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Nirr Journeying

Nirr Journeying

By Nirr Hochadel

NIRR (Natural Intuitive Remedy Reading) was developed as a response to the needs of humankind in this transitional period of time. NIRR readings give guidance and support and clarify the next steps on your path.

The readings resonate with you on an energetic level and therefore actively encourage you to be the creator of your life and hence help to manifest the Golden Age in association with your life purpose - your incarnated goal.

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July 20 Quantum Leap part 2

Nirr Journeying Jul 12, 2020

July 20 Quantum Leap part 2
Jul 12, 202003:35
July 20 Quantum Leap part 1
Jul 12, 202002:60
June 20 The Light of the New Time
Jul 12, 202004:25
The light the love and the peace of the new time

The light the love and the peace of the new time

With these 3 words (light, love and peace) I have started the last 3 monthly readings and with these words I am also introducing May. I would like to go back to January briefly, where we talked about finding your power place, and this is exactly the energy about which we want to talk about in early May.

It is this power place energy, which gives you strength, nourishes you and gives you calm in stressful times. This power place energy, which is directly connected with your solar plexus chakra, lets you find your inner home, brings you peace and lets you say ‘YES’ to life.

Now that 3 months have passed since January, we are exposed to an energetic wave via an exceptional planetary constellation. This challenges us and puts us to the test and would like to show us, where we have come since our power place task in January and our meditation exercise in February.

Can you permanently implement and apply what you have learned or is it not yet completely internalised?
Has it only scratched the surface and is it only used sometimes?
Has the light, love and peace of the new time completely settled in your energy system so that nothing can upset you so easily?

Wherever you may be, it takes self-confidence to continue this path of love and peace.

Self-confidence and love for life is what keeps you going, even if things are not going so smoothly and life developed in a completely different way than expected.

But above all this love, this self-confidence and strength is needed to make a fresh start, a new beginning to implement the energies of the new time.

And that is exactly the challenge: Being able to manage your own love and light levels at an appropriately high potential – will keep you busy and make LIFE ‘interesting’ in the upcoming months.

Do not be discouraged, the new moon at the end of this month brings down-to-earth, grounding energies and if you do not fight against them, if you do not resist – they will make you calmer and more relaxed.

But please, seek out help if you realise you can’t unwind and the turbulence at the beginning of the month has put too much strain on you.

In this sense, be strong and take advantage of the growth potential that this extraordinary time brings with it.


For more readings, please see my blog

May 06, 202005:06
Are you the leader of light Part 3 April 20

Are you the leader of light Part 3 April 20

Are you the leader of light, love and peace of the new time / Part 3

Hello my dears,
the time has come again, a new month with new opportunities. In January we, each of us individually, had a close look at our power place. You looked and tried to create an outer power place for yourself, that made it easier to find your inner balance.

In February we talked about a meditative exercise to give you even more support and strength at your power place and above all bring you even more emotional balance.

In March you had the opportunity to implement what you had learned and with this new knowledge you could serve others who may not have been quite as strong and stable in this challenging time.

We also spoke about joy and to let your soul unwind and this is exactly where we want to continue, because April is also about the leader of light, who, with balanced inner strength and acting from a source of inner peace, helps others to stay centred in difficult times.

It may be the same in April as we talked about in March:
This strength, the inner balance and the generated love flow can now be transformed into joy. If the tasks of the past months have been skilfully implemented, it isn’t possible any longer, to hold back this strong, self-confident energy which wants to flow into the current circumstances, because what is now so fundamentally obvious, will then be accepted as guidance by others. An expression of joy that emanates from inner strength and pours into inner wealth.

Once this quality has been developed and adopted, it has a lasting effect and becomes particularly evident now – under these circumstances. A quality that is needed even more than ever during this time.

Are you the leader of the light, love and peace of the new time?

Through this new, even more developed ability of inner strength, visions, of what wants to be manifested later in the year, can now be gained and the time around the new moon is the best time to gain more insights here. The foundation for the new will be created through these impulses and visions and even though this, is for many, subconsciously rather than consciously, the energy wants to push through and make a dent in it.

