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Never Not Creative

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Welcome to the Never Not Creative podcast.
Never Not Creative is a community for creatives to come together and tackle the challenges we face in the creative industry. From how to manage and improve your mental health, to getting paid what you're worth and everything in between.
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S2 Ep13 Being brutally honest

Never Not CreativeAug 20, 2019

Creativity and Football Mini-Series E06
Sep 30, 202241:45
More than ticking boxes
Sep 22, 202250:50
Exploring mental health
Jun 19, 202242:22
Creative entrepreneurship for social good
Jan 20, 202245:34
The F Word Mini-Series – Episode 3
Dec 20, 202101:01:45
The F Word Mini-Series – Episode 2
Dec 19, 202150:43
The F Word Mini-Series – Episode 1
Dec 14, 202152:26
Creativity and Football Mini-Series E05

Creativity and Football Mini-Series E05

The final episode of our Creativity and Football mini-series rounds out with The Hallway's ECD Simon Lee. Simon has lived experience with the ups and downs of mental health, but has also been working closely with mental health charity, Gotcha4Life for the last 3 years. The result of this work is the quite excellent Boys Do Cry campaign – a clever take on The Cure's "Boys Don't Cry" from 1979. It's a powerful piece bringing together 30 men from all walks of life to unite in tackling the stigma of mental health – especially relating to men.

Andy and Simon discuss the rules of masculinity, the stiff upper lip and the power and relief that comes from opening up. 

You can find out more about the campaign at: Boys Do Cry. 

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Support from Streamtime always appreciated and for joining us on the fight for a healthier creative industry.

Check out what's happening at Never Not Creative and last chance to take the empathy survey.

Dec 12, 202154:26
Creativity and Football Mini-Series E04

Creativity and Football Mini-Series E04

In the 4th episode of our Creativity & Football mini-series we head to Switzerland with renowned lettering artist Stefan Kunz.

Stefan is an internet phenomenon, entrepreneur and educator who is passionate about sharing his gift to inspire others.

But his quest for excellence and always doing how best isn’t free from the challenges of struggling to get out of bed, becoming bereft of ideas on how to excel further and everything in between.

Stefan shares his coping mechanisms and how his willingness to be realistic about what his ‘best’ is on any particular day, helps him through.

Find out more about Stefan and sign up for his courses at

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Dec 07, 202151:48
Creativity and Football Mini Series E03
Nov 27, 202151:35
Creativity and Football Mini Series E02
Nov 12, 202148:49
Creativity and Football Mini Series E01
Oct 21, 202153:58
S4 Ep8 Qualified?
Sep 25, 202146:02
S4 Ep7 A side of business
Aug 31, 202150:51
S4 Ep6 Culture and colleagues
Aug 17, 202139:27
S4 Ep5 Equality + respect
Aug 02, 202137:34
S4 Ep4 Move on John
Jun 22, 202122:44
S4 Ep3 All inclusive
May 16, 202158:32
S4 Ep2 Kill the stereotypes

S4 Ep2 Kill the stereotypes

To make meaningful change in workplaces all around the world, we need to recognise that the gender inequity in our industry and society is a cultural problem. We need to show men what they can’t see all around them - the norm. The norm that has let stereotypes rule and anyone but a privileged white male suffer. 

Join this discussion with Daniele Fiandaca and Deborah Rey-Burns. By his own admission, Daniele is the very definition of privilege - white, male, straight, middle class and privately educated. As Founder of Creative Social, he often spoke about issues facing the creative industry including the lack of gender diversity. Daniele set up the Token Man community to create a safe space for conversation and get men to improve their education and get a better understanding of the challenges women face. Daniele is Founder of Utopia, a culture change business that re-wires organisations for the Age of Creativity.   

Deborah, Founder of Propela and Curator-at-large for ReDesign Business and the Future Of_, Deborah has built a global network of moon-shooting experts that can help companies thrive. She helps events and organisations connect with the superhero thinks of today - the thought leaders and change-makers working on the bleeding edge of business and culture.   

Watch this conversation (as well as others) here:

Other links;


Apr 25, 202159:24
S4 Ep1 Rage over fear – Never Not International Women's Day
Mar 30, 202139:46
S3 Ep16 Meaning And Purpose
Jan 04, 202101:03:47
S3 Ep15 Take me to your leader - with Victoria Davies

S3 Ep15 Take me to your leader - with Victoria Davies

Victoria Davies has spent years as a leader in the advertising industry.  Now though, Victoria has swapped running some of the most successful agencies in London and New York to start an artificial intelligence business to nudge leaders into being better.
This episode is recorded in partnership with
Gabberish – Creative Therapy For Creative Minds. An online magazine for our industry. Issue 21 (out on 15th December) is edited by Never Not Creative's Andy Wright and this interview forms part of an exploration into the topic of empathy.


Find out more about Newance, artificial intelligence and how it can help us to be better leaders at

Check out and thanks to

Dec 14, 202035:36
S3 Ep14 Creative Clarity with Trevor Hubbard, Founder – Butchershop
Oct 16, 202001:00:46
S3 Ep13 Creative shelf-life?
Sep 18, 202042:16
S3 Ep12 Creative Growth

S3 Ep12 Creative Growth

We chat with Ekaterina Solomeina the founder of Future London Academy. Ekaterina challenges the traditional concept of University, a linear career path and how we learn. What happens when we move into the next phases of our career as we need to continue to learn, develop and grow? And, as we move into a quest for more diverse teams, how do we create the environments and culture to ensure that they thrive?

