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NHASCD Spotlight: A Podcast

NHASCD Spotlight: A Podcast


NH educators, authors, and others discuss a variety of educational topics and issues.
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Principal Labs: Strengthening Instructional Leadership Through Shared Learning

NHASCD Spotlight: A PodcastOct 20, 2021

Celebrating NH’s Premier Teaching and Technology Conference with Cyndi Dunlap
Dec 02, 202335:34
The State of Literacy in 2023 with Liz Cannon
Nov 17, 202333:36
The Math Expertise of Peter Liljedahl

The Math Expertise of Peter Liljedahl

Episode description**

Dr. Peter Liljedahl is one of the most sought-after math educators in the world, and we are blessed to host him on NHASCD Spotlight. In this episode, Peter provides an overview of his research around “Building Thinking Classrooms” as a prelude to his NHASCD/NHTM webinar on November 21 and 22. Register today at


Dr. Peter Liljedahl is a Professor of Mathematics Education in the Faculty of Education and an associate member in the Department of Mathematics at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.

Peter serves on many editorial boards and is a senior editor of the International Journal of Science and Mathematics education. He has authored or co-authored 12 books, over 38 book chapters, 38 journal articles, and over 50 conference papers. Peter has won numerous awards and is a former high school mathematics teacher; his research is never far away from practical application in the classroom. He consults regularly with schools, and ministries of education on issues of teaching and learning, assessment, and numeracy.

Links and show notes

Peter’s Website

Building Thinking Classrooms

Peter’s Books

Peter on Twitter

Lewis Carroll, the mathematician

Paul Erdos - Wikipedia

Nov 02, 202338:13
Building Thinking Math Classrooms with Ann Elise Record
Oct 20, 202331:41
De-implementation with Peter DeWitt

De-implementation with Peter DeWitt

Episode description

Peter DeWitt is one of education’s leading voices, and his latest book is De-implementation: Creating Space to Focus on What Works. We chat with Peter about how an overload of initiatives hurts teachers and administrators and how de-implementation, a technique utilized in the medical field, can help improve our profession. 


Dr. Peter DeWitt was a K-5 teacher for 11 years and a principal for eight years. For the last decade or so, he has been facilitating professional learning worldwide based on the content of his best-selling books. Peter is a leading expert on instructional leadership, collective teacher efficacy, and fostering inclusive school climates. He also takes time to coach leaders and school-based leadership teams. You may know Peter through his regular column, “Finding Common Ground” in Education Week and of course through his many books. His most recent book is De-implementation: Creating Space to Focus on What Works, which is also the topic of his upcoming conference with NHASCD and NHASP, at Skymeadow in Nashua on October 26. 

Links and show notes

Register to see Peter in Nashua, NH on October 26, 2023

Peter’s website

De-implementation: Creating the Space to Focus on What Works

How De-Implementation Can Curb Educator Burnout

Finding Common Ground

Peter’s Podcasts and Online Talk Show-A Seat at the Table

Instructional Leadership Collective

Beneath from Cori Doerrfeld 

Peter on Twitter/X

John Hattie and Visible Learning


The 5 Whys

Oct 06, 202336:34
Updating your PLCs through Achievement Teams with Steve Ventura
Sep 12, 202329:42
NH Public School Minimum Standards (306s) with Christine Downing

NH Public School Minimum Standards (306s) with Christine Downing

The New Hampshire Minimum Standards, or Ed 306, have become a controversial topic in our schools and in the press. Yet, most of the public does not understand what these standards represent and why they are critically important for our students. On this podcast, we chat with Christine Downing, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for SAUs 32, 75, and 100, to help us unravel the “306s.”


Christine Downing is the Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for SAU 32 (Plainfield), SAU 75 (Grantham), and SAU 100 (Cornish). She has 30 years in education as an NHED consultant, middle school math and science teacher, elementary principal, and central office educator. Her current volunteer project is to gather specific feedback on ED 306 from school leaders and educators to help in the process of editing the latest version of the minimum standards. Christine is passionate about supporting public schools and competency-based learning in NH.