So be aware and guide your thoughts wisely – because you can only blame yourself – if they come true !

In this sense, only the best in April and the coming months.

Apr 02, 202004:38
Are you a leader of light Part 2 March 20

Are you a leader of light Part 2 March 20

Last month we talked about strengthening the balance between heaven and earth, strengthening the heart chakra and balancing emotions.

How was it for you? Were you able to generate a strong flow of energy, a love flow through your spiritual practice and by finding a power place for yourself? Did you manage to do this? Are you a leader of light, love and peace of the new time? Please share your experiences on my blog

In March, the practices you have applied and outcomes you have experienced of the past 2 months can flow into a stream of joy now. The first weeks of March, with the full moon on March 9th, should be dedicated to activities that particularly bring you joy. It is time once again to let your mind wander and to confidently try out new things that have been on your list for a long time, but you haven’t yet taken time to implement them. The focus here should be on fun and joy and a thrill of doing something ‘different’, or something which might have been forgotten by everyday commitments.

It may take a little overcoming and some courage, maybe someone might even laugh at you or your idea. Don’t let that discourage you, assert yourself and do it anyway and your courage will be rewarded with feelings of ‘liveliness’ and freedom.

This courage finds its transformative peak with the new moon at the end of the month. So what starts out so light and exhilarating and what is so fun and joyful actually has a profound effect and brings change. But regardless, isn’t it always about bringing the heavenly impulses into action, recognising yourself more and more and stepping out of oblivion towards your Self?

An ongoing process called ‘life’, which demands responsibility and leadership qualities throughout these transformative times. It needs a permanent and self-responsible guidance of your Self through which a stable flow of love energy can be generated and this is the task which needs to be continued in March.

Are you a leader of light, love and peace of the new time?

Do not relinquish responsibility, it is up to you to guide the light and yes of course, ask for help if you get stuck. Not everything has to be done alone! But no matter what situation you are in, it is your duty to take care for yourself, your path and your well-being.

In this sense – Namaste and a brilliant March.

Mar 14, 202004:34
Are you a leader of light Part 1 February 20

Are you a leader of light Part 1 February 20

Are you a leader of the light, love and peace of the new time…

After last month when we were able to collect and recharge our energy at our ‘new’ found power place, it is now time again to widen the heart chakra and to receive with it. However, continue to explore ‘your place’ and focus your attention on the heart chakra, just below your breastbone – and also start now a routine, a meditative exercise...

to continue reading please see the full article on : 

Feb 09, 202004:40
Find your power place January 20

Find your power place January 20

Hello my dears,
just before the turn of the year the energy reading into January.

As every year, the Christmas season brought us particularly close to the Christ energy that connects the worlds. During this time, it is particularly easy to establish a heart connection with the collective and to expand love.

And so it is over the turn of the year and into January. Be careful that no emotional entanglements, make it difficult to enjoy this harmonious and loving time....

for the full article please continue reading on my blog: 

Feb 09, 202003:23
Chin up and give it all your heart Reading August

Chin up and give it all your heart Reading August

Chin up and give it all your heart – that’s how we had set the motto for July and the beginning of August – and yes, give it all your heart is still a good guide. Let the head with its thoughts sink into the heart and allow this powerful force to guide your way. Your being can then expand and resonate with other lovely people. Quite simply – effortless, because we only resonate with the energy that we have sent out!
So it’s about the expansion of consciousness – and this consciousness has undergone change with the grounding in middle/end of July. This new body feeling may now fully integrate into the consciousness as a sense of well-being and may now experience great expansion. So please feel into your subtle energy bodies and your chakras and see what has changed and let your love consciously flow there – and expand yourself completely...
Please fee free to continue reading on my blog:

Jul 28, 201904:32
Surrender Yourself Reading July

Surrender Yourself Reading July

Now that June has come towards the end and that you have taken stock of recent months, it’s time to devote yourself to what wants to happen in the upcoming weeks. To devote yourself towards the next tasks – and such transitions often go hand in hand with transformational processes.

