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NIRO Knowledge

NIRO Knowledge

By Nicholas Roy

NIRO Knowledge is a podcast for those looking to learn about crime analysis and evidence based policing from those within the community.
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NIRO Knowledge – Episode 0.12

NIRO KnowledgeJun 10, 2020

Episode 26 - Michelle Eliasson
Apr 28, 202151:31
Episode 25 - Dr Susanne Knabe-Nicol

Episode 25 - Dr Susanne Knabe-Nicol

Today on NIRO Knowledge, my guest is the Police Science Dr herself, Dr Susanne Knabe-Nicol.  She brings us knowledge on her background, forming the bridge between academia and research and those who can put it all into practice and an upcoming conference that she is hosting virtually in April 2021.

Episode 25 video version
Police Science Dr
Rapid Fire Conference registration

Mar 24, 202130:38
NIRO Knowledge - Episode 1.7
Mar 17, 202126:23
NIRO Knowledge - Episode 1.6
Mar 11, 202114:58
NIRO Knowledge - Episode 1.5
Mar 04, 202113:10
NIRO Knowledge - Episode 1.4
Feb 25, 202117:50
NIRO Knowledge - Episode 1.3
Feb 18, 202112:03
NIRO Knowledge - Episode 1.2
Feb 10, 202118:05
Episode 24 - Dr Renée J Mitchell

Episode 24 - Dr Renée J Mitchell

Renée J. Mitchell served in the Sacramento Police Department for twenty-two years and is currently a Senior Police Researcher with RTI International.  She holds a B.S. in Psychology, a M.A. in Counseling Psychology, a M.B.A., a J.D., and a Ph.D. in Criminology from the University of Cambridge.  She was a 2009/2010 Fulbright Police Research Fellow where completed research in the area of juvenile gang violence at the London Metropolitan Police Service.  You can view her TEDx talks, “Research not protests” and “Policing Needs to Change: Trust me I’m a Cop”, where she advocates for evidence-based policing.  She is a co-founder of the American Society of Evidence-Based Policing, a National Police Foundation Fellow, a BetaGov Fellow, a member of the George Mason Evidence-Based Policing Hall of Fame, and a visiting scholar at the University of Cambridge.  Her research areas include policing, evidence-based crime prevention, evaluation research and methods, place-based criminology, police/citizen communication and implicit bias training.  She has published her work in the Journal of Experimental Criminology, Justice Quarterly, and the Cambridge Journal of Evidence-Based Policing.  She has an edited book with Dr. Laura Huey, Evidence Based Policing: An introduction and coming out next March Implementing Evidence-Based Research: A How to Guide for Police Organizations.

Video version of this episode
CHACHI article (CA-CHI)
American Society of Evidence Based Policing
Dr Larry Sherman NIRO Knowledge episode
Dr Cynthia Lum NIRO Knowledge episode

Feb 03, 202141:01
NIRO Knowledge - Episode 1.1
Jan 27, 202116:27
Episode 23 - Lorna Ferguson & John Ng

Episode 23 - Lorna Ferguson & John Ng

Lorna Ferguson
Lorna Ferguson is a Ph.D. Student in the Sociology department at the University of Western Ontario, Canada and is the Founder of the Missing Persons Hub. Lorna has a broad interest in policing research and developing evidence-based approaches to policing and crime prevention, including issues related to firearms and social media use. Currently, she focuses on police responses to missing person cases. 

John Ng
John Ng has been a law enforcement analyst in Canada for over 10 years. He’s a certified law enforcement analyst with the International Association of Crime Analysts and has been an active member having volunteered with their former Methods Subcommittee co-authoring a handful of technical papers on analytical methods including hotspot analysis, prioritizing offenders, and social network analysis. He is currently the Chair of their Publications Committee.

He’s presented at crime analysis conferences and recently at the American Society of Evidence-Based Policing (EBP) Conference on the role of crime analysts in EBP. He also served as the Analyst Series Coordinator (lead) for the Canadian Society of Evidence-Based Policing’s (Can-SEBP) Community Engagement Team and continues to volunteer as their Director of Operations. He was also selected as an NIJ/IACP LEADS Scholar, which is a scholarship that helps support mid-level officers in advancing data and science in policing, he is one of the first crime analysts to received this scholarship.

He’s successfully completed a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia and an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Toronto. His research interests include police culture, police leadership, organizational change, police tactics & strategies, hotspots policing, offender management (and risk assessments), and crime analysis.

