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Next in Queue

Next in Queue

By Rob Dwyer

Hosted by Rob Dwyer, Next in Queue features Customer Experience, Contact Center, Customer Support, Customer Success, Training, Leadership, and Technology experts and practitioners from around the globe. From CEOs to the frontlines, there are lessons and insights in every episode.
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I Would Rather Work for Chuck E. Cheese featuring Mary Drumond

Next in QueueJun 02, 2023

I Would Rather Work for Chuck E. Cheese featuring Mary Drumond

I Would Rather Work for Chuck E. Cheese featuring Mary Drumond

Jun 02, 202351:03
We Don't Take No for an Answer featuring Jim Tincher
May 26, 202340:54
The World Ain’t All Sunshine and Rainbows featuring Kristi Faltorusso

The World Ain’t All Sunshine and Rainbows featuring Kristi Faltorusso

Creed II was the 2018 installment of the Rocky “legacyquel” and in this moment, Rocky is about to take Adonis Creed to the middle of nowhere to begin training for his rematch against Viktor Drago.  Because the variables have changed, Rocky knows that Adonis needs to make big changes to achieve the success he’s grown accustomed to.

Kristi Faltorusso is an award-winning Customer Success Executive, and she has watched Client and Customer Success teams around the world (and on her own team) shrink – yet the needs of customers remain as high as ever.  It led her to ask, “How do you do the work you need to do differently with the resources you have?”

She’s decided it’s about making big changes in how CSMs operate.

We discuss:  

·        The role of Customer Success in an organization

·        Why she hates the phrase “Do more with less”

·        3 strategies for supporting customers with a smaller team

o   Customer Community / Education

o   Incorporating Automation / Creative Thinking

o   Reassessing Roles and Skills of Existing Team Members

·       The biggest skill CSMs (Customer Success Managers) need to master

·        A shocking admission from Kristi and what she plans to do about it

Connect with Kristi on LinkedIn –

Keeping CS Simple –

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May 19, 202351:28
If You Build It They Will Come featuring Annette Franz

If You Build It They Will Come featuring Annette Franz

May 12, 202343:32
Just No Place for On-Prem Solutions featuring Rachel Lane

Just No Place for On-Prem Solutions featuring Rachel Lane

1968’s Street Fighting Man by the Rolling Stones reflects society undergoing incredible changes. Demonstrations against the Vietnam War attracted thousands of students, both in Europe and America. In some cases, they turned violent. “Hey, said my name is called Disturbance” could reflect changes we see, not just in society, but in business and technology.

When it comes to technologies used by contact centers, “Disturbance” goes by another name – “The Cloud.” Cloud-based technologies are rapidly changing the way contact centers interact with technology vendors. Perpetual licensing for on-premise “on-prem” solutions has been disrupted by short-term commitments to cloud solutions. Cloud-based solutions can implement advances in capability quickly and without involvement of the licensee.

Rachel Lane has spent her career as a vendor of technologies to contact centers (or centres as she would spell it) and has seen the revolution from on-prem to cloud firsthand.

We discuss:

The core functions of major contact center technologies The rise of interoperable CCaaS technologies The end of long-term commitments to tech vendors? Are LLM’s like ChatGPT hype or transformational? What buyers of technology really care about Surprising anecdotes about fine art, music, and old-school technology

Connect with Rachel on LinkedIn –

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May 05, 202342:47
Outsourcing is the Answer to Everything featuring Tyler Orrell
Apr 28, 202342:54
You're Not Golden Ruling It featuring Milan Batinich

You're Not Golden Ruling It featuring Milan Batinich

In this scene from Season 9 of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David tries to invoke the Golden Rule at the airport.  The concept of the Golden Rule is to treat others the way you would want to be treated and its origins are at least 2500 years old.  The concept is present in all the world’s major religious traditions.

Despite the long history and widespread usage of the Golden Rule, Milan Batinich says there is an even better rule to apply during our interactions with others – The Platinum Rule®.  The Platinum Rule says to "Do unto others as ‘they'd’ like done unto them."  This concept originated from the 1996 book of the same name written by Dr. Tony Alessandra and Dr. Michael J. O’Connor.  Because each of us has a preferred communication style, the Platinum Rule suggests that we “flex” our style to better interact with others who have a different preference.   

Milan Batinich is a motivational speaker and contact center leader who moonlights as a storm chaser.    

We discuss:  

·        Why understanding communication styles is important

·        Different options for evaluating communication styles

·        Characteristics of the 4 primary styles

·        Why modifying behavior leads to success in relationships with others

·        Real-world examples for how communication styles impact people at work

·        How Ikigai changed Milan’s professional path

Connect with Milan on LinkedIn –

Milan Motivates –

The Platinum Rule –

Call & Contact Center Registration –

Tickets generally cost $99, but with the promo code ROB100 you can attend for free!

