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Need For Speedrunning

Need For Speedrunning

By Possibly Bad Entertainment

Join Jhobz, Rubiehart, Brad, and Luigi as they discuss Games Done Quick, different aspects of speedrunning, and assess the watchability of speedruns both new and old!
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Pit Stop: AGDQ 2024 Schedule Episode

Need For SpeedrunningDec 02, 2023

Pit Stop: AGDQ 2024 Schedule Episode
Dec 02, 202301:00:16
Mario Kart: Double Dash (All Cup Tour Glitch)
Nov 18, 202301:14:12
Pitstop: Great Introductory Speed Games
Nov 04, 202353:42
Marvel's Spider-Man Turf Wars DLC (Any%)
Oct 21, 202301:41:52
Speedrun Glossary - Reverse Boss Order (RBO)
Oct 07, 202349:34
Metroid Dread (Any% Unrestricted)
Sep 16, 202301:06:44
Speedrun Glossary: Low%
Sep 02, 202301:08:33
Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Sonic)
Aug 19, 202301:09:56
Pit Stop - NicholeGoodnight and Bathinjan Talk Co-op Speedruns
Aug 07, 202359:24
Overcooked 2 (All Hangry Horde Levels)
Jul 15, 202301:26:10
The First Pit Step - Brad’s First Speedrun!
Jul 01, 202358:31
Live From SGDQ 2023

Live From SGDQ 2023

After the panel fell through, Rubie, Brad, Hobz, and Luigi gather in a hotel room to catch up on each other’s week at Summer Games Done Quick 2023
Jun 05, 202348:36
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Redux (Any% w/ Amiibo)
May 20, 202301:13:00
Pit Stop: SGDQ 2023 Schedule Deep Dive (feat. BC from Chat of the Wild)

Pit Stop: SGDQ 2023 Schedule Deep Dive (feat. BC from Chat of the Wild)

The SGDQ 2023 schedule is out and it's deep dive time! Join hosts Brad, Rubie, Luigi, and special guest BC from the Chat of the Wild podcast as they traverse the hundreds of hours of content coming our way in just a few weeks... backwards. Check out the full schedule on the GDQ website: And listen to more of BC (and Luigi) on the Zelda podcast Chat of the Wild:

May 06, 202301:24:05
Super Mario Odyssey (Any%)

Super Mario Odyssey (Any%)

Ahh yes, Mario, the world famous… shoe cobbler, yeeeeaaah, who… rescues dogs and runs a banana shop. No wait that’s his rival, The Donkey. Look, I don’t know anything about these games. Just trust me, it’s a really fun episode.


To watch Tyron18’s run with us, head to:


To listen to our commentary, head to:

Apr 15, 202301:19:25
Pit Stop: Longest Speedruns of All Time

Pit Stop: Longest Speedruns of All Time

Is this episode even real or is it just a prank? Yes. Brad and Hobz take things at a different pace and talk about high levels play at high amounts of time. If you want to make it feel more authentic. feel free to pause the episode for a few days while you wait for the shampoo to upgrade.
Apr 01, 202301:03:32
Elden Ring (Any% Glitchless)
Mar 18, 202301:26:46
Pit Stop: A Talk with a Legendary Game Designer (feat. Kev Bayliss)
Mar 04, 202301:58:36
The Pathless (All Bosses)
Feb 18, 202301:04:17
Pit Stop: Super Mario All Stars Shuffler - AGDQ 2023 (feat. Skybilz)
Feb 04, 202301:10:34
AGDQ 2023 Recap, BS Legend of Zelda, LOVE 3
Jan 21, 202301:18:24
Pit Stop: What Makes a Speedrun… BAD?

Pit Stop: What Makes a Speedrun… BAD?

We always talk about speedruns from a "watchability" perspective on our show, but what exactly does that mean? What can make a speedrun bad to watch? What about a game that's bad to speedrun at all?? Luigi and Hobz dive into the nitpicky sides of speedrunning in this meta topic on the genre as a whole.
Jan 07, 202354:37
Holiday Spectacle 2022! (feat. Spikevegeta)
Dec 17, 202201:19:10
Pit Stop: AGDQ 2023 Games Schedule Deep Dive

Pit Stop: AGDQ 2023 Games Schedule Deep Dive

Curl up with a warm mug of leftover gravy, because we’re gonna snuggle up with the AGDQ 2023 Schedule. Hobz, Rubie, and Luigi start from the back and work their way towards the pre-show, stopping to admire the great runs and runners along the way. Come Speedrun and chill with us.
Dec 03, 202201:23:15
Halo: Combat Evolved (Any% Legendary)

Halo: Combat Evolved (Any% Legendary)