Links and show notes

Ed 306 Listening Sessions, Draft Proposal, and Admin. Rules

Christine Downing’s email


Information on Christine’s Ed306 sessions

The Minimum School Approval Standards (ED Rules 306) are being reviewed and updated. These rules impact curriculum, instruction, and assessment at the local level in all grade levels and many content areas. Specific review sessions are being conducted to obtain feedback directly from practicing educators in our local schools. Below is a list of sessions and locations along with registration links for each session. These sessions provide educators with the opportunity to learn about ED Rules 306, impact these rules have on teaching, review suggested changes, and provide feedback on the revisions. All feedback will be synthesized and presented on behalf of NH educators at a state board meeting in late September. There is no cost for this session and educators will receive 2.5 hours of professional learning credit. This session is being facilitated by Christine Downing, current Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for Cornish, Plainfield and Grantham School Districts; and former school improvement coach, Common Core Consultant, and Mathematics Specialist for NH Department of Education.This is an opportunity for educators to increase their own knowledge and application of how ED 306 standards support teaching and learning, and provide important feedback on the future of public school expectations. Please use the links below for your selected session and location to register. Once your registration is received, you will receive (via email) further instructions regarding the session and access to materials. Your voice is important to this process!

Session Locations/Dates/Registration Links:

Aug 31, 202334:38
Artificial Intelligence at the Onset of a New School Year
Aug 18, 202342:02
Developing the Whole Child for Their Whole Life
Aug 04, 202332:58
Supporting and Improving Teacher Instruction with John Almarode

Supporting and Improving Teacher Instruction with John Almarode

Episode description

“We don’t want to play blackjack with the life of an 8-year-old,” says John Almarode, who has dedicated his life to improving teacher instruction. John recently presented to high acclaim with John Hattie at NHASCD’s Visible Learning Conference, co-sponsored with Corwin in February 2023. In this podcast, John discusses with our hosts Bill Carozza an Kristen Moreland how higher education can significantly impact PK-12, John’s partnership with Hattie, Doug Fisher, and Nancy Frey, PLC +, and his experience writing books.


John is an award-winning Professor of Education at James Madison University. He works with pre‑service teachers and graduate students, as well as actively pursuing his research interests, including the science of learning and the design and measurement of classroom environments that promote student engagement and learning. John and his colleagues have presented their work at the United States Congress, the Virginia Senate, the United States Department of Education, and the Office of Science and Technology Policy at The White House. John has also served as a math and science teacher and is a prolific writer, including authoring 11 books on topics from math and science instruction, a new framework centering on PLC+, and visible learning.

Links and show notes

John Almarode’s website

Email John

John’s Twitter

James Madison University

John’s Books on Amazon

John Hattie: Visible Learning

Visible Learning Meta-X

History of PLCs

NHASCD web site

Jul 20, 202333:43
Using Civic Engagement to Re-Energize Schools with Doannie Tran
Jul 06, 202330:38
ASCD's Instructional Tech Expert, Monica Burns
Jun 15, 202329:30
Touring Literacy’s Democratic Roots with Tom Newkirk
Jun 01, 202341:57
Manage Your Time or Time Will Manage You with PJ Caposey
May 18, 202331:59
The Distinguished Career of 2023 NHASCD EDies winner Jan Yost
May 11, 202329:28
Fair School Funding in New Hampshire
May 05, 202336:54
Revolutionizing Math Education: The Journey of a Startup Founder

Revolutionizing Math Education: The Journey of a Startup Founder

As an entrepreneur, Jeremy Thiesen says, “I don’t know what’s not possible.” It is precisely this attitude that has helped Jeremy Thiesen build the successful mathematics assessment company Math ANEX. In this episode, Jeremy explains how the company started and how mathematical thinking is the key to success for this generation of students living after the pandemic.


Jeremy graduated from Leigh University with a degree in statistics. He became a successful entrepreneur, having formed several start-ups, including Jeremy’s most recent project, Math Anex, formed with his partner Patrick Callahan. This new company is helping teachers and school districts gain a better understanding of how their students are actually thinking about and approaching math — as opposed to simply scoring how many questions they get correct. These deeper insights give educators the resources and information they need to help students maximize their learning.

