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By Team at Neuroscientia

This is a collection of resources to help improve your focus, memory, learning, and creativity.
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Modafinil: Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage Regimen

NeuroscientiaNov 22, 2018

Reliable IQ Test

Reliable IQ Test

 Test Your IQ with a Reliable IQ Test

An accurate IQ test with the full interpretation of your IQ score? That's almost impossible to get on the internet!

But relax...

It is true that most IQ tests are available online and free. But if you quickly search Google for 'IQ test' right now, you will discover tons of them are merely designed to be fun quizzes.
Why would you depend on some IQ tests that were designed with much intent to make fun of you and waste your time?
Did you ever think about getting a unique, reliable IQ test which must be accurate, relevant, and explanatory enough to the point that you will have nothing to worry about?

By now, you should already be asking yourself "where can I get this unique IQ test?" Relax, IQ Test for All is the solution.
IQ Test for All was professionally designed as a psychometrically accurate and reliable IQ test to outperform online IQ tests. This unique system guarantees to help you discover your level of intelligence without compromising relevance.

IQ Test for All consists of twenty-five 3X3 Matrices. You will have to choose the tile that best completes the matrix, given the options A to H. The material contains scoring instruction, interpretation and psychometric validation.

It is also possible that you would not like to get bored with an IQ test of over 200 questions. Why? Humans tend to avoid any venture that inflicts stress and pain.

To solve this problem, the IQ Test for All has only 25 questions carefully designed to test your IQ and creativity without wasting your time. Time is precious.

Apart from the IQ test, important details have been included to explain human intelligence, flaws, theories, controversies, cultural fairness, and bias in IQ tests.

Most IQ tests are costly as $125 dollars, really huge price. Who wants to go broke for merely testing their IQ? Won't you rather save your hundreds of dollars, anyway?

Generously, with IQ Test for All, you won't have to waste money and that's okay!

Psychometric Properties

  • Reliability: 0.87 Cronbach's α
  • Validity: 0.91 construct validity

Length: 39 pages overall.
Administration: suitable for global usage.
Format: Downloadable .pdf eBook.
Payment methods: PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards. BTC and Payoneer (on request). 
One-time fee: $93  $57
You will also get free instant access to the Ultimate Brain Game and the Genius Realm.

For inquiries, contact:

Skype: bukunmiadewumi

Printed paper version is now available in Amazon Bookstore

Jun 09, 201904:24
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May 03, 201905:33
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Foods to Reverse Dementia, Like Seriously?

Foods to Reverse Dementia, Like Seriously?

 Alzheimer's Disease can be treated with a method so easy as diet, says Scientist. In a new study, researchers at the Biodesign Institute discover a safe and simple cure for one of the most devastating and perplexing afflictions: Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).

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Jan 23, 201910:39
Why "IQ Test is Useless" is a Bullshit Argument

Why "IQ Test is Useless" is a Bullshit Argument

It doesn't say anything about intelligence but how smart you are at taking the test itself, says critics.

You know what? That's a bullshit argument!

It’s regularly promoted by exceptionally scientifically literate. You wouldn’t trap them arguing that climate exchange is a fantasy or that vaccines would possibly motive autism.

But announcing that IQ tests are useless is simply as incorrect as these notions: in fact, decades of research on IQ test and psychometrics are evidence that proves the reliability and validity of the IQ test.

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Jan 21, 201905:59
Top Brainy Strategies to Motivate Students Excellently

Top Brainy Strategies to Motivate Students Excellently

 Motivation can be tough at all ages, but it is especially critical to maintain in our students.

Children and young adults are at the most formative ages for their academic and personal development, so it is incredibly important that they be as motivated for growth and success as they can be. 

More at:

Dec 30, 201816:09
How Wi-Fi Ruins Your Brain

How Wi-Fi Ruins Your Brain

 The possibility that Wi-Fi might be deteriorating your cognitive health gradually unto brain dead. You probably haven’t come across any healthcare professional who would actually mention the possibility of Wi-Fi being the reason why you're finding it so hard to ensure cognitive fitness. 

More at:

Dec 30, 201810:27
How Does Wi-Fi Connect with Your Brain and Kill It?
Dec 16, 201810:30
Modafinil: Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage Regimen

Modafinil: Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage Regimen

To be fair, let's give Modafinil some benefits of a doubt on the premise that it could be worthwhile. This review includes the features, benefits, variants, FDA-friendliness, dosage regimen, and where to find Modafinil if you eventually decide to use it. 

So you are looking to take modafinil or just probably need to clear your doubts and come up with a solid conclusion on this bio-hacking agent. Isn't it?
No worries, it's always the right thing to do whenever you need to be 100% sure of something, even essentially as this relates to your overall daily cognitive health principle. Make it or mar it.

If you have never heard about focus-enhancing chemical formulas, I guess you've been living in Pluto or Mars for quite some time now. Lol! Just kidding. The fact is, brain bio-hackers are so popular as anything else in the health arena.
In this present century, which is characterized by modern technological and scientific explorations, there is always a need for humans to adapt and keep up with the pace of these changes.
It's no surprise that a countless number of focus brain enhancers are already promising to transform your brain into an advanced human 2.0 version of yourself. More at:
Nov 22, 201804:17
What Degree Do Geniuses Major In?
Nov 20, 201805:57
Enhancing Your Memory is Pretty Much Easier Than You Think
Nov 20, 201811:34
Benefits of Using a Free IQ Test
Nov 15, 201804:50
Why Cognitive Neuroscience Matters for Education
Nov 09, 201808:17
How to Study Well for Exams Without Forgetting
Oct 12, 201806:27
How to Increase IQ

How to Increase IQ

So you want to increase your IQ score to 200? Raising your IQ is actually possible and these are the simple brain hacks you need to boost your IQ. But honestly, not too weird and unrealistic as 200. 

The thing is, you can increase your IQ score by engaging in mental activities which help in keeping the mind active and healthy. 

Intelligence is a broad concept; it includes various things which complete the definition of intelligence. Intelligence can be increased by keeping the mind busy in healthy activities which promote the mental development. The environment also plays an important role in influencing the mindset of people. There are different ways to increase your IQ to 200 by adopting the following activities in your life. More here: How to Increase IQ.

Oct 05, 201805:54
Is "Stupid" a Bad Word?
Oct 04, 201804:25
NooCube Reviews: Does it Really Work?

NooCube Reviews: Does it Really Work?

In this audio, you are going to learn about NooCube, an intelligently designed brain supplement that enhances memory recall, learning, creativity, focus, and mental flow. 

This Noocube review explains its benefits, dosage, and legal use. NooCube is being portrayed as an excellent brain enhancing formula that continues to win neuroscientific endorsements, with over 124,000 happy users worldwide. Now, you would like to further explore whether NooCube is really worth its nootropic specifications.

More here:

Oct 04, 201807:06
Brainy Secrets to a Genius Mastermind
Oct 02, 201806:55
Self-study vs Classroom Study
Sep 25, 201805:09
What's a Genius IQ?
Sep 19, 201812:44
What is Neuroscientia about?
Sep 19, 201801:20
IQ Test Scores and Interpretations
Sep 19, 201806:02
How to Improve Your Child's IQ
Sep 19, 201805:58
Beginner's Guide to IQ Test
Sep 19, 201822:05
How to Improve Memory Retention
Sep 19, 201806:21