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Not Quite Dead

Not Quite Dead

By Megan and Cate

Two gal pals chat about their favorite horror movies. We go deep, but also keep it pretty shallow.
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Evil Dead Rise

Not Quite DeadSep 22, 2023

Evil Dead Rise

Evil Dead Rise

The Evil Dead Rise! The series is back and chock full of Sam Raimi-isms, with plenty of homages to the much beloved earlier entries in the franchise.

Stuffed to the brim with disgustingly gory effects and plenty of slyly funny jokes, Lee Cronin's 2023 addition to the Evil Dead series is a welcome one.

Discussion points include: sister relationships, where not to take a pregnancy test, our favorite callbacks.

Sep 22, 202301:06:26
Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity

The first found footage movie to be scary since Blair Witch! Paranormal Activity debuted in 2007 to critical acclaim and a staggering box office on a shoestring budget.

Couple Katie and Micah are already on tense terms when they get third-wheeled by Katie's own personal (literal) demon. Micah is an inept boyfriend whose only skill is pissing off a demon, while poor Katie has to be haunted while surrounded by his cameras.

Discussion points include: bad boyfriends, specializing in undead hauntings, budget filmmaking.

Sep 08, 202341:57
Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool

Come away with us to tropical Li Tolqa, home to beautiful resorts and pay-to-play murder and crime sprees! The catch is teeny-tiny: be executed for your misdeeds or pay to have a clone of yourself be killed in your place.

Infinity Pool, directed and written by Brandon Cronenberg, explores issues of privilege, tourism, and scifi existentialism in one not-so-neat package.

Discussion points include: fictional tourist countries, White Lotus, Cronenberg the Elder vs Cronenberg the Younger.

Aug 25, 202301:08:06


They're here! NQD is covering the classic horror film Poltergeist. Effectively a Steven Spielberg movie, this movie introduced a new cultural fear: getting stuck in the TV.

Join us as we dissect the haunting of this all-American 80s family, baby angel Carol Anne's entrapment in the ghostly plane, and a host of malicious spirits.

Discussion points include: the old timey 80s, what's a poltergeist vs a haunting, and sketchy special effects.

Aug 11, 202350:33
Knock at the Cabin

Knock at the Cabin

TW: This episode contains discussion of suicide and self-harm. If you need help or are having thoughts of harming yourself, please call or text 988.

M. Night Shyamalan, you dog, you did it again. A thrilling popcorn flick with twists aplenty, the 2023 mystery/horror movie Knock at the Cabin brings the frights. Are these four strangers really preventing the end times, or are they delusional cultists targeting a queer family?

Discussion points include: Dave Bautista's career, suicide cults, our favorite type of apocalypse.

Jul 31, 202301:06:00
Jul 14, 202352:34


The two greatest Nicks, together at last! Nicholas Hoult and Nicolas Cage join up for a fun, albeit critically bombed, turn in the horror comedy Renfield (2023).

Hoult plays the much maligned assistant to Cage's Dracula, with variably funny turns from Awkwafina and Ben Schwartz in supporting roles.

Discussion points include: top comedy and horror moments, vampire traits, other notable Louisiana vampire lore.

Jun 30, 202351:49
41st Anniversary of The Thing in Which We Talk About the 40th Anniversary Fathom Event
Jun 16, 202301:22:44
His House
Jun 02, 202354:25
Scream 6

Scream 6

The requel has become a franchise! Scream 6 returns with the same cast from Scream 5 - Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera as the leads - with a few extras from the Scream days of old. Appearances from Gail Weathers and Kirby keep the franchise foundation in what we find to be a very strong entry to the series. Discussion points include: how meta is too meta, ranking the Scream films, and fakeout kill counts.

May 19, 202301:12:45
The Others
May 05, 202352:18
Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey
Apr 21, 202352:31
13 Ghosts
Apr 07, 202301:22:56
Mar 24, 202301:04:02
The Frighteners

The Frighteners

Amazingly, The Frighteners (1996) once held the title of most cutting-edge special effects. Primarily a slapstick comedy set to a Danny Elfman soundtrack, watching it today leaves a lot to be desired. Discussion points include: the most WTF moments of the movie, Michael J Fox's career, Peter Jackson's special effects company Weta FX history.

Mar 10, 202356:27


What makes a Barbarian? Director Zach Cregger's 2022 movie gives the Not Quite Dead gals much to ponder on the topic. A refreshingly smart, scary, and at times hilarious movie, Barbarian is a fun new entry into the modern horror canon. Discussion points include: AirBnBs, Justin Long scary movie supremacy, the horror movie three-act.

  • Read about The Gift of Fear, the book that director Zach Cregger based the first act on.
  • Learn about Brightmoor, a real (sad) place.
  • Just one real life example about how dangerous underground tunnels can be.
  • Yuck! Here's the world's most inbred family.

