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Bigger Than Us

Bigger Than Us

By Nexus PMG

Nexus PMG welcomes you to the Bigger Than Us™ podcast, which we, as energy geeks lovingly refer to as the BTU. Bigger Than Us is a podcast that focuses on ideas that will shape the future of our planet and ultimately, our existence. We will occasionally lean into energy topics because after all, it’s the key to our collective survival, but we’ll also explore other areas that we believe will have an effect that is Bigger Than Us.
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#152 Blair Levin, Senior Non-Resident Fellow at the Metropolitan Policy Project at the Brookings Institution

Bigger Than UsJun 15, 2021

#219 Larry Keeley, renowned innovation scientist

#219 Larry Keeley, renowned innovation scientist

Larry Keeley is a renowned innovation scientist with over forty years of experience in the field. He co-founded Doblin, the leading global firm focused on enhancing innovation effectiveness, and has nurtured over 700 alumni through the organization.

Keeley's contribution to academia is noteworthy. He has been a professor at the IIT Institute of Design for 39 years, a board member, and a leading employer of graduates. He also held a professorship at the Kellogg Graduate School of Management's MMM Program for 12 years, earning the title of Distinguished Professor in 2015. Throughout his academic career, he has helped educate over 5,900 Masters or PhD students as innovators, creating a robust global network of colleagues.

Adding to his achievements, Keeley is the author of the #2 all-time best-selling book on innovation, "Ten Types of Innovation," which has been translated into 15 languages. His outstanding contributions to the field earned him recognition by BusinessWeek as one of the top seven global "gurus" of the innovation field, and one of the top 27 designers in the world.

In 2021, the Bankinter Foundation in Spain appointed Keeley as the new director of their famed Future Trends Forum, which is conducted bi-annually in Madrid. Despite retiring as a Managing Director from Deloitte (the firm that now owns Doblin) in late 2020, Keeley continues his mission to advance the methods of innovation through research, currently with Keeley Innovations LLC.

Keeley is a frequent lecturer on innovation at the Berkeley Haas Business School and an EY Luminary, where he works on cases and capabilities that are reshaping the field of innovation. His dedication and passion continue to have a profound impact on the innovation landscape.

May 23, 202348:54
#218 Brittany Zimmerman, CEO of Yummet

#218 Brittany Zimmerman, CEO of Yummet

Brittany Zimmerman, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Yummet. Brittany is the CEO of a globally recognized organization with a diverse team of over 300 graduate-level experts hailing from over 50 countries. This organization has bridged the gap between space technology and terrestrial applications by bringing advanced solutions to meet the needs of humanity on earth. By mimicking the natural process of mother nature, Yummet's innovative, proven, and patent-pending technological approach breaks down waste, disassembles the molecules, and rebuilds them into valuable resources, minerals, soils, water, and clean air - just as nature does. In doing this they produce the strongest, most net-negative concrete ever tested made entirely from waste. They produce biochar that serves as a sustainable alternative to synthetic fertilizers, restoring soil health and purifying water. They desalinate water and treat waste water with no production of brine or other waste products. They produce Green hydrogen at costs that rival dirty hydrogen, providing an alternative to fossil fuels.

Ms. Zimmerman was selected early in her career as the Youngest National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Principal Investigator. She served as Principal Investigator (PI) for three NASA Programs.

She served as Program Manager and Lead Engineer for the NASA Integrated water Recovery Assembly (IRA) designed to reclaim water from planetary surface habitats for NASA. As Lead Systems Engineer for the Brine Processor Assembly (BPA), currently on the International Space Station, Ms. Zimmerman spent years designing, analyzing, testing, and managing programs that utilize membrane distillation for water recovery during on-orbit and planetary surface operations. This includes her role as Program Manager and Lead Engineer for the Boeing Starliner Humidity Control System (HCS) ammonia testing campaign, and her role as a PI, Lead Engineer, and Inventor of the NASA Condensate Separator for Microgravity Conditions (COSMIC).