Plus... how do you compose yourself and not freeze when you meet Donatella Versace? And, let's go and find some new heroes tomorrow. Let us know who you're new heroes are...


Future London Academy -

Book - Skin in the game -

Creative Capes Podcast -

Ekaterina visits Michael Wolff's house - 

Thanks to Streamtime -

Aug 28, 202001:01:60
S3 Ep11 Recovery – Where to from here?
Aug 19, 202056:57
S3 Ep10 Under Pressure – the results of the 2020 Mentally-Healthy study
Jul 29, 202054:32
S3 Ep9 Side hustle obsession
Jul 17, 202040:06
S3 Ep8 The New Normal – Asking For A Friend
Jul 06, 202058:04
S3 Ep7 Creative Utopia?
Jun 22, 202045:52
S3 Ep6 A world-wide creative challenge

S3 Ep6 A world-wide creative challenge

When we stumbled across Creative Confessions in our insta feed, we sensed an immediate familiarity. Veronica Mike and Josh Schneider are on a mission to improve the stigma surrounding mental health in the creative industry. Based in Brooklyn, New York they've been researching with creatives across the world as well as creative leaders in New York and across the USA. 

Sarah and Andy chat to Mike and Josh about their findings, stories they've heard and how we can get better about opening up about our mental health experiences. We all know that things need to change, and Mike and Josh are fighting the good fight!

Take their Creative Confessions survey (link below) and follow their work through their site.

Creative Confessions site
Creative Confessions survey
It's Friendly

May 26, 202040:08
S3 Ep5 Navigating change in 2020
May 07, 202043:09
S3 Ep4 Asking for a friend – April 2020
Apr 21, 202057:31
S3 Ep3 Creative energy with Sean Hall
Apr 03, 202048:19
S3 Ep2 Wearing your heart on your sleeve - with Mitch Wallis
Mar 10, 202044:29
S3 Ep1 Purpose, meaning and mental health
Feb 24, 202042:22
S2 Ep18 Tackling mental health at work

S2 Ep18 Tackling mental health at work

In our final episode of Season 2 and 2019, Andy and Sarah catch-up with the formidable "Monty" AKA Sarah Montague, Creative Director at ooh! Media.

With her career as a Solid Gold dancer over before it even began, Monty got into the world of advertising. 23 years later and it's still all about the words, the pictures, the gold nugget of a human insight, where you're connecting with your audience and most of all, the emotion. Emotion is a suit she wears and taps into daily.

On a personal level, she cries over spilt almond milk, would happily swap a lung for a block of Whittaker's Jelly Tip (chocolate) and has quite the penchant for squeezing herself into comically small spaces. 

Last year however, saw Monty tackle her most complex small space yet, her personal Everest, her own head. Monty shares her journey on the mental health rollercoaster of which shame had not only kept her silent for YEARS, but had also seen her run the gamut of self medicating options. A passionate advocate for bringing about change in terms of the way mental health is perceived, understood and approached - Monty shares her tips and tricks on sticking it to shame, and why medication and therapy deserve their own infomercial channel.

If anything in this episode triggers difficult memories, experiences or emotions, please consider calling the numbers below for help and advice:

Lifeline Australia - 13-11-14

Suicide Helpline (US) - 1-800-273-8255

Samaritans (UK) - 116-123

We'll be back in 2020 with a brand new season. 

Please subscribe, share, rate and review the podcast wherever you listen to it.


Dec 21, 201953:42
S2 Ep17 The mental health of the creative
Nov 14, 201956:00
S2 Ep16 Creating on the edge with Shruti Rai
Oct 30, 201941:11
S2 Ep15 Getting started
Oct 16, 201945:56
S2 Ep14 The Creative's Mind – with Professor David Alais
Sep 04, 201940:49
S2 Ep13 Being brutally honest
Aug 20, 201951:30
S2 Ep12 Minding The Gap
Aug 07, 201957:27
S2 Ep11 Looking after each other

S2 Ep11 Looking after each other

Our industry is nothing without the people who make it. So, what do we do to make sure they're thriving? How are we helping them grow?
In this episode, Andy and Sarah catch up with Manon Pietra, People and Culture Director at
PHD Media.

We discuss how to talk about and develop job satisfaction, the minimum standards of a mentally healthy workplace that you should expect from your employer and what we can all do to help look after each other.

If you enjoy this episode and would like to keep talking about it - jump over to our Facebook group or hit us up on Instagram @nvrnotcreative.

Thanks to Streamtime who without their support, none of this would be possible. Check out to manage projects and your creative business, better.

Jul 24, 201945:43
S2 Ep10 NNC x ADR collaboration - Running a business with your best mate
Jul 06, 201959:31
S2Ep9 Industry Events: Inspiration, community and self-development
Jun 07, 201943:19
S2Ep8 How can we make a brighter future for the creative industry?
May 22, 201950:45
S2Ep7 What diversity can bring to the creative industry
May 08, 201957:35
S2Ep6 Why go in-house as a creative?
Apr 25, 201950:29
S2Ep5 - Getting a foot in the door
Apr 09, 201950:55