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New Starz Show

New Starz Show

By Neil Clark

I am a broadcaster, presenter and podcaster.

I interview new, unsigned, signed and up and coming artists. I share their story with the world and play their music for all to hear. Explicit permission has been given by the artist to record and play the interviews and music.

This podcast is where you can get to know the artist and not just their songs. It's relaxed just like two people having a chat over coffee. Some artists share physical, war, mental health and bullying issues and why they chose to turn to music.

Sit back, put your headphones on and enjoy.
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Ep: 55 AJ McLovelly

New Starz ShowFeb 03, 2023

Ep: 55 AJ McLovelly

Ep: 55 AJ McLovelly

It was a pleasure talking with AJ McLovely, so down to earth and her recent experiences have grounded her in a way that she didn't realise it would, AJ tells more.

AJ is a former beauty queen and now an ambassador for mental health and after opening a facebook page she has created a huge following for her music.

AJ had only just got back into her music, (after life changing circumstances), not long before lockdown hit. Aj tells me all about the loss of her father and marriage breakdown and how it ompacted on her mental health.

She had been performing both solo and with other musicians at some small venues prior to lockdown. During lockdown AJ has utilised facebook to create a music page, build a fan base and perform regular live gigs every week,, featuring both covers and her own material.

AJ also writes her own songs and music and collabs regularly with other musicians of various genres. She has a very powerful voice, with a smooth, captivating tone and can sing pretty much anything, Her three collaboration single releases this year have all been quite different from each other. It is this diversity and her abilities that make her unique.

** Explicit Permission has been given by the artist toplay her music and interview **

Feb 03, 202349:28
Ep 73 New Starz Show with Positive K

Ep 73 New Starz Show with Positive K

What an absolute fantastic show starting with four independent artists: Pinx, Mellors, Teslanay and the Borderline Birdies. Such a great way to introduce my special guest Positive K.

Born August 8, 1967 and was raised in the Bronx, New York and spent much of his childhood near Richman (Echo) Park where early hip hop DJs Grandmaster Flash, DJ Sinbad and Busy Bee would throw block parties. He was inspired as a child to rap when one day The Fearless Four were performing in his neighborhood and invited him to say a rhyme on their mic. Gibson's first musical endeavor was a short-lived rap group with his family named Disco Cousins, and he rapped under the name Baby Breeze.

Later, while a member of the Five-Percent Nation, Gibson joined the rap group Almighty God Committee from Queens, rapping under the name Positive Knowledge Allah. However, after their DJ played the wrong side of a record at a televised rap contest and the rest of the group walked offstage, Gibson continued on as a solo act under the shortened name Positive K.

He shared his passion for Hip Hop and Rap music and said, "If you're born in the Bronx it's in your DNA" Positive K told me about his favourite songs like Cold Crush and Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five and what drew him to those songs. He also mentioned a ballad from Marvin Gaye "If I Should Die Tonight" and what it means to him.

He has gone from strength to strength and has shared three of his own songs for us to enjoy. So kick back and enjoy the show.

#hiphopmusic #newstarzshow #musicinterview #rap #positivek #neilclark #xclusive #getitdone #hiphop #interviewshow #musicshow #

Exclusive permission has been given by the artist to play the interview and his 3 songs "Get It Done", "Xclusive" and "Nobody". The other titles from Grand Master Flash, Cold Crush and Marvin Gaye are Fair Use for illustration purposes to describe the artists tastes in music growing up and how he became a well known Rap Artist.

Exclusive permission has been given by additional artists: Pinx, Mellors, Teslanay and Borderline Birdies via their promotors to include their songs within the New Starz Show.

All Rights Are Reserved. New Starz Show (c)2019.

Oct 05, 202258:46
Ep 72: Mardi Gras

Ep 72: Mardi Gras

There are rock bands and there is the Mardi Gras. A great bond of musicians and vocals that compliment each other on a united front. Their passion and talent is woven into every song they have written with elements of soul and sassyness. As long as there are stories to tell, there will be music…

Rome based Mardi Gras is a rock act with a difference. Named after Creedence Clearwater Revival’s last studio album, the band’s musical journey is made of protest songs, poetry, prayers set to music, and a whole lot more.

Mardi Gras has released three full albums so far: Drops Made (2006, Goodfellas), Among the Streams (2011) and last, Playground (2015), a record where ballads, rock, funk and acoustic pieces of music are the playground for the band with all their influences. Mundy, one of the greatest Irish songwriters, is a guest on the album that was mastered by Simon Gibson at Abbey Road Studios in London.

As regular visitors in Ireland, the band has forged long-standing connections with some of the best Irish musicians, playing as the support act for The Frames and Glen Hansard, and sharing the stage with artists such as Mundy, Siobhan O’ Brien, TKO, Micah P Hinson, Noah and the Whale, Billy Bragg or Jack Savoretti (not to mention the best Italian independent acts) to name a few. Liam O’Maonlai from the Hothouse Flowers features on the album “Among the streams” where a W.B.Yeats’s poem is put into music.

**Exlicit permission has been given by the artists to play the interview and their songs**

Mar 30, 202258:17
Ep 71: Andy Cahan Revisited

Ep 71: Andy Cahan Revisited

If you are a rock music fan, you are undoubtedly familiar with such major artists as Harry Nilsson, Little Richard, The Turtles, Ringo Starr, Jimmy Webb, Seals and Crofts, Frank Zappa, Dr. John, Chuck Berry, Kinky Friedman, Lou Reed, Eric Carmen and Jimi Hendrix.

What you probably don’t know is that all of them, at one point in their career, crossed paths with a musician named Andy Cahan, either musically or in other ways. And those names just scratch the surface! For more than five decades, the New York-born Cahan has served as one of the most

in-demand collaborators in the music business, for both studio sessions and live performance work.

Andy Cahan is truly The Most Famous Musician You’ve Never Heard Of!

You will hear why was Chubby Checker, of “The Twist” fame, chasing Andy around a hotel lobby and which soft-rock duo took Andy’s advice to change their name, leading to great success?

Andy Cahan’s website:

A fabulous musician who is more famous than you realise and an absolute gentleman and funny man during interview. You're gonna love this!

Last year Andy Cahan came on to the show to share his story with us. He loved it so much!! he wanted to come back onto the show to share more of his life with us including why Superman was his favourite super hero and what happened when he leapt off a stairway landing shouting "I can fly!!". He also shares a song that he wrote when his girlfriend finished with him and the reply his girlfriend left on his answer phone.

This is one multi faceted artist you cannot get enough of. 

Explicit permission has been given by the artist to play the interview and the music.

Mar 24, 202258:45
Ep 70: Piqued Jacks
Mar 16, 202247:59
Ep 69: Hamish Stuart

Ep 69: Hamish Stuart

What a pleasure it was to have Hamish Stuart as a guest on my show. Hamish is probably most famous for his singing with the Average White Band "Let's Go Around Again" and "Pick Up The Pieces". An absolute Legend and he tealks about his life growing up in music and where the music industry took him. 

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Stuart attended Queens Park School in Glasgow and left to form his first professional band 'The Dream Police'.

He recorded a couple of singles with the Dream Police, before he was invited to join the recently formed Average White Band (AWB) in June 1972.

A member of AWB from 1972 to 1982, he went on to work with Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan and David Sanborn.

He wrote Atlantic Starr's 1986 hit "If Your Heart Isn't in It" and songs for Smokey Robinson, Jeffrey Osborne, George Benson and Diana Ross.

Stuart joined Paul McCartney’s band (where he switched between guitar and bass as necessary with McCartney) for McCartney's 1989 comeback album, Flowers in the Dirt, and appearing on several other albums and McCartney's world tours of 1989 and 1993.

In 2006, Stuart toured as the bass player with Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band. He joined Starr again for a 2008 tour, where he performed "Pick Up The Pieces" and "Work to Do".[2] He once again toured with the band in 2019 playing "Pick Up the Pieces", "Work to Do", and "Cut the Cake".

In 2007, he produced and appeared as a guest vocalist on the album All About the Music, by The AllStars collective.

In July 2015, Stuart reunited with his AWB bandmates Malcolm "Molly" Duncan and Steve Ferrone to form The 360 Band. This is in essence one third of the original Average White Band. They released an album titled Three Sixty in 2017 and have been performing live together along with supporting musicians.

**Explicit Permission to play the interview and his songs from his album "Sooner Or Later" All Rights Reserved.**

Mar 11, 202259:49
Ep 68: Freya Wolf

Ep 68: Freya Wolf

What a treat to have Freya Wolf on the show plus every song from her new album called "Just Another Day"  was an exclusive to New Starz Show thanks Freya and Ross Hemsworth of Remote Highway. The album will be released April 29th 2022.

Freya was born in Aberdare in South Wales in 1978 She lived in Aberdare, Swansea, Carmarthenshire raised alongside The Stereophonics and like so many Welsh people, was born with an amazing voice! She moved to Street in 2008 before travelling the UK for two years, with stays in London, Scotland, North and South Wales, Cornwall, Devon, before finally settling in Somerset. 

As a classical pianist she was inspired early on by Nina Simone and Beverly Craven. She then found a love for female soul singers. She says “I have varied tastes from rock to reggae, classical piano to drum and bass. However, my all-time favourite soul tracks are RESPECT by Aretha Franklin and My Baby Just Cares for Me by Nina Simone. My favourite track from other genres is Brighter Days by Hybrid Minds ft Charlotte Haining.” 

Freya writes and co-writes her own material including her first two singles This Man is Mine” and “Meet Me at 8” both of which she co-wrote with U.S. Songwriter’s Hall of Fame member Ross Hemsworth. 

The single Red Roses (Are Never Enough) also co-written with Ross, attracted the interest of world-famous guitarist Marc Ribler who provided the solo and outro guitar work on the rack.

FOUR of the tracks from the album, have already been picked up by two U.S. music publishing companies who specialise in placing music into films and TV series’ through pitches on Broadjam! 

Freya’s first three singles have had considerable global airplay but we believe the forthcoming single I CAME HERE TO DANCE could see her rocket into the public eye with yet more radio and media interviews planned and even senior management of online platforms such as TikTok are now showing a big interest in Freya!

**Explicit Permission has been given by the artist and Remote Highway to play the songs and the interview **

Feb 28, 202252:28
EP 67: Melvin Lee Davis of Output/Input

EP 67: Melvin Lee Davis of Output/Input

What a sheer delight to have this talented artist on my show. He is down to earth and shares his life story with me on New Starz as well as his talented music and songs with artists that he has performed on those tracks. 

A special thank you goes out to Diane of Entertainment Bureau for her support in making this interview happen.

As a Southern Californian native Melvin Lee Davis began playing music, ‘the moment he came out of the womb’, and felt he was destined to be a musician. Influenced by his surroundings, where music was constantly present, Davis began playing the violin aged four. By the time he was six, he had switched over to the saxophone.