Ms. Zimmerman’s role as Lead Engineering Analyst for the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) RAIDER program showcased her strength at mathematical analysis of thermal and fluid solutions. She has supported the development of the environmental control and life support systems (ECLSS) for a single person spacecraft and has been instrumental in the design of many extreme environment United States Department of Defense (DoD) ECLSS solutions.

Ms. Zimmerman earned her B.S. of Mechanical Engineering in 2011, followed by an M.S. in Space Studies focused on bioregenerative physical-chemical hybrid life support systems for long-duration spaceflight. Ms. Zimmerman specialized in the ecology of closed environments and biospherics, for which she designed the greenhouse module for the NASA Inflatable Lunar/Martian Habitat (ILMH).

Ms. Zimmerman has been a crew member on several analog Mars missions, including a mission to the Mars Desert Research Station, as an officer of Mission 171. She served in the ILMH, leading Crew 3, the first all-female crew.

Her background also includes rocket design, robotic launch systems, and high-altitude ballooning.


• Patented the most sustainable concrete ever tested

• Exceeded $85 Million in Awarded Grants

• Youngest NASA Principal Investigator

• Principal Investigator for 3 NASA Programs

• Patents and/or technologies developed for the ISS, spacesuits, spacecraft, U.S. Department of Defense, Artemis Program returning human's to the Moon, habitats for Mars, and private space industry life support systems.

• 20 Under 35 Awardee from the Space and Satellites Professional International

• 2020 Promise Award recipient identifying her as a leader in the space industry

• Future Space Leader Awardee

• Analog Astronaut: Commanding Crew 3 in Inflatable Lunar/Martian Habitat

• Analog Astronaut: Mission 171, Mars Desert Research Station

May 09, 202358:35
#217 John Cleland, CEO of RenewWest
Apr 25, 202333:54
#216 Preston Bryant, Founder / Chief Commercial Officer at Momentum Technologies
Apr 11, 202341:21
#215 NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber
Mar 28, 202338:55
***Special Archive - Dr. Jennifer Holmgren, CEO of LanzaTech
Mar 14, 202333:56
#214 Josh Brooks, Partner with WayBright, LLC

#214 Josh Brooks, Partner with WayBright, LLC

Josh Brooks is a partner with WayBright, LLC, with office in Jacksonville, FL, Asheville, NC, and Torreon, Mexico. WayBright is a project development, finance, and management platform designed to accelerate the deployment of clean energy, clean water, and other infrastructure services across the U.S. and Mexico.

Prior to WayBright, Josh served as aide to Amory Lovins, founder and former Chief Scientist of RMI, a world-leading energy and economy think tank. There, Josh focused on implementing integrative design across the energy-intensive sectors: transportation, industry, buildings, and electricity generation as well as utility business model innovation and energy regulatory reform which resulted in numerous successful legislative initiatives.

Prior to RMI, Josh served as Project Developer for NTE Energy, a private sector energy production company, where he directed the company’s renewables development and related wholesale customer programs in multiple national markets. His work with NTE and other regional utilities produced some of North Carolina’s first community solar installations and one of the nation’s most diverse public generation portfolios at Appalachian State University, Josh’s alma mater.

Today, along with his work at WayBright, Josh services as an advisor to the Council for New Energy Economics, which participates in electric-utility resource planning processes across the country and sits on the Board of Blue Link Pro, LLC, the first full-service partner for water and sewer utility infrastructure management, monitoring, renovation, and upgrade, including financing as beneficial to the utility.

Feb 28, 202343:25
#213 Josh Dorfman, Co-Founder and CEO of Plantd
Feb 14, 202343:35
***Special Archive- Sanjay Shrestha, Chief Strategy Officer at Plug Power - Green Hydrogen

***Special Archive- Sanjay Shrestha, Chief Strategy Officer at Plug Power - Green Hydrogen

Sanjay Shrestha joined Plug Power as Chief Strategy Officer in 2019. Prior to joining Plug Power, Mr. Shrestha served as the CIO of a global solar IPP and President Sky Capital Americas since 2015.  Under his leadership, Sky Capital America built and acquired over 100MW of operating solar assets and secured pipeline over 100MW.  He also sourced various types of financing solutions to support this growth including project debt, construction equity and long-term equity. He brings almost two decades of experience in the broader clean tech sector to our team. Before global solar IPP, he led the renewables investment banking effort at FBR Capital markets. During 2014, and under his leadership, the firm was ranked among the top renewable energy underwriters in the U.S.