Episode edited by Megan Prior-Pfeifer. Music by Zach Pfeifer.

Feb 24, 202353:03
We Are Still Here
Feb 10, 202353:26
The Menu
Jan 27, 202351:25
The Ring
Jan 13, 202351:42
Not Quite Dead Holiday Extravaganza 2022

Not Quite Dead Holiday Extravaganza 2022

The girls wanted to wish their listeners a very Merry Christmas with this special episode that explores the horrors of the holiday season. There will be merriment, shared fears, and of course, spoilers. 

Check out the movies we cover in this episode:

Dec 1 - Love Actually

Dec 2 - Gremlins

Dec 3 - Friday After Next

Dec 4 - The Santa Clause

Dec 5 - A Charlie Brown Christmas

Dec 6 - Bad Santa

Dec 7 - Falling for Christmas

Dec 8 - A Merry Friggin’ Christmas

Dec 9 - Home Alone

Dec 10 - How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Dec 11 - Miracle on 34th Street

Dec 12 - Santa’s Slay

Dec 13 - Ernest Saves Christmas

Dec 14 - Batman Returns

Dec 15 - Christmas, Again

Dec 16 - Spirited

Dec 17 - Christmas Vacation

Dec 18 - A Muppet Christmas Carol

Dec 19 - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Dec 20 - It’s a Wonderful Life

Dec 21 - Die Hard

Dec 22 - Elf

Dec 23 - Jingle All the Way

Dec 24 - Nightmare Before Christmas

Dec 25 - A Christmas Story

Dec 25, 202201:00:07
Season 9 Kids Horror Finale

Season 9 Kids Horror Finale

Thank you for joining us for Season 9: Kids Horror! In this finale, we keep it short and sweet for all you busy parents - we rank the movies in age-appropriateness, and share a finger painting craft!

Dec 16, 202226:06
The Addams Family (1991)
Nov 18, 202244:32
The Monster Squad

The Monster Squad

Ostensibly a real movie and not just a vehicle for Universal Studios to sell merchandise, The Monster Squad is a late 80s kids' classic horror movie. Featuring iconic characters like Dracula and the Wolfman, the plot of the movie is loosely draped around a group of kids trying to prevent the monsters from taking over the world.

This episode is a classic debate of nostalgia versus quality - tell us what you think!

Nov 11, 202201:02:20
Nov 04, 202244:42
Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666

The final installment of the Fear Street trilogy takes us all the way back to 1666 - and then forward to 1994 - then back again - then back again. Sheesh! Should this series have been four movies instead of three? Were all of the plot lines resolved in the final chapter? Tune in and find out!

Oct 28, 202236:52
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

If you were an 80s or 90s baby, you may be entitled to financial compensation for emotional trauma from the illustrations featured in the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series.

This movie pastiches some of the more famous stories from the children's books into a plot involving a historic local woman accused of witchcraft, the haunted house she lived in, and the high school kids compelled to stop the murders in their town.

Oct 25, 202254:56
Fear Street: 1978

Fear Street: 1978

Fear Street 1978 pays homage to the campground slashers of the era, with all the blood, sex, and pot you'd expect. "Wait!" you're thinking, "Isn't this a kids' movie?" Well, listen to this minisode and hear what the NQD gals have to say about that.

Oct 14, 202236:07
The Witches (1990)
Oct 07, 202238:54
Fear Street: 1994
Sep 30, 202235:23
Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus

We’re kicking off spooky season with a genre of scary movies that’s fun for the whole family: Kids’ Horror! 

This season premieres with the 90s Disney cult classic Hocus Pocus. Join the NQD gals as they discuss the Sanderson sisters, the perfection of New England fall vibes, and the rules around black flame candles. 

Sep 23, 202246:33
Season 8 Comedy Finale

Season 8 Comedy Finale

Thank you for joining us for Season 8: Comedy! In this finale, we have some fun segments for you: mad libs, bingo, and a Cabin in the Woods inspired craft!

Sep 09, 202229:31
The Dead Don't Die

The Dead Don't Die

What kinda movie is this? A dark comedy, an homage to George Romero, a not scary movie about the end of the world? Jim Jarmusch's The Dead Don't Die might be a head-scratcher, but it's a fun one.

Join Not Quite Dead for the last movie of the horror comedy season and all of its meta humor!

Sep 02, 202201:01:15
Mars Attacks!
Aug 26, 202257:36
Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Is this a horror-comedy, or one of the best buddy comedies ever made?

The Not Quite Dead gals adore Tucker & Dale vs Evil (2011), directed by Eli Craig. The story of two redneck best friends whose  vacation is ruined when ignorant college students mistake them for serial killers is irresistible - and we hope you feel the same!