Like many successful musicians, Davis went on to play in the band at his church. When Davis was 16, a horn player from Buddy Miles’s band saw him play at a local club, and recommended him to Miles for an audition. Miles flew Davis out to New York for the audition and hired him on the spot for his touring band. Davis was introduced to Soul Train’s Don Cornelius through Ron “Have Mercy” Kersey, a staff producer at A&M Records. That led to him working as a staff bassist for Cornelius in 1978. Cornelius introduced Davis to a number of the top recording 

artists. As a result, Davis began writing music and performing with R&B singer O’Bryan from 1980 to 1987 through a record deal put in place by Cornelius, which included Davis writing the theme song, ‘Soul Train’s A Comin’ for Cornelius’ weekly television show, Soul Train.

Like many successful musicians, Davis went on to play in the band at his church. When Davis was 16, a horn player from Buddy Miles’s band saw him play at a local club, and recommended him to Miles for an audition. Miles flew Davis out to New York for the audition and hired him on the spot for his touring band. Davis was introduced to Soul Train’s Don Cornelius through Ron “Have Mercy” Kersey, a staff producer at A&M Records. That led to him working as a staff bassist for Cornelius in 1978. Cornelius introduced Davis to a number of the top recording artists. As a result, Davis began writing music and performing with R&B singer O’Bryan from 1980 to 1987 through a record deal put in place by Cornelius, which included Davis writing the theme song, ‘Soul Train’s A Comin’ for Cornelius’ weekly television show, Soul Train.

Davis has also played on a number of Will Downing’s releases, including Euphoria (2014), Black Pearls (2016), and Soul Survivor (2017). He has served as Chaka Khan’s Musical Director at various times throughout his career; most recently, during her European Night of the Proms (2015) and Art On Ice (2016) tours. Davis performed at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards (2013) and was a member of the Pre-Telecast Grammy Awards band from 2008 to 2014. He has been a member of the Technical Excellence & Creativity (TEC) Awards band since 2008.

Davis is also a founder of the band called Output Input where he teamed up with singer of the 80's Average White Band Hamish Stuart. Their song Soul Deep is sensational and is available for streaming

Hamish Stuart will also be appearing on my show in March, keep an eye out for that.

Explicit Permission has been given by Entertainment Bureau and Melvin Lee Davis to play the songs, music tracks and the interview. 

Feb 24, 202201:00:34
Ep 66: Paul O'Neill & Caitlin Barrett of the Roving Crows

Ep 66: Paul O'Neill & Caitlin Barrett of the Roving Crows

Welcome to New Starz where music is life. 

What a great down to earth band, full of passion and desire who ahve developed and enhanced folk music to another level, but still keeping the spirit of story telling and true folk dance. 

They have wowed festival audiences from Cambridge and Trowbridge to Cheltenham Jazz Festival as well as numerous headline appearances in France & Ireland alongside an international tour in 2018 to Australia. 

Band of the Year in the 2014 FATEA Music Awards and Best Live Act in the Spiral Awards in the same year, they were also winners of the 2017 Australian Celtic Music Awards (International Artist of the Year category), adding to their previous accolades in the Irish Music Association Awards for Top Celtic Rock Band and Top Fiddle Player.

Roving Crows have been carving out their niche in the UK folk music scene since early 2009.  

Over ten years and evolving incarnations Roving Crows have cultivated an arresting, singular sound that pushes the boundaries of the Celtic Folk genre. The band play with genuine passion, energy and soul. Vital and vibrant, a must see live act who showcase a mix of fiery, Celtic-inspired fiddle, conscious, intelligent lyrics, backed by solid, thumping rhythms and driving, innovative bass.  Roving Crows comprises; strong lead vocals and 4 part harmonies, guitar, fiddle, percussion and bass.

** Explicit permission has been give by the artists to play the interview and their music **

Feb 14, 202258:58
Ep 65: Henry Richards of Nova Bloom

Ep 65: Henry Richards of Nova Bloom

A young group Hailing from Wolverhampton UK, Indie Rock trio Nova Bloom have hit the ground running with their first two singles ‘Heavy Hitter’ and ‘City Lights’. With signature anthemic choruses, dynamic instrumentation and a heavy hitting blend of classic Rock and Indie Pop, the band have cemented themselves as ‘one to be watched’ in the UK Indie scene.

A young budding down to earth group who is pushing boundaries and not sitting in one genre. Their passion is on fire and they're out to make it big and above all to entertain you.

There are more new songs to come and I'm so delighted they chose New Starz Show to play their songs.

**Explicit permission has been given for the inte interview and their songs to be played**

Feb 10, 202247:12
Ep 64: Dirty Magic

Ep 64: Dirty Magic

Dirty Magic is an edgy rock band that has built themselves on the diverse musical pallet of their equally diverse membership. Based in Bangkok, Thailand, the band quickly gained rank in the local scene headlining all of the notable venues in less than a year. Through the troubling times of the pandemic, the band channeled their musical energy into crafting new music, recording new singles, and is walking the long path towards finding their own unique sound. Dirty Magic boasts grooving bass and drums that lay the foundation for soulful and powerful vocals. Melodic rock guitars and horns round out the sound to something that is instantly recognizable.

A bunch of likely lads that are having fun making foot tapping and addictive songs with passion and meaning. 

It was great fun talking to these guys and I'm sure you're going to love it as much as me.

**Explicit Permission has been granted by the artists to play their songs and interview**

Jan 27, 202259:17
Ep 63: Todd Thanhauser of AD2020

Ep 63: Todd Thanhauser of AD2020

What an amazing bunch of guys to pull this project off and at a vital time when mankind needed Hope. Todd Thanhauser brought this together and gave New Starz a copy of the album. What better way to say Thank You and to give your ears a real big treat  and that's to play the whole album and hear Todd talk about his life and how The Lockdown Diaries became.

Lockdown Diaries is available to stream and download on Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and all major digital platforms and is also available for purchase at 

“Mark McNelley and I had discussed the album the album that would become Lockdown Diaries a year earlier when were at Red Rocks in Colorado. If you can’t be inspired at Red Rocks, I give up. 

We began collaboration on the songs that would eventually make up the album in June of 2020 at the height of the pandemic. We wanted to create songs with a positive message and work with friends who we felt would bring positive energy to the project. I had known Dan Reed and Melvin Brannon from Dan Reed Network for a very long time and was a fan of their music and each of them personally.

In May of 2020 I told Dan Reed of the idea to do an album with musicians who were home from touring and he asked me who I was going to get to play guitar and bass and I mentioned Greg Smith and Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal as possibilities. I had met Greg Smith from Ted Nugent’s band the year before and had called him to tell him of the idea and he thought it was something he was interested in so we stayed in touch as I assembled the rest of the musicians. I had been listening to Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal’s latest acoustic album Barefoot 3 and was blown away by his arrangements. I had met Ron also the year before and knew he was an amazing guitar player and also a nice guy so I really wanted him involved if there was a way" says Todd Thanhauser, the band's drummer.

The band released their first single from the album, "Ricochet", written by Mark McNelley, Dan Reed and Todd Thanhauser on June 29, 2021. Todd adds, “Ricochet” was the first song we wrote together in June of 2020 and the first time I heard the demo that Dan Reed had sent to us I knew the song was going to be something special.” A.D.2020 "Ricochet" (Official Lyric Video): In addition, A.D.2020 released a new video on Sunday August 1, 2021, for their cover of the song “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” by the band WAR. The track is also featured on their album Lockdown Diaries. The video features the members of A.D.2020 playing the track in the studio and their home studios. The track is fresh and fun with each member taking a swing at lead vocals as well. Recorded on two continents during the pandemic A.D.2020 is a collective studio project featuring in order of appearance in the video. “We discussed doing a remake of this song early in the conversations that lead to the A.D.2020 project. I think the video is great because it shows us all during the lockdown playing and having fun and there are also some moments of humor and fantasy.It’s also a bit of a mantra we all live by “ Why Can’t We (All Just) Be Friends? “ the world would be a better place if we could all be friends. Our version of the song is the only song I can think of that has 6 lead vocal parts which also makes it a really unique cover. We hope the guys in WAR like the cover of their great song" says Todd Thanhauser.

**Explicit Permission has been given by the artist to play the songs and the interview**

Jan 21, 202201:01:38
Ep: 62 Steve Grant of Tight Fit

Ep: 62 Steve Grant of Tight Fit

It was a priviledge to chat with the 80's icon of Tight Fit, Steve Grant. Sadly Denise and Julie had other committments and were not able to join the interview.

Steve tells of his journey through the music industry and theatre productions. He also revealed the controvery surrounding the group and their legendary song "The Lion Sleeps Tonight".

The original lineup reformed in 2010 to address the requests they were receiving for performances and now sing live up and down the UK and in Europe.

Since their chart hits in the early 1980s, the past 30 years have been busy for the band, including:

Steve Grant returned to his roots in musical theatre, appearing in a number of musicals (such as Miss Saigon in the West End), before loosing most of his sight which led to a focus on recording studio work instead.

Julie Harris, who became a professionally qualified Chef, as well as a mum of three, has been in a number of successful bands such as Julie and the Gems playing live to audiences everywhere and performing lead vocals with the “Back To The Eighties” band.

Denise Waterman (nee Gyngell), who became a mum of two during her marriage to Pete Waterman, had a band with her two brothers following Tight Fit. She has worked as a TV presenter and professional entertainer, as well as founding her own theatre-camp school based in Wimbledon.

The ‘Tight Fit’ Trademark – Steve, Julie and Denise hold the trademark for Tight Fit with relation to all music and publishing.

They're back with a fantastic banging tune called "Fall Out" and now with Energise Records and SP Music Management they are set for a thrilling ride back to fame. 

**Explicit Permission has been given by the artist, record label and management team to play the songs of Tight Fit and the interview**

Jan 13, 202244:52
Ep 61: Andy Cahan

Ep 61: Andy Cahan

If you are a rock music fan, you are undoubtedly familiar with such major artists as Harry

Nilsson, Little Richard, The Turtles, Ringo Starr, Jimmy Webb, Seals and Crofts, Frank Zappa,

Dr. John, Chuck Berry, Kinky Friedman, Lou Reed, Eric Carmen and Jimi Hendrix.

What you probably don’t know is that all of them, at one point in their career, crossed paths with

a musician named Andy Cahan, either musically or in other ways. And those names just scratch

the surface! For more than five decades, the New York-born Cahan has served as one of the most

in-demand collaborators in the music business, for both studio sessions and live performance


Andy Cahan is truly The Most Famous Musician You’ve Never Heard Of!

You will hear why was Chubby Checker, of “The Twist” fame, chasing Andy around a hotel lobby and which soft-rock duo took Andy’s advice to change their name, leading to great success?