Prior to joining FBR, Mr. Shrestha spent seven years as the global head of renewables research coverage at Lazard Capital Markets. During his tenure at Lazard Capital Markets, he was a member of the Institutional Investor All America Research team and was also ranked as one of the top five stock pickers on a global basis. Prior to Lazard Capital Markets, Mr. Shrestha spent seven years at First Albany Capital, where he built the firm’s renewables and industrial research practice. Starmine/Forbes Magazine ranked him the number 1 stock picker and the number 1 earnings estimator during his tenure at First Albany Capital. Mr. Shrestha serves as an independent director on the board of directors of Fusemachines, an AI company.

Jan 31, 202334:43
#212 Peter Kelly-Detwiler, reviews 2022 and looks to 2023
Jan 17, 202347:59
Get motivated for 2023
Jan 03, 202335:04
2022 Most Popular Episode - John O'Donnell, CEO of Rondo Energy
Dec 20, 202247:31
#211 Dr. Gruber, CEO and Board Member of Gevo

#211 Dr. Gruber, CEO and Board Member of Gevo

Dr. Gruber, CEO and Board Member of Gevo, has spent over 30 years developing and commercializing renewable biobased technologies to replace petrochemicals. His teams have developed and commercialized several renewable resource-based products, including organic acids, plastics, fibers, advanced alcohols, hydrocarbon fuels, and the like.  Gruber led the development and commercialization of PLA at Cargill and co-founded Natureworks.  As CEO of Gevo, Dr. Gruber leads the business to commercialize Isobutanol for gasoline blendstock, renewable, low carbon jet fuel, and low carbon renewable gasoline.

Dr. Gruber received a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and biology from the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota, and a doctorate in chemistry from the University of Minnesota. He also earned a master’s degree in business administration from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota.

Dr. Gruber has received numerous awards including: The George Washington Carver Award from BIO, The Presidential Green Chemistry Award, The Discover Award for Environmental Innovation from Discover Magazine, The Lee W. Rivers Innovation Award from CDMA, an Outstanding Achievement Award from the University of MN in 2011,  The Julius Stieglitz Award from the University of Chicago, The Kirkpatrick Award from Chemical Engineering, Design and Engineering Award from Popular Mechanics, Technology of the Year Award from Industry Week, Technology of the Year Award from United States DOE,  and numerous others.  Dr. Gruber was the editor of the two-volume book “Biorefineries—Industrial Processes and Products,” and holds more than 60 US patents, with several others pending.

Dec 13, 202257:22
#210 Dr. Laura Lammers, Founder and CEO of Travertine Technologies
Nov 29, 202230:38
#209 Jason Salfi, Co-founder and CEO of Dimensional Energy
Nov 15, 202229:56
#208 Dan Spracklin, CEO and Founder of Somax
Nov 01, 202242:10
**Special in-between-esode - Jake Corley, Co-Founder of Digital Wildcatters
Oct 25, 202236:16
#207 Adam Wright, CEO and Co-Founder, Vespene Energy
Oct 18, 202253:07
#206 Manik Suri, Founder and CEO of Therma

#206 Manik Suri, Founder and CEO of Therma

Manik Suri is the Founder and CEO of technology company Therma. Before founding Therma, Manik co-founded the Governance Lab (GovLab), an innovation center at NYU that developed technology solutions to improve government. He is a former Affiliate of Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society and has held positions at global investment firm D.E. Shaw & Company and the White House National Economic Council. 

 Manik holds an A.B. in Government summa cum laude from Harvard College, an M.Phil in International Relations (Highest Honors) from Cambridge University, where he studied as Harvard University’s annual Paul Williams Scholar, and a J.D. from Harvard Law School, where he earned numerous Dean’s Scholar commendations. He is  admitted to the California Bar, has published in leading academic journals, edited volumes, and national media outlets. 