Links and show notes

Math Anex

Jeremy’s LinkedIn

Apr 21, 202337:40
Taking Tech Back with Cool Cat Teacher Vicki Davis
Apr 06, 202346:31
The Adventure and Anxiety of AI and Chat GPT

The Adventure and Anxiety of AI and Chat GPT

When Chat GPT launched worldwide in November 2022, it brought both adventure and anxiety to the education world. On today’s podcast, we are joined by three NH technology educators to talk about the current and potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on teachers and students and how we can harness its power to support teaching and learning.


Michael Wakefield is a musician and consultant on technology for educational and nonprofit organizations. He is an adjunct professor at Keene State College and was previously a technology consultant for the Massachusetts Association of Regional Schools. Michael was also the Director of Technology at the Narragansett School District in Massachusetts. He's a member of the NHSTE board.

Christina DiMicelli is the Educational Technology Integration Specialist at Pinkerton Academy in Derry, New Hampshire. She was previously the Director of Technology and a Tech Integration Specialist at Hampstead Academy.

Dana Foulds is a Media Technology Integration Specialist in the Concord School District and previously a social studies teacher. Dana was honored as a 2016 ASCD Emerging Leader. She is a member of the NHASCD Board and serves as Treasurer.

Links and show notes


Keene State College

Pinkerton Academy

Broken Ground School

Chat GPT

6 Ways to Use Chat GPT to Save Time

GPT-4 Is Exciting and Scary

The next generation of AI for developers and Google Workspace

What you need to know about multimodal language models

John Spenser’s Blog

Become a member of NHASCD

Mar 17, 202345:46
Boosting Professional Learning with Allie Rodman
Mar 03, 202333:31
Flipped Mastery Learning with Jon Bergmann
Feb 17, 202342:49
Universal Design for Learning and Mathematics with Naomi Church
Feb 03, 202338:54
Visible Learning with John Hattie

Visible Learning with John Hattie

Episode description

Perhaps no researcher has impacted education as much as John Hattie. His meta-analysis research on instructional effect size has influenced an entire generation of educators. In advance of the NH Visible Learning + Institute with John Hattie and friends, he sat down with us to talk about his life as a researcher, the state of our field, and what we can expect at the conference on February 13 at the Doubletree Hilton in Manchester.

To register for the Institute, head to Be sure to use the code “NHASCD” for a $25 discount.

About John Hattie

Dr. John Hattie is an award-winning educational researcher and best-selling author with nearly 30 years of experience examining what works best in student learning and achievement. His research, best known as Visible Learning, is a culmination of those 30 years of synthesizing more than 1,700 meta-analyses. His notable publications include Visible Learning, Visible Learning for Teachers, Visible Learning - The Science of How We Learn, Visible Learning for Mathematics, Grades K-12, and, most recently, 10 Mindframes for Visible Learning.

John has been a professor of education and director of the Melbourne Education Research Institute at the University of Melbourne, Australia, since March 2011. John has also taught middle and high school as a classroom teacher before entering graduate studies.

Links and show notes

Corwin Visible Learning

John’s Books

Visible Learning site

Register for the NH Visible Learning Institute with John Hattie, John Almarode, and Kiersten Barbee (use the code NHASCD for a $25 discount)

Register for the Jim Knight conference

John Almarode bio

Kierstan Barbee bio

Jan 17, 202340:28
Exploring Digital Storytelling with Brett Pierce

Exploring Digital Storytelling with Brett Pierce

Storytelling is an ancient and enduring form of communication. With modern digital tools, a new generation of students can tell stories through digital pathways and communicate effectively and purposefully using text, sound, music, and imagery. Join us for this conversation with Brett Pierce, author of the new Heinemann book Expanding Literacy; Bringing Digital Storytelling into Your Classroom.