Missing Persons survey - Please take the time to fill this out if you work as an analyst in a law enforcement agency

Lorna Ferguson's email - lfergu5 @ (obviously smash that together for a proper email)
Missing Persons Research Hub website
Lorna's Podcast - Missing Persons Research Hub
Lorna's Website

John Ng's email - @ (obviously smash that together for a proper email)
John on Twitter

Jan 20, 202101:00:40
NIRO Knowledge - Episode 1.0
Jan 13, 202114:29
Episode 22 - Dr Laura Huey
Jan 06, 202140:57
NIRO Knowledge - Episode 0.29

NIRO Knowledge - Episode 0.29

My last episode for 2020.  I have big plans coming and I am hoping that you will all help.  Head over to my Twitter page and hit up that poll pinned to the top until Xmas Eve and let me know if you would join in on a LIVE episode of NIRO Knowledge.

I chat about Dr Laura Huey coming back to kick off another year of NIRO Knowledge for 2021 and I go over the two things that I believe we should all have in our vocabulary as analysts: simplify and endgame.

Twitter page/poll
Dr Laura Huey NIRO Knowledge episode
NIRO Crime Analysis membership
YouTube version of Episode 0.29

Dec 18, 202012:38
NIRO Knowledge - Episode 0.28
Dec 09, 202013:53
NIRO Knowledge - Episode 0.27
Dec 02, 202008:56
NIRO Knowledge Episode 0.26
Nov 25, 202009:58
NIRO Knowledge Episode 0.25
Nov 21, 202008:30
Episode 21 - Jacek Koziarski
Nov 11, 202050:58
Episode 20 - Dr Lawrence W Sherman
Nov 04, 202055:53
NIRO Knowledge - Episode 0.24
Oct 22, 202001:44
NIRO Knowledge - Episode 0.23
Oct 14, 202008:51
NIRO Knowledge - Episode 0.22
Oct 14, 202006:57
NIRO Knowledge - Episode 0.21
Sep 30, 202002:28
NIRO Knowledge - Episode 0.20
Sep 23, 202008:18
Episode 19 - The Drs Santos

Episode 19 - The Drs Santos

Roberto Santos is an associate professor of criminal justice and co-director of the Center for Police Practice, Policy and Research at Radford University in Radford, VA. He is a retired police commander from the Port St. Lucie, FL Police Department where after 22 years worked in, supervised, and commanded every division within the agency. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy (Class 239). Prior to policing, Dr. Santos was a sergeant in the Marine Corps and is a veteran of Desert Storm/Desert Shield. Dr. Santos is recognized nationally and internationally for his impact on the field of policing through his high-level rigorous research, translation of research to practice, and hands on work with police organizations.As Co-Director of the Center for Police Practice, Policy, and Research, Dr. Santos shares in the administration of the Center and management of large-level, grant-funded research projects. Dr. Santos earned his Master of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice from Florida Atlantic University and his Doctor of Philosophy in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Organizational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University.

Rachel Santos is a professor of criminal justice and co-director of the Center for Police Practice, Policy and Research at Radford University in Radford, VA. Dr. Santos has been working with police organizations since 1994 and conducts practice-based research on organizational change and accountability, crime analysis, and sustainability of evidence-based crime reduction strategies in police organizations. Dr. Santos started her career as a crime analyst for the Tempe, AZ Police Department then served as a Senior Research Associate and Director of the Crime Mapping Laboratory at the National Police Foundation in Washington D.C. Currently, as a co-director of the Center for Police Practice, Policy, and Research, Dr. Santos shares in the administration of the Center and manages large-level, grant-funded research projects that focus on identifying and testing practical police strategies. Dr. Santos is an international expert on crime analysis and its role in effective crime reduction and has conducted experimental research and evaluation of police practices. She has published many final reports, practitioner guidebooks, book chapters, and articles for both academic and professional journals. She has one of the only sole authored books on crime analysis in its fourth edition, Crime Analysis with Crime Mapping. Dr. Santos earned her Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology from Arizona State University.

The book:
Stratified Policing
Center for Police Practice, Policing and Research
Stratified Policing resources
More Dr Rachel Santos material
Dr Rachel Santos
Dr Roberto Santos

Sep 16, 202001:00:59
NIRO Knowledge - Episode 0.19
Sep 09, 202016:50
NIRO Knowledge - Episode 0.18
Sep 02, 202010:30
Episode 18 - Julio Toral
Aug 26, 202028:44
NIRO Knowledge - Episode 0.17
Aug 19, 202010:18
NIRO Knowledge - Episode 0.16

NIRO Knowledge - Episode 0.16

Hello all you NIRO Knowledge listeners!  In this episode I give some thanks to my audience and those who have surfed the web over to my website and have continued to support me in my journey.

Technology is always changing.  As analysts, we have little time, patience and energy to research new technologies let alone learn how to use it.  Training can be hard to find, expensive and have short term impact.  That's why I started NIRO Crime Analysis.  I identify, simplify and instruct on emerging analytical tools for law enforcement.