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Apr 21, 202347:51
Searchin' featuring Sariel Moshe

Searchin' featuring Sariel Moshe

In Searchin’, this 1957 Lieber and Stuller hit performed by the Coasters, Billy Guy, sings about his determined search that has yielded no results to this point.  While he’s searchin’ for his love, searching for specific, reliable, and up to date information to support customers can often feel just as challenging.

The promise of the internet was the world’s knowledge at your fingertips.  According to the latest estimates, 328.77 million terabytes of data are created each day and the amount of data is growing exponentially.  Speaking of exponentially, in 2022, two new prefixes, ronna and quetta, representing 1027 and 1030 were added to the metric system because the vast amount of data that exists was approaching the top range of the existing prefixes.  All this data has contributed to the challenge of locating exactly what you’re looking for.

Sariel Moshe saw this issue sifting through data during his days in military intelligence.  Eventually, he saw the same issue during his time at PayPal and he set out to improve search by making use of context.   

We discuss:  

·        Why keywords will become a thing of the past

·        Why enterprise knowledge base search bars work so poorly compared to Google

·        How “promptability” will change how knowledge is stored

·        Why he expects support teams to change focus from case-solving to knowledge creation

·        Why “trust” will become the key to the next level of search

Connect with Sariel on LinkedIn –

xFind –

Disney Robot Debuts at SXSW –

Call & Contact Center Registration –

Tickets generally cost $99, but with the promo code ROB100 you can attend for free!

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Apr 14, 202346:23
I'm Gonna Need You to Go Ahead and Come in Tomorrow featuring Andrew Rios

I'm Gonna Need You to Go Ahead and Come in Tomorrow featuring Andrew Rios

Apr 07, 202344:57
I'm Not a CX Influencer featuring Alex Mead

I'm Not a CX Influencer featuring Alex Mead

With more than a little influence by the Beatles, U2’s The Showman (Little More Better) from 2017 is a lighthearted warning to their fans – don’t trust the performers too much.  Before the term “brand” was even coined, “influencers” existed.  In fact, celebrity endorsements go all the way back to the 1700s when the UK company, Wedgewood, makers of fine Chinaware, used royal endorsements to promote their products.  While these celebrity endorsements have existed for hundreds of years, the social media age has created both “influencers” whose performances involve hawking just about anything you can imagine and their “followers” who pay an outsized amount of attention to what they have to say. 

It’s rare for an influencer to come right out and tell you to be wary of the “influencer” system, but Alex Mead doesn’t consider himself an influencer even if LinkedIn does.  Alex drives CX innovation from within regardless of the industry.  Airlines, Banking, Whisky, Logistics – Alex has done it all, but he wants us all to understand that some “influencers” are more marketing fluff than substance.

We discuss:  

·       The issues with the CX “Influencers” and Awards ecosystem  

·       How Alex approaches every new project

·       The missing piece in most CX organizations

·       Why personalized and contextual customer service still isn’t common

·       A few myths about Customer Experience

·       How an “outsider” can bring value to CX design

Connect with Alex on LinkedIn –

Call & Contact Center Registration –

Tickets generally cost $99, but with the promo code ROB100 you can attend for free!

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Mar 31, 202353:10
Jump the Queue featuring Murphy Fraser, Donna Drehmann, and Sue Duris
Mar 30, 202322:60
Revenge of the Data Nerds featuring Jaclyn Herr

Revenge of the Data Nerds featuring Jaclyn Herr

In the 1984 film, Revenge of the Nerds, the stereotype of the nerd eventually emerged as the hero, possibly inspiring nerd culture as we know it today.  The term nerd was initially a pejorative, but beginning in the late 90’s, the interests of “nerds” and nerds themselves became more popular, in large part because of the rise of personal computers.  Silicon Valley now wields an incredible amount of influence over both our work and personal lives.  Data, once relegated to the realm of men with pocket protectors, became a critical part of business, media, and marketing.  Today, data is now considered the most valuable resource in the world.  But ensuring the integrity of data is in the hands of Business Intelligence professionals like Jaclyn Herr. 

Jaclyn leads Business Intelligence and Customer Experience at TeeTurtle, maker apparel, toys, and games, featuring both in-house designs and licensed characters from Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars.  Yeah, nerd culture stuff. 