Brett is the founder and Executive Director of Meridian Stories and author of the book from Heinemann Publishing, Expanding Literacy: Bringing Digital Storytelling into Your Classroom (Spring 2022). Brett has spent much of his professional life at Sesame Workshop in New York City, serving as a Co-Executive Producer on media projects about literacy, math, science, gender equity, and conflict resolution for youth around the world. Brett has taught at the high school level and has degrees from Kenyon College, Middlebury College (English), and Columbia University (Education). He recently completed writing National Geographic’s award-winning Storytelling for Impact courses (Gold Winner, Anthem Awards) and teaches an annual intensive at Colby College about Digital Storytelling and Media for Social Change.

Links and show notes

Expanding Literacy, Bringing Digital Storytelling Into your Classroom

Meridian Stories

Meridian Stories School Competitions


National Geographic Storytelling For Impact

Sesame Workshop

Heinemann Publishers

Jan 11, 202337:12
Becoming The Minimalist Teacher

Becoming The Minimalist Teacher

Episode description

The advent of the pandemic made Tammy Musiowsky-Borneman and Christine Arnold’s work more relevant than ever. In this discussion, the authors of the ASCD Book The Minimalist Teacher describe their premise that teachers need to take care of their own physical and mental health first to be effective educators for their students.

About Our Guests

Tammy Musiowsky-Borneman is an international education advisor, teacher coach, and classroom teacher and has taught and led schools in Singapore, New York City, and Edmonton. Tammy is a past president of the ASCD Emerging Leaders Alumni Affiliate (ELASCD). She values simplicity and clarity and has created a coaching model centered on short, flexible, and focused chunks of time with personalized content. Tammy has contributed content to ASCD publications, EdWeek Teacher Blog, and Achieve the Core regarding student engagement, inclusion, agency, and ways to develop positive classroom and school culture.

Christine Arnold is an Australian educator who has worked in her homeland, Japan, Singapore, and Belgium as a teacher, coach, mentor, co-teacher, coordinator, tutor, and supervisor from early childhood education to adult education in the university sector. She has served on the board of the Singapore chapter of the Special Education Network and Inclusion Association. Christine has published educational articles and has presented at various international and Australian conferences. Her interests in education include exploring research-based pedagogy and practice, inclusive education, quality early childhood education, inquiry, and promoting well-being for our students and teaching colleagues.

Links and show notes

The Minimalist Teacher

Tammy’s Twitter: @planZPLS

Tammy’s email:

Christine’s Twitter: @carnold005

Minimalist Teacher website

Plan Z Professional Learning Services

De-implementation: Creating the Space to Focus on What Works

ASCD Emerging Leaders


Dec 20, 202238:32
A Conversation with Renaissance Man, Dr. Gene Kerns
Dec 06, 202232:05
Improve Every Lesson Plan with SEL with Jeffrey Benson
Nov 16, 202238:19
Suicide Prevention with Sarah Gould of “Connor’s Climb”
Nov 07, 202226:55
Leadership Training with BTS-Spark

Leadership Training with BTS-Spark

Join us for this conversation with Sean Slade and Victoria Rodrigue from BTS-Spark, a leading professional learning organization for school leaders. They address the real challenges of leadership and develop thoughtful, purposeful, and effective leaders at all levels of school personnel - directly impacting student success. NHASCD is proud to partner this year with BTS-Spark.


Sean Slade

Sean is an education leader, speaker and author, with nearly three decades of experience in education, both in the US and globally. With a strong background in education reform and wellbeing, he has driven policy change, implemented initiatives, and developed educational leaders, to enhance the social impact of education. As Senior Director of Global Outreach at ASCD, Sean launched and grew the ASCD Whole Child Network to 1,800 members, 350 school districts, and 56 countries. He is also a Social & Emotional Learning expert for NBC Today, advisory member for OECD’s Future of Education & Skills 2030, and a founding member of the UNESCO Chair on Global Health & Education. He has written for the Washington Post, Huffington Post, EdWeek, and is a frequent keynote speaker.

