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Meaningful Medicine

Meaningful Medicine

By Shieva Khayam-Bashi & Nicole Hohenstein

Meaningful Medicine is a podcast that highlights stories of health care professionals who have found a sense of meaning, resilience and joy in their work. In an unpredictable and challenging world with high burnout rates, this is a podcast where incredible individuals share their most meaningful patient experiences and focus on those moments of positivity and joy that sparked their love of healthcare and changed the way they practice medicine.

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On Compassion in Medicine

Meaningful MedicineMar 24, 2022

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 On Imposter Syndrome in Medicine

On Imposter Syndrome in Medicine

Have you ever doubted your own abilities or had a nagging feeling that at any moment someone was going to expose you as a fraud in your profession or area of study? You are not alone! It turns out that imposter syndrome is quite common and can occur at all stages of medical training and beyond. In this episode, UCSF emergency medicine doctors and educators Dr. Rosny Daniel, Dr. Jill Mongelluzzo & Dr. Marianne Juarez join us in discussing their varied and personal experiences with imposter syndrome, and how each has learned to recognize and overcome it. In this meaningful panel discussion, we also explore how we can view the imposter experience not as a weakness, but rather as a strength in a positive growth mindset.

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On Infertility in Medicine

On Infertility in Medicine

*Trigger warning - this episode discusses pregnancy loss*

It is an unfortunate reality that women in medicine experience twice as much infertility compared to the general public. Dr. Theresa Cheng discusses the importance of reproductive autonomy, the option of egg freezing and normalizes the discussion of family planning and infertility in medicine.

**Dr. Theresa Cheng has no disclosures and does not work for any IVF practices**

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