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Occupy Your Mind! Think for yourself. Your voice matters.Think.Speak.Stay human.Show us your smile.

Occupy Your Mind! Think for yourself. Your voice matters.Think.Speak.Stay human.Show us your smile.

By Meria

We discuss current events from a unique political perspective. We think independently and critically. Uncensored by corporate America, the views expressed on this show might refresh your mind so that you can occupy it once again...
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OYM Ep. 77 Exclusive Klaus Schrubb interview! And Microsoft patent WO 2020/060606 tying human bodies to digital currency: is it for real?

Occupy Your Mind! Think for yourself. Your voice matters.Think.Speak.Stay human.Show us your smile. May 21, 2023

OYM Ep. 77 Exclusive Klaus Schrubb interview! And Microsoft patent WO 2020/060606 tying human bodies to digital currency: is it for real?

OYM Ep. 77 Exclusive Klaus Schrubb interview! And Microsoft patent WO 2020/060606 tying human bodies to digital currency: is it for real?

Exclusive interview with Klaus Schrubb, internationally-known aspiring dictator. As a courtesy, he'll share his plans and goals for our future.

Some conspiracy realists (yes, some conspiracies are real!) are concerned about a patent that was filed by Microsoft toward the beginning of the "pandemic."

“Cryptocurrency system using body activity data” is the name of the patent which was filed March 26, 2020.

The publication number of the patent is chilling as it contains the numbers “060606.” Is this a biblical message alluding to the mark of the beast, or is it a psyop? In other words, are the PTB (powers that be) purposely using those numbers to instill fear in us? We know that they want us to be afraid—whether it’s fear of catching a bad cold or fear of the New World Order.

Let's face it: the NWO are just a bunch of humans, just like the rest of us EXCEPT they are very wealthy and privileged, and, as such, they assume they are superior, that they don't need to listen to the rest of us, that what THEY want is what we all should want. Knowing that they are just people (crazy people, yes, but just people) enables us to see that they are not any more powerful than we allow them to be. So let's stop giving them power over us! Resist, people! Resist! Use cash! Socialize with other humans face-to-face! Stay empowered, not in fear!

International Publication Number WO 2020/060606 A1 was filed as an international application published under the patent cooperation treaty (PCT) through the World Intellectual Property Organization by Microsoft. Microsoft employees Dustin Abramson, Derrick Fu and Joseph Edwin Johnson, Jr. were the inventors.

The patent describes technology used to connect humans with a cryptocurrency or digital currency system.

I read through part of the document which may be found here:

Just in case the above link is censored, you may find it listed under google patents. Patents dot google dot com. I could not find it under the US Patent Office as it appears to be an international patent, not a US patent.

If you have any more information on this that you'd like to share, contact us at You can leave a message for us there.

#WEF #patents #NWO #mindcontrol #surveillance

May 21, 202301:11:05
OYM Ep. 76 Hurricane-like Wind and Cement-like Snow--Was this Geo-Engineering? Weather control?

OYM Ep. 76 Hurricane-like Wind and Cement-like Snow--Was this Geo-Engineering? Weather control?

This podcast was recorded Dec. 26 during a tumultuous snow storm-wind storm.

Strong winds have been an increasing event in Western NY, but winds this strong used to be a rarity. Is this the result of climate change? Or something more sinister.

Nature has been doing some unusual things lately. Pink skies are suddenly appearing during the summer months. While they're pretty to look at, they aren't normal for this part of the country.

The snow that fell over Christmas weekend in 2022 was not normal either. It was hard as rock--no, hard as granite! A friend's shovel broke in half when he tried tackling the snow. That is unprecedented. What would make "snow" so hard that it was nearly impossible to shovel? Why did city officials refuse to plow the streets right away? It was almost as though they wanted to lock the people of Buffalo down using the snow as an excuse.

In fact, many people were unable to leave their homes. The snow was so hard that many people couldn't shovel themselves out of their driveways. Grocery stores shut down and some people went for days without food, heat or electricity.

Whether or not this was a "conspiracy," this should be investigated so that we can make sure that people don't lose power next time. Yet we've heard no explanation as to why people went so long without power and what will be done next time to prevent it from happening again.

#wny #buffalony #snow #kathyhochul #nys #weather #geoengineering

Apr 11, 202337:57
OYM Ep. 75 2nd Snowstorm just before holiday in WNY-Coincidence? Streets not plowed, people "locked down"-due to nature? or geoengineering? Harmful effects of EMFs known for decades? So why 5G?

OYM Ep. 75 2nd Snowstorm just before holiday in WNY-Coincidence? Streets not plowed, people "locked down"-due to nature? or geoengineering? Harmful effects of EMFs known for decades? So why 5G?

Happy, happy Christmas to my wonderful, invisible listeners!

We wish a happy holiday and new year for all, for everyone everywhere in the world, EXCEPT those of the New World Order. (You know who you are, but in case you don’t… are you CEO of a big tech or pharmaceutical company? Of a major media outlet? Are you one of those employers mandating the injection for all of your employees, even those who are working from home? Are you a politician who implemented lockdowns, mask mandates and manipulative techniques to pressure people into taking a potentially lethal injection? Shout out to Kathy Hochul, Andrew Cuomo and Gail Burstein! What the heck, let’s say hello to west coaster Gavin Newsom too! Fauci! Gates! Schwab! Hello, hello, hello!)

For the NWO folks, we have a much greater wish for you. After all, you are so much better than the rest of us, right? (Laws for thee, but not for me!)

