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No Responsibility Podcast

No Responsibility Podcast

By Jonathan Sugiyama

We are very fly by night, its a fun podcast, we arent telling you how best to play or "pro strats" because thats not what the games about, and our schedule is looser because we care more about content than deadlines because we have.... no responsibility
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EP 3 - Amazing Friends: Michael Boggs

No Responsibility PodcastSep 10, 2019

EP 8 - Back In Black
Feb 01, 202001:11:54
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Dec 06, 201901:24:04
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Nov 20, 201901:16:09
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Oct 31, 201901:41:24
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Oct 10, 201901:08:45
EP 3 - Amazing Friends: Michael Boggs
Sep 10, 201901:01:09
EP 2 - Fearsome Foes
Aug 25, 201901:08:13
EP 1 - Mechanical Genius
Aug 15, 201901:06:59
EP 0 - Origin Story

EP 0 - Origin Story

 Welcome to the No Responsibility Podcast! We are a show all about the  brand new Marvel Champions LCG announced by Fantasy Flight Games. In  this episode, we start everything off with our origin stories. How did  we get into games? What gets us excited about this LCG? Where did we  start reading comics?  And what do we hope to see as the game and  community grows? 

Aug 14, 201939:04