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Neil Wilkins Podcast

By Neil Wilkins

Neil Wilkins : Mindful Living : Mindful Marketing : Metaverse Marketing : Marketing Sustainability : Founder of The Mindful Collective : Creator of Life Map by Neya® : Mindful Marketing Consultant : Founder and MD of Viper Marketing : Mentor : Author : International Speaker : Podcaster : #IKIGAI
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The History and Future of Marketing

Neil Wilkins PodcastMay 22, 2023

The History and Future of Marketing
May 22, 202341:07
Future Leap Finance and the Green Loan Scheme

Future Leap Finance and the Green Loan Scheme

Neil Wilkins in conversation with Dan Proctor about the Green Loan Scheme and Future Leap Finance, helping sustainable businesses finance their eco initiatives.

For more details about Future Leap Finance, visit and for membership enquiries and benefits, visit

For more content like this, visit Neil Wilkins Online and The Mindful Collective

May 16, 202343:03
CRM Systems

CRM Systems

Webinar - Understanding Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

“Did you know your employees switch apps and interfaces more than 1,100 times a day? That’s hours of clicking between programs, dividing their attention, and copying and pasting information that might get compromised along the way.”

“Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology for managing all your company's relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. The goal is simple: Improve business relationships. A CRM system helps companies stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability.”

Key components of CRM systems:

1. Workflow Automation - rules that trigger actions based on specific inputs

2. 3rd Party Integration - linking with Sage, Dropbox, Outlook etc.

3. Customer Service - integration of all customer contact from marketing to sales

4. Employee Tracking - cross-referencing and reporting of staff inputs and performance

5. Marketing Integration - linking with Mailchimp, social media, website lead generation

6. Analytics and Reporting - integrated and customisable, multi-function reporting

Listen to the full webinar to learn more.

This webinar by Neil Wilkins is part of Cambridge Marketing College's fortnightly webinar series for marketers. Visit for more webinars like this and for more content like this.

May 14, 202344:55
Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Neil Wilkins discusses the differences between types of influencers: Nano vs. Micro vs. Macro vs. Mega and the 6 roles that influencers commonly take on in marketing:

Brand Ambassadors: Influencers serve as brand ambassadors, endorsing products or services and sharing their experiences with their followers. They help in raising brand awareness, building brand identity, and generating a positive brand image.

Content Creators: Influencers are skilled at creating engaging content, whether it's through blogs, videos, or social media posts. By collaborating with brands, they produce authentic and creative content that appeals to their audience, showcasing the brand in a positive light.

Opinion Leaders: Influencers often have expertise or credibility in their niche, which makes them opinion leaders. They can sway consumer opinions and help build trust in a brand, making them valuable assets for businesses seeking to establish a positive reputation.

Social Media Strategists: With their deep understanding of social media platforms and algorithms, influencers can help brands develop and execute effective social media strategies. They are knowledgeable about the best practices for each platform and can identify trends to help brands stay relevant and visible to their target audience.

Product Reviewers: Influencers can provide honest, detailed reviews of products or services, giving consumers valuable insights before making a purchase decision. These reviews can significantly impact consumer behavior, as many people rely on influencer opinions when deciding what to buy.

Event Promotion and Attendance: Influencers can help generate buzz and excitement around events, whether they are product launches, conferences, or brand-sponsored gatherings. By attending events and sharing their experiences, influencers can boost event attendance, increase visibility, and create positive associations with the brand.

For more content like this, visit

May 11, 202351:05
Creative Briefs with Howard Ibach

Creative Briefs with Howard Ibach

Neil Wilkins talks to Creative Briefs guru Howard Ibach about the essential nature of writing compelling and accurate creative briefs.

Despite being an integral part of effective marketing, communications and sales, creative briefs are often one of the most overlooked and undervalued stages in the comms process.

Howard uncovers the reasons behind this and explains what we can all do to start benefitting fully from clear, concise and inspiring creative briefs.