So our wish for you wonderful NWO folks is that you get your visits from your ghostly conscience—the Ghost of Christmas Past, Christmas Present, Christmas Future. We hope that you are confronted by the Tiny Tims of the world who can face you and ask the question, why?

Why don’t you care? Why are you hurting other people? Why are you causing so many problems for people you don’t even know?


Is it because you care so little about others? Because you only care about yourself and your family and the HUGE profits you are accumulating from all of this?

Or is it because of hubris, that you seriously think that you are benefiting the world with your mandates, your jabs, your geoengineering and your genetic modifications of plants, animals and humans?

We can only hope there is a force of good in this world that will speak to you in the form of a conscience.

Yes, we are recording this on Christmas day, of all days, to report on the snowstorm that has hit Western New York and beyond. In WNY, peeps have been locked down due to weather conditions.

One can only wonder… What will happen to the food trucks delivering food to supermarkets? Since grocery stores have already been running out of certain foods, how will this delay in food deliveries affect the rest of us? Will the food go stale in the blocked food trucks? Will they be delivered elsewhere, rerouted? Will this set us back in terms of having access to food?

When, oh when, will the average person wake up and realize that this is not “conspiracy theory.” Buffalo, NY is no stranger to snow storms. So… Why can’t the roads be plowed? Shouldn’t Buffalo, NY be good at snow removal? Shouldn’t that be our area of expertise?

How will doctors, nurses, EMTs, paramedics and other “essential” workers get to their patients? Will those who are in hospitals, nursing homes or other facilities be able to obtain healthcare? Or is this another lockdown, like that of Covid, during which many will die from the lockdown, not the storm?

Toward the end of the podcast, we talk about studies that were done on EMFs—electromagnetic frequencies—on the brain. Believe it or not, this very problem has been studied for decades. Long before 5G, it was known that EMFs coming from television sets could be harmful.

Yet here it is, decades later, and many people still think this is all “conspiracy theory.” If it isn’t reported on mainstream media, people don’t believe it—no matter how scientific the discovery.

So… maybe our challenge is not to convince people that Covid wasn’t the big bogeyman they were told it was. Perhaps our biggest challenge is to just wean people off of those screens!

Dec 25, 202240:26
OYM Ep. 74 Debbie Lusignan, the Sane Progressive, is no longer with us. Why? Should we be suspicious?

OYM Ep. 74 Debbie Lusignan, the Sane Progressive, is no longer with us. Why? Should we be suspicious?

Included in this podcast is an interview from a few years ago with Debbie Lusignan and Jimmy Dore.

I hadn't listened to the Sane Progressive video podcast in years. Debbie Lusignan, whether you agreed with her or not, was passionate, energetic and devoted to the cause for ending corruption and beginning a just and democratic world. One day, she mysteriously disappeared in a panic from the online sphere. She had been friends with Claudia Stauber of Cabin Talk, but Claudia, to my knowledge, revealed nothing publicly as to Debbie's whereabouts.

Why did Debbie disappear? Was she threatened? Sued? 

I'd heard around that time when Debbie disappeared that some people were being sued for stating that mass shootings were false flags. Families of some of the victims, if I'm remembering correctly, were claiming that false flag "conspiracy theories" were causing them to get harassed, and even threatened. Sometimes people involved in these lawsuits have a gag order placed on them or are just advised to not discuss the details of the case. Did that happen to Debbie or did something more sinister occur?

Anyhow, it appears that she did not stay offline for long. Apparently, she started a website:

I did not know Debbie personally, so I cannot say that I know whether or not she committed suicide. However, I will say that there are an awfully lot of political activists who seem to die either from suicide or cancer. Remember Brandy Vaughan (who died of "natural causes at age 45"? Aaron Swartz? Michael Hastings? And the lesser-known Ted Westhusing? Danny Casolaro?

Perhaps it's just a coincidence... 

I did hear something a while back from a journalist who claimed that medicines, prescription drugs, could be poisoned, used as a possible weapon to stop dissidents. It's funny how there have been so many "suicides" over the years... But the perpetrators who cause all the trouble--the big money elites, politicians and CEOs seem to live on... and on... and on... Not that I wish them ill. Oh, no. Of course not. I wouldn't dare.

#saneprogressive #novaccinemandates #truther

Dec 20, 202222:34
OYM Ep. 73 Will Killer Robots Keep us Safe? Are Prisoners Safe? How Safe Do We Want to Be?

OYM Ep. 73 Will Killer Robots Keep us Safe? Are Prisoners Safe? How Safe Do We Want to Be?

First of all, shout out to Julian Assange, the journalist who is still being persecuted by the US government. How did our government get so rogue? Learn more about Assange at 

This is important! We must not let our government continue to persecute journalists! Consider the story of another journalist--Danny Casolaro. Imagine what would have happened if he'd been able to publish his book--a book that, essentially, predicted what is happening now, from back in the 90s. Of course, his book died along with him. We'll never know what he was about to reveal in that book as his writing disappeared... However, journalist Whitney Webb appears to be continuing where Casolaro, sadly, left off.

Comedian Richard Jeni talks about partisan politics.  Michael Palin's "Ripping Yarns" tells the story of a grandfather who was proud (not fearful) of the MANY diseases he's had. Tucker Carlson interviews Eva Vlaardingerbroek who says we're heading toward a system of "mass surveillance and control." Well, no Sch*it, Sherlock! We've been heading toward a prison-like world since 9/11. Question is, when are people going to recognize how dangerous this mass surveillance state is? When are people going to realize that Big Brother is not going to keep them "safe," that safety doesn't exist? We are  never safe, as long as we are alive. We are never fully alive as long as we are fearful. Do you want to live life fully? Or would you rather live all scrunched up into a fetal position, hiding underneath the bed?

