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No Fine Dining

No Fine Dining

By Zachary Hurdle

Have you ever had food from a church basement? Do you ever feel like when you go out to eat you're being extorted? This podcast is for you! No Fine Dining is a podcast and newsletter about free food, the way we eat it, and who's making it.
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A Conversation with Colin Anderson

No Fine DiningSep 13, 2023

A Conversation with Colin Anderson

A Conversation with Colin Anderson

Exploring Free Food, Community, and Culinary Conversations


5:30, Colin (@eurekacompassveganfood) and Zachary start their conversation

7:45, What first brought Zachary to volunteer at Bethlehem Lutheran

Gurdwara in Bloomington, MN

10:20, Diseases of diet

13:00, The realm of being vegan

16:30, Community Hackathon and alternate spaces for serving food

Morgan from @kavabarmpls / Rachel from @rachcakes

19:20, Open market with the chef collective

20:20, Offensiveness of pay what you what want/pay what you can

21:30, Culinary memory

23:00, Community kimchi

25:20, Fighting for free food

27:30, Leisure at what cost

30:00, Misguided agricultural priorities

32:00, Food waste in America

33:00, "Kings should be awed"

34:30, Gaslighting customers

35:50, Footprint of a physical store / Target and Allianz field

41:35, Change of the guard / James Beard awards

43:00, Accessible cooking classes / engaging the community

Jamie from @abangyoli

48:45, Carnival atmosphere of a baseball game

51:40, Community despair

55:15, Confronting behaviors and wealth hoarding

57:40, Equitable existence

59:50, Open market growth

01:04:00, Shift in priorities

01:06:28, Farm to table


1:08:30, Minnesota should feed Minnesota

1:10:40, Everybody's a chef

Sep 13, 202301:11:18