The last weeks of June have already pointed this out and prepared this transformational wave with a cleansing process, so that the new moon will be much more transformative on the 2nd of July.

It seems to scream once again for change and as so often before, this new moon phase tries to soften hardened, old, unconscious structures. So, what has stuck before, imagine a rusty lock – where it’s very difficult to open the door with the key, has now potential to get moving, to get into flow again.

So devote yourself to the wave of transformation, the change.

SURRENDER, devote yourself!

Feel free to continue reading on my blog:

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Jun 30, 201904:36
Give yourself a new form of expression Reading June

Give yourself a new form of expression Reading June

Brilliant! May, with its multiple facets, is coming to an end and communication with our immediate environment has been put to the test. Anyone who was aware and could engage more closely with their interpersonal relationships was surprised how easy it is to generate a flow! – Or how quickly it showed what did not fit anymore and where the focus wanted to be.

Now, at the beginning of June, with the new moon on the 3rd of June, and the last month’s newly activated communication topic, COURAGE and SELF-CONFIDENCE are in demand. It shows very clearly that a new form of expression is needed! So much has energetically changed in the past 6 months, so that it requires a major overhaul.

Look back and make yourself aware what has changed? Best to make notes on paper.
What needs a new outfit?
What wants to be expressed differently?
Where do I let the majority of my attention flow?
Where do I want to expand more and have no choice to hold back anymore?

Please continue reading on

Jun 02, 201905:16
Focus on JOY Reading May

Focus on JOY Reading May

After these multilayered ups and downs, which April has brought us, the task now is to collect these different facets, to put them together and to focus very consciously on Joy again.

In which work, in which activity do I feel most Joy? What relationship (friendship and partnership) is nice and puts a smile on my face? Which hobby brings the most fun for me? What things do I have perseverance for and what do I do without needing to be prompted? On what activity do I spend most of my time? What job would I do without even being paid for it? What motivates me and makes me jump out of bed in the morning?

Joy, Joy, Joy !

Feel free to continue reading on my blog :

Apr 29, 201904:42
It doesn't have to be difficult anymore second part

It doesn't have to be difficult anymore second part

PART 2 :

The period from new moon (5.4.) to full moon (19.4.) has a very interesting character. The newly won heart chakra presence strives here for creativity. During this time existing projects and relationships should be examined for new potential. An inventory of what already exists and a check what kind of change is possible through the newly acquired light presence of the recent weeks. Maybe you would like to readjust and through fine tuning new things could open up or existing things might break away. As a color presence is gold in the focus.

And just looking at it, taking stock, even without having actively changed anything, brings incredible insights into things that were previously unattainable. The new energy presence demands clarity and the awareness that every goal-oriented focus, every thought, will be instantaneously manifested through the spiritual world and has a much greater impact as before and this requires discipline in dealing with your mind, your thoughts. If here the old thought pattern still prevails, that nothing is going to happen anyway and that change is going to take a long time, you should definitely practice watching and making yourself aware of your thoughts very quickly.

For the multi-taskers, who pour out their energy on many levels, it might be beneficial to find the common thread in their tasks to work more focused towards ‘the goal’. For all those where the focus lies in the outside and attention to the outside plays a big role, it is particularly important to check what kind of attention is wanted and how much attention is desired – until the inner view is developed.

So anyone who is aware and is able to watch this new energy structure and also perceives its effects will almost automatically use the full moon energy (19.4.) in trying to sort out his own affairs. The need for clarity will become so strong, that the focus lies on the essence and anything that distracts and disperses will almost fall away of its own accord.

And as always, when something falls away, there is room for something new and before we scurry into May, brilliant ideas might show up on which to build.

Some cultures have a saying that ‘April does what it wants’ and yes, the April will be very changeable, or rather complex and yet we have the chance to use this momentum for ourselves as to start with full vigour in the upcoming May.