Here's a news flash: the world is not a safe place, never has been. Best way to have the illusion of safety is to find a strong community that'll watch your back. Rugged individualism just leaves us alone and isolated. Not promoting communism, or any ism, mind you. But we need to find a way to work together to create the world we want. One person simply cannot do it alone.

Robots are psychopaths. They lack empathy and compassion and will kill upon command (or programming). The City of San Francisco has been considering releasing killer robots to work for the police department.

By the way, there's "nothing more pathetic than an aging hipster..." Remember that, my friends!

Support this show! Buy the book about homelessness, "Diary of a Mad Bag Lady."

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Dec 16, 202256:07
OYM Ep. 72 Snow job! It's snowing in Buffalo! Oh, no! Please help us! - Yes, we're kidding, almost...

OYM Ep. 72 Snow job! It's snowing in Buffalo! Oh, no! Please help us! - Yes, we're kidding, almost...

Special guest today is political activist and commentator, Mr. J., who shares with us his brilliant insight on Buffalo's snowfall making national news.

So... we had a snow storm in Buffalo, NY...

It did occur in Nov. instead of Dec. or Jan., so maybe it's a little early, but... is it unusual? We are told this is a record amount of snow that the city has gotten within 24 hours. Okay, so have we gotten the same amount of snow in 25 hours in the past? 26 hours? Please explain, because for many of us this is just business as usual.  

Let's see now. We know that it snows in Buffalo every year and that blizzards and several feet of snow do occur. In fact, there has been less snow in recent years than in previous years. That's our perception as people who have lived and worked in the city. So we don't view this as abnormal or unusual. However, the mayor of Buffalo has stated that it is "unusual." Apparently, Buffalo has been in the news nationwide. Why?

Why did the mayor, Byron Brown, say that he set up "warming centers" for people who may have lost power? Is he expecting a power outage? Will the PTB use this "unusual" snow storm as an excuse for power outages? What will people do if they cannot get out of their homes to get to the warming centers? What will people who do get to the warming centers do in the evening, since the warming centers are only open till 6 p.m., according to the mayor? Will they freeze to death that night? Stay up all night and walk around to stay warm?

What seems unusual to some of us is the reaction to this snow storm because there was a travel ban on Friday (Nov. 18th), and many businesses closed. This means many businesses and their employees lost money. Some people live from paycheck-to-paycheck, and missing a day from work can seriously hurt them. Friday morning, the sun came out and melted much of the snow in the north side of Buffalo and surrounding suburbs. 

The southern part of Buffalo was hit much harder, but that is typical. Affluent suburbs such as Orchard Park and Hamburg received several feet of snow, but they are not located within the City of Buffalo. Friday evening, snow fell in the northern areas and there was over a foot of snow on Saturday in that region. Yes, much shoveling needed to be done. But was that unusual? Have people forgotten the many times in past years when several feet of snow would fall and stay put for several days making traveling very difficult? This year, the snow has begun to melt the day after. Seems a little milder than in previous years...

But what do you think? Do you find this unusual? If you live in Buffalo or know of anyone who lives in Buffalo, feel free to contact us here at Anchor.FM/OccupyYourMind to let us know what you think.

We suspect that something wicked this way comes. Buffalo is being turned into a "smart" city. Is this a sign that weather patterns will be used to instill fear in us and to lock us down or enforce other undemocratic measures upon us? Why have "warming centers" been set up? Is this a part of a plan to get us used to losing power and being forced to leave our homes? Remember the "green zones" that the CDC has had built. Is this the first step toward displacing us and getting us used to having to leave our homes? Yes, it sounds like a "conspiracy theory," but if you look at our previous podcast covering the "green zone" story and you read about the WEF's plans to get us to own nothing, to share our homes with other people so that none of us has any privacy and none of us owns even a small room to ourselves, then this is not a far-fetched idea.

We have limited space here. Check out my blog for more info on Buffalo's stormy past:

#snow #wny #propaganda

Nov 20, 202201:09:59
OYM Ep. 71 How easy is it to brainwash people? Derren Brown, mentalist, shows us how

OYM Ep. 71 How easy is it to brainwash people? Derren Brown, mentalist, shows us how

Derren Brown, British mentalist and magician shows us how he is able to easily hypnotize people and get them to want what he wants them to want.

It's rather creepy, how quickly Brown is able to manipulate people. But is this real? Or is it some sort of hoax?

In fact, many psychological studies, such as the Prison Experiment and the Milgram Experiment shows that people can be easily manipulated, that people do obey authority figures and that people will conform, even when doing so means doing something they may feel is morally or ethically wrong...

Most of us don't want to think of ourselves as easily manipulated but research shows otherwise.

This show is heavily censored and shadow-banned. Should we continue to produce it? If you think so, then please support the show by sharing it, leaving a positive comment and/or giving us a "like." Otherwise, we may just disappear one of these days. Our You. Tube channel received a strike and one of our merch sites was attacked. In spite of the fact that we have a small platform, someone out there wants to shut us down. Hmm... Why would that be when we are such small potatoes? Doesn't size matter?

We have a unique voice here, as we're some of the few "liberals" speaking out against the current tyranny our world is facing. We are nonpartisan and seek to find the truth. As far as we can see, both "liberal" and "conservative" politicians are working together to keep the people in line. 