For more details about Howard Ibach's work, courses and books, visit Howard is also co-host of The Brief Bros. podcast

For more interviews like this, visit

May 04, 202349:10
Working Across Multidiscipline Teams

Working Across Multidiscipline Teams

Webinar Working Across Multi-Discipline Teams“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” Michael Jordan

“A cross-functional team, also known as a multidisciplinary team or interdisciplinary team, is a group of people with different functional expertise working toward a common goal. It may include people from finance, marketing, operations, and human resources departments.” Wikipedia

“… could include a doctor, a social worker, a physiotherapist, and/or staff from local authority, housing and voluntary organisations. These professionals can work together to deliver person centred and coordinated care and sup-port for the person with care needs.” Social Care Institute for Excellence

“Working with a multidisciplinary team allows you to treat the entire patient and provide comprehensive care. With each physician focused on a different aspect of the patient's health, providers are more likely to identify areas of need, and subsequently manage those needs in an effective way.”

Key factors for successful collaboration- Clearly stated, shared, and measurable purpose- Training in inter-professional collaboration- Role and leadership clarity- Appropriate team size and resource allocation- Team composed of appropriate professionals
- Appropriate mechanism for timely exchange of information (source

Listen to this webinar to learn more and explore the details behind best practice for working across multidiscipline teams

More webinars like this at

More content like this at

Apr 28, 202332:10
AI Content and Image Briefing for Marketers
Apr 18, 202341:40
How a Zoo Should Be

How a Zoo Should Be

Neil Wilkins talks to Beth Gallichan, Head of Development at Bristol Zoo about the exciting vision the Zoo has for the future.

Beyond being a visitor attraction, Bristol Zoo embraces a conservation-centric, purpose-driven ethos that drives everything it does and the partnerships and projects it delivers.

In this interesting insight into the workings of how a zoo should be, we learn about how businesses can utilise the connections and resources of the likes of Bristol Zoo to help them deliver their ESG strategy.

For more details, visit

For more content like this, visit

Contact Beth Gallichan,

Apr 16, 202345:59
Mood Boards, Story Boards and Creative Briefs

Mood Boards, Story Boards and Creative Briefs

By including these tools in your toolkit, you'll be well-equipped to create effective mood boards, storyboards, and creative briefs for your marketing campaigns. Remember that the specific tools you choose may depend on your personal preferences, team dynamics, and project requirements. Experiment with different tools to find the ones that work best for you and your team. More content like this at Neil Wilkins Online Part of the webinar series at Cambridge Marketing College

Apr 14, 202351:41
Rob Moore Disruptive Entrepreneur
Apr 11, 202350:23
Discussing Podcasts

Discussing Podcasts

Neil Wilkins talks to Aaron Gadowski and Mahdi Haeri about all things podcast: Why they are important, how the industry is evolving, features audiences and podcasters would like in future platforms, biggest challenges for podcasters and how to overcome them.

If you are a business owner, marketer or entrepreneur and would like to create a podcast, listen to this episode for tips, challenges and insights.

For more content like this, visit Neil Wilkins Online

Aaron and Mahdi are the creators of Podcovery

Apr 10, 202337:43
Metaverse Marketing Workshop Series Trailer
Apr 04, 202322:55
What Next After An Apprenticeship

What Next After An Apprenticeship

What Next After An Apprenticeship

Planning your next career step as you approach the successful conclusion of an apprenticeship is both exciting and daunting. From further qualifications to perhaps pivoting your career direction, having an apprenticeship qualification can open up all sorts of opportunities.

The key is careful self-reflection, leveraging your portfolio and creating a clear career plan for the coming years. This webinar will guide you through your options and help set you on the right path to leverage this possibly once-in-a-career opportunity.

When an apprentice completes their apprenticeship, they have several options to consider for their next or same role. These options may vary depending on the specific field or industry in which the apprentice has trained. Here's a general list of possibilities:

Permanent Employment: Secure a full-time position with the same company, continuing in the same role they had during their apprenticeship.

Promotions: Pursue a higher-level role or a more specialised position within the same organisation.

Job Rotation: Explore different roles within the same company to gain broader experience and identify a preferred career path.