Aug 19, 202240:42
Aug 12, 202242:08
Scary Movie

Scary Movie

Well, they're not all winners.

Scary Movie kickstarted a decade's worth of spoofs, from the long-running franchise itself to the dismal Epic/Date/Disaster Movie series. The movie has its laughs but join us in this quickie episode as Not Quite Dead tears apart the very dated jokes.

Aug 05, 202226:49


Beetlejuice....Beetlejuice....Beetleju -- Not Quite Dead!

The first of two Tim Burton-helmed flicks this horror-comedy season is Beetlejuice! With an over-the-top performance from Michael Keaton and iconic turns from Winona Ryder and Catherine O'Hara, this movie was an instant comedy classic. The Not Quite Dead gals also get into the creepiness of this movie, from post-post-modern interior design to giant limbo sandworms.

Jul 29, 202249:30
The Cabin in the Woods

The Cabin in the Woods

The Cabin in the Woods (2011) is a quintessential Joss Whedon flick - irreverent, effortlessly funny, and punctuated with moments of surprisingly brutal violence.

This meta horror-comedy plays on classic horror movie tropes - a group of hot college kids are stalked and murdered one by one in a remote cabin in the woods. Boring? No way. The B plot is a workplace comedy about the office workers orchestrating the murders as part of a god-appeasing ritual.

Jul 22, 202259:16
Gremlins 2

Gremlins 2

To discuss Gremlins 2, Not Quite Dead is joined by the hosts of the movie discussion podcast High On Film, Brad Davis and Chris Maxwell!
Gremlins 2: The New Batch is the silly, Looney Tunes-riffing, meta little brother of the original Gremlins movie. In this episode, we talk the surprisingly great comedy and horror moments, and most controversially, which other sequels outshine their predecessors.
Episode edited by Megan Prior-Pfeifer. Music by Zach Pfeifer.
Jul 15, 202201:40:06


Who you gonna call? Not Quite Dead! 

This beloved 80s mega-hit gets the NQD treatment to kick off Season 8: Horror Comedy! Join us as we weigh scares against laughs and go over the many underrated merits of Rick Moranis. 

Jul 08, 202258:19
Season 7 Vampires Finale

Season 7 Vampires Finale

Thank you for joining us for Season 7: Vampires! In this finale, we have some fun segments for you: a vampire trait commonality matrix, a genre trivia quiz with a special guest, and a build a vampire craft!

Jun 17, 202256:06
30 Days of Night

30 Days of Night

To close out the season, an honest-to-goodness, true vampire horror movie: 30 Days of Night. Cleverly set far in the Northern Hemisphere where a small town is plunged into continuous darkness, 30 Days is actually frightening! No sparkly vamps here, just monsters ready to devour a weak and scared populace. Listen to the NQD gals relish in some true horror in this episode. 

Episode edited by Megan Prior-Pfeifer. Music by Zach Pfeifer.

Jun 10, 202249:43


Slap on your Hot Topic choker and zip up those combat boots - we're going to the Underworld!

Len Wiseman's 2003 Underworld hit all of the goth fantasy movie notes: vampires vs lycans, pleather aplenty, and a moody, kind of weird romance plot. Everyone is wet, everyone is in a corset, and the NQD gals are just wondering where the heck this movie takes place.

Jun 03, 202246:23
The Lost Boys
May 27, 202238:44


Leaning into multiple genres - superhero, horror, and action - Blade (1998) was a revolutionary counterpoint to other caped crusader fare of the decade. You won't find blood soaked raves in a Batman movie, at the very least.

Listen in as the NQD gals discuss the intersection of monsters and superheroes and the leather obsession of the late 90s.

May 20, 202201:03:60
Draculafest: Nosferatu - Count Dracula (1970) - Bram Stoker's Dracula
May 13, 202201:31:00
Interview with the Vampire

Interview with the Vampire

Starring the 90s superstars of Anne Rice's nightmares, Interview with the Vampire was the blueprint for many gothic vampire fantasies. The Not Quite Dead gals are back for a new season talking about everyone's favorite undead aristocratic monsters.
Put on your frilliest shirt and enjoy the first episode of our Vampire season!
May 06, 202259:53
Dec 24, 202135:54
Black Christmas

Black Christmas

A sorority Christmas horror story with multi-dimensional female characters and delightful montages of ultra-violence make the Black Christmas (2019) remake a fun, festive movie. Riley and her closest sorority sisters are staying at Hawthorne College over winter break, but their seasonal cheer is threatened as girls start disappearing.

Listen in to this very special episode and get in the Christmas slasher spirit.

Dec 17, 202133:47
Dec 10, 202126:58