If you like this podcast... We would love it if you would show us some love... Thank you!!!

Sep 25, 202242:38
OYM Ep.70: Watch out for the Killer Shoppers! And Please Call the Center for Human Control—They’re Lonely!

OYM Ep.70: Watch out for the Killer Shoppers! And Please Call the Center for Human Control—They’re Lonely!

Attention: YouTube/Google just gave us a strike--for a video that's been up for a year! "Medical misinformation," they claim. (Guess they didn't like us calling Big Pharma/Tech/Govt/Media murderers...) Please support this show! We are being censored and shadow-banned! You can support us by sharing links to the show, leaving kind comments, or buying merch (listed at the bottom of this entry.) Thank you!!!  

Julian Assange, journalist and WikiLeaks founder, reported on government corruption here in the USA. Now, our government is having him extradited to the US to convict him of this "crime"!

You say that you love them, but you never call! Why don’t you call? Call Dr. Fuckchy at the Center for Human Control today! They want to know how whether you:

a.) took the injection and are still alive.

b.) are ready to take as many injections as they tell you to. Do what you’re told!

c.) still believe in The Vaccine as your only lord and savior. Do you believe in The Vaccine?

Or are you some sort of atheistic heretic? ‘Cuz, uh, we don’t like those types of people.

Also in NY State:

Are the PTB trying to create a reason to remove our right to drive? Are we losing our right to drive our own vehicles? If you live in an urban area, you may have noticed that driving is no longer safe. To make things even tougher for those of you who still insist upon driving your own private vehicles (Do you still own things? Yuck! You must be unhappy!) the PTB is putting in speed bumps, 15 mph speed limits, surveillance cameras that snail mail you speeding tickets for driving faster than a snail’s pace, and broken traffic lights at intersections. Hmm… Will this cause more car accidents? Or will drivers wearing masks who are oxygen-deprived cause more accidents? Or will the injected who suddenly discover their myocarditis cause more car accidents?

Hmm… We don’t know the answers to any of those questions. However,

We think we know what the solution to the above problems might be: Getting rid of private ownership of cars and forcing us all to take self-driven vehicles that have been pre-programmed to only take us to certain locations.

Yes, that will solve the driving problem.


Wait! There’s more!

Watch out for the Killer Shoppers! In some urban areas in NY State, people are walking around as if in a trance, afraid to look at each other, to touch each other, even to converse. Yep, supermarket shoppers are the worst. The fear addicts must shop for food, no matter how scary it is to leave the house. And fear can be deadly.

Here’s an interesting question. When people are disgusted by and afraid of each other, will they be kind or cruel to one another? What do you think? Two years of being told that your fellow human will make you sick, and then what?

What do you do when you touch something sickly and disgusting? An insect? A fly or a spider? Do you give it a warm, loving kiss? Or do you swat it and try to kill it? What happens when we see each other this way, as disgusting insects or pests?

Here’s what I think: This doesn’t bode well. Civil unrest is on its way. Hold onto your sanity, people, ‘cause I see dark days ahead. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

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Aug 07, 202201:15:09
OYM Ep.69: This, we hope, is the previous episode in its entirety... Please listen! Very important!

OYM Ep.69: This, we hope, is the previous episode in its entirety... Please listen! Very important!

This is the entire episode for Ep.68... It was very strangely interrupted, so we had to do some re-recording to get the entire episode and then we had to re-upload... So perhaps this is the entire episode here. You may want to start it 15 minutes in so that it continues where the previous podcast left off. That is, if you listened to Ep. 68... This is the rest of it.

Don't ask us to explain. We aren't sure why this technical error happened. It has never happened before. We simply could not upload the entire podcast--not sure why.

We do and say what the PTB tell us to do... That's why we don't get censored... Nope, nobody censors us. We aren't saying anything controversial on this podcast. Not at all. But our previous episode would not upload properly. We simply weren't able to convert the entire episode to an mp3 file and upload, like we usually do (been doing that for years...) Finally, after much tweaking, we were able (we think) to upload the entire episode.

We aren't conspiracy theorists, so we know we aren't being censored. After all, we are very much pro injection. Injections are great! (So they tell us...) Our computers aren't filled with spyware. The WEF doesn't have a plan to mess with our Internet connections. That's silly. Don't be a conspiracy theorist!

Can't tell you what this episode consists of because we spent a lot of time recording it and don't want it taken down. But we will say it contains important information, especially the second half of it (the part that wouldn't upload). So... you may want to listen to this...

#censoredpodcasts #podcasts #politics #news #health #war #ukraine #russia #NATO #nazis

May 24, 202255:04
OYM Ep.68: What provoked a teenager to drive three hours north to a major city and shoot innocent people? Some of the details may shock you

OYM Ep.68: What provoked a teenager to drive three hours north to a major city and shoot innocent people? Some of the details may shock you

Note: I'm unable to upload the entire episode... Still trying to fix the problem.

This is one of our more controversial episodes. So watch out!

Due to censorship, we are facing, we hope that you will support this podcast by giving it a "like,"  a friendly comment, and sending others to listen. We may get taken down any day now as we refuse to stop reporting on the truth, so beware...

Our previous podcast on NY State of Corruption was taken down by YouTube/Google's anti-democracy activists. They are on the mission to turn the entire world into a prison. Are you going to let them? Similarly, Queen Kathy Hochul is on a mission to prove that women can be evil dictators--just as bad as men! Are you going to let her?