Change Companies: Apply for a similar role with a different employer to gain experience in various work environments and company cultures.

Freelance/Contract Work: Offer services as an independent contractor, taking on projects or clients that align with their skills and interests.

Start a Business: Utilise the skills and experiences gained during the apprenticeship to launch a new venture or join an existing startup.

Further Education: Pursue additional certifications, diplomas, or degrees to enhance skills, specialise in a niche area, or switch to a related field.

Mentorship: Become a mentor or trainer within the same industry, sharing knowledge and expertise with new apprentices or employees.

Networking: Join industry associations, attend conferences and workshops, and connect with professionals to explore new opportunities and stay informed about industry trends.

Contribute to Alumni: Maximise the long term value of the networking and connections made with the apprenticeship, by keeping in regular contact.

Volunteer Work: Offer skills and expertise to community organisations, nonprofits, or social causes to build experience and make a positive impact.

International Opportunities: Seek job opportunities in other countries or with multinational organisations to gain global experience and broaden cultural understanding.

Career Break: Take a short break from work to travel, pursue personal interests, or simply recharge before deciding on the next career move.

It's important for apprentices to consider their personal goals, interests, and long-term career objectives when deciding on the next step after completing their apprenticeship.

Update your personal portfolio

Showcase the highlights and welcome the gaps

Reflect and consider all your ‘next step’ options

Think about short, medium and long term goals

Which make you feel lifted and which make you feel drained?

Prioritise the top 3 and identify your number 1 option

Is this in your head and heart, or are pleasing others

Create a smart timeline to turn dreams into goals

List who you need to support you in your plan

Start Now!

Mar 31, 202343:47
Marketing for the Curious

Marketing for the Curious

From war, recession and turbulence to the opportunities of metaverse and marketing sustainability, this pilot of a series of conversations between Neil Wilkins and Charles Nixon is 'Marketing for the Curious'.

Direct message Neil if there are any topics you feel should be included in the series.

For more content like this and to contact Neil, visit Neil Wilkins Online

Mar 28, 202346:14
Metaverse Marketing Workshop Series

Metaverse Marketing Workshop Series

Metaverse Marketing Workshop Series begins 6pm UK time on Wednesday 5th April.

Join me >>

"As an online company I can see this working, we demo our system via screen sharing. Just can’t see our demographic adjusting to this at the moment.""It will be hard to explain how to use this space with those who aren’t confident with technology."
"I thought these spaces were for people with expensive equipment."
This is a myth busting workshop, designed to lead you past the hype and myths into a practical way of accessing, building and developing your presence in the metaverse and then creating the propositions to build confidence in your stakeholders that they are totally capable of joining you, even without any prior technical experience or fancy technologies.
2. PRODUCT OPPORTUNITIES - 12/4/23"I would love to be able to shop online and try clothes on in the metaverse.""How do products gets uploaded?"
"My company manufacturers lifts. Would we be able to get lifts on the metaverse, in detail?"
This session is all about digitising your products and services, so they are professional, engaging and relevant in the metaverse. Imagine a 3D, fully interactive, digital experience of your product, showcased in real time to anyone, anywhere in the world, as you both meet together in the space.3. THE SELLING EXPERIENCE - 19/4/23"There’s a huge scope for marketers to change from selling products to selling experiences.""I work in a law firm. Do you think this could be something people could use to watch tribunals or court hearings?"
"I'd love to beat my competitors and get in here first, even if it's just to wow them."
A metaverse experience, whether for selling, meeting or team building, is brings a whole new energy to hybrid marketing, sales and communications. In this session we explore a host of creative ideas for creating an immersive, extended reality, experience for your audience, be that colleagues, management or customers.
"All of our lessons need to be in the metaverse!"
"We could create a really innovative staff onboarding and induction programme."
"I have an idea for producing product training and demonstrations in this 3D environment."
Whether it's running a virtual classroom training lesson or inviting customers into live, fully interactive product demonstrations with your technical specialists, in this session we will discuss how education can be brought to life in the metaverse and take the experience and engagement to the next level above video conferencing and beyond. 
"What can we learn from those already making money in the metaverse?"
"I'd really like to collaborate with some influencers. This might be why they'd like to collaborate with me!"
"Brands like Nike, Meta and Hublot seem to be doing a lot. What can we learn from their mistakes?"
Without a 'how to' playbook, the metaverse is all about continuous development and in this session we optimise our speed and efficiency by watching and learning from the big brands who are forging a pathway through the uncertainty.
"I'm interested but have absolutely no idea where to begin."
"Is metaverse marketing planning different to normal marketing planning?"
"Do I need lots of budget to do this properly? Because it seems like I need to get others involved too."
In this final session in the series we will create a practical metaverse marketing plan, including strategy, tactics, resource requirements and the all important 'measures of success'. Metaverse marketing is an evolution of your existing marketing, so we'll integrate everything together into a step-by-step, executable plan, with full support of those around you.