Andy Cahan’s website:

A fabulous musician who is more famous than you realise and an absolute gentleman and funny man during interview. You're gonna love this!

Dec 28, 202152:16
Ep 60: Whiskey Flowers

Ep 60: Whiskey Flowers

I am absolutely priviledged to have these guys on my New Starz Show. A real funny bunch of men that look like something out of Miami Vice and yet their music reminds me of the Oasis but alot more refined.

Founded in 2018, Whiskey Flowers started out as most bands do - playing covers for their own enjoyment.

After a few private gigs including a wedding and a company holiday party, they knew they had something legitimate.  As a group of seasoned musicians, it didn’t take long for Whiskey Flowers to define their own sound, mixing elements of Rock, Americana, Pop, Blues, 90’s Alternative and Folk into their songwriting. With 3 distinct songwriters, you can tell the range of influences the band has.

They met by chance over from weird encounters to awkward ones.

When asked about how it works having such different songwriting styles, Bill commented, “Hey – it worked for the Beatles.”

They made the best of the past year, writing, recording and producing their debut album The Long Road Back from home studios they built up over the last 12 months. Perhaps one of the defining characteristics of the band is the range of emotions their songs conjure up. Generally upbeat, they have a familiar, yet original vibe.

“It was a massive learning curve, but it was the most fun I’ve had in many, many years,” says Justin of his own journey into writing, recording and mixing. 

“The first six months, we were just having fun, writing and recording and mixing but truly having no end goal in sight. We weren’t trying to write an album, we were just killing time until we could practice again.”

As the hellish year known as 2020 was winding down, there was a marked shift for the band.

Brian recalls, “Bill sent us the demo of Free and Clear and we all knew there was gold in that song. After we each laid down our parts and Dave put together a mix, we were all like ‘whoa, we’re ready to make an actual record!’ That was a turning point for us.”

The Long Road Back has significant meaning for the band, not only does it represent their first original work together, but also comes at a time where the country is opening back up.

Check out their website and all streaming sites.

**Explicit permission has been given by the artists to play their songs and the interview**

Dec 27, 202101:12:25
Ep 59: Muddibrooke

Ep 59: Muddibrooke

What an awesome bunch of girls. They tell me about living with anxiety and how each song tells a story from meeting a Liverpool Boy to a song about an abusive relationship. 

Their passion and gritty music will have you hooked wanting more.

Hailing from English city, Derby, MuddiBrooke was born when ‘Brooke’ Harriet McDonnell on lead vocals and guitar, bassist and backing vocalist Anna Melidone and drummer Mary Prince aligned their bold enterprise and musical passions.

The band stepped forth January 2020, a fresh breath of adventure and intimacy but a proposal equally nurtured by the years of experiences embraced by its members, the playing of many prestigious festivals and alongside the likes of The Beautiful South, Luka Bloom, Dr and The Medics and much more among them.

The trio’s sound is a fusion of alternative rock and grunge but one just as hungry to subsume a host of varied flavours to its impassioned character. It is a striking and enthralling affair, which is unveiled within the band’s debut single ‘Turn To Dust’.

Released this May, the track openly bared its heart whilst being an echo for a moment so many can personally relate to.

The threesome’s songs also relish an instinctive individuality, from each other and those of others, which will be in evidence over the next ten months as MuddiBrooke plan to release another single that will lead to their Debut EP and subsequently a UK Tour.

When honest passion and fertile imagination affiliates with prowess and daring, special moments are woven…

Welcome to Muddibrooke.....

Explicit permission has been given by the artists to play their songs and interview.

Nov 19, 202149:00
Ep 58: Saturn Lane

Ep 58: Saturn Lane

What an incredible singer and songwriter, Saturn Lane. A talented artist that is heading for the top. 

Saturn Lane shared an exclusive track with New Starz Show called "Free", which will not be available to stream until 2022.

Pop singer-songwriter Saturn Lane has been working to find her voice. She was born in Staten Island, New York and discovered her passion for music at just 2 years old. At the age of 9, Saturn started to write original songs.

Growing up in a musical family, Saturn drew inspiration from the success of her late grandfather, WMCA “Good Guy” Rock-N’-Roll Radio Hall of Famer Jack Spector. Like her father, a guitarist, Saturn continued to write music and play local gigs in New York City.

Saturn’s main artistic influences are Ariana Grande, Bebe Rexha, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift. She writes honest, daring songs sharing her struggles of battling anxiety and finding the woman she’s becoming. She brings societally-deemed “taboo” topics, such as mental health, to the forefront.

Such an amzing artist, certainly one to look out for in the charts.

Explicit permission has been granted by the artist for the music and interview to be played

Nov 04, 202149:45
Ep 57: Ritchie Dave Porter & Debra Susan

Ep 57: Ritchie Dave Porter & Debra Susan

Born in Birmingham UK, Ritchie Dave Porter was the son of a Naval Officer and a professional ballerina and tap dancer. Learning from the masters of Blues like Hendrix, Page, Clapton and Winter, he learnt the solos note for note. Debra Susan with her operatic vocals and musical background make this a winning team.

Ritchie was diagnosed with cancer, but his guitar playing kept him strong and grounded, now he's back in business and readyto rock the world.

Ritchie is known as the Birmingham Legend for his performances and he never disappoints with hits like Sweet Treacle, Another Shot Of Whiskey, Broken Dreams, One Hell Of A Ride and many more plus more to come.

This couple know how to rock your soul.

Find him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and his music on all major streaming platforms.

Explicit permission has been granted for the interview and their music to be played.

Oct 28, 202101:00:12
Ep 56: Key of Caustic

Ep 56: Key of Caustic

What a fab group of guys, down to earth in their personalities as well as in their vibrant music too.

Based in Boston, Key of Caustic was created years ago in the soul of Jimbo Jones, yet birthed during the pandemic of 2020/2021.

Their mission is to write great power pop/punk rock music with ripping guitars, good hooks and memorable harmonies, and give it to the world. Our debut album will be out in the fall.

They are:

Jimbo Jones: Lead Vocals and Guitar

Armin Bushi: Drums and Percussion

Sean Dorrian: Lead Guitar

Vitaly Borodkin: Bass Guitar and Backup Vocals

A punk rock, pop that will have you foot tapping and dancing along.

Explicit permission has been given by the artists to play the interview and their music.

Oct 22, 202149:16
Ep 54: Keith Leahy of The Petal Falls

Ep 54: Keith Leahy of The Petal Falls

What an incredible band and music artistry. What an incredible interview with Keith Leahy.

The Petal Falls started up in Kent, UK, in the 90's and signed to a mid tier record label. With the bands hopes and dreams coming true, they set to work and started churning out albums. They realised something was wrong and soon their dream became a nightmare.

Keith Leahy tells about his life growing up with music and what happened when their dreams turned sour in the music industry.

Since then the band has been recreating that same wonderful retro rock style.

The irresistible blend of hard rock and pop with a mixture of brilliantly catchy 

music, clever lyrics and maddeningly beautiful production have produced a brand 

of music that so many have now found impossible not to fall in love with.

So go have a listen to The Petal Falls and “Let The Music Do The Talking”

Band Line-Up:

Keith Leahy - Lead vocals/Guitar/Keyboards 

Robert Harpum - Guitar 

Robin Tucker - Drums 

Dave Richards - Guitar 

Marius Ryndziewicz - Bass 

Additional Artist : 

Duncan Lowe – Keyboards/Bass

Sharon Wallace – Backing Vocals

Website -

Facebook -

Instagram -

Twitter -

It was a pleasure to chat with Keith Leahy and I'm sure there will be lots more coming from The Petal Falls.

** Explicit Permission has been given by the artist to play the interview and their music **

Sep 10, 202159:59
Ep 53: Tom O'Driscoll

Ep 53: Tom O'Driscoll

Here is an artist that has captured the magic of the 60's and 70's Rock scene and dragged it into the 21st Century still very much alive.

Tom has always been destined for music from an early age and never lost sight of his desire.

Songs that have a Rod Stewart, Beatles, and Paul McCartney feel to them. Every song has a story like Remember Days and Tenacity tells Tom's Biography whilst Sadder Than Sad tells the story of a person that has to have something bigger, better, worse, more painful and more extreme than you. I'm sure we have all met someone like that.

Tom is looking forward to getting back out there gigging but says he will be back out there possibly spring 2022 and we all look forward to that.

** Explicit permission has been given by the artist to play their interview and music **

Sep 07, 202147:59
Ep 52: David Nathan "The Brtish Ambassador Of Soul"

Ep 52: David Nathan "The Brtish Ambassador Of Soul"

This episode of New Starz Show highlights not just a producer, author and music historian, but "The British Ambassador Of Soul".

From humble beginnings David grew up above a Fish and Chip shop in Kilburn, London. From there he became a font of all knowledge when it came to music especially Soul Music. His knowledge and passion took him along a journalist path.

David will tell you the time he interviewed Luther Vandross, founder of Earth Wind & Fire Maurice White and Janet Jackson, but above all he is going to reveal the story that changed his life, the story of when he met Aretha Franklin and became good friends.

In this interview you are going to hear 5 unheard and unreleased tracks which are available on the definitive 2021 box set collection called "Aretha" by Rhino Records. David Nathan along with Patrick Milligan compiled the box set.

David also revealed his feelings about the death of Aretha Franklin and how her death coincided with the death of one of his own family members.

David Nathan is a seasoned journalist and knows all about the Soul background. He is very knowledgable person and very grounded despite rubbing shoulders with the "Queen Of Soul". So very intersting and a priviledge to talk to.

So get comfortable, because you're in for a treat.

** Explicit Permission has been given by David Nathan to play the interview and in conjunction with Rhino Records to play the music **

Additional Permission has been granted by Tizane, Burning Girl Productions and Jiggery Pockery Records to use the intrumental prelude of "Cherry"

Aug 31, 202101:00:25
Ep 51: Tizane Revisted

Ep 51: Tizane Revisted

What a treat is in store for you. Tizane dropped by for another chat post Covid 19.

Tizane tells me about her first album "Cherry" and the dark place where she has been in order to write those songs. She talks about Mental Health and what she did to combat her anxieties.

Tizane's biggest issue was self confidence and whilst performing at Mike Nights she ran into Georgie Kimpton of Burning Girls Production. 

Hear a plethora of tracks and a new single called Whos Gonna Hurt Me Now. Tizane tells me there is another single being produced called Cruel this will be an exclusive to New Starz Tizane tells me.

Checkout Tizane on Facebook to find out when and where she is gigging next.

Explicit permission has been given by the artist to paly the interview and their music.

Aug 18, 202152:50
Ep 50: Chelsea J

Ep 50: Chelsea J

It was a pleasure talking to Chelsea J, so down to earth and grounded with a tremendous ability with her vocals and musical talent.