So... Point is, we don't know how much longer we'll be able to post these podcasts. Since the revelation of corruption in NY State seems to scare the PTB, we thought we'd focus on it today... Yikes! Quite simply, we won't back down! The truth will set us free! The truth must be heard!

Anywho (pun intended),

Interesting details have emerged about the Buffalo, NY shooting suspect. What led a teenager to drive three hours north to do this evil deed? Who/What provoked him? Can we believe the official story? Is there truth to the rumors that some people, including some of the police, knew about the shooting before it even took place? Why were Ukrainian Nazi symbols found on the boy's clothing and in his writings? Is it true that some of the people who run the Ukrainian Dnipro Cultural Center have ties to Ukrainian Nationalists? Is there a connection here?

Two days after the shooting, some supermarkets located in other areas of Buffalo "locked down." Is this a sign that supermarkets may lock down again in the near future? A sign on one storefront read, "No one is allowed in or out." Should we worry that one day we may be locked into a supermarket, not allowed to exit--for our own "safety" of course? Will we be asked to show our ID before we can enter a supermarket? Will we be scanned or have our ID scanned in order to buy food? Will we find ourselves unable to enter or purchase food one day in the future because we don't have the correct ID, in the same way that people who are obviously over 21 must still show an ID to purchase alcohol or cigarettes?

Mayor Byron Brown (also on a mission to prove that black people can be dictators who are just as bad as white dictators) has signed Buffalo, NY up to become a "smart" city. This means intense mass surveillance. Will this keep us safe? Has mass surveillance kept us safe so far? If mass surveillance does keep us safe then why did we experience a mass shooting? 

Do you want to live inside a prison, to be controlled and monitored all day and everyday, for your own safety? Do you see the government as a parental figure--like your ma or paw--that'll protect and watch over you, maybe ground you for misbehavior? You're grounded, missy! 

Now that the weather is gradually improving and many Erie County residents are no longer wearing masks or afraid of catching a nasty flu, they need something else to fear... Mass shootings are pretty scary. How is it that all the surveillance cameras inside and outside of the supermarkets didn't keep people "safe"? Does this mean that surveillance is not an answer to solving the problem of crime and violence? Or is this a sign that we need even more intense surveillance--that maybe we need to lose our personal sovereignty and allow ourselves to be constantly and continuously monitored and controlled by Big Brother. After all, Big Brother cares about us. He is always watching. Always. 

But just remember: That's 'cause he cares..

#buffalony #massshooting #ukraine #nazis #war #violence #wny #upstateny #smartcity 

May 23, 202225:08
OYM Ep. 67: Protest Against Mandated Arm Stabs in Albany, NY - Let Arm Stab Victims Speak!

OYM Ep. 67: Protest Against Mandated Arm Stabs in Albany, NY - Let Arm Stab Victims Speak!

Okay, so this was back on January 5th, 2022. Thousands of people--possibly as many as 4,000, showed up in front of the state building in Albany to protest against our great Queen Kathy Hochul's efforts to sneak through laws/regulations that will enable her force injections upon children or employees in certain occupations, to arrest and imprison those who do not comply, and to violate Constitutional and basic human rights of New Yorkers. Interestingly, most of the protestors were not allowed inside the government building to speak with their representatives in government... What country do we live in?

We appreciate Queen Hochul's efforts to prove that women can be dictators and just as ruthless as men... Really, we do. But... We'd prefer not to have any dictators in power, male or female. Free New York State!

A few folks showed up to explain why they took time out of their busy schedules to show up for this demonstration. We used a smartphone for the interviews and it was windy, but most of the audio came out fine. Please bear with us! 

Since this protest occurred on a weekday, we were pretty impressed with the large number of folks who showed up and the many passersby who honked horns of support. However, New York is a pretty big state, so some of us wished more had attended. 

In any case, protests do make a difference. They show the PTB that not everyone will comply. No doubt, we need to start our alternative communities because this fight isn't going away anytime soon, but it is good to let the PTB know dissenters still exist (and always will exist).

If you like this show, please consider supporting it by giving us a good review, leaving a comment, inviting your friends to listen or buying the book (link is below.) We are heavily shadow-banned. The previous episode which detailed incredible corruption here in NYS was censored by YouTube and our channel threatened with a strike. We have a small platform here, so we thought we were immune to threats of shutting down our show, but apparently, we are not, so please do support us, if you can. You can find the video version of some episodes at or

As always, thank you for listening. Keep up the good fight! Our next episode will be awesome, so stay tuned. You won't want to miss it.

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Mar 30, 202238:29
OYM Ep.66: Strange (and Disturbing) Things Happening in NY: The Three Diablos: Hochul, Poloncarz and Burstein Wreak Havoc on the Mental, Economic & Physical Health of New Yorkers

OYM Ep.66: Strange (and Disturbing) Things Happening in NY: The Three Diablos: Hochul, Poloncarz and Burstein Wreak Havoc on the Mental, Economic & Physical Health of New Yorkers

According to WKBW, a mainstream ABC news channel, Erie County Comptroller Mychajliw found that the county spent almost $6 million in overtime and other expenses, using money from the CARES Act. This means that some Erie County health department officials received extra money for their role in ordering mask mandates and other restrictions on county residents. In particular, Erie County Health Commissioner Dr. Gail Burstein was paid $183,000 in addition to her regular salary of $202,000.

Hmm... Why was Dr. Burstein paid that extra money, and at a time when many New Yorkers had lost their own jobs and were struggling due to the lockdowns—lockdowns implemented due to Burstein's policies!