Register here >>

Full Link here >>

Mar 27, 202307:17
Looking at the World in a Different Way

Looking at the World in a Different Way

Neil Wilkins in conversation with Gary Shearer in this pilot episode of an upcoming series of podcasts on The Neil Wilkins Podcast, entitled "Looking at the World in a Different Way". Topics in this series will include: 1. Our World is in Chaos - the macro view 2. Beyond Self-Centred - bad politics and business 3. Shifting Consciousness - how and why we respond and behave 4. Beyond ESGs - responding in touch with local reality 5. Changing Paradigms - changing narratives through the words we use 6. Interpreting the Truth - watching and listening beyond our own lenses 7. Proactive Enablements - helping others to help themselves 8. Sustainable Solutions - from inside out, not outside in 9. Beyond Tick Box CSR - product, people, process, profit 10. Conscious Capitalism - authentic stakeholder collaboration What do you think? Are there any other topics you'd like included? Let us know in the comments or DM Neil @neilwilkinsx in social media.

Mar 24, 202345:16
Organic Linkedin Growth

Organic Linkedin Growth

In this marketing apprentices' webinar, Neil Wilkins talks about live video streaming, notifying employees, social selling index, optimising personal profiles, showcase pages and more in Organic Linkedin Growth.

This webinar is part of the support given by Cambridge Marketing College

Mar 21, 202351:45
Preparing for Metaverse Marketing

Preparing for Metaverse Marketing

Preparing for Metaverse Marketing is a webinar by Neil Wilkins and part of the Cambridge Marketing College fortnightly marketing series.  

In this webinar, Neil explores:  "From customer conferences and exhibitions, to product launches and live demonstrations, the metaverse offers all marketers unprecedented opportunities for exciting and impactful engagement with colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers."  "Why Metaverse Marketing Matters: Increased customer engagement Uncluttered digital channels Emergence of new digital economies Immersive and interactive experiences"  "Key Metaverse Marketing Opportunities: Virtual billboards and signage Branded virtual events In-world product placements Avatar fashion and accessories Customer conferences and exhibitions Product launches and live demonstrations"  "Begin With Strategy: Events, story-telling, product development, showcasing, collaboration, loyalty, sales, thought leadership, brand leadership, education"  Neil also guides us through "Big Brand Metaverse Marketing Strategic Success Stories"  to bring to life the opportunity by those who are already trailblazing in the metaverse.

For more content like this and details about the upcoming 6-part, weekly Metaverse Marketing Workshop Series, visit the workshop registration page.

Mar 17, 202349:25
Post Campaign Analysis
Mar 03, 202316:07
Resilience in conversation with Kate Strong

Resilience in conversation with Kate Strong

3 time world record breaker Kate Strong, joins Neil Wilkins, to discuss goal setting, perseverance, managing the moment, resilience and more, in this fascinating insight into the mind of a world champion.  