Therma° combats climate change by reducing the carbon footprint of one of the least understood and most significant causes of global warming: refrigeration. The global refrigeration system – the cold chain – warms the planet in 3 distinct ways: food waste, energy use, and refrigerant leakage. Therma’s integrated suite of software, IoT sensors, and equipment controls optimize refrigeration to reduce electricity usage and prevent catastrophic food loss. These customer benefits yield substantial energy savings and produce measurable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Therma° enables its customers to simultaneously improve business profitability and advance sustainability. For more information, please visit For more information visit us at

Oct 04, 202238:42
#205 Dr. Megan O’Connor, Founder and CEO of Nth Cycle
Sep 20, 202235:11
#204 Nick Myers, Co-Founder and CEO of Phoenix Tailings
Sep 06, 202235:11
#203 Scott Rackey, founder and CEO of ReMo Energy
Aug 23, 202235:53
#202 Jim Doten, Carbon Sequestration Program Manager with the City of Minneapolis
Aug 09, 202234:60
#201 Mark Toman, Founder and President of EggTech

#201 Mark Toman, Founder and President of EggTech

Mark Toman is the Founder & President of EggTech, as well as a forward-thinking and mission-driven entrepreneur.

Prior to founding EggTech, Mark held several strategic business development roles, focused in the areas of corporate strategy, innovation and partnership cultivation.

After being involved in the mining industry, Mark identified the possibility of utilizing a vast wastestream from liquid-egg processing operations, which would otherwise predominantly go to landfill, in the interest of offsetting the need to mine for raw material, and in hopes of being in a position to manufacture a pure form of calcium (as well as other nutritionally advantageous ingredients) for supply into the premium nutritional/ingestible markets.

Mark and his team were successful in developing an industrially-scalable and cost-effective process that has been formally patented in the US, Canada, Mexico, the EU, China, and India.

Mark was invited to sit on the Innovation Advisory Council of the Canadian Food Innovation Network (CFIN) in order to contribute to the shaping and improvement of the Canadian innovation ecosystem in the FoodTech and AgTech sectors.

Mark is a strategically-minded impact entrepreneur who is largely propelled by the desire to innovate, drive change, differentiate, and alter the landscape of an existing marketplace, while having a positive impact on the environment and create value where there previously was none, or very little thereof.

Mark holds a B.A from Dalhousie University, is a proud husband and father of 2 children. He resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Jul 26, 202234:43
#200 Suma Reddy, CEO of Future Acres
Jul 12, 202242:28
#199 Nicole Johnson-Hoffman, CEO of Future Meat Technologies

#199 Nicole Johnson-Hoffman, CEO of Future Meat Technologies

Nicole Johnson-Hoffman is the CEO of Future Meat Technologies, bringing more than 25 years of experience across the agriculture, food manufacturing, food services, and meat production industries.

Prior to joining Future Meat, Nicole was the Managing Director of Further Processed Foods for OSI Europe, based in Gersthofen, Germany. She led OSI's European processed foods division across Europe and served as Chief Sustainability Officer and Senior Vice President. OSI is one of the world’s largest privately held food manufacturers and is the brand behind leading food service and retail brands. OSI has been in business for 111 years and operates 57 facilities across 18 countries.

Previously, Nicole spent 19 years at Cargill Incorporated, practicing law as in-house counsel, and worked in various leadership roles from financial services to beef plant operations in the US and Asia. From 2010 to 2013, Nicole was the General Manager of Cargill’s Fort Morgan, Colorado beef processing plant, one of the largest beef primary processing plants in the United States. During that time, she worked to increase the industry’s transparency with consumers, including making an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2011.

Nicole was the founding Chairperson of the US Roundtable for Sustainable Beef and was elected to two terms as the President of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef. She also serves on corporate boards as an independent non-executive director. She is a passionate advocate for continuous improvement in the food industry’s ability to feed the world sustainably.