Victoria Rodrigue

Victoria started teaching in Austria on a Fulbright fellowship before building her education career in the San Francisco bay area. She was a member of the founding administrative team that opened Basis Independent Silicon Valley in San Jose, and she went on to serve as principal at Meira Academy in Palo Alto. She brings several years of experience coaching teachers as well as co-founding a principals’ support group. For the last five years, she has served as an accrediting member of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.


Receive 10% off any BTS coaching until the end of the year by emailing

* Click here for more information. 

BTS Spark website

Messy School Leadership


ASCD and the Whole Child Approach

Jim Knight

Register for Jim Knight on January 26, 2023


Email Victoria:

Email Sean:

Email Bill Carozza:

Oct 20, 202242:48
Exploring Literacy Instruction with Liz Cannon
Oct 05, 202232:28
Student-Centered Coaching with Diane Sweeney
Sep 15, 202232:55
Gay-Straight Alliances in NH Schools
Sep 14, 202238:38
Leading With Empathy with Dr. Tom Hoerr

Leading With Empathy with Dr. Tom Hoerr

Join us for this conversation with Dr. Thomas Hoerr to discover new perspectives on leading with empathy. Tom is speaking as a part of our NHASCD/NHASP conference series on October 18. Register at


Tom Hoerr is one of the best-known voices in school leadership. Tom retired after leading the New City School in St. Louis, Missouri, for 34 years and is now the Emeritus Head of School. He is currently a Scholar In Residence at the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL) and teaches in the Educational Leadership program, preparing prospective principals. Hoerr has written several books, including “The Principal as Chief Empathy Officer.” He has written more than 150 articles, including “The Principal Connection” column in Educational Leadership Magazine from 2004 to 2017.


The Principal as Chief Empathy Officer: Creating a Culture Where Everyone Grows

Why Surveys Are a Key School Leadership Tool

Leading With Empathy conference, October 18, 2022.

NHASCD website

Link to NHASCD Conference Series

Sep 13, 202231:23
Curing Burnout with Chase Mielke
Aug 03, 202226:17
The Teacher's Principal with Jen Schwanke
Jun 15, 202235:15
Personalized Professional Learning with Allison Rodman

Personalized Professional Learning with Allison Rodman

Join us for a conversation with Allison Rodman to hear how she supports individuals and organizations with designing and facilitating professional learning that is personalized, purposeful, and paradigm-shifting.


Allison Rodman is the Founder and Chief Learning Officer of The Learning Loop, an educational consulting organization that provides professional learning services to districts, schools, nonprofit organizations, and businesses internationally.

Allison has experience as a teacher, instructional coach, school leader, director of professional development, board member, and consultant, which enables her to understand a wide variety of perspectives in her professional learning design and facilitation. She is an executive committee member of PhillyCORE Leaders, a diverse coalition of rising education leaders whose mission is to build a more positive and collaborative education community by connecting leaders who are making an impact on Philadelphia education.

You can reach Allison, learn more about her work, and access tools and resources she has developed at

Personalized Professional Learning: A Job-Embedded Pathway for Elevating Teacher Voice is available from ASCD,  Amazon, and other online booksellers.

May 19, 202220:24
Achievement Teams: How a Better Approach to PLCs Can Improve Student Outcomes and Teacher Efficacy with Steve Ventura

Achievement Teams: How a Better Approach to PLCs Can Improve Student Outcomes and Teacher Efficacy with Steve Ventura

Listen to Steve Ventura share the background of Achievement Teams and the four-step meeting protocol. 

This framework provides a structure for teachers to accurately reflect on teaching between pre/post assessments while identifying areas of student needs. Next, teams decide on the very best instructional approaches to address those needs. When schools and school systems de-emphasize individual practice and promote collective ability, teams of educators continuously reflect on and improve their practice, and as a result, have a greater impact on student learning.


Steve Ventura is a highly motivational and knowledgeable speaker who approaches high-stakes professional development armed with practical, research-based strategies. He is a former elementary and secondary teacher and has worked as both a school and a district-level administrator.