For more content like this, visit Neil Wilkins Online 

For more details about Kate's next challenge, a 3,000 mile cycle around mainland Britain on a bamboo bike. As Kate travels, she’ll be stopping at 30 different locations visiting sustainability projects, hosting climate talks and engaging communities, councils and companies in workshops to mitigate climate change.... visit Kate Strong

Feb 25, 202346:49
Reflective Journals and Portfolios

Reflective Journals and Portfolios

Whether you are needing to evidence progress on an apprenticeship or course, or simply looking for career progression or a new role, the benefits of reflective journals and portfolios are numerous.

Let Neil Wilkins explain how to create a reflective journal and craft a portfolio, step by step in this masterclass.

For more content like this, visit Neil Wilkins Online

Feb 24, 202344:12
Quick Tips on Macro Trends 2023

Quick Tips on Macro Trends 2023

What's new and trending in 2023 for marketing and social media?

Find out in this short podcast.

Feb 23, 202317:04
Sales and Marketing Alignment
Feb 20, 202337:19
Macro Marketing Analysis 2023
Feb 17, 202337:59
Carbon Management
Feb 11, 202355:06
Email Marketing

Email Marketing

It’s not a newsletter because nobody cares but you

What will you improve next time, every time

Inspire dialogue not monologue

Report intelligence not numbers

Email process is like a mini customer journey in itself

Just some of the topics Neil Wilkins discusses in this email marketing masterclass, fresh for 2023.

This webinar is part of Cambridge Marketing College's fortnightly series

For more content like this visit

Feb 10, 202353:50
5 Learnings From Japanese Culture

5 Learnings From Japanese Culture

Tracy Bedwell, Founder of Sales Training International, talks to Neil Wilkins about 5 things we can learn from Japanese culture.

Topics discussed included:

𝐒𝐨𝐧𝐤𝐞𝐢 - Not just respecting others but also respecting and being grateful for nature, items / objects, language we use, time and of course yourself.

𝐊𝐞𝐧𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐧 - Giving 100% dedication and focus to both work and play and taking ownership and accountability for what you are doing.

𝐖𝐚𝐛𝐢 𝐒𝐚𝐛𝐢 - Appreciating simplicity and imperfection, keeping things simple and minimal and extending to Ma, the beauty in the space between things.

𝐊𝐚𝐢𝐳𝐞𝐧 - Continuous improvement: value your customer, aim for zero waste, follow the process and action not the end result, analyse date and produce tangible visible information, empower others - to be have the tools and autonomy to make changes to improve processes  

𝐈𝐤𝐢𝐠𝐚𝐢 - Your reason for being and being present in the moment... being not doing

For more content like this visit Neil Wilkins Online

Sales Training International

Feb 09, 202351:15
We Are Futures, in conversation with Mark Fawcett

We Are Futures, in conversation with Mark Fawcett

Neil Wilkins talks to We Are Futures founder, Mark Fawcett, about the importance of listening to and understanding 16-24 year olds when creating strategy, marketing and a direction for the future.

In this enlightening conversation, Mark guides our thinking and shares what we can do to really benefit from a deep understanding of the emerging generation of influencers, leaders and decision makers.

For more content like this visit Neil Wilkins Online

Visit We Are Futures to connect with Mark

Feb 05, 202354:46
Neil Wilkins Discusses Sustainability
Feb 03, 202334:37
Embracing Change
Jan 27, 202351:40
Sustainable Marketing Compass

Sustainable Marketing Compass

Neil Wilkins meets Alexis Eyre and Paul Randle, founders of the Sustainable Marketing Compass and they explore a host of challenges, mindsets and opportunities for marketers in the topic of sustainability.  

Subjects discussed include purpose, working with sustainability specialists and creating a new language for marketing.  

For more details about the Sustainable Marketing Compass, visit   

To connect with Alexis and Paul, visit 

For more content like this, visit 

To explore the Marketing Sustainability Index Tool, visit

Jan 25, 202356:56
Managing Your Line Manager

Managing Your Line Manager

Professionally, we all report to someone. Whether it’s a client, customer, shareholder or boss. 

So what's the best practice for managing a line manager, to ensure you both get what you want and need? 