Nicole holds a JD from the University of Minnesota Law School in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and a BA in International Relations from St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Jun 28, 202231:18
#198 John O'Donnell, CEO of Rondo Energy
Jun 14, 202247:31
#197 Paul Bunje, Co-Founder and CSO of Conservation X Labs
May 31, 202251:50
#196 Curtis VanWalleghem, CEO of Hydrostor
May 17, 202235:42
#195 Dr. Jennifer Holmgren, CEO of LanzaTech
May 03, 202233:56
#194 Ali Haji, CEO of ION Energy

#194 Ali Haji, CEO of ION Energy

Ali Haji is the CEO of ION Energy - a leader in the exploration and development of lithium salars within Mongolia and a strong pioneer in the third wave of the green energy revolution. Since 2019 the company has been aggressively growing its assets in its extensive growth strategy through acquiring new resources and sites.

Apr 19, 202228:58
#193 Dan White, Co-Founder & CEO of Clean Crop Technologies
Apr 05, 202236:34
#192 Lacey Reddix, CEO and founder of Olokun Minerals
Mar 29, 202244:04
#191 Taj Ahmad Eldridge, General Partner at Include Ventures
Mar 22, 202242:37
#190 Ed McGinnis, CEO of Curio - Nuclear Innovation & Technology Development Company
Mar 15, 202251:48
#189 Anthony Kane, President & CEO of the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure
Mar 08, 202235:31
#188 Jonathan Crowder, Partner at Intelis Capital
Mar 01, 202245:21
#187 Erin Fitzgerald, CEO of U.S. Farmers and Ranchers in Action
Feb 22, 202233:16
#186 John de Souza, Co-founder & President of Ample
Feb 15, 202240:18
#185 Roger Sorkin, Founder and Executive Director of the American Resilience Project

#185 Roger Sorkin, Founder and Executive Director of the American Resilience Project

Roger Sorkin — Founder & Executive Director

Roger Sorkin is an award-winning producer, writer, editor, and director of mission-driven films designed to strengthen civilizational security. Prior to founding ARP, Roger consulted with and created documentary and dramatic films for a wide range of nonprofit, academic and government institutions, including the U.S. Global Leadership Campaign, USAID, NATO, Flex Your Rights Foundation, American Cancer Society, and more. He has taught energy and environmental communication at the Fordham University Gabelli School of Business, and he has lectured at NASA, the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and at the U.S. Naval Academy. Roger is a fellow with the Truman National Security Project, and he has served on the Climate and Security Working Group at the Center for Climate and Security, and on the Managed Retreat Expert Group with the American Society of Adaptation Professionals. After graduating in anthropology from the Johns Hopkins University in 1993, Roger worked as a public radio journalist and producer, as an English teacher in Spain, and then received a master of communication from Stanford University with a focus in documentary film.

Bigger Than Us is a Nexus PMG production

Feb 08, 202242:57
#184 John Belizaire, CEO of Soluna Computing

#184 John Belizaire, CEO of Soluna Computing

John Belizaire is the CEO of Soluna Computing, the world’s first utility-scale company developing power plants and combining them with high-performance computing facilities. As a serial entrepreneur, John has successfully founded and scaled multiple industry-leading technology startups that have achieved market leadership and double-digit growth, including FirstBest, an insurance software company acquired by Guidewire, and The Theory Center, a software company acquired by BEA Systems. Before becoming an entrepreneur, John was the lead architect for Intel’s Digital Enterprise Group.

About Soluna

Soluna Computing builds modular, batchable computing centers for intensive applications like cryptocurrency mining, AI and machine learning. Soluna’s scalable data centers provide a cost-effective alternative to battery storage or transmission lines. Soluna Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: SLNH) is the leading developer of green data centers that convert excess renewable energy into global computing resources. Soluna Holdings was formed when Mechanical Technology, Inc. (MTI) acquired Soluna Computing in 2021.

Feb 01, 202201:02:15
#183 Pat Crowley, Founder and CEO of Chapul Farms

#183 Pat Crowley, Founder and CEO of Chapul Farms

Pat Crowley is the founder and CEO of Chapul Farms, building and scaling modular insect farms. His diverse career path has had a singular focus of ensuring the food and water availability to future generations, with previous positions as a climate modeler, hydrologist, and agronomist in public and private sectors, and has more than 15 years working in the field of sustainable food and agriculture. He is founder of Chapul, LLC (2012), and introduced the first commercial edible insect protein on the US market. As CEO of Chapul Farms, he has helped integrate BSFL technology into operations for multiple Fortune 500 food/ag companies and some of the largest national and international waste management service providers, and regularly collaborates with the leading academic research institutions for insect food and agriculture development. Pat is Board Chair for the Industry Advisory Board for the National Science Foundation’s Center for Environmental Sustainability through Insect Agriculture.