Aug 12, 202006:52
NIRO Knowledge - Episode 0.15
Aug 05, 202022:44
NIRO Knowledge - Episode 0.14

NIRO Knowledge - Episode 0.14

I speak about NIRO's new homes, my storefront, UALE, my upcoming Power BI webinar (on 7/30/2020), and a little bit about how I got here, who helped get me to where I am today, and where I am going from here.

NIRO Knowledge podcast
NIRO Crime Analysis (new home of UALE and so much more!)

Jul 29, 202017:26
Episode 17 - Owen Miller

Episode 17 - Owen Miller

Owen Miller, an analyst with Thames Valley Police in the UK, investigates crime and vulnerabilities.  He uses Evidence Based and Hard Based Policing strategies to assist his unit to success.

Jul 22, 202034:46
Episode 16 - Dr Eric Piza
Jul 15, 202043:51
Episode 15 - Dr Read Hayes
Jul 08, 202047:59
Episode 14 – Dr Cynthia Lum

Episode 14 – Dr Cynthia Lum

Dr. Cynthia Lum is Professor of Criminology, Law and Society and Director the Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy at George Mason University. She researches primarily in the areas of policing, evidence-based crime policy, crime prevention, technology, and translational criminology. Her works in these areas include evaluating the impacts of patrol and detective activities, interventions, and technologies; understanding the translation and receptivity of research in policing; and measuring police proactivity. With Dr. Christopher Koper she has developed the Evidence-Based Policing Matrix (with Cody Telep) and the Matrix Demonstration Projects, translation tools designed to help police practitioners incorporate research into their strategic and tactical portfolios.

Professor Lum is an appointed member of the Committee on Law and Justice (CLAJ) for the National Academies of Sciences (NAS), and has also served on the NAS’s Committee on Proactive Policing as well as its Standing Committee on Traffic Law Enforcement. She is a member of the National Police Foundation Board of Directors, the Research Advisory Committee of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the Misdemeanor Justice Project at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and an Executive Counselor for the American Society of Criminology. She is the founding editor of Translational Criminology Magazine and the Springer Series on Translational Criminology, and served as the first North American Editor for the Oxford Journal Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice. Dr. Lum is a Fulbright Specialist in policing and criminology and is the co-Director of the International Summer School for Policing Scholarship, developed with colleagues at the Scottish Institute for Policing Research and Arizona State University.

Her recent book, with Christopher Koper is Evidence-Based Policing: Translating Research Into Practice (2017, Oxford University Press). Professors Lum and Koper are Editors-In-Chief of Criminology and Public Policy, the flagship policy journal of the American Society of Criminology.

Reinventing American Policing

Jul 01, 202001:01:32
Episode 13 – Andrew Reece
Jun 24, 202047:19
NIRO Knowledge – Episode 0.13
Jun 17, 202002:15
NIRO Knowledge – Episode 0.12
Jun 10, 202006:12
NIRO Knowledge - Episode 0.11
Jun 03, 202003:42
Episode 12 – CrimCon: Dr Andrew Wilczak and Dr Troy Payne

Episode 12 – CrimCon: Dr Andrew Wilczak and Dr Troy Payne

Dr Andrew Wilczak received his MA in Criminology and Criminal Justice from Eastern Michigan University in 2006 and his PhD in Sociology from Bowling Green State University in 2011, with a focus in criminology and social psychology. His research interests include examining how violence and exposure to violence influence adolescent development, the history of violence and public policy, and the role of criminological theory in understanding revolutionary action. He is the host of two podcasts focusing on public scholarship: Untenured Tracks, a casual interview series with untenured faculty and graduate students about their research and pedagogy, and Strength Check, a collaborative project with Drs. Joan Antunes, Mike Dando, and Shauna Lesseur, which focuses on narrative storytelling as a teaching tool.

Dr Troy Payne has been at the University of Alaska Anchorage since 2010. Before that, he earned an M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati. His primary interests are translational research, data visualization, crime prevention and policing — but he’s also done work in risk assessment and a handful of other areas over the years. Most recently, as Associate Director of the Alaska Justice Information Center, he has been focused on translational research, on finding ways to communicate his findings to both policy members and the public.

CrimCon (Criminal Consortium)
CrimCon on Twitter

May 27, 202046:06
Episode 11 – Trina Cook
May 20, 202042:02
NIRO Knowledge – Episode 0.10
May 13, 202009:15
NIRO Knowledge – Episode 0.9
May 08, 202011:18
NIRO Knowledge – Episode 0.8
Apr 30, 202006:14
NIRO Knowledge - Episode 0.7
Apr 22, 202007:19
NIRO Knowledge - Episode 0.6
Apr 15, 202002:50
NIRO Knowledge - Episode 0.5
Apr 08, 202007:06
Episode 10 - Dr Joel Caplan
Apr 01, 202045:09