We discuss:  

·        The Zendesk support platform

·        Why customer data is important to businesses

·        How data-driven stories affect change

·        Dealing with bad data

·        The biggest driver of customer expectations today

Connect with Jaclyn on LinkedIn –


Unstable Games:

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Mar 24, 202352:45
Break Away from Burnout featuring Paula Naeff
Mar 17, 202344:51
The Pursuit of CX Happyness featuring Jenny Dempsey
Mar 10, 202346:48
Jump the Queue featuring Milan Batinich II, David Powers, and Bunyamin Cankirli

Jump the Queue featuring Milan Batinich II, David Powers, and Bunyamin Cankirli

Despite the layoffs in the tech sector, unemployment in the US is at historic lows and we’re experiencing a labor shortage in many other sectors of the economy. Contact Centers have long experienced high turnover with baseline ranges estimated to be between 30 and 40 percent. While 2022 was seemingly the year of Employee Engagement, SQM’s research shows that agent engagement has remained stubbornly low for the industry and turnover is rising.

On this episode of Jump the Queue, I traverse the US from coast to coast to talk with 3 contact center pros about attracting, engaging, and retaining employees.

We start in the Midwest with Milan Batinich II, a contact center veteran and motivational speaker who’s focused on driving engagement in contact centers.

Next, we go out west to hear from David Powers, author of Blue Collar Call Center and CXO of Rooter Hero Plumbing & Air in Los Angeles. 

Finally, we head to Jacksonville, FL for an east coast perspective form Bunyamin Cankirli, Service Delivery Director for Concentrix, a global BPO.

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Mar 07, 202335:24
I Never Lose. I Either Win or Learn featuring Neil Pretty
Mar 03, 202343:02
A Change Management Offer You Can't Refuse featuring Sally Mildren
Feb 24, 202346:53
Jump the Queue featuring Michael McMillan, Mark Brody, and Tony Won
Feb 21, 202328:40
I'm Sorry, Rob, I'm Afraid I Can't Do That featuring Carlos Kemeny
Feb 17, 202348:39
Be My Guest featuring Patrick Ignacio

Be My Guest featuring Patrick Ignacio

When most people think of the 1990 film Pretty Woman, they think of Richard Gere playing Prince Charming to Julia Roberts’s Rapunzel. But the real hero of that story (at least in my eyes) is Barney Thompson played by Héctor Elizondo. Perhaps you’ve forgotten that character. Let me refresh your memory.

You may remember that Vivian (Roberts) was tasked with buying a dress for dinner but couldn’t get the stores on Rodeo Drive to take her seriously. It was in this moment of desperation that she ran into Barney in the hotel lobby. Once he understood the situation, he arranged for her wardrobe. Later in the movie, it was Barney that said to Edward (Gere), “It must be difficult to let go of something so beautiful,” prompting Edward to realize he was in love.

In short, it was Barney who enabled the experiences that made Pretty Woman the fairy tale we all remember, even if we don’t remember him.

My guest this week is Patrick Ignacio, CORE Assistant Manager at the Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago. He has been in the hospitality world for two decades, a world that is about making memorable experiences to drive customer loyalty.

This week on Next in Queue, we discuss:

· How the reservation process impacts Guest Experience

· How Franchise Branding provides both risks and rewards to owners

· How “Word of Mouth” is dramatically changed by social media

· How to drive loyalty by customer segment

· The pros and cons of technology for guest experience

· A lesson for other industries

Connect with Patrick on LinkedIn –

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Feb 10, 202343:53
Pay No Attention to the Algorithm Behind the Curtain featuring Dennis Wakabayashi
Feb 03, 202336:43
Fight the Bias (in QA) featuring Ines van Dijk
Jan 27, 202342:12
Support Data Supports CX featuring Craig Stoss
Jan 20, 202356:05
The Continuing Evolution of Customer Feedback featuring Adam Alfia
Jan 13, 202347:14
Lessons from the Trenches - Scaling Support Teams featuring Reagan Helms
Jan 06, 202354:31
Breaking the Stigma featuring Erika Taylor-Beck
Dec 30, 202242:27
Is AI Creating Utopia or Dystopia featuring Boris Cergol
Dec 23, 202248:42
Reining in Costs Responsibly featuring Brad Cleveland

Reining in Costs Responsibly featuring Brad Cleveland

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, “The contact center is not a cost center.” The idea behind that is great contact centers drive customer loyalty and revenue by creating great experiences. But that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be efficient or that they should be immune to cost-cutting measures. Every company should be mindful of costs. But cutting costs for the sake of cutting costs can end up *costing* a lot more in the long run.

To discuss how to cut costs responsibly, I talked with Brad Cleveland, author, speaker, and consultant known globally for his expertise in customer strategy and management. Brad was a founding partner of ICMI, International Customer Management Institute, and served as the CEO for more than a decade.  His most recent book, Leading the Customer Experience: How to Chart a Course and Deliver Outstanding Results, is a guide to shaping experiences that win loyalty and deliver outstanding business results.