You ever heard of Master Chief? John-117? Green shooty boy & blue AI girl? Well it turns out he's much more of a villain than you might think... Join us as we discuss AGDQ 2023's recent schedule release, watch a Legendary run of Halo: CE, and welcome our new co-host RUBIEHART! Check out the Halo leaderboards at or watch the run we watch in the break here: [Any% Legendary by Cambid in 1:04:25]( *Note: Apologies for the less-than-stellar quality on Brad's audio today. We had a recording issue that has already been fixed for the next episode!*
Nov 19, 202201:27:52
Pit Stop: AGDQ 2015 Ninja Gaiden Relay Race (feat. duckfist and sinister1)

Pit Stop: AGDQ 2015 Ninja Gaiden Relay Race (feat. duckfist and sinister1)

We’re back with another Great Speedruns In History episode, this time looking at the nail-biting Ninja Gaiden Relay Race from AGDQ 2015. In addition to providing the commentary, our guests Sinister1 and Duckfist were responsible for putting together GDQ’s first relay and one of the most exciting moments in the history of the event!
Nov 07, 202201:07:43
Bioshock Any% (feat. Kungfufruitcup)

Bioshock Any% (feat. Kungfufruitcup)

Link… would you kindly open your eyes and grab that surfboard, even though it may look a little corpsey. Some dude named Ayn Rand or whatever built an underwater hippie farm, and the Royal family is afraid of losing all that delicious brow sweat. If you need more info, @kungfufruitcup stopped by Need For Speedrunning to break down the current Bioshock Any% World Record by @kpczombie. Would you kindly listen to it?

To watch kpczombie's run along with us, go here:

Support the show and listen to our commentary while you watch:


You can find kungfufruitcup:



Check out their GDQ Hotfix show: That's Never Happened Before

Oct 15, 202201:24:52
Pit Stop: Pokémon Speedruns (feat. Corvimae)
Oct 01, 202201:29:23
Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped (N. Sane Trilogy) feat. CovertMuffin

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped (N. Sane Trilogy) feat. CovertMuffin

It’s time, everyone! CovertMuffin joins us to finally talk about the greatest, most life changing, poetic, and legendary piece of speed tech ever found… that’s right Crash 3’s double slide! You thought I was gonna say the move Hobz found that was subsequently named after him, didn’t you? That wouldn’t be very fitting for the most humble speedrun podcast on the internet, would it now?


Here's Potty's current* world record, which we watched during intermission:

Support the show at to hear our commentary track for it and to watch us record live


CovertMuffin's Twitch:

CovertMuffin's Twitter:

*at time of recording

Sep 17, 202201:28:31
Pit Stop: 6 Speedruns We Think You'll Really Like (feat. Ethan King)
Sep 03, 202201:06:56
Resident Evil 2 Remake (Leon 2nd/Hardcore/120) feat. The Blacktastic
Aug 22, 202201:29:23
Pit Stop: More SGDQ 2022 feat. RUBIEHART and Xem
Jul 30, 202202:03:49
SGDQ 2022 & Solar Ash - True Ending (Restricted)
Jul 16, 202201:05:40
Pit Stop: Super Mario 64 (16 Star) DEEP DIVE w/ Mark Medina from IGN

Pit Stop: Super Mario 64 (16 Star) DEEP DIVE w/ Mark Medina from IGN

Whoa! Look at that runtime! With the help of Mark Medina from IGN, Hobz and Luigi manage to find lots to say about Super Mario 64 by looking at the 16 Star category. Settle in for a breakdown of the mechanics behind one of the hallmarks of speedrunning.

Support the show at


You can find more of Mark’s stuff:

• @Mark_Medina on Twitter 


• Devs React To Speedruns on Youtube

Jul 02, 202201:54:23
Super Mario 64  (70 Star) - feat. Keizaron

Super Mario 64 (70 Star) - feat. Keizaron

Last month the cake was a lie, but something tells me this time it’s real. The one and only Keizaron joins us to discuss the one and only Super Mario 64. During the break we watch then return to discuss Weegee’s current 70 Star WR.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll bonk a few times, and we’ll all get some goddamn cake.