Chelsea Johnson is a Los Angeles based Singer/Actress/Dancer with a drive to make quality art and content for the masses.

Johnson graduated in May of 2019 with her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Acting for the Stage and Screen. She has been singing and writing songs since adolescence and released her first EP Baby Girl last February; a collection of originally penned songs, of the R&B and Pop variety.

As a Mezzo-Soprano/Alto, she has portrayed vocally and physically strong roles such as "Morticia Addams" in the Addams Family, "The Witch" in Into The Woods, and "Lady in Yellow" in For Colored Girls.

She has the tenacity to be a magnetic presence on stage and screen in any role that presents itself as it is a chance to be an avid storyteller.

Check out her social medias

Explicit permission has been given by the artist to play the interview and her music.

Aug 10, 202150:43
Ep 49: Tenderhooks - Markus Leinweber

Ep 49: Tenderhooks - Markus Leinweber

Tenderhooks are a band that like play their anthemic and memorable alt/pop/rock/blues tunes live and entertain their fans and new listeners.

Their latest album 20-20 Vision was released in March 2020. The band have recently recorded at the legendary Rockfield Studios & 'Hooks!' album 8 will be released on 1st October. The band are happy to announce they have been signed by Aldora Britain Records.

It was an absolute pleasure chatting with Markus Leinweber, a singer, songwriter, musician and an acredited actor who played the part as a German soldier in the film "Saving Private Ryan" who shot Tom Hanks.

Markus is an artist that writes songs about what is happening in the world and has a passion for the Rainforest Charity which the sale of his song "Travelling Underground" supports the cause. Everyone should buy a copy of that single and contribute towards a worthy cause. We all need to do our bit for the rainforests and protect them. Buy the Single TODAY!!

Hear Markus's story of life in the music industry and some of his music too like Crazy Monkey, Stella Heartbeat and many more.

** Explicit permission has been given by the artist to play this interview and music **

Aug 04, 202158:40
Ep 46: Chrys Anthem Wozniak

Ep 46: Chrys Anthem Wozniak

A Producer, Musician, singer, film maker and founder of the Arinova Rhytm Collective.

From a theatrical background and upbringing comes this ruff diamond.

Chrys Wozniak aka "Anthem Man" wanted to create a new sound and by using individual artists to create that sound called the Arinova Rhythm Collective. 

ARC is not aimed at a particular demographic or genre. The music has a unique way of transporting  you on a journey or telling a story.

Chrys Wozniak, Vessy Mink and Roger Ebner create soulful, tales of Eastern promise, dance and twisted psychedelic tunes to transport, lift and entertain your mind and soul.

Available on bandcamp, deezer and other music platforms. 🎶

It was a pleasure to talk with Chrys Wozniak and to hear how he started in the music industry by not wanting to do what other artists and musicians do. He wanted to make something and he's done just that.

Explicit permission has been granted by the artist to play their music and interview.

Aug 02, 202159:25
Ep 48: The Ormidales

Ep 48: The Ormidales

The Ormidales are Bill Oliver and Mark Branscombe, singer /songwriters based in Vancouver BC.

 Since forming in 2007 they have co-written and released three independent albums, the self titled The Ormidales, These Little Dreams, and  Bijou Blue and numerous singles and videos. 

The Ormidales are well regarded and receive airplay throughout Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania and Asia. 

One of the pleasant surprises for The Ormidales was to have their song “Waiting For Catherine To Call” played at two Liverpool soccer games with audiences of 50,0000 each game! They had two tracks on a Scottish release “Destitunes" which saw proceeds go to the homeless in Glasgow. They were nominated for “Song of the Year” on UK Radio Six International with their infectious “What Am I Supposed To Do” in 2009 

The Ormidales offer a unique sound that results from their love of multi-genre music and their willingness to venture into many styles of music. The songwriting has a visual aspect to it; there’s always story with a setting most of the time and so the music is usually well suited to video or film imagery …or what you find in your mind when you close your eyes. 

2020 provided an isolated opportunity and inspiration for Mark and Bill to collaborate via Zoom with a new cover and video for of the 1958 classic “A Summer Place” and release of “Pretty Numb” a single which won their innovative video an award on a UK television show. “New Rome” was another single and video released on the day of the US Election in 2020, a hard look at modern day events that mirrored the decline of the Roman Empire. 

In 2021 The Ormidales kicked off the summer of 2021 with “Strangers After All” a new single and video that delights the eye and ear with it’s theme of breaking through isolation and connecting people, their past and present with technology.    

Fabulous guys to talk to and great music with a hint of Roy Orbison. Music that tells a story and very relatable.


You can find these guys on all social media platforms.

** Explicit permission has been given for the interview to be recorded and played with their songs on all associated and syndicated radio stations and music platforms including Sweet Romance Media Network. **

Jul 28, 202159:13
Ep 47: The Jobs

Ep 47: The Jobs

Jon Schlote /Drums

Mark Barone /Bass

Tom Heun / Guitar / Vocals

Trevor Meyer/ Guitar / Vocals / Keyboard

It was an absolute pleasure chatting to these guys on the show.

Primary songwriters Trevor Meyer and Thomas Heun played in competing bands in high school. After college, they combined their talents and began writing together. Joined by bassist, Marc Barone and drummer, Jon Schlote; The Jobs musical space is primarily occupied in alternative rock with tinges of surf, punk, and emo. Melodies are deliberate and songs are  rooted in pop sensibility often masked underneath the gaze of guitar fuzz. Influences have greatly expanded over the years drawing from travel, world topography, landscapes, the sea, storytelling, loss and isolation, recuperation, and perseverance through physical and mental challenges. Packaging in tonal influence that is governed by a love for British rock, vintage rock and emo, The Jobs maintain their process-driven approach focused on flow rather than force.   As the band’s musical cadence matures, the commitment to integral songwriting and love for innovation balance the challenges of sailing upon  the ever changing 2020 musical landscape and beyond.

I'm sure it's not the last we will hear of The Jobs as there is so much more to come from them. Check out their social media platforms and download platforms.

Explicit permission has been given by the artists to broadcast their music and interview on all platforms associated and syndicated to the New Starz Show.

Jul 20, 202101:06:41
Ep 45: Sean Smith

Ep 45: Sean Smith

Sean Smith started starred alongside well known celebrities in theatre productions of Evita, Dancing Queen, Wizard of Oz, Thats Entertainment, We Will Rock You, Spirit of Broadway and Elvis - King of Rock and Roll. He has also been at 3rd place as part of a brother/sister duo called Same Difference in the 2007 X Factor Show. 

He started out out performing on cruise ships before teaming up with his sister Sarah.

Sadly Same Difference disbanded as they both wanted to go in different directions, this allowed Sean to be his own person away from the spotlight of TV.

He signed with several record labels for a short period and has now settled with SP Music Management.

Sean is still performing in pantos around the country and released perfomed with Peter Wilson on the cover versions of Verona and Robert Miles One & One.

Sean has released a new album called "Swing For The 90's",a breath of fresh air to the music scene. You might be thinking, "Everyone is doing swing, what's so special about this album?" Well you are partially right, there are alot of singers recording swing songs, but not like this. Sean has hand picked songs from the 90's and spun them into a swing classic...Outstanding!!! And its ready to download TODAY!!!

This artist is heading for the stars and was such a delight to talk to. I'm sure this is not going to be the last we here of him on this show.

Download his songs at

Explicit permission has been given by the artist to play the interview and his songs.

Jul 10, 202101:13:18
Ep 44: Andrea Dee

Ep 44: Andrea Dee

Welcome back to New Starz Show.

Today I was fortunate to interview the lovely, talented Andrea Dee. We talked about her life in music, what it means and how it shaped her life.

You will hear songs like "Cheers", "Not Sorry", "Somehow", "Rat Trap", "Settle Down" and "Je Suis Seulle". These are songs about Andrea a reflection. You can hear all her songs on her website

“Truth and Dare” 

With the support of independent label, Daschund Records, Truth and Dare will be released in chapters. Each month a new song will be accompanied by a thematic video and acoustic alternative. In her defiant first single “Not Sorry”, Andrea proclaims ‘I am not sorry for who I am and what I do' while revealing the first facet of her ‘un objet d’art’. The album becomes increasingly intimate, with Andrea’s mask revealing her journey of self-reflection. It concludes with “Take Me As I Am”, a provocative assertion which dares you to confront her truth. 

Andrea Dee is truly an international artist. Born and raised in Paris, her histoire d’amour with music began in Le Coin Des Artistes, Montmartre. Aged 18, Andrea spread her wings, enjoying her first stage experiences as a third-generation showgirl in Las Vegas. 

The bright lights of New York soon captured her imagination. Composing her own music and refining her elegant, yet sultry voice, Andrea began establishing herself in the big city. Throughout the eclectic Lower East Side, Andrea played venues including Rockwood Music Hall and Bowery Ballroom. 

A tour across the USA, Europe and Asia soon followed, with Andrea exhibiting her dazzling and magnetic personality to fans across the globe. Andrea Dee has since been compared to Portishead, Amy Lee (Evanescence) and most recently, Christine and the Queens. 

Now living in London, the time is right to release her debut album, Truth and Dare. Duality permeates the album, reflecting the world around us against an electro beat, and layered retro musical journey. The album showcases her proclivity towards glamour – a throwback to the iconic feathers of the spectacular Jubilee! – while also exploring a personal vulnerability. Andrea speaks openly on a weekly Vlog with the same candidness as her French ballad ‘Je Suis Seule’, resonating with both the contemplative and those looking for a little bit of fun. 

She is also looking into collaboration and would love the help with marketing, venue booking and social media. If you  think this is you then you should contact Andrea on the same weblink.

Explicit permission has been given by the artist to play the interview and the artists songs.

Jun 14, 202101:04:33
Ep 43: New Starz Show Birthday Special

Ep 43: New Starz Show Birthday Special

Hi guys, New Starz Show is 1 year old. Started during the Covid 19 Lockdown in 2020 and forever growing.

I've had the pleasure of talking to Rozalla, Soricah, Dar Ra, Kelvin Lynch, Dawn Gibson, Alli Starr, Jerry Hall, Jacquine, J Treece, Randy Ellison, Crashing Tomorrow, Jon Paul, Wallace Mair, Michael Anthony Austin and many many more.

This show is to celebrate the artists music and the show that brings the artists life and music to the world.

A huge thank you to all my guests who have appeared on my show and made it a blast!!

See you in June with more artists!!

Explicit permission has been given by the artists to play their music

May 27, 202158:11
Ep 42: Wallace Mair

Ep 42: Wallace Mair

Wallace Mair is a singer songwriter from Scotland now living in Australia..