Jan 25, 202235:26
#182 Dr. Chris Wedding, Founder of Entrepreneurs for Impact - Climate Mastermind

#182 Dr. Chris Wedding, Founder of Entrepreneurs for Impact - Climate Mastermind

Dr. Chris Wedding is a former environmental private equity investor, 3x entrepreneur, Board member, Duke University and UNC Chapel Hill professor, podcast creator (Climate Torch), newsletter author (ZERO), an occasional monk with 25+ years of meditation practice, and Founder of Entrepreneurs for Impact, which runs Climate Mastermind peer groups for climate change-focused CEOs and cofounders across the US and Canada. He brings $1B+ of investment experience, 50,000 professional students taught, too many mistakes to keep to himself, and an obsession with constant improvement. He’s also a husband, father of three, kayaker, hiker, ax throwing champion, and aspiring polyglot with failing language abilities in Spanish, Japanese, and Creole.

Jan 18, 202240:52
#181 Dr. BJ Johnson, CEO and Co-founder of ClearFlame Engine Technologies

#181 Dr. BJ Johnson, CEO and Co-founder of ClearFlame Engine Technologies

Dr. BJ Johnson is CEO and co-founder of ClearFlame Engine Technologies, a growing startup dedicated to developing clean engine technology for heavy-duty truck, off-highway, and industrial applications.

Together with co-founder Dr. Julie Blumreiter, BJ founded ClearFlame to develop solutions that increase the performance of and reduce emissions from internal combustion engines using decarbonized fuel, such as ethanol. BJ was the lead inventor on a patent filed by Stanford University for this work, which now forms the center of ClearFlame’s intellectual property.

BJ’s passion and leadership for this work have helped him to secure investors and strategic partners, including the support of multiple industry manufacturers, agencies like the Department of Energy, the Department of Agriculture, the National Science Foundation, and world-class accelerators like StartX, I-Corps, Ameren Accelerator, and WERCBench Labs.

In 2021, BJ was named one of the Grist 50—an annual list of emerging leaders from across the US working on fresh, real-world solutions to our world’s biggest challenges—and competed in TechCrunch Startup Battlefield and SXSW Pitch. BJ earned his BS, MS, and Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Stanford University.

Jan 11, 202239:31
#180 Peter Kelly-Detwiler, reviews 2021 and looks to 2022

#180 Peter Kelly-Detwiler, reviews 2021 and looks to 2022

Peter Kelly-Detwiler has 30 years of experience in the electric energy arena. He writes for and other publications on topics related to disruptive innovation and its impact on the electricity infrastructure. He provides strategic advice to clients and investors, helping them to navigate this transitional period. Peter is also the author of The Energy Switch - a book about how companies and customers are transforming the electrical grid and the future of power.

Mr. Kelly-Detwiler has spent much of his career in various areas of competitive power markets. As Senior Vice President at Constellation Energy, he oversaw creation of VirtuWatt – a market leading platform to facilitate real-time awareness of electricity pricing and consumption and bidding of assets into competitive markets. He is currently writing a book on the transformation of electric power markets, to be published by Prometheus Books in the Spring of 2021.

