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Not-So-Giant Women: A Podcast About Steven Universe

Not-So-Giant Women: A Podcast About Steven Universe

By Ivy & Daria

A deep-dive discussion podcast of Steven Universe with one seasoned fan (Ivy) and one complete newcomer (Daria)! Come with us as we discover and discuss the show together!

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Episode 64: Keystone Motel

Not-So-Giant Women: A Podcast About Steven UniverseAug 13, 2023

Episode 64: Keystone Motel
Aug 13, 202301:18:21
Episode 63: Cry For Help
Jul 24, 202301:07:35
Episode 62: Chille Tid
Jun 20, 202301:01:57
Episode 61: We Need to Talk
Jun 14, 202301:25:03
Episode 60: Keeping It Together
Jun 05, 202301:34:46
Episode 59: Rising Tides, Crashing Skies
Mar 22, 202301:10:18
Episode 58: Sworn to the Sword

Episode 58: Sworn to the Sword

Join Ivy and Daria as they watch and talk about Sworn to the Sword and cover such topics as Connie buying into Pearl's programming, Pearl's self-sacrificial nature, Connie getting bandaged up instead of having Steven heal her, Connie's existing athletic skills before starting sword-fighting lessons, Connie's upbringing having raised her to value obeying authority and following rules, Steven and Connie's jam bud relationship, how Connie and Pearl are similar and different, what Rose might have thought of Pearl's behaviour, what Gem armour might be like, details of the Ancient Sky Arena setting, questions about the timeline that could have Pearl learning about knighthood for the first time in a Sky Arena, how old Pearl is, what Connie's parents think she's up to when she's running off to sword-fighting lessons, and Garnet as 'Master of Comedy'.  

Mar 12, 202301:12:16
Episode 57b: Season Two shorts

Episode 57b: Season Two shorts

Join Daria and Ivy as they watch and talk about the Season 2 shorts and cover such topics as Gem 'biology', Steven not knowing what an essay is, the idea of 'baby' Gems, headcanons on what extra body parts Stevonnie might have hidden (two hearts??), hot dog length standards, speculation on the Slinker, Steven being routinely asked to help in battles these days, what Amethyst would feed cats, cat habits, speculation on Steven's age when he moved in with the Gems, why Greg doesn't live in the house with Steven, Steven's perception of fulfilling the legacy of Rose Quartz, and speculation about the mysterious character in the extended opening.  

Probing Question (one for each short):

  1.  Do you think the Gems think it's creepy to see a poofed Gem in gemstone form, like it's akin to a dead body?  
  2. Do Gems come out with blank minds or with some knowledge? 
  3. What do you think the creator of the Gems intended fusion to be used for? 
  4. What TubeTube channel themes would the other characters have? 
  5. Which character would be most likely to adopt a cat? 
  6. What kind of entrance does a built-up villain need to be satisfying?  

Today's recipes:  Club Sandwiches for Amethyst:

Today's merchandise:  

  1. Chibi Gems coffee mug 
  2. Chibi Gems body pillow 
  3. Small plushies 
  4. Lion Journal 
  5. Opening Theme style Lunchbox  

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Video version of this episode: 

Mar 07, 202301:56:18
Episode 57: Reformed
Jan 09, 202301:30:29
Episode 56: Love Letters
Dec 16, 202201:00:22
Episode 55: Say Uncle
Dec 04, 202249:57
Episode 54: Joy Ride
Nov 06, 202251:41
Episode 53: Full Disclosure
Nov 01, 202251:23
Episode 52: Jailbreak
Oct 12, 202202:25:17
Episode 51: The Return
Oct 08, 202201:05:54
Episode 50: Political Power
Oct 07, 202259:12
Episode 49: The Message
Oct 05, 202259:37
Episode 48: Story for Steven
Sep 25, 202201:25:42
Episode 47: Shirt Club
Sep 09, 202250:22
Episode 46: Open Book
Sep 07, 202257:53
Episode 45: Rose's Scabbard
Sep 03, 202201:03:49
Episode 44: Marble Madness
Aug 31, 202259:09
Episode 43: Maximum Capacity
Aug 24, 202201:10:29
Episode 42: Winter Forecast
Aug 21, 202201:08:38
Episode 41: Horror Club
Aug 19, 202201:01:20
Episode 40: On the Run
Aug 18, 202201:25:51
Episode 39: Future Vision
Aug 15, 202201:01:38
Episode 38: The Test
Aug 11, 202250:23
Episode 37: Warp Tour
Jul 23, 202201:03:06
Episode 36: Alone Together
May 14, 202202:02:53
Episode 35: Lion 3 - Straight to Video
May 03, 202201:08:41
Episode 34: Watermelon Steven
Apr 27, 202201:02:33
Episode 33: Garnet's Universe
Mar 02, 202259:28
Episode 32: Fusion Cuisine
Feb 23, 202201:20:01
Episode 31: Keep Beach City Weird
Feb 09, 202201:15:54
Episode 30: Island Adventure
Jan 20, 202201:08:16
Episode 29: Secret Team
Dec 03, 202154:49
Episode 28: Space Race
Oct 20, 202101:10:57
Episode 27: House Guest
Oct 13, 202151:27
Episode 26: Ocean Gem
Oct 09, 202101:29:54
Episode 25: Mirror Gem
Sep 27, 202152:52
Episode 24: An Indirect Kiss
Aug 18, 202101:16:55
Episode 23: Monster Buddies

Episode 23: Monster Buddies

Join Ivy and Daria as they watch and talk about "Monster Buddies" and cover such topics as theories on what made the Centipeetle reform so small, discussions of different bubble types and colors, Steven's mission to heal monsters, the purpose of the Shooting Star, bubbling ability, Amethyst's crane pose, evil seagulls, the unfortunate person who became a skeleton left in the ice caves, bubbling being used as teleportation, whether Lion and Centipeetle would be friends if Steven had kept her as a pet, what happened to other Gems besides our three and whether there are multiple Gems of the same name, and whether Gems think gemstone jewelry is weird.  Tune in to find out Daria's cute nickname for little Centipeetle.  

  • Probing Question: Will Steven succeed in his goal of healing the monsters?

  • Today's recipes:


    Mi Torta:

  • Today's merchandise:  Weapons keychain

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Jul 24, 202101:03:26
Episode 22: Steven and the Stevens
Jun 07, 202101:29:04
Episode 21: Joking Victim
May 04, 202101:05:03
Episode 20: Coach Steven
Mar 28, 202101:38:06
Episode 19: Rose's Room
Mar 10, 202101:04:21
Episode 18: Beach Party
Mar 06, 202101:06:31
Episode 17: Lion 2: The Movie
Jan 19, 202144:02
Episode 16: Steven the Sword Fighter

Episode 16: Steven the Sword Fighter

Join Daria and Ivy as they watch and talk about "Steven the Sword Fighter" and cover such topics as immortality, what Steven's experience with school or the doctor might be like, Pearl's new outfit, sword fighting, toys, Holo Pearl's murderous nature, Amethyst and Garnet's behavior without Pearl, weather in Beach City, and boomerangs. 

  • Today's recipe: None. 
  • Today's merchandise: A bonus Mystery Mini, and Pearl's McFarlane set with the pillar and sword.
  • This episode with pictures:
Dec 14, 202001:09:15