Watch Weegee’s current 70 Star WR:

Support the show at to listen to our commentary while you watch the WR

You can find more of Keiz’ stuff @Keizaron on

  • Twitter
  • Twitch
  • Youtube

Check out JHobz and Keizaron’s GDQ Hotfix show on Twitch every Thursday @ 7:00 pm ET:

They’re also hosting, doing interviews, and Keiz has a run later this month for Summer Games Done Quick 2022! You can find the schedule over here:

Jun 18, 202201:42:53
Pit Stop: Blindfolded Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out (feat. sinister1 and zallard1)
Jun 04, 202201:04:56
Portal 2 Co-op (All Main Courses) - feat. frozenflygone
May 14, 202201:42:58
Pit Stop: Final Fantasy X

Pit Stop: Final Fantasy X

Welcome to the first NFSR Pit Stop! In this series, we're going to look into topics, ideas, and runs too big or broad for a regular episode of Need for Speedrunning. Leading things off, we take a look at a long RPG run to see how runners have broken them over the years. When we picked FFX and its 10 hour run, we sure didn't expect to find one of the most convoluted RNG systems in video game history, but luckily @Davesterio was there to walk us through the drops, the skips, and the most beautiful sounding glitch in the world! Pass Yuna the creatine and queue up for NFSR Pit Stops! 


Possibly Bad Entertainment and Need For Speedrunning now have a Patreon! Support the show and gain access to sweet tech over at: 


Follow Dave: On Twitch & Twitter @ Davesterio and on YouTube @ DavesterioYT 


Check out Doctor Swellman's YouTube video about how the FFX community dismantled the code:

Apr 30, 202255:34
Bloodborne (Any% Glitchless)
Apr 16, 202201:14:11
NFSR Reviews the KFConsole

NFSR Reviews the KFConsole

After the bonkers announcement that KFC is buying Nintendo, we decided it would be a good time to review their chicken warming game system, the KFConsole!

Apr 01, 202203:28
Hades (Fists: Any Heat and 50 Heat: Any Weapon)
Mar 19, 202201:35:30
Link's Awakening 2019 (Any%)
Feb 12, 202201:33:28
AGDQ 2022 & Kingdom Hearts 2 Randomizer Co-op Race
Jan 22, 202201:50:08
The NFSR Holiday Spectacle feat. Home Alone 2 (SNES) and Die Hard (Arcade)
Dec 17, 202101:38:40
Donkey Kong Country 2 (Any%)
Nov 19, 202101:41:05
Ratchet & Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal (NG+ No QE)
Oct 15, 202101:43:51
Pit Stop: Talking Celeste with Sound Designer Kevin Regamey

Pit Stop: Talking Celeste with Sound Designer Kevin Regamey

Welcome to our first interview episode!

Kevin Regamey is the Creative Director for Power Up Audio, the audio team behind such amazing games as Celeste, Darkest Dungeon, Cadence of Hyrule, TowerFall, and many more.  Kevin and the team also work behind the scenes at SGDQ taking care of the audio.  He's also a speedrunner and a very cool dude!

We discuss his career in Video Game Sound Design from his early work to co-founding Power Up Audio.  We go in depth on the topic of Celeste and the genesis of the beautiful soundscape of the game!

Oct 01, 202101:40:17
Flame Fatales 2021 Recap & Celeste (Bny%)

Flame Fatales 2021 Recap & Celeste (Bny%)

In this episode, we get way too excited about one of our favorite games ever and talk about Celeste, but not before discussing some of our favorite speedruns from the recent Flame Fatales 2021 event, benefitting Malala Fund. In fact, the run we watch during the break is @carrarium's bny% from Flame Fatales. So join us as we grab a bunch of cassettes and strawberries... but not those strawberries... the golden ones... they can stay over there. To watch carrarium's run along with us, head here: Flame Fatales 2021 Runs Referenced: Mom Hid My Game! by Asuka424 Kamiko by AirAngel [Commentary: Kirby703] Tetris Effect Connected by Kirby703 [Commentary: AirAngel & frozenflygone] Ninja Gaiden by xChristine Super Meat Boy by Bree12am [Commentary: Jenneticist & EyeOf_Newt] Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut - Three Different Runs by Risuruuu [Commentary: silversh33p] Sonic 3 & Knuckles by Ailis Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade by ItzUrGrlC [Commentary: NanakiEmi] Cadence of Hyrule by Kailaria [Commentary: Waskii115] Crypt of the NecroDancer by rp2knight [Commentary: Cryss] Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories by Skybilz [Commentary: leggystarscream & nukkular_reaction] Axiom Verge by SaberaMesia [Commentary: willow & orloth] Stardew Valley by Kinda Nerdy Housewife Celeste Quickie Mountain 2 by Fell [Commentary: frozenflygone] Celeste Glyph by frozenflygone [Commentary: carrarium] Super Metroid by FreyasSpirit [Commentary: SaberaMesia] Pokemon Let's Go, Eevee! by headstrong [Commentary: corvimae] VVVVVV by enui and frozenflygone [Commentary: vi/o] Phantasy Star Online Episode I by Withhelde
Sep 17, 202101:42:44
Super Metroid (Any% NMG)
Aug 20, 202101:33:51
SGDQ 2021 & Dark Souls Remastered (All Bosses)
Jul 16, 202101:44:34