He has been performing since the age of 14 in venues and festivals. He once sang with his guitar in 61 bars in under 12 hours for a kids charity raising thousands in a "Sing-A-Thon".

Wallace has had chart success with a #5 in UK and Irish country charts, a #15 in Europe and a #1 in Australia with his song "Forever Dreamin" and now it's went to #1 in video charts..I'm recording new album here in Australia.

A wonderful, talented artist that still has his Scottish accent despite living in Australia for several years. 

You'll enjoy these great tunes especially "Forever Dreamin" a great song to line dance to.

Search all major music platforms to download his songs.

Explicit permission has been given by the artist to play the interview and his music.

May 13, 202101:01:28
Ep 41: J Treece

Ep 41: J Treece

J Treece has been involved with music all of his life.  Born in Asheville, NC - he grew up in Baltimore, MD.   He started playing the saxophone at the age of nine years.  As a teen, he learned how to read and write music.

J Treece joined the United States Army, while stationed in Germany, he continued to development his musical skill set by working as a DJ in the local clubs.   After the military, he joined the group Mirror Mirror and released the R&B top selling single “Up & Down.”

With the artistic knowledge of writing, arranging music, and songs, J Treece took the natural leap to producing music for local R&B artist.

J Treece helped to produce the single “She’s A Maniac” with Rapper Jay Reid.  He has managed a rock band and several independent artists, including artist Tania from Brussels, Belgium.

J Treece’s current project is his first Solo album titled

‘Love, Sex & Pillow Talk’

with singles “Because I’m Happy” and “2NITE.”

The album, ‘‘Love, Sex & Pillow Talk’, will be released on the J Treece label TREETOP Entertainment.

J Treece solo album ‘‘Love, Sex & Pillow Talk’’ blends R&B, POP, LATIN/CARIBBEAN, a wide range of musical influences, and different sounds of music J Treece has heard and loved throughout his travels.

J Treece has stated the he is thinking of changing the album name to reflect the wide range of flavours that you will be able to hear very soon.

You can download the songs by J Treece from all major music like Amazon, Deezer, iTunes etc just search "J Treece"

Explicit permission has been given by the artist for the interview and songs to be played. 

Apr 29, 202153:27
Ep 40: Kelvin Lynch

Ep 40: Kelvin Lynch

Kelvin Lynch has never been involved in music until he retired. A retired new artist that has ventured onto the music circuit with very little knowledge and yet his vocals sound like that of a 30 year old. Fresh and vibrant tones that suits Rock, Pop, Indie style genres.

He was a project manager in construction, but he always had ideas and was determined to turn those ideas into songs, when construction was no longer in his life.

He found it very challenging going into a recording studio, an environment which was completely new to him, but he always overcome his challenges. 

At first he got the "Oh Dad" from his three daughter's, but they are happy for him now

He was very lucky to find someone who had a great deal of time for him at the it was good money for the producer.

Kelvin now has approximately 18 songs on Soundcloud, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify etc and he is very proud of what he has achieved. Kelvin would have been kicking himself, if he had never recorded his ideas especially with not knowing how they would have possibly turned out.

If you would like to know more about Kelvin or would like to work with him drop me a message on and I will forward your details onto Kelvin.

Explicit permission has been given by the artist to play the interview and their music

Apr 22, 202156:14
Ep 39: Vessy Mink

Ep 39: Vessy Mink

This is one amazing artist. An artist full of life and passion for her family and her music, definitely one to look out for as she creates great music.

Vessy Mink is a Chicago born singer songwriter & producer, Vessy Mink got her musical start singing background vocals and playing tambourine with her big sister Antje’s band, Just Blame Eve. After moving to LA in 98 Vessy landed her first song license for the feature film “In A Class Of His Own.” In 2001 Vessy’s first band The Lovesick Lunatics released their debut album, Black Car. The 2nd track “Hollywood Hang Me” was quickly picked up by Fox’s hit tv show, The Gilmore Girls and ran as a promo for 3 straight months. 

Since that time, Vessy’s had her songs licensed to a plethora of commercials, documentaries, web series and feature films. While living in Venice, CA she was cast in a handful of national commercials for Apple & AT & T. During this time she connected with LAFCO(LA Film Cooperative) where Vessy learned about documentary filmmaking, cohabitating with many other artists and so much more. 

At the same time Vessy performed all over LA with an outstanding A’capella trio called The Smiling Minks and various other improvisational musical acts. She had weekly musical residencies at The Cows End in Marina Del Rey & in the downstairs cavern at the Viper Room. All sorts of amazing musical guests would join Vessy at these shows and one never knew exactly who would be gracing the stage. 

Following the Burning Man festivals in 2004/2005, Vessy landed a musical residency in Avoriaz, France. She booked the show before having the band and so jumped on Craigs List to find the players that would accompany her. After the month long residency where her 3 piece band performed every night at a restaurant called Le Cabané, Vessy took a train to her family roots in Sofia, Bulgaria. Following her stay with her grandmother Veselina (who sang and taught her Bulgarian lullabies when she was just a child) Vessy flew to London where she recorded her second full length album at Fortress Studios in Hackney with a fresh new set of talented players thrown together by her manager at the time, Ralph Cavallaro. 

After flying back to LA, Vessy picked up where she left off with performing live shows. Chicago was calling however, and in January 2008, she and her new fiancé (whom she also happened to find on Craigs List) took the long road trip back home to Chicago. 

Vessy Mink currently lives in the NW suburbs of Chicago with her four amazing children and her wonderfully talented musical husband. She has not once stopped writing & producing songs and creating ideas from which to blossom. Vessy writes and produces songs out of her home studio and is currently hard at work with various musical projects including ARC Arinova Rhythm Collective, THM NME and a handful of very new collaborations born from social media. 

Vessy also is a children’s music artist who taught the Wiggleworms music program for the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago. She spends her time writing and producing custom songs for every sentimental occasion under the sun. Her latest accomplishments include

becoming a yoga teacher through the Alchemy School of Yoga & being cast in the online improv comedy ensemble, Hard Times Of Northwest Indiana. 

Vessy has released many songs in the past 5 years, some of which are available via online digital platforms such as I Tunes, Spotify, Deezer IHeart Radio etc. 

For bookings new music, collaborations and contact info please visit to get in touch.

**Explicit permission has been granted by the artist to play their interview and their music**

Apr 13, 202157:39
Ep 37: Darren Yarrow of Crashing Tomorrow

Ep 37: Darren Yarrow of Crashing Tomorrow

It was a blast having Darren on from Crashng Tomorrow.

Darren Yarrow (vocals) and Greg Stephenson (guitars) believe music should make you feel something. They are an Australian rock band whose songs tell a story, drawing inspiration from life’s experiences.

Darren and Greg formed Crashing Tomorrow in 2010. Based on the fringe of Brisbane in a town called Peak Crossing, they started writing music, which became their first album – ‘White Bikini’. Released in September 2013, it was welcomed into the music scene receiving radio airplay both nationally and internationally.

Wanting to expand their material for live performances, plus give their fans an even bigger sound, Darren and Greg wrote and recorded their second album, ‘Lone Rider’. It was released on August 14th, 2015 alongside the first single – ‘Secrets’.

Apr 08, 202159:07
Ep 36: Soricah

Ep 36: Soricah

An amazing artist that has a great personality and whos music has a mystical and eary flavour that will transport your mind to far away places.

Soricah is an Irish/Mauritian musical artist and producer. Having been brought up in Ireland, Africa, Mauritius and London, her music is very much influenced by her rich upbringing, and the music and people she has been exposed to.

Her sound is unique, not tied to one genre, taking the melodies of Ireland and the Soul of Africa, to produce some truly original and captivating music. Soricah has gigged on the London and Irish circuit as a solo artist, and is a former member of the band “Rebekah Met Sarah” who have performed with acts such as The Palma Violets.

As a solo musician, she has supported Internationally renowned cellist Jo Quail, and has been a frequent collaborator with members of The Artist Community of Studio 180 and the rich artistic warehouse scene of East London. She has also been featured on a wide variety of different artistic projects and her collaborations and solo projects have been aired on BBC Radio, 2fm and a variety of Irish and International radio stations.

What a pleasure to have on the show and no doubt we will be seeing and hearing alot more of Soricah in the near future

Mar 29, 202101:20:03
Ep 35: Rozalla

Ep 35: Rozalla

I was very grateful to have the pleasure in speaking to Rozalla, Queen of Rave with her hit single Everybody's Free (To Feel Good).

Rozalla began performing at a young age in her native Zambia singing in clubs and at events; then at age 13, she was singing on a children's TV show. Still in her teens, she relocated to Zimbabwe where she fronted various R&B cover bands before beginning her own recording career with a resultant five number-one hits on that nation's chart.

In 1988, Rozalla relocated to London with her manager Chris Sergeant and worked with the Band of Gypsies, a production duo consisting of Nigel Swanston and Tim Cox.

Rozalla's first UK single "Born to Luv Ya" became a club hit in 1990. The singer's career really took off when the dance anthem "Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)" reached number 6 in the UK Singles Chart in 1991. It became a Top 10 hit in many European countries soon afterwards and reached the Billboard Top 40 the following year. It remains her biggest hit to date. It was later included on her debut album Everybody's Free, which peaked at number 20 in the UK Albums Chart and went silver. The album spawned two more sizeable hits in "Faith (In the Power of Love)" and "Are You Ready to Fly", reaching number 11 and 14 respectively in the UK Singles Chart, plus a lesser charting single in the ballad "Love Breakdown".

In 1992 Rozalla toured with Michael Jackson, opening all of his shows on the European leg of his Dangerous tour, including the UK. She enjoyed four UK Top 40 hits in 1994/95, including her rendition of "I Love Music", the theme song to the film Carlito's Way. The attendant album Look No Further featured more R&B and soul elements than her previous album.

A superb artist that is still pumping out those dance tunes to get you moving. Rozalla hasn't changed she 's back better than ever and also a Lifetime Achievement Award Winner on Star FM. Well deserved, Congratulations!!

Explicit permission has been granted by Rozalla, Jonathan Dahl (Promoter), Energise Recordings and SP Music Management for the use of the songs played and to record and play the interview.

Mar 26, 202159:36
Ep 34: Sheree Brown

Ep 34: Sheree Brown

It was a pleasure speaking with Sheree Brown. She is a true star with a real talent for music, melody and songwriting. Without a doubt her songs are timeless and will be listened to for years to come and I am honoured to have spoken to one of the greatest artists in R and B. 

Her's a liittle bit about Sheree Brown.

Sheree Brown is an artist and a brand, she is a multi-media experience whose music and projects inspires, educates, uplift and touch the hearts of those across generations, lifestyles, and cultures. She is a singer, songwriter, musician, producer, and teacher. Sheree began her career as a rhythm and blues and pop recording artist on the Capitol Records label in the early eighties. While on the label, she wrote and played guitar on all of the songs for her two albums Straight Ahead and The Music. They have both been re-released. Both of these albums have been digitally re-mastered on CDs. This re-release is giving Sheree another opportunity to reach out and share positive inspiration through her music.