Mark Poloncarz is the Erie County Executive and Cuomo wannabe. Poloncarz defends Dr. Gail Burstein's earning (who already earns over $200k per year) receiving over $100k in overtime. His response to Mychajliw's accusations was to accuse him of being “antisemitic.”

Meanwhile, a NY supreme court judge has ruled that the mask mandates are unconstitutional.

However, this does not daunt Poloncarz who announced that Erie County must still embrace their slave status and “mask up.” Clearly, Poloncarz does not follow laws that are set up by the people. He lives by his own laws which, most likely, are created by people who give him money.

Similarly, Hochul—who is proving to us all that women can be dictators too—does not follow the Constitution or judges' rulings. She, like Poloncarz, does what millionaires tell her to do. Money is power, after all.

Some towns in Erie County have refused to comply with the mask mandate. Williamsville is one of them. They held a board meeting recently for which some members chose to attend virtually, via Zoom, while others attended in person. Not all wore masks. Someone complained. So... Poloncarz, Burstein and friends/fiends decided to fine Williamsville $300. The mayor of Williamsville hired a lawyer and planned to sue. Unfortunately, she was outvoted by the majority of the board who did not want to spend the money. (Money is not only power but it is more important to some people than is freedom.)

This is sad news indeed. However, the Three Diablos—Poloncarz, Burstein and Hochul, shall not ride away into the sunset together just yet. An increasing number of New Yorkers are just saying, “No, we will not comply.”

Unfortunately, some of them may end up in prison, if the Three Diablos have their way. Those who dare to get tested for Covid and who come up positive may get nasty threatening emails from Burstein's office advising them they are under surveillance and if they dare leave their homes or sleep with their spouses, Burstein's posse may come after them.

She needs to earn that hefty overtime pay, after all.

#covid1984  #weainthavingit  #oympodcast 

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Jan 30, 202201:26:41
OYM Ep.65: Once Upon a Time a Cult Took Over the World—And They Nearly Killed Us All!

OYM Ep.65: Once Upon a Time a Cult Took Over the World—And They Nearly Killed Us All!

Thankfully, we stopped them just in time... But it wasn't easy. It was difficult to identify the true perpetrators at first. The Covidian Cultists looked just like you and I. Many of them were otherwise nice people, seemingly harmless, like the girl (or guy) next-door.

Obsessed with a fear of germs and getting sick, they began placing cloth in front of their noses and mouths. This made it difficult for them to breathe. Many of them got sick from wearing the dirty “masks” everyday. Others developed cognitive and mental health disorders from years of oxygen deprivation and social isolation. Still, the CC held onto the hope that covering their faces would keep them healthy, despite evidence to the contrary. They clung to their religious doctrine and faith in celebrities and experts, hoping to be rescued from sickness and death.

Their cult was based on diehard conformity, obedience and blind trust in televised authority figures. The CC followed orders from authorities, especially medical leaders who promised them they wouldn't get sick or die as long as they continued to comply. Cult members felt a sense of relief when a powerful celebrity or politician told them what to do and they obeyed.

Unfortunately, the CC got out of hand. They began threatening non-members with imprisonment in concentration camps. They censored information that contradicted their radical beliefs. They threatened outsiders with unemployment, lack of health care and educational opportunities. Things got ugly.

So... those in charge of the CC had to be stopped. They were arrested, taken to answer for their crimes before a judge and worldwide jury.

Eventually, they were stopped but the CC followers still exist among us. They conform. They obey. They follow orders from “experts,” “celebrities,” and “authorities.” They do what they are told to do. They trust in the higher power of the wealthy and privileged.

Fact is, they are afraid of being alone in the world without a strong paternal figure to guide them through life. From where comes this fear? Loneliness? A sense of isolation? Vulnerability? Inner powerlessness? A sense of helplessness and futility?

While we'd like to think we've stopped the CC, we know that many of its devotees still walk among us. They are unable to think independently, to ask questions, to think critically and to be different from other people. They feel compelled to conform. So... have we really stopped them? Or have we just slowed them down? If the latter is correct, the CC will return again one day, when the population is fearful, lonely, marginalized and looking for guidance.

How can we stop the CC for good? Is that even possible?

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#covid1984. #weainthavingit

Jan 22, 202215:48
OYM Ep.64: The Psychology of Discrimination: What Can Jane Elliott's Lesson on Prejudice Teach Us Today? Brown Eyes vs. Blue Eyes=Unjabbed vs. Jabbed? Is Discrimination Sometimes Okay?

OYM Ep.64: The Psychology of Discrimination: What Can Jane Elliott's Lesson on Prejudice Teach Us Today? Brown Eyes vs. Blue Eyes=Unjabbed vs. Jabbed? Is Discrimination Sometimes Okay?

Saddened by the death of Martin Luther King, Jane Elliott, a teacher in a small Iowa town decided to make a difference by teaching her students a lesson on prejudice. In a very short period of time, about 15 minutes, she convinced her eight-year-old students that those with blue eyes were superior to those who had brown eyes. Later, she reversed the color of superiority. Elliott was surprised by how quickly the children turned against one another, by how cruel these otherwise pleasant children had become.

Little did she know the dramatic effect her lesson would have, not only on her students, but on the entire nation. This wasn’t a lesson on how thosepeople over there did something terrible to those other people way over there… Oh no, we have all learned that lesson. In fact, it is taught over and over again, not just by teachers, textbooks or mainstream media, but, sadly, by our egos.

