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Daily Check-In with Ned1313

Daily Check-In with Ned1313

By Ned Bellavance

A 10-minute, daily podcast from Ned1313 discussing technology, career advancement, and anything else relevant to the IT Professional in a brief, conversational style.
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Modernize is the Through Line

Daily Check-In with Ned1313Apr 09, 2021

Bringing Buffer Overflow Back?

Bringing Buffer Overflow Back?

I hosted a podcast called Buffer Overflow for about 4 years and 200 episodes. The company I worked for took down the podcast and all of its episodes. Should I host them on my own? Would anyone listen? I want to hear from YOU!

Feb 23, 202208:45
Disney World Retrospective

Disney World Retrospective

I'm going to Disneyland! Er, World. I went to Disney World, and naturally it got me thinking about technology, in-groups, and market share. Sounds strange? It'll all make sense once you listen.

Feb 21, 202210:05
Certified Recycled

Certified Recycled

There's an age old debate in tech about the utility of certifications. It's an argument we've had a hundred times. So let's have it again! This time I'm thinking about how a certification can help someone early on in their career and how the advent of the cloud and virtualization has lowered the barrier to entry for most certifications.

Feb 08, 202210:56
Pendulum Central
Feb 05, 202211:13
Web3 is like a wrench
Feb 04, 202211:20
You're Already There
Feb 02, 202210:39
Scripting 2: Electric Boogaloo
Feb 02, 202210:29
A Pre-script-tion
Feb 01, 202211:48
Nostalgia is a Helluva Drug
Jan 20, 202209:08
Embracing the Grind
Jan 18, 202209:37
Maybe Enough Is That
Jan 15, 202208:46
Web3 Infrastructure
Jan 14, 202209:44
Jan 12, 202209:09
Hard Habit to Break?

Hard Habit to Break?