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We are the national charity, formed as the UK network working together to inform, educate and prevent child exploitation and abuse throughout the UK.

This podcast is designed to share good stories, space to support each other, but also discuss key themes and trends we are hearing across the UK.

This is a space for conversations- discussions, on both local and national levels.

Please follow and share our page and lets continue these conversations.
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Episode 6- Shout out to Parents

NWG NetworkDec 19, 2022

Episode 18- Including parents/carers when their child goes missing.

Episode 18- Including parents/carers when their child goes missing.

In today's podcast you are joined with NWG's Families and Communities Lead, Maria Cassidy and our guest speaker Josie Allan who is the Senior Policy and Partnerships Manager at Missing people charity.

Missing People are a national charity providing support to children and adults who are thinking about going missing, or who are already away, and to the families and loved ones who are missing someone. They have a specialist service SafeCall for families and carers of any child who is being criminally exploited. If you need support, or want to refer someone you’re working with please visit the website or call 116 000 for confidential, free support.

If you would like to contact Josie please email her at

Please see below links that were mentioned in the podcast.  

Link to the resource: Centring the child and working with their family network as part of return interviews -Missing People

Get free, non-judgmental help 

Text or call the SafeCall team on 116 000 from 9am – 11pm, 7 days a week for help and support or for someone to simply listen to you. They will speak to you in confidence and offer help. 

Thank you for listening!

Jun 14, 202313:57
Episode 17- Role of Faith Leaders in the context of Safeguarding.
Jun 13, 202323:10
Episode 16- What is Social Pedagogy?

Episode 16- What is Social Pedagogy?

Today, Karen Laing our training and development lead at the NWG is joined with two guest speakers, Jameel Hadi: Former social work academic, social worker within Children’s Social Care, specialising in young people’s services and Thure Johansen: Social Pedagogue,  trainer and consultant, with a past in behaviour support and social inclusion. They will provide a brief overview of what social pedagogy is, you will be introduced to a couple of classic social pedagogical principles, the holistic Head Heart Hands model and the 3 Ps: Personal, Private and Professional.

If after listening to the podcast you are interested to know a little more, Thure and Jameel will be providing FREE taster sessions, below are the dates and links to the Eventbrite page.

FREE Taster workshops below;

Two sessions on Friday 9th June and a two-session setup, one from 10am- 11.30am

and another from 1.30pm – 3pm. Thanks for listening!

May 18, 202316:12
Episode 15 - Exploitation and Year 6 to 7 Transition

Episode 15 - Exploitation and Year 6 to 7 Transition

In today's episode you are joined with NWG's Education and Transition Lead Steve Baguley and our guest speaker Lisa Finch who is a Team Manager of the Vulnerable, Exploited, Missing and Trafficked Team, part of Hull City Council.

The team supports children who have had missing episodes, victims of child sexual and/or criminal exploitation, modern day slavery and human trafficking. In addition to offering targeted support, we also complete preventative work and awareness raising with schools, and training to frontline professionals.

In today's discussion they will be discussing the important work around the key transition areas between year 6 and 7 school age group.

Have a listen and share across your networks.


May 10, 202315:10
Episode 14 - Transitioning from Child to Adult: Safeguarding Practice for YP Who Have Experienced CSE - Systematic Review

Episode 14 - Transitioning from Child to Adult: Safeguarding Practice for YP Who Have Experienced CSE - Systematic Review

In today's podcast you are joined in conversation with our Education and Transition Lead, Steve Baguley and our guest speaker Professor Geraldine Brady.

They will be discussing safeguarding practices for young people who have experienced child sexual exploitation through the research work conducted by Geraldine. Geraldine is a professor in the Department of Social Work, Care and Community, School of Social Sciences. Her programme of research contributes to providing evidence which can influence the development of socially just policy and practice approaches, with a particular focus on:  children and young people’s marginalisation and inequality in the fields of health, social care, education, criminal justice; social and gendered aspects of young people’s sexual decision-making and reproduction; participatory, visual and creative methodology; the ethics and politics of research with marginalised groups.