How to Induct

Demonstrate your collaboration skills and experience

Establish you will say the right kind of no, when it’s appropriate

Understand your manager’s goals and objectives

Extrovert or Introvert? Sensing or Intuitive? Feeling or Thinking? Planful or Spontaneous?

How to Brief

Constantly feed useful and informative information

Stay calm in a storm

Present evidence-based options, to reduce risk in decision making

Understand your manager’s preferred working style

How to Report

Always present opportunities not problems (partially solve or present options in advance)

Solve the tiny problems and save the big stuff for your manager

Proactively seek 360 degree feedback

Become a go-to specialist

How to Negotiate 

Stay task-focused 

Work with ROI and achievement of objectives

Set and retain healthy boundaries

Appreciate your manager’s blind spots

How to Influence

Admit and be vulnerable

Prioritise what you’ve been asked to do and share/negotiate re-prioritisation

Use we more than I

Consistent, evidence-based, binary decision-making

Focusing on Best Mutual Outcomes

ALWAYS have your manager’s back

Help your manager look great to their peers

Build on strengths, infill weaknesses

Get a mentor

This webinar is in association with

For more content like this, visit

Jan 19, 202331:28
The Purpose Upgrade

The Purpose Upgrade

Neil Wilkins meets author Paul Skinner to discuss his new book The Purpose Upgrade.  

The conversation runs deep as Neil and Paul explore the concept of purpose from both a personal as well as professional perspective, how it evolves and builds over time, why a 'North Star' approach isn't always the best way to think of purpose and how stakeholder collaboration can help to listen, create and share storytelling to best effect.  

Connect with Paul at  
Read more about Paul's book at  
Join Paul's marketing sustainability network at  

For more content like this, visit

Jan 17, 202356:35
Social Media Trends 2023

Social Media Trends 2023

In this episode, Neil Wilkins leads us through the key Social Media Trends in 2023, in this webinar with Cambridge Marketing College

“In 2023, successful social marketers will take the time and effort to carefully assess their opportunities, use a scalpel rather than a cleaver, and think about the long-term impact of their short-term actions. Those who do will cement their worth once and for all.” Hootsuite

“Predictive analytics, decentralised networks and multi-sensory experiences are three social media trends for 2023” PR Week

“Marketers must focus on forging symbiotic relationships through a better understanding of online conversations and taking quicker action. It’s this new understanding that will help brands create meaningful experiences and become closer to their consumers.” PR Week

For more content like this, visit

Jan 13, 202301:00:46
Thought Leadership and Expert Marketing
Jan 11, 202353:55
How to Anchor and Nourish a Vision
Dec 20, 202242:26
Love of Lifelong Learning
Dec 16, 202231:09
Discussing Marketing Sustainability

Discussing Marketing Sustainability

Archie Mills turns the tables on Neil Wilkins in this Marketing Sustainability Q&A where Archie is the interviewer and for once, Neil is the interviewee.  

For more details about the Mindful Collective, visit  

To connect with Archie, visit  

For more content like this, visit

Dec 15, 202248:01
Headlines and Subject Lines

Headlines and Subject Lines

Headlines and Subject Lines

“We all need to attract our audience into our content. We might call this session 'hooky headlines' as we attempt to cut through the noise and entice our audience into our messages and stories.”

Examples of Headlines

Email subject line
Advertising strap-lines
Brand statements
Blog titles
Social memes
et al

The Purpose of a Headline

To encourage a reader to pause for just long enough to gain their attention and entice them into an action: open post, click through, read further…

The Power of a Headline

Effective headlines must appeal to the head, the heart and the search engine

Satori Method of Headline Building

Step 1 - Identify the Pain, the Outcome, the Solution

Step 2 - Copy what others are doing for your persona

Step 3 - Call out your persona “Top Content Tips for Busy Marketers”

Step 4 - Use odd numbers “73% more….”

Step 5 - Promote Time, Money or Effort saving

Step 6 - Key words, “Tips, Tricks, Secret, Insider…”

Step 7 - Power words, “Free, Hurry, Effortless, Latest…”

Secret Headline Tip

“Including a single hyphen or colon in the headline increases click-through rate by 9%” Content Marketing Institute

What Do The Headline Pros Say?