Brad and I discuss:

· Customer Access Strategies

· The value of cross-training / pooling

· Deflection beyond self-service

· Different methods to listen to Voice of the Customer (VOC)

· How Workforce Optimization relates to organizational culture

Connect with Brad on LinkedIn –

Free Resources to help your organization thrive –

Leading the Customer Experience –

Music courtesy of Big Red Horse –

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Dec 16, 202249:56
How Likely Are You To Recommend featuring Steve Bernstein

How Likely Are You To Recommend featuring Steve Bernstein

Dec 09, 202247:00
The Evolution of Remote and Hybrid Work featuring Anne Bibb
Dec 02, 202257:07
Connecting the Dots - the Value of CX featuring Diane Magers
Nov 25, 202244:25
Cooking Up a Better Company Culture featuring Jill Raff
Nov 18, 202250:25
To Bot or Not To Bot featuring Jim Rowe
Nov 11, 202253:04
Better CX through Better Surroundings with Claire Boscq
Nov 04, 202251:29
Redefining CX Through Sound with Jacobi Anstruther
Oct 28, 202231:22
Upping Your Contact Center Recruiting and Hiring Game featuring Matt Beckwith
Oct 21, 202254:38
How GigCX is Shaping the Future of Support featuring Megan Neale
Oct 14, 202236:55
Bonus Episode: Next in Caffeinated CX featuring David Powers and Drew Gorringe
Oct 10, 202236:04
Better Business Writing featuring Leslie O'Flahavan

Better Business Writing featuring Leslie O'Flahavan

While in high school, I was gifted a book titled 2000 Most Challenging and Obscure Words. I thought using some of those words made me sound smart.

What they really did was get in the way of communication because the goal of communication is not to demonstrate knowledge. The goal is to be understood.

An expert in effective business writing and advocate of the use of Plain Language, Leslie O’Flahavan joins me this week and shares skills and tips to write more effectively to achieve that goal.

We touch on:

· The “Bite, Snack, Meal” online writing format

· The importance of writing skills in Customer Service

· How different written channels affect communication strategies

· When to use Passive Voice and when to use Active Voice

· “Blowing Up” Writing Myths

· Plain Language – what it is and why to use it

Connect with her on LinkedIn -


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Oct 07, 202242:08
Digital CX Transformation featuring Mark Levy
Sep 30, 202240:08
Leading with Heart featuring Sandy Murphy of CXstomer
Sep 23, 202238:30
Contact Center Coaching for Effortless Experience with Amy Smith of Challenger
Sep 16, 202242:40
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Jan 14, 202243:24
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Dec 24, 202135:22
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Dec 17, 202156:50
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Dec 10, 202152:37
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Dec 03, 202101:09:33
#11 - Jose Moreno
Nov 25, 202156:58
#10 - Danelle Rice

#10 - Danelle Rice

Philly fans, Bull Riding Chutes, and Customer Service Excellence in a Bank - just a few of the topics I tackled with Danelle Rice, the Customer Service Manager of Northpointe Bank.  Connect with her at   

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Nov 19, 202101:05:05
#9 - Jimmy Hosang
Nov 12, 202101:01:10
#8 - Milan Batinich II
Nov 05, 202150:02
#7 - Emily Thomas

#7 - Emily Thomas

Check out my conversation with Emily Thomas, the Customer Success Manager for American Forest Foundation, where we talk about leadership, finding work that brings you to life, the excitement of learning, and some of the difference between large and small organizations.    

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Oct 29, 202151:00
#6 - Louis Wilkerson

#6 - Louis Wilkerson

Check out my conversation with Louis Wilkerson, the BPO Vendor Manager for Cinch Home Services, where we talk about leadership, sales, incentives, ethics, and his path toward achieving his personal goals.  

As always, music courtesy of Big Red Horse -

Oct 22, 202149:56
# 5 - Shanté Smith-Daniels

# 5 - Shanté Smith-Daniels

Listen in on my conversation with Shanté Smith-Daniels, a CX and Contact Center expert, Certified Personal Trainer, and community leader who believes in using her passions to give back.  Check her out on LinkedIn and learn more about The Fit and Food Connection at  Music courtesy of Big Red Horse -

Oct 15, 202144:28
#4 - Jason Scott Livingston
Oct 08, 202154:01
#3 - Kassy LaBorie
Oct 01, 202101:06:04
#2 - Trevor Clark of ShyftOff
Sep 24, 202152:47
#1 - The Telephone Doctor

#1 - The Telephone Doctor

Listen in on my conversation with Nancy Friedman ( and, AKA The Telephone Doctor.  Nancy is an expert on customer service, communication skills, and sales.

Music courtesy of Big Red Horse - 

Sep 17, 202151:07