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Crazy Shit

Crazy Shit

By Nikole & Angela

Nikole and Angela discuss conspiracy theories, unexplained mysteries, paranormal events, and all the weird stuff you crave.
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Episode 4- Portals

Crazy ShitMar 17, 2021

Episode 28- Donnie Decker
Oct 11, 202141:28
Episode 27- Superstitions
Oct 05, 202152:09
Episode 26- Yellowstone National Park
Sep 28, 202140:48
Episode 25- April: Sacrifice Month

Episode 25- April: Sacrifice Month

April seems to have a lot of disasters occur.  These events that happen in April may not be a coincidence.  There is said to be a 40 day season 13 of the 40 being time for blood sacrifice.  It is said to give more power and leadership if these sacrifices are made to BAAL.  This may all be connected to the zodiac wheel and the third degree tracing board.  What do you think about the blood sacrifice month? Is it a coincidence or will you be paying close attention to events next April?

Sep 21, 202136:17
Episode 24- Johnny Gosch
Sep 13, 202127:51
Episode 23- Lake Lanier
Sep 08, 202146:04
Episode 22- The Turpin Family
Aug 26, 202147:60
Episode 21- John McAfee
Aug 16, 202144:40
Episode 20- Skinwalker Ranch
Aug 09, 202101:06:08
Episode 19- New Light of God Cult
Jul 27, 202142:05
Lil' Quickie- Update on Britney Spears

Lil' Quickie- Update on Britney Spears

Ang reads some of Britney's statement from court and whoa its pretty disturbing what she has been going through this last decade.  We talk about what her boyfriend has to say about it all.  Why her sister hasn't spoken out about the conservatorship?  

Jul 14, 202127:15
Episode 18- My Classmate, The Murderer
Jul 13, 202152:47
Episode 17- Crater Lake
Jun 29, 202148:04
Episode 16- Britney Spears
Jun 23, 202101:02:50
Episode 15- Chemtrails
Jun 19, 202134:11
Episode 14- The Commonwealth vs Michelle Carter
Jun 10, 202101:03:46
Episode 13- JFK assassination theories (Part Two)

Episode 13- JFK assassination theories (Part Two)

This week in part two we cover the mafia theory, a murdered mistress, the magic bullet and a missing brain. Did the Bay of Pigs invasion cost Kennedy his life?  Was the CIA working with the mafia? Did his mistress know too much? How did one bullet do so much? And where the hell his John's brain?

Jun 05, 202101:03:34
Episode 12- JFK assassination theories (Part One)
May 26, 202155:02
Episode 11- Hollow Earth Theory

Episode 11- Hollow Earth Theory

We've all been taught about the Earths layers- crust, inner core, mantle, outer core and the core. Every science class we've ever had has went over this. But what if the Earth is actually hollow? We talk about the story of Admiral Richard Byrd and his operation highjump.  A Medal of Honor recipient doing a simple operation and came across something more than he could have imagined.  

May 17, 202126:20
Episode 10- Disney Mind Control

Episode 10- Disney Mind Control

We went down the rabbit hole this week, that means we talk about a few different things.  We talk about on set events that took place on the Wizard Of Oz.  We talk about Disney's mind control programming operation called project Monarch.  What movies are used for the programming and the details of the operation.  Mind control seems to be everywhere, can you spot it?

Apr 28, 202145:07
Episode 9- MK Ultra

Episode 9- MK Ultra

In 1953 the CIA created project MK-ULTRA.  Their mission- mind control.  They tested LSD and other psychedelic's on people without their full consent. Need a prescription for Post Partum Depression and leave with LSD having no idea you just became a test subject.  This went on for at least TWO decades with other small but similar projects between.  But is this mind control still happening, are we too trusting or was this just a wasted mission for the government?

Apr 18, 202134:13
Episode 8- Heaven's Gate
Apr 14, 202147:39
Episode 7- The Watts Family Murder
Apr 10, 202156:03
Episode 6- Ghost Stories
Mar 29, 202141:37
Episode 5- Haunted Places
Mar 24, 202133:28
Episode 4- Portals

Episode 4- Portals

Ever think of traveling to another dimension? Join us as we talk about the legend of Ong's Hat.  We touch on a few locations where portals could be found and how to open them. 

Mar 17, 202132:47
Episode 3- Georgia Guidestones

Episode 3- Georgia Guidestones

10 guidelines, 8 different languages, and 4 ancient languages. Americas most mysterious monument standing at 19'3" and made entirely out of granite. What's the purpose of this monument and who is R.C. Christian? 

Mar 02, 202141:44
Episode 2- Dyatlov Pass
Feb 17, 202101:08:02
Episode 1- Conspiracies on Tupac's "death"
Feb 08, 202135:48
Crazy Shit Trailer

Crazy Shit Trailer

It's been a long few months of getting the logistics together. but we are so excited to finally share this with all of you! Stay tuned for what's to come, it's going to be a crazy ride. 

Feb 02, 202103:25