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No Cure For Curiosity

No Cure For Curiosity

By Chichester Bellusci Bratteson

What do a comic book writer, photographer/musician and playwright/filmmaker have in common? They all ended up working together in advertising. But they never left their original creative passions behind. Dan Chichester, Mark Bellusci and Jeff Bratteson learned that keeping their creative passions alive is not a hobby; it’s a vital part of what they do, who they are, and how they succeed both financially and creatively. Now they’re podcasting the thoughts and discoveries that keep them perpetually curious about all things creative.
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Will It Blend?

No Cure For CuriosityJul 02, 2018

Social Media: Creative Friend or Time-Draining Foe?

Social Media: Creative Friend or Time-Draining Foe?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, SnapChat: so many social media venues to explore, learn from and network on. But for creativity and productivity, is social media the great equalizer or the greatest time drainer ever? We dig in, discuss and debate how to get the most from social media, without getting sucked into a black cyber hole.
Aug 28, 201854:27
Is A Safe Job Career Suicide?

Is A Safe Job Career Suicide?

These days, safety is big. “Stay safe.” “Safe travels.” “Find your safe place.” But can we be deluded when we make creative sacrifices for what we assume to be a “safe” job? And can that supposed “safe” job actually be anything but? Hell, is there any job today that can actually be considered safe? We explore these questions, and provide some tips from experts as well as from our own experiences — both good and bad — to help you consider whether the “safe” job is right for you, or whether it’s career suicide.
Aug 13, 201801:03:05
What Does It Take To Be A Creative Leader?
Jul 31, 201855:04
Make Bad Shit
Jul 16, 201847:56
Will It Blend?
Jul 02, 201847:17
Death of Storytelling
Jun 18, 201801:10:05