Sheree has performed a one-woman show in Germany, Egypt, Israel and Italy. She co-wrote the first House of Blues “School House Tour” program that had a two year run at the famed Hollywood House of Blues. Additionally, she has been a guest host for the popular weekly Gospel Brunch at the same venue, and received an Emmy® Award nomination for co-producing a public service announcement and music video that promoted youth against violence and self-esteem.

Sheree has achieved gold and platinum record status over the years for songs that she has written or co-written for various artists, including Kirk Franklin’s hit “Looking for You”, a #1 gospel hit. She is a multiple ASCAP Award winning recipient and has written for such artists as Grammy nominated composer and musician Patrice Rushen (Haven’t You Heard and Settle For My Love) and Zhane (Groove Thang). She has co-written, recorded and published close to 100 songs, including songs for the acclaimed movie, Hollywood Shuffle.

Sheree has co-authored a children’s book, Zhakanaka The Word. This highly acclaimed book is a part of a national peace campaign that focuses on self-esteem, literacy, and anti-bullying. Additionally, she has released a children’s music CD, We’re All Only Children. Coming off of the success of her European tour, she released her project Messages From The Heart, a highly anticipated concept project that includes a book and music CD. She recently released her first single in a few years, “I Choose Love”, written by her and Patrice Rushen. The song is from her forthcoming musical effort Messages From The Spirit…The Collective and is the follow up to Messages From The Heart, using the same formats.

Mar 17, 202101:11:32
Ep 33: Dom Mar KZ

Ep 33: Dom Mar KZ

It was an absolute privilege to chat with Dom Mar KZ and he  is proof that dreams do not have an expiry date. For more than two decades the Talented Toronto-area singer/ songwriter has shown a remarkable level of dedication and Perseverance to his crafts, and has never given up his desire to write, record and perform music.

Dom Mar KZ came from a supportive family where his love of music and performing was nurtured from an early age. High school was where his love of music reached its full flowering as he first enrolled in the school’s music program and then joined with other school pals to form bands that hashed out the chords and melodies o the latest radio sensations from Duran Duran, Van Halen, and the other pop and rock hit makers of the mid-1980s.

In the 2000s, he had the good fortune of having his band, then just called Mar KZ, open for Canadian rock luminaries Def Leppard and Honeymoon Suite. Six years later (2006) he got to perform in front of a packed house opening for Bon Jovi at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre, after winning a radio station contest. Less than two years later, Mar KZ was added to five dates at the end of a run through Ontario and Quebec by legendary German hard rockers, The Scorpions.

Fast forward to 2016 and with the powerfully transformative experience of writing, recording and now releasing When It’s Tough To Be You and Destiny, Dom Mar KZ’s creative fire is burning as high and hot as it ever has, and he is focusing all his time, energy and artistry on making his musical dreams come true. Once again, it’s proof that it’s never too late to Rock and Roll.

Fast Fast Forward to 2021 and he is soaring new heights with his hits. I'm sure you will enjoy his songs and chat as much as I did.

Mar 12, 202154:26
Ep 32: Jacqine

Ep 32: Jacqine

What an incredible artist with such a powerful voice and an array of musical talents.

Jacqine has gained notoriety as a prolific singer/songwriter/keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist/and arranger in a wide array of genres. With a distinct voice and influences that extend the gamut from Alison Moyet, Annie Lenox, Maysa, Lalah Hathaway, Lara Fabian, Phoebe Snow, to many other vocalists, she has built quite a music following.

Talented on keyboards, she has a keen sense of choosing instrumental sounds that reflect an unequivocal unique combination of chord patterns for each song she creates. Her journey into music at a very young age began with her dad who introduced her to 1950’s and 1960’s records of Mama Cass and Edie Gorme as well as Debbie Boone, Barbra Streisand, and other artists and popular movies.

She listened to Miichael Jackson, Tavares, Cerrone, Chic, and a number of 1970’s classic groups.  Some of Jacqine's favorite music includes: Earth, Wind, and Fire, Kool and the Gang, Incognito, Ambrosia , Elton John, the Eagles, Shalimar, Shakatak, Phil Collins, Kansas, and Chicago.

She creates complex harmonies, chord progressions, melodies and lyrics and creates and emulates other instruments on keyboards such as saxophone, guitar, flute, oboe, clarinet, strings, bass, brass which has led to demo recordings and live performances, She studied voice privately with Iris Marrus with Susan Windor (Jazz teacher at Mannace School of Music)as well as Jazz Improvisation in a group and where she learned traditional Jazz and very complex chord progressions with the creation of jazz melodies and chord progressions in anticipation of song development. She studied and sang pop music as well with a Pop and Jazz vocalist.

Her introduction to Smooth Jazz began while listening to CD101.9 and hearing Peter White’s track Caravan of Dreams on the radio in addition to Pat Metheny’s music. She bought CD’s and a number of albums of various Smooth Jazz artists latest releases such as David Benoit, Tom Scott, David Sanborn, and Jonathan Butler.  Jacqine became an avid listener and huge fan of the music, attending shows of Stanley Jordan, Richard Elliot, Brian Culbertson, and listening to additional Smooth Jazz radio stations as well. In a chance meeting, she was introduced to the dance genre after a producer heard her sing and she got her first production nonexclusive deal with a producer which led to doing more records non-exclusively with several producers, one of whom she was asked to co-write.  She found success with a song she co-wrote that was licensed at the Cannes Film Festival in France in 13 countries and had the opportunity to work with Eric Kupper, remixer for Whitney Houston, Cher, Shakira, Alicia Keyes, Lenny Kravitz, Yoko, Ono, Donna Summer, Curtis Mayfield, and other artists. 

She has graced audiences with her vocals while performing at several venues in New York City including The Jazz Center of New York, Nells, Jewel Box, and Café Gianluca. She has gained attention from the TV industry and some of the music is fit for the film score genre as well. Currently, with tons of radio play and music radio interviews, she has fans locally and abroad with music heard in over 40 countries and 35,000 listeners. Most recently, on a couple of songs,Jacqine recorded with Curtis McCain, Naomi Andriaanz, Donald Waugh, Scott Marvill, Matthias Beckmann, and Craig Levy of Little Pioneer Cider House. Craig did the drums on Jacqine’s song and Jacqine added extra drums on a couple of those songs. 

Mar 06, 202152:08
Ep 31: Fernando Poma of Steady Rolling

Ep 31: Fernando Poma of Steady Rolling

A trio from El Salvadore who captures everyday life experiences into a song that resonates in our own lives. 

Steady Rollin is the long-overdue return to the powerful combination of blues, rock and story-telling lyrics which characterised such musical behemoths as Led Zeppelin and Cream. Comprising Benjamin Andrade (drums/backing vocals); Gerardo Pardo (bass) and Fernando Poma on guitar and lead vocals. They have already captured the hearts of minds of audiences across their native El Salvador and now look to spread their message to the rest of the world. The first single from the forthcoming album, Love & Loss, is When Judgement Comes, a thrilling glimpse at a trio who only ever perform live, even in the studio. The Steady Rollin’ train will be pulling into a station near you before you know it…

Love & Loss is the first full release from Steady Rollin’, 10 tracks which tell love-related stories from Fernando’s real-life experiences to a musical backing which twists between emotional blues; agile, sinewous rock and a squall of alternative power. 


Gerardo Pardo is a professional bass and guitar player, adding expertise and a melancholic note to Steady Rollin’s compositions.

FERNANDO POMA - Guitar and Vocals

Fernando Poma has played music for as long as he can remember, moving on from the drums as a young child through to an obsessive fascination for guitars which still exists today. Though he has been hugely successful in business, it is music which has always been his calling, a passion which is tangible in every song he performs.


Benjamin Andrade’s interest in music started back in 1994 when he started listening to Led Zeppelin, Rush, Metallica and other rock bands. His talent has driven him to stablish several successful music bands, such as Kroma, Ultraviolet and Alter Ego. Nowadays, he is committed to 

Steady Rollin’ and to his role as Yamaha Music’s official drumming representative for El Salvador.

An interview that spoke of a war torn country and the love for music which is at the core of eah and evryone of us. Probably the most emotional interview ever done on New Starz.

Feb 22, 202101:03:32
Ep 30: New Starz Special with Ellison & Dar Ra

Ep 30: New Starz Special with Ellison & Dar Ra

A special show featuring two artists that have made an appearance on the show in 2020 are back to share what they have been upto and not forgetting new songs.

ELLISON - featured on the show on September 16th 2020 and shared his life and music with us "Don't Tell Me", "Sing" and an exclusive "2021". Ellison has gone from strength to strength even during these turbulent times with Covid, which affectd his family as it came knocking on his door. His 7yr old daughter fell victim to the virus and made a full recovery, however, his uncle wasn't that lucky. Hear how the virus has moved him to create a new music project called Renaissance.

You can expect to hear a new song every month for the rest of the year as part of the project. 

DAR RA - Came on my show as the first guest on April 27th 2020 and revealed his life, his work and the paranormal.

Indie Irish Rock  Artist and Global Sensation Dar Ra has been busy engaged in creating new singles and albums, his new album is called Ballads For The Downtrodden with old and new hits, from "Whiskey & Honey" to "Rise Like The Sun" and "Diamonds & Shadows" to "Heart Shaped Pill".  That's not all! Dar Ra has been interviewed on countless radio staions and music magazines  around the world and took part in an online virtual concert across America, probably the fastest he has toured in a long time.

Dar Ra is a born entertainer which you find just about anywhere just search his name, Dar Ra.

Explicit permission has been given by both artists for the interview to be played as well as their songs.

Feb 16, 202101:30:37
Ep 29: Mark Harrison

Ep 29: Mark Harrison

A genuine blues singer and musician, who stopped playing until he found his niche. After realising that his cover songs sounded different to the originals he then embarked on creating genuine blues music.

He  started to do gigs all over London, in all sorts of fine and well-regarded venues – some solo, many with Charles Benfield (double bass), Ryan Carr (mandolin), Ed Hopwood (drums) and Will Greener (harmonica), in various combinations. With that fine bunch of musicians, I did a couple of hundred gigs over the following couple of years, including supporting such fine touring US artists as The Holmes Brothers and Doug MacLeod and there were radio appearances too.

He was then producing album after album, then covid struck and put a stop to gigs, but that hasn't stopped Mark from writing and recording more songs.

You can find Mark everything to know about Mark and his songs on his website

Explicit permission has been given by the artist to play their music

Feb 02, 202101:03:33
Ep 28: Bristol Kids

Ep 28: Bristol Kids

North American Rock Pop husband and wife duo, the Bristol Kids.

