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Stuyvesant Notation

Stuyvesant Notation

By Stuyvesant Research Club

Notation is the Stuyvesant Research Club's podcast. In our episodes, we discuss different topics in science, including those that have been covered in past SIGMA articles. Subjects are synthesized into casual, short conversations, allowing listeners to delve deep into a concept by just clicking play.
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Episode 1: Should You Lick the Subway Pole?

Stuyvesant NotationApr 10, 2021

Episode 9: Geoengineering
Feb 21, 202323:11
Episode 8: CRISPR/Gene Editing
May 03, 202231:24
Episode 7: Personality Tests
Jan 09, 202245:22
Episode 6: The Psychology of Horror Movies
Jan 09, 202236:58
Episode 5: It it safe to travel yet?
Jun 28, 202124:20
Episode 4: Standardized Testing
Jun 28, 202155:45
Episode 3: Fermi's Paradox
May 18, 202157:37
Episode 2: Hot Water, A Cure or Hoax?

Episode 2: Hot Water, A Cure or Hoax?

Join your host Neha Maskey (along with Chris Dong, David Voynov, Etiha Ahmed, and Kai Zhang) in our second episode as we discuss whether or not drinking hot water is beneficial, pagophagia, the correct way to shower, and more! Make sure to check out SIGMA Edition 14 (on our website).


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All music credits go to Justin Leung.

May 04, 202157:00
Episode 1: Should You Lick the Subway Pole?
Apr 10, 202123:07