Jan 04, 202252:35
#179 Advice 2021

#179 Advice 2021

Sarah Shanley Hope, Brad Hunstable, Ralph Chami, Joshua Aviv, H.G. Chissel, Jason Jacobs, Dr. Graciela Chichilinsky, Skye D'Almeida

Catherine Von Burg, Juan Verde, Marc Conte, Steve Schmida, Azzedine Downes, Kelly Herring, Chante Harris, Catherine McLean, Jon Friedman

Venkatesh Kini, Zecca Lehn, Katie Worth, Sharina Perry, Corey Glickman, Nneka Kibuule, Sunny Sanwar, Julia Armstrong D'Agnese

Dec 28, 202146:54
#179 Most popular episode of 2021 - Dr. Graciela Chichilnisky, Co-Founder and CEO of Global Thermostat

#179 Most popular episode of 2021 - Dr. Graciela Chichilnisky, Co-Founder and CEO of Global Thermostat

Dr. Graciela Chichilnisky is the co-founder and CEO of Global Thermostat, and co-creator of a carbon removal technology that can reverse climate change. Under Dr. Chichilnisky’s leadership, the company was awarded a Silver designation on Pepperdine Graziadio Business School’s 2020 Most Fundable Companies List, and its technology was chosen by MIT Technology Review as one of the Ten Breakthrough Technologies of 2019, a list curated by Bill Gates.

In addition to her role at Global Thermostat, Dr. Chichilnisky is a Professor of Economics and Mathematical Statistics at Columbia University, and Director of the Columbia Consortium for Risk Management.

Dr. Chichilnisky acted as the lead U.S. author on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which received the 2007 Nobel Prize for its work in deciding world policy with respect to climate change, and she worked extensively on the Kyoto Protocol, creating and designing the carbon market that became international law in 2005.

Dr. Chichilnisky is the author of more than 300 scientific articles and more than 15 books, including the recently published Reversing Climate Change and the award-winning Saving Kyoto, which won the American Library Association’s 2010 Outstanding Academic Title of the Year and the American Geographical Society’s Book of the Month Award in October 2009. She holds two Ph.D. degrees, in Mathematics and Economics, and her graduate studies were at MIT and the University of California, Berkeley.

Dec 21, 202149:13
#178 Julia Armstrong D’Agnese, Co-Founder and CEO of Earth Knowledge

#178 Julia Armstrong D’Agnese, Co-Founder and CEO of Earth Knowledge

Julia Armstrong D’Agnese is Co-Founder and CEO of Earth Knowledge and is on a mission to provide the most authoritative integrated planetary intelligence, translating the complexity of our Earth Systems into clear actionable impact to help build a more sustainable world.

Julia is an experienced leader in transforming businesses into sustainable operations and investments that are more resilient and actively contributing to the restoration of our planet. As Earth Knowledge’s CEO, Julia constructively challenges business and organizational leaders, advocating and driving reinvention through technology to deliver sustainable change.

Dec 14, 202152:32
#177 Sanchali Pal, CEO and Founder of Joro app

#177 Sanchali Pal, CEO and Founder of Joro app

Sanchali founded Joro to empower people to take climate action that matters, starting with how they spend money. Prior to Joro, Sanchali worked on sustainable development in East Africa and South Asia at Dalberg, where she saw firsthand the devastating effects of the climate crisis for vulnerable populations, and at Tesla. Sanchali holds a BA from Princeton and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Dec 07, 202132:59
#176 Matthew Kleiman, Co-founder and CEO of Cumulus

#176 Matthew Kleiman, Co-founder and CEO of Cumulus

Matthew Kleiman is the co-founder and CEO of Cumulus. Prior to co-founding Cumulus, he was the Program Director at Shell TechWorks, Shell’s Skunk Works-style technology center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, focused on developing and deploying new technologies for Shell’s capital projects and operating facilities. Before joining Shell, Matt held various commercial positions in the biomedical and aerospace industries. When he isn’t working, you can find him enjoying time with his family, skiing, and scuba diving.

Nov 30, 202135:13
#175 Sunny Sanwar, Founder and CEO of Dynamhex

#175 Sunny Sanwar, Founder and CEO of Dynamhex

Sunny Sanwar is an engineer and entrepreneur who lived through cleantech 1.0 and is building the rails on which climatetech can thrive. He was formerly co-founder and CTO at Verd2GO, an energy storage startup. Currently he is Founder and CEO of Dynamhex, Inc - an intelligence platform for climate action planning for organizations. Sunny holds a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Masters degree in Public Policy and a PhD based on the clean economy, and was on the Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2019.

Nov 23, 202145:21
#174 Nneka Kibuule, Senior Vice President for Aligned Climate Capital LLC