse leaders as they break down hot topics in the profession and share their nursing journeys. Join NCNA staff as they sit down with our members to discuss all things nursing!

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Mary Holtschneider on Pilates and Physical Health

Nursing RoundsJul 21, 2023

Lisa Foster on Generational Diversity
Aug 11, 202311:49
Mary Holtschneider on Pilates and Physical Health
Jul 21, 202322:10
Marla Barthen on Film Nursing
Jun 22, 202315:48
Jean Davison on Volunteering in Ukraine
Nov 30, 202233:42
Nick Dowgul and David Griffiths on Civil Liability Cases
Oct 17, 202221:32
Jennifer MacFarquhar on Project Firstline and Infection Prevention
Jul 27, 202229:16
Elaine Scherer on Nurses Night at the Legislature
May 05, 202226:14
Dr. Phoebe Pollitt on the History of Nursing in North Carolina
Mar 28, 202235:13
Dr. G. Rumay Alexander on Racism in Nursing
Feb 21, 202201:06:12
Debra Barksdale's Nursing Journey
Jan 24, 202231:11
Evelyn Cook on Project Firstline and Infection Control
Dec 20, 202126:23
Letha Joseph
Dec 06, 202157:12
Dr. Susan Haynes Little, Dr. Shawn Kneipp, and Dr. Ellis Vaughan on Public Health Nursing
Nov 15, 202143:18
Happy NP Week! Schquthia Peacock on her Nursing Journey
Nov 08, 202137:46
Anne Vail on Leadership Academy
Oct 18, 202123:20
Ramesh Upadhyaya
Oct 04, 202148:50
Tammie Heintzman on Using Music to Cope with Hardships
Sep 20, 202140:07
Meka Douthit EL
Sep 07, 202133:02
Rep. Diane Wheatley's Journey to the Legislature
Aug 16, 202127:58
Rep. Carla Cunningham's Journey to the Legislature
Aug 02, 202126:21
Rep. Donna White's Journey to the Legislature
Jul 19, 202142:54
Rep. Gale Adcock's Journey to the Legislature
Jul 05, 202134:14
Elizabeth Snow on Student/Instructor Relationships during the Pandemic
Jun 21, 202122:36
Brittany Bass's Nursing Story
Jun 01, 202124:51
Holly Wei on Self-Care for Nurses
May 17, 202134:22
Jaclyn Qualter's Nursing Story
May 03, 202133:30
Jian (Lily) Chen on Supporting Marginalized Nurses
Apr 19, 202123:37
Megan Williams' Nursing Story
Apr 02, 202133:39
Michelle Schmerge on Telehealth
Mar 15, 202121:01
Dennis Taylor's Nursing Story
Feb 26, 202135:25