He has published multiple books and articles and regularly presents and keynotes at global education events. He is passionate about helping school-based leaders instill a culture grounded in collective teacher efficacy through his flagship work, Achievement Teams. Through this collaborative work, Ventura has helped countless educators improve their teaching practices. You can learn more about Steve’s work and contact him at

The Venturas' book, Achievement Teams: How a Better Approach to PLCs Can Improve Student Outcomes and Teacher Efficacy, can be purchased through ASCD and other online book companies.

Apr 10, 202224:57
The Regulated Classroom with Emily Read Daniels
Mar 23, 202233:55
Leading Collective Efficacy with Stefani Arzonetti Hite and Jenni Donohoo

Leading Collective Efficacy with Stefani Arzonetti Hite and Jenni Donohoo

Authors Stefani Arzonetti Hite and Jenni Donohoo share insights on the relationships between student achievement and collective efficacy as well as their model for leading collective teacher efficacy.


Dr. Stefani Arzonetti Hite is an acclaimed author and internationally renowned leadership expert.  Backed by over thirty years of experience in education as a teacher, administrator, and international school leader, Stef supports schools in developing effective systemic change initiatives.  Dr. Hite is a member of ASCD's FIT Teaching® (Framework for Intentional and Targeted Teaching®) Cadre, is the founder of Tigris Solutions, and has authored several ASCD Educational Leadership articles.  You can reach Dr. Hite through Tigris Solutions.

Dr. Jenni Donohoo is a five-time best-selling author and professional learning facilitator with more than 20 years experience in leading school change. Jenni works in school divisions across North America supporting high-quality professional learning designed to improve outcomes for all students. As the Director of the Jenni Donohoo Center for Collective Efficacy, Jenni has been recognized internationally as an educational thought leader and has delivered keynote speeches nationally and internationally. You can reach Dr. Donohoo at


Collective Efficacy: Powerful Stories of Achievement and Equity is available from Corwin, Amazon and other online booksellers.

Mar 09, 202219:51
The Definitive Guide to Instructional Coaching with Jim Knight
Mar 05, 202238:08
Uprooting Instructional Inequity: The Power of Inquiry-Based Professional Learning with author Dr Jill Harrison Berg
Feb 25, 202233:43
Elevating Educator Voices Through Advocacy
Feb 25, 202236:01
The Principal as Chief Empathy Officer: Creating a Culture Where Everyone Grows - An interview with author Dr. Thomas Hoerr
Feb 22, 202221:41
Demystifying Discussion: How to Teach and Assess Conversation Skills K-5: An Interview With Author Jennifer Orr
Feb 22, 202230:05
Women in Educational Leadership

Women in Educational Leadership

Superintendent of Schools Jennifer Gillis (Manchester School District), Sydney Leggett (SAU 75), and Meredith Nadeau (SAU 21), the original organizers of the NH Women in Educational Leadership Initiative, share the challenges for women in educational leadership.

Contact Information:

Dr. Jennifer Gillis -;  Dr. Sydney Leggett -; Meredith Nadeau -

Feb 21, 202222:58
The Instructional Leader's Guide to K-8 Science
Feb 15, 202232:32
Compassionate Coaching: Navigating Barriers to Professional Growth with authors Kathy Perret and Kenny McKee

Compassionate Coaching: Navigating Barriers to Professional Growth with authors Kathy Perret and Kenny McKee

Kathy Perret and Kenny McKee join the podcast to discuss dealing with barriers teachers face and the corresponding ways that coaches can help teachers surmount them.  They share insights from their new book, Compassionate Coaching: How Educators Navigate the Barriers to Professional Growth.

  • Contact Information: Kathy Perret -; Kenny McKee -

  • Twitter:  Kathy - @KathyPerret; Kenny - @kennycmckee

  • #educoach – a Twitter chat devoted to the topic of instructional coaching that is held every Wednesday at 8 pm CST/9:00 pm EST

Jan 11, 202233:09
Stretching Your Learning Edges: Growing (Up) at Work with author Jennifer Abrams
Dec 20, 202125:23
Building Resiliency Through SEL with Katie Pagnotta
Dec 10, 202142:02
Working Around the "New" Normal: A Conversation with the Mindful Learners Collaborative Team
Dec 08, 202141:03