Benefit from a title generator 

Know your target audience 

Be informative

Keep it simple

Implement keywords

Add interesting adjectives

Use the active voice

Make a specific promise

Provide accuracy 

Align it with your content

Inspire curiosity

Incorporate numbers 

Create urgency

Write diverse variations

Test it out

What Do The Headline Pros Say?

Include Numbers

“Social Media Marketing Mistakes” becomes “9 Social Media Marketing Mistakes”

Add an Adjective

“Formulae to Write a Catchy Headline” becomes “Simple Formulae to Write a Catchy Headline”

Call to Action

“Formulae to Write a Catchy Headline” becomes “Try This Formula to Quickly Write a Catchy Headline”

What Do The Headline Pros Say?

Be Descriptive not trendy and include a Call to Action

Keep it Short and no more than 9 words or 60 characters

Limit Punctuation to no more than 3 marks per headline to avoid spam filters

A/B Test your headlines

Emojis or Not?

“Use no more than 1 emoji at a time”

Top Headline Tip

“Answer the question of “Why bother?” or “So what?” with a compelling title that stops readers in their tracks. Remember: your audience's time is valuable. Your headlines should promise a payoff in exchange for their click or tap-through.” 

For more content like this, visit Neil Wilkins Online

Dec 14, 202228:09
Marketing Planning 2023
Dec 12, 202244:57
Scaling a Purpose Driven Business

Scaling a Purpose Driven Business

Neil Wilkins discusses values and purpose with Iyas AlQasem, Managing Partner at Beyond the Quarter, the consultancy for scaling purpose-led companies. 

Iyas is also Host of Karmic Capitalist podcast on leading with values and purpose and well qualified to lead our thinking in this vital topic, with honesty and practical tips we can all follow. 

Connect with Iyas at 

More content like this at  

Key Moments:
13:10 if you aren't the leader you can still drive change
28:10 lead with the clarity of values
29:50 the process

Dec 08, 202233:44
Communicating Sustainability in conversation with Jake Backus

Communicating Sustainability in conversation with Jake Backus

Neil Wilkins is joined in this episode by ex Coca Cola sustainability lead and Head of Sustainability at award winning printer Seacourt, Jake Backus, to discuss communicating sustainability.  

Key Moments: 

08:00 CSR is boring, use brand voice not PR voice
14:30 What is your right to exist?
20:10 Nobody is listening so we need to anchor in what they are interested in
20:25 Emotions drive change
24:23 Don't put sustainability first otherwise your product is probably a bit rubbish
34:20 It's your role to be ahead of your consumers
35:10 If you don't ship them a solution, you've given them a problem
36:45 Most company values aren't values, they're performance metrics
40:10 Create value for your client and your client's clients
51:20 Make a new positive contribution for society and nature and measure it  

For more content like this, visit Neil Wilkins Online

Nov 29, 202259:45
Developing Responsible Citizens

Developing Responsible Citizens

Developing Responsible Citizens

“Accountability for the success of the human race on an ecologically challenged planet, begins and ends with ourselves, as individuals.”

How can I take an active part in our community, public life, volunteering and social responsible projects?

How do I become more sustainable? 

How we can I make a positive difference to the people and world around us?

How do I lead by example encourage others?

24 Ways To Be A Responsible Citizen

Know your core values and live by them

Make your bed in the morning

Embrace diversity

Be patriotic to a good cause

Take accountability for your actions

Be trustworthy and honest

Share your gift with your community

Discuss social issues

Be mindful in every decision

Mentor someone

Embrace continuous learning

Be courteous

Become carbon literate

Respect animate and inanimate objects

Challenge injustice

Support democracy 

Practice tolerance

Consume less

Live a circular lifestyle


Respect the law

Volunteer your time

Shop local

Be a great role model

Nov 26, 202256:03
The BIG Picture for Marketers

The BIG Picture for Marketers

Everything you need to know as a marketer, to use macro-level thinking to fine tune your marketing plans for next year. Neil Wilkins shares his framework for helping businesses to become more market oriented.