It feeds our ego to think that only other people do bad things. So when we learn about people harming other people, even when we learn that people have repeatedly done certain bad things to other people, over and over again and all throughout history, our egos tell us that that was them, not us; that was then, not now.)

Jane Elliott wanted her students to understand that it was not just them but all of us, not just then but now. We are all capable of prejudice. We all sometimes lack understanding of others who are different from us. We all pass judgment on other people. We all have a need to think that we are better than someone else for various reasons: Could be our bigger bank account, class status, our religious devotion, our race, skin color, gender, or maybe… the color of our eyes.

Ms. Elliott didn’t realize when she taught this lesson so many years ago that it would make her famous and that it would impact so many people. She was invited to teach the lesson to adults and received national attention. Far from being a racist nation, the United States was doing its best to learn to do better.

So what the heck happened?

What can we learn from Elliott’s today? Why are we replacing racism with vaccine status-ism? Why are we being encouraged to segregate people based on whether or not they received a medical treatment, an injection. Should we replace racism with another type of discrimination? Should we allow discrimination against people who have different views on “vaccines,” mask mandates, digital identification systems (“vaccine passports”) or politics in general?

If so, then do you agree that employers can ask about your medical history, your eating and exercise habits, the medicines you take, the vitamins you ingest and your daily lifestyle habits that may impact your health before considering you for a job or a promotion? Do you believe that landlords should have access to this personal health info? Are you ready to change your dietary and lifestyle habits to accommodate employers, landlords, bankers, politicians and anyone else with the power and authority to snoop into your private medical history via a “vaccine passport” and, therefore, to demand you conduct your life differently?

Do you further agree that some people are simply superior to you, so they must know better than you do about what is best for you? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you: 

"A Class Divided," Jane Elliott        

Jan 07, 202257:46
OYM Ep. 63: Don't Call Yourself a 'Health Freedom' Activist if You Aren't Helping Those Who've Lost Their Jobs Due to the Arm-Stab Mandates!

OYM Ep. 63: Don't Call Yourself a 'Health Freedom' Activist if You Aren't Helping Those Who've Lost Their Jobs Due to the Arm-Stab Mandates!

Many people who already know the arm-stabbing, euthanizing, killer shots will shorten their lives will take those death stabs anyway!


What I'm trying to say is that many people will take the "vaccines" out of fear of losing their jobs. (They aren't really "vaccines," as they don't prevent the spread or the contraction of the disease, nor are they effective at doing anything at all, other than injuring and sometimes killing those who take them--and of course, bringing in money for large, transnational corporations.) 

Most of those hospitalized right now with "Covid" have already been arm-stabbed, injected with toxins. That's why they're sick... "Covid" is also in quotes as many sources say the virus has not been isolated. People who have died from other causes are being labeled as having been "Covid" positive when they actually died of other causes! We also know that "Covid" has a 99% survival rate for most people and that medicines and natural treatments work to counteract the illness (or whatever the heck it is). So "vaccines" don't make sense for the treatment of this disease. So... Why are they being offered as the only treatment available? Why are so many people gullible enough to fall for this? Why is the PCR machine being used to diagnose this illness when it has been shown to be inaccurate and ineffective for diagnosing illness? The inventor Kary Mullis himself said the PCR should not be used for diagnosing illness! Positive cases only mean that people have tested positive but they may have no symptoms. There is no evidence that they are contagious or "super spreaders" when they have no symptoms, yet somehow the masses have been convinced to think that "cases" equate "illnesses" or "deaths." Nope. A positive case simply means the VERY INACCURATE PCR machine discovered that once in your life you had a cold. Oh dear! I had a cold? Yikes? Oh, and the flu? The flu has mysteriously disappeared... It was replaced with--you guessed it--Covid-19! Gosh, the flu has gotten scary! Did you know that since the dawn of humankind, people have gotten sick from the flu? Did you further know that some people die from the flu? Yep, that's always been true... Oddly enough, though, we never imposed lock-downs or mask mandates on flu sufferers. 

Hmm... Why is that?

Most of us have been aware of all of this for over a year. Yet... here we are. In spite of all the evidence being presented that "Covid" is a scam and that the injections are bio-weapons, most people continue to believe Fauci & fiends...

But I am speaking of the "vaccine" mandates. Many employers now require people to sign up for what is essentially a euthanization program in order to keep their jobs. Yes, a lot of us say we will stand our ground, that we won't give in, but most people... Well, people need to earn a living. We live in a society which judges the poor and the homeless harshly. Most people don't want the indignity of poverty. Most people know that if they lose everything, no one will be there to help. Why? Because Americans were brainwashed long ago into believing that the poor are inferior, have made the wrong choices, aren't managing their money properly, are addicts or mentally ill, etc. Because of the stigma attached to poverty (and a brilliant maneuver by the capitalism-gone-wild peeps, I must say), most Americans avoid poverty at all costs. 

They will do exactly what their bosses--their superiors!--tell them to do...

If you truly care about medical freedom, about stopping this 1984-like, frightening totalitarian system the PTB is setting up, then you MUST help those who are losing or are about to lose their jobs! There are lots of possible ways to help, but they all involve one thing: people coming together, supporting each other, cooperating and working together, forming communities. That's the only way that I see us surviving this thing. #covid1984 #healthfreedom

Dec 05, 202152:23
OYM Ep. 62: The 'Great Reset' has been in progress for decades. Why are we just starting to notice?

OYM Ep. 62: The 'Great Reset' has been in progress for decades. Why are we just starting to notice?