Quite an unusal name for two mature adults, but the name just works. Their songs are upbeat, catchy and punchy.

The couple met at the Venice Beach in California and there started a beautiful partnership in love and music.

James told me about his love for music and what inspires and influences him and how the couple are able to write songs in perfect harmony.

You will notice a distinct Jeff Beck "HI Ho Silver Lining" start to their song "Seaside Town".

For now the couple are busy writing and recording more songs to get your feet tapping to.

Keep listening out for the Bristol Kids as they're now hitting the radio stations.

Explicit permission has been given for the artists songs to be played. 

Feb 01, 202157:42
Ep 27: Ariel Ryder

Ep 27: Ariel Ryder

A budding young female contemporary artist who has gigged across California and Illinois and recorded music with some of the best in the music industry.

At the age of 15 she was destined to be a star when she appeared on the Chicago version of "Showtime At The Apollo".

Ariel almost had the chance of being signed up by the same manager as Craig David who she happened to meet in person as well, what are the odds of that. However, she didn't like the manager and chose not to sign. This is one artist that knows what she wants. She even worked with the Artful Dodger.

Ariel has the sound and vocals like that of Beyonce, Destiny's Child and Mariah Carey.

You can download her songs at and most other music platforms.

Explicit permission has been given by the artist to play their music.

Jan 27, 202101:00:45
Ep 26: Michael Antony Austin

Ep 26: Michael Antony Austin

Who Is Michael Antony Austin?

He is a natural performer with a strong, emotive tenor voice.

 Centre stage since his early teens, he has chalked up an impressive musical CV with a host of various bands, projects and as a solo artist, along with hundreds of LIVE shows across the world from Russia to the USA. Including supporting such diverse artists as Chris Norman (Smokie), Weather Girls, Steps, The Calling, Madcon and even Right Said Fred!... 

​As singer/songwriter, Michael has released 3 albums of deeply personal but radio friendly, Country flavoured Pop Rock and Folk.  

​Current single ‘Turn Around And Kiss Me’ is taken from the forthcoming album

'It's Not The Years... It's The Mileage'.

Recorded by Gordon McNeil (GUN) in Glasgow, Scotland and featuring the talents of James Prime (Deacon Blue), Charlotte Printer (Skipinnish) and Derek Fleming (Kodak Ghosts).

He's an awesome musician and performer and such a priviledge to speak with him.

Explicit permission granted by the artist to play their music.

Jan 18, 202159:46
Ep 25: Habaka

Ep 25: Habaka

Habaka, the four octave Blues, Jazz and Gospel chanteuse was born in Nashville, TN into a family of musicians that played a part in American music history:  her grandfather Jeri Jackson pianist and promoter, Grandmother Irene Jackson dancer, her mother Mary Ann Jackson a dancer and jazz vocalist, and her father Melvin Jackson band leader to Bobby Bluebland 16 years, and saxophonist to the legendary B. B. King (King of the Blues) for more than a decade.

Habaka, the four octave Blues, Jazz and Gospel chanteuse was born in Nashville, TN into a family of musicians that played a part in American music history:  her grandfather Jeri Jackson pianist and promoter, Grandmother Irene Jackson dancer, her mother Mary Ann Jackson a dancer and jazz vocalist, and her father Melvin Jackson band leader to Bobby Bluebland 16 years, and saxophonist to the legendary B. B. King (King of the Blues) for more than a decade.Habaka has performed on some of the hottest Blues and Jazz stages in the world. The famous Catalina Jazz Club (Los Angeles), The 56th, and 57th Annual Jazz and Blues Riverboat Cruise (Hartford, Connecticut), Suoni Di Marca Festival (Treviso, Italy) (Gdynia Blues Festival (Poland), Carpenetto Romano, San Vito Blues Soul Festival, Portello River Festival, Jazz in San Donà, Budapest Blues Festival, Tropea Blues, Torritta Blues, Pordenone Blues Fest, Narcaro Blues, Narni Blues, Bellinzona Blues Fest, and Trasimeno Blues) she has also shared the stage with such artists such as; The Original Blues Brothers, Bo-Diddley, Wilson Picket, Kenny Neal, Solomon Burke, Louisiana Red, Sandra Hall, Peach's Staten, Ana Popovic, Scott Henderson, Sugar Blue and B. B. King to give you an idea of where she's been and where she's going.

Habaka is under the Expansion Record Label and is soaring high. This is one blues artist you need in your collection. An artist that is both grounded and humble. She is an amazing person and a true professional and I was priviledged to have her on my New Starz Show.

A big thankyou to Expansion Records, to Diane Hinds of Entertainment Bureau and to Habaka.

Explicit permission has been given for the artists songs to be played.

Jan 16, 202101:10:43
Ep 24: New Starz - That Was The Year Show

Ep 24: New Starz - That Was The Year Show

It all started 9 months ago during lockdown when I decided to launch a podcast to help new and unsigned singer, songwriters and musicians showcase their talents to the world.

You see, we can all like a song and know who sang it and often sing along to it, but do you know the artist, I mean really know them as if you were chatting to them over coffee. Well this is where the New Starz Show differs from anything else heard. I invite artists to come along to the show so you can really get to know them, the good and the bad, the happy and sad parts of their life.

This is the last show of 2020 and it could not have been done without the help of Catherine J Campbell of CJC Promotions, Diane Hinds of Entertainment Bureau and Laura Tonelli of LET Signature Events for putting these great artist in touch with the show.

Also A HUGE thank you to all my guests:

Dar Ra, The Cranberry Merchants, Dawn Gibson, Jon Paul, Delerium Trees, Mirror Point, Shiffley, Indie Butterflies Dream, Undamaged Destiny, Alex James, Stacey Z, Ale, Rusty Boilers, Angus Munro, Destiny Band Oz, Me & The Rest, Lonehead, Tizane, 48K, Jerry Hull, Ryder, The Innocents, Sudlers Row and Randy Ellis.

It's been a hard year and these artists have struggled to perform for their fans and many of them have invented ways to perform like live streaming etc.

This is a 9 month recap of all my guests best hits. Enjoy!!

A Very Merry Christmas to One & All and to All A Safe & Happy New Year

Dec 25, 202001:50:01
Ep 23 Angus Munro

Ep 23 Angus Munro

This artist has endured glue ear as an infant and is now dealing with dyspraxia and depression. However he is not letting it get him down and by focusing on his music he is able to cope with everything else.

Angus's song "Bait & Switch" has been used by an award winning film director in the Christmas Movie "You Are My Home" currently showing on Netflix. This is a very emotional film that is guaranteed to have you reacing for your tissue box.

You can follow Angus on YouTube, Band Camp and his website

Explicit permission has been given by the artist for his songs to be played.

Dec 18, 202001:13:48
Ep 22: Rusty Boilers

Ep 22: Rusty Boilers

A mature band from Israel called Rusty Boilers. A Post-Punk rock band, draws influences from the alternative rock boom of the 80's, combining new and retro indie-rock new-wave elements.

Initiated in February 2017, RUSTY BOILERS members come from different content worlds, but share a common passion for bringing to life new music with a unique sound.

The band is currently performing in the wider district of Tel-Aviv with songs from their upcoming album.

Their recorded singles ("Rusty Boilers", "Milano Is By My Side", “Poetic Justice” and latest “Gunman”) are aired already in multiple radio stations in Israel, UK, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, France, Germany, Poland, Hong-Kong, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Canada and throughout the USA.

More singles from the upcoming album will be released soon.

If you love the Dire Straits you're gonna love these.

Explicit permission has been granted by the artists to play their music 

Dec 01, 202059:34
Ep 21: 48K

Ep 21: 48K

A bunch of guys that made a band from other Aberdeen bands like Kill Switch and Black Wilderness in the mid 1999 to who they are today, 48K. An awesome group which has an Oasis feel to it.

Tragedy struck when Veyden was celebrating some good news and slipped off a 27 foot tall wall and plummeted to ground hitting his head. On two occasions the band was called to Veydens bedside to say farewell, but Veyden had other ideas like staying alive for one. The band took a turn for the worse whilst Veyden was recovering and broke up.

The band has since reformed and Veyden made a slow recovery and his memory is still not quite 100% but he's back playing with the band.

This is one interview well worth listening to.

Explicit permission has been granted by the artists to play their music 

Dec 01, 202044:35
Ep 20: Me & The Rest

Ep 20: Me & The Rest

A Hard Rock Band from the Oberland Region in Zurich been playing together as aband for 30 years, selling more than 6000 copies of their CD's, performing at over 400 concerts and never lost sight of their "Long Live Rock and Roll" vision.

They are truely real and authentic and true to the core, they celebrate their music with their signature riffs, wonderful hooklines and killer vocals. As supporting act of SOTO (Scandinavien Tour), Molly Hatchet, DORO, Krokus, Jane, Don Dokken, Rhino Bucket and many other well-known established groups, they grew to learn at the feet of the masters, polishing their live act to soon become the talk of their peers and many fans.

The band name stands for "All for one and one for all"; Three men and a woman - all focused on "one goal, one family, one band". Each band member is simultaneously me and the rest. It is clear for all in this 'family' that there is no place or room for egocentricity. They stand both close and true to the fountainhead of Rock music. Rock'n'Roll leaps instinctively from the guts of each member. Their love of the art form and its message clearly envelopes everyone that hears their music. The spirit of Rock feeds the audience as well as the band itself and is reflected in both their music and words. Driving anthemic riffs, bodies drenched in sweat, they live their lives for that hunger and that fire. That’s what Rock’n’Roll truly is all about.

Explicit permission has been granted by the artists to play their music 

Nov 17, 202046:26
Ep 19: Lonehead

Ep 19: Lonehead

Born out of  the gritty Glasgow rock scene, Lonehead are a powerful three piece band playing their own brand of melodic alternate rock. Their sound, polished through many gigs in legendary haunts like The Scotia and the Clutha Vaults lands somewhere between Cream and The Manics or maybe Biffy, The Clash and The Who. Featuring the virtuoso lead guitar of Glasgow legend 'Uncle' Jim Keilt, the band have signed to new Glasgow music label Frantastic68 Records. 

Referred to as ''the Caledonian rock machine'' by Julian Marszalek of The Quietus, Lonehead are fronted by singer bass player Martin Jenkins and bolstered by ex Cosmic Rough Rider Mark Brown on drums.  Lonehead's debut album 'Wonderful and how to get it" is on full digital release now.

Explicit permission has been granted by the artists to play their music 

Nov 17, 202059:47
Ep 18: Jerry Hull

Ep 18: Jerry Hull

A musician, singer, songwriter, pianist and arranger with nearly 50 years in the music industry.

He is an amazing artist with an amazing life story that has travelled around America gigging all spectrums of genre.

