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By NICC Business and Community Solutions

Welcome to the Northeast Iowa Community College Solutions podcast, where we speak with experts in their field to provide you with solutions and insights on continuing education and lifelong learning.

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Practicing Mindfulness at the Office

SolutionsJul 15, 2022

Small Business Marketing
Aug 18, 202215:08
Being a Small Business Owner

Being a Small Business Owner

Katie Wiedemann joins Brittany Todd to talk about being a small business owner. Brittany Todd is a business owner, photographer, speaker and founder of R.E.S.E.T., a small business conference in Iowa. She is committed to positively influencing those around her, and showing people how beautiful their lives are, just the way they are. 

Brittany shares her journey on becoming a small business owner and now passes her knowledge onto others with her R.E.S.E.T. conference and classes at Northeast Iowa Community College Business and Community Solutions. 

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Jul 27, 202216:59
Practicing Mindfulness at the Office

Practicing Mindfulness at the Office

Katie Wiedemann is back as the host of the Solutions podcast to interview Alisha Leytem on habits to improve your brain health. Alisha Leytem is a Certified Wellness Coach and Mindfulness Expert guiding leaders to create lasting changes in their physical, mental, and spiritual health. Alisha founded Alisha Leytem, LLC in 2015 and is the author of The Six G.O.L.D. Keys to Well-Being™: A Guide to Unlocking a Healthy and Happy Life. In this episode, Alisha talks about mindfulness in the workplace. Mindfulness is having an accepting and kind attitude toward yourself and the present moment. It’s about training your mind and body to be in the now, which is an essential skill to improve your awareness throughout your day – both at work and home. 

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Jul 15, 202213:18
Workplace Culture
Jun 29, 202211:25
Brain Health in the Workplace

Brain Health in the Workplace

Katie Wiedemann with Northeast Iowa Community College talks with Lisa Schaefer on brain health in the workplace. 

Lisa Schaefer is an NICC Business and Community Solutions trainer, teacher, counselor and small business owner with over 20 years of experience in education and sales. She is certified as a facilitator of the John Maxwell Leadership Curriculum and Daniel Pink Drive Curriculum. Lisa is an expert in employee engagement, organizational psychology and service success strategies and has served as a professor, staff development professional and counselor.

Learn more about upcoming brain health learning opportunities:

Brain health and wellness is just as real as our physical health and can impact our physical wellbeing. Yet 60 percent of adults and 50 percent of youth avoid treatment or don’t ask for help with brain health issues. Northeast Iowa Community College is committed to providing education and resources to improve the brain health of our communities. Through a partnership with Brain Health Now we offer training opportunities to help destigmatize brain health in our community, providing practical hands-on information and tools to create an informed work environment.

Topics have included Emotional Awareness in the Workplace, Stress Management and Resiliency Training and promoting brain health during challenging times. According to a report released by Gallup, Americans’ rating of their own brain health has dropped to its lowest point since the survey began nearly two decades ago, with only 34 percent saying their mental health is excellent, a 9 point drop since 2019. And no doubt burnout will continue to be a challenge long after the pandemic ends.

Jun 08, 202212:23