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Music Crush with FNMC

Music Crush with FNMC

By Music Crush

A new music podcast hosted by flutists Nicole Riner and Elizabeth Robinson of the Flute New Music Consortium. Episode formats vary between interviews with composers and flutists influencing the contemporary performance world, new music listening sessions, and conversations exploring the nature of our work as musicians and collaborative artists. New episodes every other Wednesday.
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Music Crush Season 2: The Re-Crushening

Music Crush with FNMCNov 29, 2023

Music Crush Season 2: The Re-Crushening

Music Crush Season 2: The Re-Crushening

Trailer for Season 2

Nov 29, 202301:19
Interview: Anne Guzzo
Nov 15, 202353:13
Interview: Megan Ihnen
Nov 01, 202358:47
Interview: Jennifer Piazza-Pick
Oct 18, 202344:19
Interview: Kim Osberg
Oct 04, 202301:00:49
Interview: Jessica Rudman
Sep 20, 202335:25
Oops, did I oversell it?
Sep 06, 202348:34
Flute quartet is, like, Elizabeth’s whole personality
Aug 09, 202344:23
Interview: Jane K (Evgeniya Kozhevnikova)
Jul 12, 202338:40
Interview: Cherise Leiter

Interview: Cherise Leiter

CHERISE LEITER, composition and theory professor at Metropolitan State University in Denver, won FNMC’s Composition Competition back in 2017 with The Life in a Day for flute, cello, and guitar. She has since been commissioned by FNMC for her solo flute work, a voice silenced, a voice sings, which was given its delayed premiere by our very own Elizabeth Robinson back in February of this year.  Today, Cherise crushes on Ella Fitzgerald and Hildegard von Bingen, educates Nicole on Bardcore, and discusses how the pandemic affected her work as both an artist and an educator. Cherise also wanted to add to that Dr. Michelle Stanley premiered and recorded The Life in a Day and commissioned American Folk Suite, both of which get mentions in this episode. Thank you, Michelle!

Dancing Queen, bardcore style:

Stuart Nicholson, Ella Fitzgerald:

Something to Live For:

How High the Moon:

All of Me:

The Sun Tones, Watch What Happens:

Whistling Hens:

Allison Krauss and Robert Plant, Can’t Let Go:

Jun 21, 202348:28
Interview: Zaq Latino

Interview: Zaq Latino

ZAQ LATINO (they/them) works as an actor, arts administrator, and crafter of extremely beautiful compositions in New York, but perhaps the most meaningful title for what they do is “storyteller”. Today, Zaq gives us a window into all of their worlds and shares their wonderfully generous perspective on collaborating with others! We also explore feelings–about performance anxiety, imposter syndrome, and knowing you’re in the right place.


The Social Network, opening scene:

Panic at the Disco, High Hopes:

Bright Eyes, The People’s Key:

John Adams, My Father Knew Charles Ives:

Joni Mitchell, Blue:

Jun 07, 202341:25
Interview: Meerenai Shim
May 24, 202344:23
Interview: Lauren McCall
May 10, 202344:50
This is how the sausage is made
Apr 26, 202347:57
Interview: Mikel Kuehn
Apr 12, 202346:35
Interview: Erika Boysen
Mar 29, 202348:03
Interview: Ellen Ruth Harrison

Interview: Ellen Ruth Harrison

ELLEN RUTH HARRISON has experienced impostor syndrome. The composer of Beneath a Canopy of Wings for flute and clarinet (FNMC composition competition winner, 2021), discusses her humble upbringing and disdain for snooty restaurants, the limitations of composing for unfamiliar instruments, the function of all-female music festivals, and she fills us in on her new orchestral piece, which will be premiered by CCM’s undergraduate orchestra in September 2023.

Beneath a Canopy of Wings:

Norman Finkelstein, Restless Messengers:

Bach Brandenburg Concerti:

L'Arpeggiata & Christina Pluhar, Music For A While:

Beethoven String Quartets:

Mar 15, 202338:32
Interview: Yoshi Weinberg
Mar 01, 202350:58
Find a Way to Make it Work
Feb 15, 202301:08:02
Interview: Lisa Neher

Interview: Lisa Neher

LISA NEHER, a singer and composer based in Portland, won FNMC’s 2022 Composition Competition with her solo flute work Reach Out. She discusses the dichotomy between performing and composing, the importance of genuine social connection, and some great practical advice for composers looking to pay their rent (spoiler alert: you will not make all of your money from sheet music sales).

Reach Out:

Gabriela Lena Frank Creative Academy of Music:

Gabriela Lena Frank, Andean Songs:

Mannheim Steamroller, Carol of the Bells:

Enya, Only Time:

Feb 01, 202351:00
I like chickens, I like feminism, and I like Jennifer Higdon
Jan 18, 202348:15
Interview: Robert McClure
Jan 04, 202301:03:39
Is there an endpoint?
Dec 21, 202258:06
Interview: Michael Genese
Dec 07, 202247:32
Music Crush: Preview
Nov 16, 202200:57