An artist that has been compared to Elton John, Elvis Costello, Burt Bacharach and Billy Joel. An artist that puts theatre in every performance and every song that he writes.

A very charasmatic guy who is fun and easy to listen to. Sit back and imagine you are in your favourite theatre as Jerry takes you on a journey and tells his story.

Explicit permission has been granted by the artists to play their music 

Nov 11, 202001:08:34
Ep: 17 The Innocents

Ep: 17 The Innocents

This band from Leicester has a unique take on rock music. They push the boundaries on what should and could become of rock music. Lead singer Andy Wardle packs a punch with his vocals that has a resemblance to Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet and his band Steven James Fowler (Guitar/Vocals), Lee Gibson (Drums) and Dave Tillyard (Bass Guitar) have a knack at cracking out songs at rocket speed.

These guys are grounded and know how to have fun and a laugh. I've never had so may bloopers to edit out, but they have a way of lifting your spirits.

Their songs "I Come Alive" and "Fools Gold" have a similarity to the opening riffs of a James Bond movie and I can picture these guys performing a soundtrack to Bond Movie.

You can find The Innocents on Spotify, ITunes, Amazon and their website and you can follow them on

They were a pleasure to chat to and you'll be hearing more from them in the very near future I can guarantee. I hope you enjoy listening to them as I did.

Explicit permission has been granted by the artists to play their music 

Oct 28, 202001:03:45
Ep 16: Tizane

Ep 16: Tizane

A young artist that had a love for music from a very young age, but as she reached 12 years old a battle against anxiety persued her and left Tizane hidden away from people, concentrating on her music and started to learn how to play different instruments. She's making it her ambition to play just about any instrument made.

Still battling anxiety she has finds solace in music which allows her to express her feelings. She is an inspiration to us all.

A creative, multifaceted, multi-intrumentalist and talented woman with great tunes. There's more to come from Tizane including a vinyl album, now that's got to be worth it's weight in gold!! Plus alot more, but I guess you'll just have to keep following Tizane on Spotify, Facebook and Youtube.

A BIG shout out to George Kimpton of Burning Girl Productions for his help setting up the interview and for giving explicit permission to play the artists songs.

Oct 15, 202034:32
Ep 15: Stacey Z & Ale'

Ep 15: Stacey Z & Ale'

Not one but two artists, a bumper show.

Starting with Stacey Z, a new Scottish Artist that has a superb gift for singing. She even gave us a treat not to be missed.

Her new song "Little Angel" written by THP Songs is a haunting lullaby with a classic twist, superb.

We look forward to hearing more from Stacey Z in the very near future. 

Ale' Gonzalez Gomez a young budding multifaceted, multi instrumentalist, singer  songwriter and producer comes alive giving New Starz the Podcast a first and Exclusive interview, what a treat!!

Both Artists and THP Songs have given their explicit permission to play their music.

Oct 15, 202001:22:09
Ep 14: Ryder Rock Band

Ep 14: Ryder Rock Band

A new heavy rock band with a kick ass attitude and sound advice to anyone wanting to start a band.

From New York, United States of America this band has real potential and also a real sense of humour too.

There is a little bit of cussing going on, but relatively tame considering. However, this has to be classified as explicit content for parental reasons.

You can 3 of their favourite tracks being "Crash and Burn", "Slave to Love" and "LOA Club". I'm sure you'll enjoy these as much as me if not more.

You can follow the Ryder Rock Band on Spotify, YouTube and Facebook.

They have major desires to come over to United Kingdom to perform once the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

Explicit permission has been granted by the artists to play their music.

Sep 29, 202054:54
Ep 13: Randy Ellison

Ep 13: Randy Ellison

A mix of R & B and current pop that offers a contemporary classic feel. Ellison provides real STAR quality in his performance and I'm amazed he hasn't been signed up by a record label yet. He has soul and passion like James Brown and the charisma, musician and dance like Prince and Jimmy Hendrix. This Is ELLISON.

His new single just released currently has 10,000 stream on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube (search Ellison) with multiple write up and played on over 40 radio stations worldwide.

** An Exclusive to New Starz the Podcast **

His New single "2021" soon to be released to the public can be heard here FIRST!!! Check it out!!

Explicit permission has been granted by the artist for his music to be played

Sep 16, 202046:11
Ep: 12 Alex James

Ep: 12 Alex James

A young Indie Rock Artist that started playing guitar at the age of 12 and started at the bottom and worked his way up to the point of playing on stage with headline acts. Not all headliners liked the idea of a new artist being on stage with them and thats a shame, maybe Alex was just too good for them and that's a fact. 

Check out his new single called AD.

You can contact Alex on and on YouTube under Alex Bracy Music.

Explicit permission has been granted by the artist to play his music.

Sep 07, 202001:18:11
Ep 11: Destiny Band Oz

Ep 11: Destiny Band Oz

An Australian Country Rock husband and wife duo from Gippsland, Victoria.

Tessa and Thomas faced fear with Black Saturday Bush Fires in 2009 which almost cost their home and Thomas feared the worst with Cancer and survived.

They've cherished the good times too by winning 17 awards in just 2 years not to mention the Top No.1, No.2, No.3, No.5 Chart Hits on the Radio.

They write, compose, sing and produce their own songs and videos. What a team and I am so proud to have them on my show and I wish them the very best of luck for up and coming 2020 awards.

If you enjoyed this podcast please rate it here: https://www.ratethispodcast/newstarzthepodcast

Thanks you for listening. Join me next time when I talk to another New Star!!

Explicit permission has been granted by the artists to play their music. 

Aug 15, 202049:12
Ep:10 Jon Paul

Ep:10 Jon Paul

A very talented young Indie Soft Rock Artist.

Jon started his musical career at the age of 5 and learnt music by ear as he was almost blind. After operations on his eyes he then took up playing a saxophone then guitar, thanks to his grandma.

Jon has been the target of bullying which has not stopped him from getting close to his dreams, infact it's made him more determined.

Now thanks to CJC Promotions and New Starz the Podcast, Jon Paul is releasing his hit song "A Soldiers Life" to radio stations across Europe and we wish him great success.

Jon is also raising awareness about suicide.

You can find Jon Paul on Reverbnation, YouTube, Bandcamp and Now HERE!!

Explicit permission has been given by the artist to play their music

Aug 07, 202054:01
Ep: 9 Travis Jones of Mirror Point

Ep: 9 Travis Jones of Mirror Point

Travis Jones and Marc Killian are Mirror Point, a Mature Indie Rock Band that sounds and feels every bit like Bon Jovi. 

They share and encourage other indie artist to hang out with them and creat some great music together. Covid 19 is not going to drag this group down, as they embark on some new sounds coming very soon.

They gave me explicit permission to play their music being "Is This Was This", "Just Push Play" and "Shine On". You can download all these tracks direct from their website along with t-shirts etc.

Definitely a band to watch out for.

Jul 30, 202046:51
Ep: 8 Nathan Ames of Sudler's Row

Ep: 8 Nathan Ames of Sudler's Row

Sudler's Row is an Indie Rock Instrumental and progressive rock project featuring Nathan Ames (Guitar/Bass) and Anthony Mayan (Percussion/Drums).

In this episode Nathan is a lecturer of Classical music and shares his passion for music to everyone FOR everyone. He passion for music started at the age of 11yrs old and has branched out and blossomed to the band it is today. Nathan now has sights for writing songs for TV and Film.

Unfortunately Anthony Mayan wasn't able to join us due to other committments, but I'm sure he will join us next time.

They share 3 songs with New Starz the Podcast and they are "Frantic Empire", "Blood Moon" and "Silk Road II". Explicit permission has been given by the artist to play their music.

Jul 30, 202001:00:41
Ep: 7 Drew Jarvie of The Delerium Trees

Ep: 7 Drew Jarvie of The Delerium Trees

All the way from Aberdeenshire, Scotland, this is one Indie Rock Artist to watch out for as he creates superb rock music incorporating brass instruments to the mix and what a transformation it is as he tells stories about his life experiences and political dilemas.

Explicit permission has been granted for their music to be played.

Jul 11, 202046:16
Ep.6 Shiffley

Ep.6 Shiffley

A young group of talented artists that entice your attention automatically. This is one group to look out for in the coming year. I predict they're going to be a big sensation and global phenomenom.Their latest album "Paper Cranes" is available for download from their webite and from Spotify. All proceeds will go to

Explicit permission has been granted by the artist to play their music.

Jun 23, 202001:09:30
Ep. 5 Undamaged Destiny

Ep. 5 Undamaged Destiny

A fresh Indie Grunge Rock Band which was formed from a satire college movie band called "Geazer". Just like a Pheonix born from the ashes Undamaged Destiny was born and are here to stay and entertain you.

Explicit permission has been granted by the artist to play their music.

Jun 13, 202001:06:45
Ep. 4 Jakob P of Indie Butterflies Dream

Ep. 4 Jakob P of Indie Butterflies Dream

An Israeli Indie Rock Band that is inspired by his beliefs and has a passion to make music for everyone to enjoy.With hit songs like "Seven", "Piece of Mind" and "Freedom" This artist is heading for the stars.

Explicit permission has been granted by the artist to play their music

Jun 10, 202001:06:45
Ep. 3 Dawn Gibson

Ep. 3 Dawn Gibson

Welcome to another New Starz the Podcast as I interview Canadian Indie Rock Artist, Musician, Composer, Singer, Songwriter Dawn Gibson.From the age of 3 Dawn wanted to be a Rock and Roll star and at the age of 12 she started up her own band and since then she has written over 400 songs. You can hear three of them here which are Between The Lines, You're The Reason & You Don't See Me. Check it out!!

Explicit permission has been granted by the artist to play their music.

Jun 04, 202001:24:36
Episode 2: The Cranberry Merchants

Episode 2: The Cranberry Merchants

A husband and wife, Award Winning Rock Duo from Georgia, Atlanta,with over 25 years in the music industry.They get inspiration from history and hypocracy.Their biggest hit "Black Maria" from their debut EP "In The Blood" rocked around the globe topping or being placed in the Top 10 of many station charts.Their newest song "Disturbing The Peace" is not only catchy but also has a very entertaining lego video. Superb.

Explicit permission has been granted by the artist to play their music.

May 29, 202049:59
Episode 1 Dar.Ra

Episode 1 Dar.Ra

Here is an Irish singer, songwriter and musician who captures life in all its diversity and moulds experiences and inspirations into great songs with passion. A pleasure to interview where he shared some of his well known tracks and an exclusive song dedicated tothe NHS and Keyworkers called "Stand Up For Heroes", but this song goes beyond that where he dedicates the song to those armed forces who fought for our liberty in the wars and all those who helped Great Britain be GREAT!!

Explicit permission has been granted by the artist to play their music.

May 10, 202056:08