Nov 15, 202255:27
Evaluation Using SMART KPIs

Evaluation Using SMART KPIs

Neil Wilkins describes the value and importance of creating and using a suite of both strategic and tactical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in your marketing, projects and campaigns.  

This webinar is part of the Cambridge Marketing College webinar series.  

“Measuring our marketing effectiveness is becoming increasingly important as global economic pressures increase. We need to spend less, get better returns, become ultra efficient and ultimately productive, to meet both immediate targets and longer term brand sustainability.”  

What To Watch For  Vanity metrics Irrelevant data What you’ve always measured Too hard to measure Too easy to measure Information without evaluation  

For more content like this, visit Neil Wilkins Online

Nov 11, 202242:52
Mindfulness in Music

Mindfulness in Music

Neil Wilkins discusses how to find mindfulness within music with Shakuhachi musician Adrian Freedman. 

As Adrian explains, there are many ways to experience music and the Buddhist traditions encourage us to listen to not only sound but the space within sound, to truly open our ears. 

Adrian will be performing his new album on a livestream on the evening of 25 November 2022 and a link to the live feed will appear here. 

For more content like this, visit 

Adrian Freedman on Apple Music at

Nov 09, 202241:06


Neil Wilkins talks about his mindfulness journey and many of the people, teachers and techniques he has encountered and learned from.  

Neil says, "Is it yoga? Is it meditation? Is it being Zen? Yes, all of this and more. Your world is simply your perception of the illusions that arise as a consequence of the choices you make.”  

Online courses mentioned in this presentation:  IKIGAI and Back to Your Roots

Oct 28, 202201:03:10
The State of Sustainability

The State of Sustainability

In a follow-on episode from a mid-lockdown conversation about circular business, Neil Wilkins reconnects with sustainability expert Emma Burlow, to discuss the state of sustainability at the end of 2022.

Neil and Emma discuss what we can all do to now become more carbon literate, take small steps and realise that we are all micro-influencers with our Sustainability efforts.

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Oct 26, 202251:58
How to Use Humour in Marketing part 1

How to Use Humour in Marketing part 1

Is it safe to use humour in marketing? In this episode of the Neil Wilkins Podcast, Neil talks to David McGee about his time spent in communications in Afghanistan and his PhD work exploring the use of humour in marketing and communications.  

David reveals two of the many key ingredients that marketers should consider if they are exploring the use of humour.  

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Oct 25, 202257:54
How To Set Up Google Analytics 4
Oct 19, 202246:43
Campaigns and Integrated Marketing

Campaigns and Integrated Marketing

In this webinar recording, Neil Wilkins says, “Let’s focus on integrated campaign planning, prioritisation of marketing channels, content and media choice and how best to present and share your integrated marketing plans with the rest of your organisation and other key stakeholders like agencies and partners.”

Integrated Campaigns Checklist











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Oct 15, 202255:53
Concrete4Change Sustainability Case Study

Concrete4Change Sustainability Case Study

Sometimes entrepreneurs figure out how to create a strong commercial business start-up combined with excellent sustainability credentials and value at the core.

In this conversation between Neil Wilkins and Dalraj Nijjar, Co-Founder and CCO of Concrete4Change, construction tech start-up seeking to transform the way the world creates and uses concrete.

Dalraj guides our thinking towards entrepreneurial behaviours and strategies that we can all use in our businesses, whether new or established but needing to pivot.

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Oct 10, 202256:25
Embracing Dyslexia

Embracing Dyslexia

Think you know about dyslexia? You may want to listen to Julian Berridge, as he talks to Neil Wilkins about how half of 8 is 3, how dyslexic people at NASA are some of the best rocket scientists and the value a dyslexic's perspective can add to innovation and strategic ideas in your organisation.

Julian leads the Learning Support service at Cambridge Marketing College and has produced an extensively researched Dyslexic Toolkit available as a free download on the College website.

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Oct 07, 202250:01
Researching Sustainability