~ Nirr

Apr 01, 201903:45
It doesn't have to be difficult anymore first part

It doesn't have to be difficult anymore first part

It doesn’t have to be difficult anymore…

Hello you beloved starsoul, yes, this is exactly where we want to continue, exactly there, where the subtle and the material has merged to a comfortable energy level at the end of March.

So, sensitive subtle soul vibrations have now, more and more, the chance to reconcile with the material, physical earth vibrations.

That means it doesn’t have to be difficult anymore, it can also be easy. For some, this may be a challenge, because many of us think that something is just good and valuable, when it has been difficult to work out and has taken a lot of work and strength. Therefore the learning task is, like in the middle and end of March, consciously devote yourself to the earth and the earth-fire and connect and reconcile with the material energies. When resistance occurs the following affirmation can be particularly supportive: ‘The earth and my body are a loving place to live, my soul feels comfortable and more and more at home here. All my fellow humans are loving beings’.

Meditation exercises that connect you with the earth and the earth fire can support here very well. The color red and red crystals (Red Jasper, Garnet, Ruby and also even Carnelion) are helpful companions in this time.

Through the conscious dedication to the earth and the fire, a newfound feeling of lightness can be developed here. Try to take your time and to devote yourself to the earth until she starts talking to you, until you establish a communication, until you have tuned yourself into the concept of an ‘easy flow’ on earth.

All of a sudden, a river may arise – it may all flow more strongly – the earth wants to take the weight off you and show you how it can become easier.

You can also deliberately release everything which is weighing you down through your legs to the earth and listen with the new lightness gained to what can be implemented now. You can also light a fire and give all the heaviness to it.

Through this new body and energy feeling, it almost works automatically on its own that your heart expands with the new moon on the 5th of April. The newly gained lightness, the newfound energy flow, wants to find its expression through the heart and the whole heart chakra energy center wants to show itself in its new presence and strength. Here the color green with green crystals is in the foreground (Green calcite, Jade, Chrysocolla).

Apr 01, 201904:18
Willkommen liebe Sternenseele Reading März

Willkommen liebe Sternenseele Reading März

Hallo du geliebte STERNENSEELE :

Der Energiefluss im März ist also ein rasanter und je mehr du Dich den Energiewellen hingibst umso weniger wirst du aus der Balance gerissen. Wenn du dann die Hersausforderungen der ersten 2,5 Wochen gemeistert hast, zeigen sich die Früchte mit dem Vollmond der nur noch mehr das zu Anfang März angestossene willkommen heißen des Neuen, die gewonnene Einsichten, sowie das mehr hier auf der Erde ankommen, ausdehnen und in die Tiefe tragen möchte. 

Die März Vollmondenergie steht also für eine Wilkommens-, und Versöhnungsenergie für alle die Sternenseelen die sich noch nicht ganz auf der Erde zurecht finden. Ein letztendliches wiedereingliedern in die Grobstofflichkeit, ein weich machen der harten Schwingungen und dadurch eine Möglichkeit als besonders feinstoffliche, sensible Seele wieder FREUDE und ERFÜLLUNG hier auf der Erde leben zu können. Deshalb; genieße den Ritt durch die Wellen und vergiß vor allem nicht den Spaß und die Freude auf Deinem Weg.

Affirmation für diesen Monat:
Mein Körper ist das Zuhause meiner Seele. Willkommen.

Mar 17, 201905:00
Beloved STAR SOUL Reading March

Beloved STAR SOUL Reading March

Hello you beloved STAR-SOUL :
After the last week in February which was a great time for a deep cleanse, a fast, a diet or a detox, the first week in March should also be used to do something good for your body. Treat yourself to a massage, go swimming, have a sauna, make sure you get a bit more sleep or just try, through healthy eating, to prepare your system slowly for the change into lighter spring days...

Feb 26, 201905:01
Energy Reading February

Energy Reading February

Monthly Energy Update February 2019:
The preparations for the upcoming year are continuing to expand at the beginning of February and the new moon energies on the 4th of February make it really clear that for many things the tracks are already laid for the following months to come. The energies for 2019 are subconsciously going to immerse themselves in our subtle energy bodies...

Feb 10, 201903:59