Thanks for listening!

Apr 19, 202338:42
Episode 13-National Child Exploitation Awareness Day

Episode 13-National Child Exploitation Awareness Day

Today, you are joined with our Deputy CEO Matt Thompson and our Head of communications Cheryl Stevens.  They will talk you through the importance of this day how we can all raise awareness of Child Exploitation. We are offering FREE training sessions, on Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) – Awareness Raising by Myth Busting, please have a look at our website for links where you can sign up. 

The National Child Exploitation Awareness Day aims to highlight the issues surrounding Child Exploitation; for 2023. This year we are focusing on Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)  and encouraging everyone to think, spot and speak out against abuse.

NWG are committed to the fight against Child Sexual Exploitation & Criminal Exploitation and supporting victims and their families who are subjected to these forms of child abuse. But we cannot succeed without the support of people like you.

Together, we can work to inform, educate and prevent child abuse within the UK.


Safeguarding is everyone's business

Thanks for listening!

Mar 16, 202303:05
Episode 12- TOEX - Tackling Organised Exploitation Programme explained
Mar 15, 202313:07
Episode 11- Let's talk residential homes

Episode 11- Let's talk residential homes

Mar 10, 202312:56
Episode 10- Busting Homelessness Law Myths

Episode 10- Busting Homelessness Law Myths

Today, Lin our police and justice lead is joined with Director Mike Hyden from homelessness best practice. They provide bespoke training and consultancy around homelessness law to organisations which support individuals affected by homelessness, including domestic abuse, exploitation and unaffordability. Council gatekeeping and perverse decision-making is widespread, as documented by the Local Government Ombudsman, leaving hundreds of thousands of people across the country without the assistance they are eligible for and meaning they fall on other service areas which are not designed to source suitable housing. HBP equips organisations to tackle gatekeeping and raise issues at a political as well as individual level. Mike deliver's online and in-person training days, as well as providing regular case management sessions to frontline staff as well as creating mythbusting videos on our Youtube channel:

Useful links: Chapter 25 covers Modern Slavery

Homelessness Best Practice Facebook group for anonymised ‘what if’ questions:

Homelessness Best Practice CIC delivers training on homelessness law for professionals working with individuals affected by homelessness – check out Eventbrite for more info – we will be setting some more dates in the next coming weeks or so:

Thanks for listening!

Feb 13, 202319:45
Episode 9- International Day for Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation 2023: Working towards ending FGM in the UK
Feb 03, 202308:28
Episode 8- Key messages from the NWG's team for 2023

Episode 8- Key messages from the NWG's team for 2023

Thank you for joining us today. 

In today's episode the NWG team will share their key messages on the year ahead for 2023 and continue to share more podcasts for the year ahead. 

Feb 01, 202311:00
Episode 7- NWG's festive thank you message

Episode 7- NWG's festive thank you message

Join our CEO Sheila Taylor who would like to take you through NWG's journey in 2022 and say thanks as we head towards the Festive period. 

Thanks for listening, join us for more podcasts in 2023!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Wish you all Happy New Year. 

All the best, NWG team

Dec 20, 202206:01
Episode 6- Shout out to Parents

Episode 6- Shout out to Parents

Dec 19, 202211:15
Episode 5- What is Project DRAGON-S?
Dec 16, 202210:57
Episode 4; Northumberland's Response to Transitional Safeguarding the Journey so Far

Episode 4; Northumberland's Response to Transitional Safeguarding the Journey so Far

In today's podcast you are joined in conversation with our Education and Transition Lead, Steve Baguley and our guest speaker Karen Wright, Senior Manager Safeguarding Adults for Northumberland.

Steve has worked the last six years with areas across the country on exploitation, adolescent safeguarding and the transition into adulthood. This work has been across both children and adult partnerships, sharing learning, practice, research, and resources to help inform local responses.

He has authored a report “Exploitation It Does Not Stop Because You Turn 18 “and also developed a benchmarking tool to support practice working with 16/17-year-olds and the transition into adulthood. He delivers workshops, presentations and training in this area.

Karen Wright is a Senior Manager, Safeguarding Adults, which includes Business Management for the Northumberland Children and Adults Safeguarding Partnership. Karen has shared her email address, should anyone wish to contact her;  

Thanks for listening, please share and like and we look forward to sharing more podcasts with you. 

Nov 21, 202216:39
Episode 3 Safeguarding in Sport, who are those Enablers?

Episode 3 Safeguarding in Sport, who are those Enablers?

Today's podcast you are joined by our Safeguarding Sport Lead, Kev Murphy.

Kevin has worked within the children’s workforce in several roles for a significant number of years. He has been a front-line practitioner and worked his way up through the ranks to become an operational manager and finally was a Head of Service for a local authority children’s services department.

Kevin has a wealth of experience working with vulnerable children and their families and he has a unique perspective and understanding of special educational needs and disability (SEND).

In today's session Kev will be discussing the recent article which focuses on British Gymnastics naming banned coaches as part of plans for "zero tolerance on abuse" and putting athlete welfare ahead of winning medals.

Sarah Powell, chief executive of British Gymnastics, said: "We need everyone in gymnastics, in any role at any level, to commit to collectively doing everything we possibly can to prevent any recurrence of abuse or mistreatment.

Kev shares the below book- Armies of Enablers by Amos N. Guiora who is a Professor of Law at the S.J. Quinney College of Law, the University of Utah. He is actively involved in bystander legislation efforts in Utah and other states around the country.

This book focuses on cases of sexual assault from USA Gymnastics, Michigan State University, Penn State University, The Ohio State University, and the Catholic Church, interview after interview sheds compelling light on two powerful responses: that this question had not been previously asked and that survivor expectation of protection and support from the enabler-bystander was rarely, if ever, met.

If you would like any further information, Kevin can be contacted on: Email:

Oct 24, 202213:01
Episode 2- Conversation about Anti-Slavery Day

Episode 2- Conversation about Anti-Slavery Day

Today, you are joined by Karen Laing our Training and Development Co-ordinator and our Deputy CEO, Matt Thompson. They will take you through how the NWG are supporting the awareness day, but also the journey of Modern Slavery legislation. 

Anti-Slavery Day, 18th October, provides an opportunity to raise awareness of human trafficking and modern slavery, and encourage government, local authorities, companies, charities and individuals to do what they can to address the problem. Not just today but everyday.

If victims are listening, we are listening, we support you. If anything has triggered for you today or you are experiencing some of things we have spoken about today, please get in touch with organisations below who are always available;

Crimestoppers are an independent charity that gives people the power to speak up and stop crime – 100% anonymously. Crimestoppers run an anonymous 0800 555 111 phone number that you can call to pass on information about crime 24/7 365 days a year. We believe that everyone has the right to feel safe from crime.

Childline is a free number to call on 0800 1111, Whatever your worry, day or night, we're here for you.

To support Anti- Slavery Day 2022, NWG is hosting this FREE, one-hour course designed to give anyone who has contact with children and young people a bitesize introduction to what modern slavery is and an understanding of the scale of the problem in the UK.  

Spaces are being filled quickly, so log onto our website to book on.

Please share our podcast and follow. Stay tuned for more conversations with the NWG team but also guests from various organisations and communities. 

Oct 17, 202207:35
Episode 1- Journey of NWG by our CEO Sheila Taylor MBE

Episode 1- Journey of NWG by our CEO Sheila Taylor MBE

We would like to welcome our CEO Sheila Taylor to give you the insight into NWG's journey and where it began.

Sheila has over 30 years experience in the voluntary sector empowering young people to achieve against all odds.

23 years of understanding and tackling the issues of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and internal trafficking within the United Kingdom. Previously managed projects working with sexually exploited young people, young runaways, several years volunteering with the Prince’s Trust and the Guide Association.

In 2010, Sheila was made a Member of the British Empire (MBE) for her work with Sexually Exploited Children. In 2012 she was awarded an Honorary Masters Degree from Derby University.

Sep 29, 202207:48