A lot of us are freaking out over Klaus Schwab (Head of the World Economic Forum) and his evil plans. We will “own nothing”, but we will still “be happy”... So he says. 

However, over the past few decades, fewer and fewer Americans have been able to own much of anything. Salaries have declined in proportion to the cost of living. The federal minimum wage remains at only $7.25 per hour. Half of Americans earn $30,000 per year or less. Most employees no longer receive pensions from their jobs. Many no longer get paid vacation time, health insurance or other benefits that their parents or grandparents once took for granted.

Increasingly, living-wage careers require a higher education beyond high school, yet college tuition rates have skyrocketed to a level that most people can no longer afford without taking out debilitating loans. Student loans are the only debt that cannot be written off in bankruptcy. Gamblers and millionaires can declare bankruptcy for making foolish decisions, but students who come from poor families who are simply trying to obtain an education cannot declare bankruptcy—even when they can prove they are financially unable to repay the debt.

Meanwhile, the super rich declare bankruptcy whenever they want, and most of them pay no taxes. Many of them even get money back from the IRS every year. When a plan existed several years ago to tax inherited wealth, the super rich complained it was a “death tax” that they shouldn't have to pay. Yet poor and middle class people who grow old and die while on Medicaid are not allowed to leave their assets to their children and grandchildren. The government confiscates their bank accounts and other assets. That is a true death tax, but it does not affect the affluent, so again, no one seems to care... I guess if it isn't advertised as a problem on television, then the problem doesn't exist? Are we that dumbed-down as a nation?

Gosh, I wish I could blast every television set in the world out of commission. Imagine a world with no TV. It would absolutely be great!

Quality of life has been on the decline for most Americans for some time now, yet few seem to take notice. Why? Do we need to create a TV commercial for the subject in order to get people to see this as a problem? Do people even see their immediate environment anymore? Or are most people walking around in a daze, living for the next TV show, next Instagram pic, or Facebook post because the real world is just too depressing?

Are we that disconnected from each other and so addicted to our electronic devices that we cannot sit down and speak with our parents and grandparents and have an honest conversation about how quality of life has steadily been declining? Do we just not care about each other and the future generations? Are we really this selfish and ignorant?

Or do we just feel hopeless and helpless? Maybe we've given up? Maybe we don't think there is anything we can do to make things better?

Well, now, the affluent are being personally affected by the evil plans of the super rich whose greed has reached epidemic proportions. I guess it was okay when people living from paycheck-to-paycheck found themselves struggling, but now homeowners and business owners who are accustomed to a more affluent lifestyle are starting to hurt. Uh oh. Now that the affluent are struggling, I guess we'd better take this predatory behavior on the part of the uber rich seriously...

Oct 30, 202146:18
OYM Ep. 61: CDC's Green Zones Part 2 - Warning: This is NOT conspiracy theory! The CDC is planning concentration camps for the unvaxxed!
Sep 12, 202101:23:18
OYM Ep. 60: Go green? Go nazi! The CDC is building concentration camps they're calling "green zones"! Let the persecution of "anti-vaxxers" begin!

OYM Ep. 60: Go green? Go nazi! The CDC is building concentration camps they're calling "green zones"! Let the persecution of "anti-vaxxers" begin!

As of August 20, 2021 (less than a year since the “vaccinations” began in the United States), VAERS reports 623,344 adverse events, including 13,627 deaths, 17,794 permanent disabilities, and 55,654 hospitalizations from the Covid “vaccines.” All this in less than a year!

VAERS is the official Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System and tends to underreport vaccine injuries, so it is possible that 10 or even 100 times more injuries or deaths may have occurred. We do not know the true number of injuries from these “vaccines.”

The Moderna and Pfizer “vaccines” are patented as gene therapies. The modify the human DNA and are a new technology that has not been used before. We now know that Covid has over a 99% survival rate for most people. Is taking an injection to prevent such an

Now, they are injecting children—to protect them from a disease that children rarely get and that has over a 99% survival rate! They are offering more injections--booster shots--to those who've already taken the first and second dose. Employers and rock stars are mandating them to employees and concert goers. Will grocery stores mandate these euthanizing injections next?  How many people will have to die or become permanently damaged before we stop this deadly experiment?

This is Part 1 of the report on the CDC's “green zones.” Sounds like a pretty name, right? Go green? Nope. Go nazi is more like it!

Here, I read the text from the CDC's own website: If you go on the website and search for “green zones,” you can find the text and even download it as a PDF. That way, you can read this creepy document at your leisure. Follow the science! 

What the heck, here's the direct link:   

Sep 04, 202136:05
OYM Ep.59: What was life like before the Patriot Act? How did people keep safe without surveillance cameras and aggressive policing?

OYM Ep.59: What was life like before the Patriot Act? How did people keep safe without surveillance cameras and aggressive policing?

V for Vendetta (made after 9-11) was a film about people who were so afraid of catching a virus that they succumbed to a totalitarian government  they hoped would keep them “safe.”  Sound familiar? 

Mommy, what was life like before 9-11? Sit down, child… Sit down.

See, we once had a law called, “The 4th Amendment.” It was added along with nine other amendments to our Constitution to prevent tyranny and government overreach. Back then, Americans believed mass surveillance was anti-American. It went against our values. We Americans wanted to be free, and that meant our government could not spy on us.

But after 9-11, we decided freedom was too scary. It made us feel vulnerable. We longed for a Big Brother patriarchal figure to watch over us, to protect us from all that scared us (and that was just about everything.)

Many of us grew up watching television and we saw thousands of rapes, murders and other acts of violence by the time we reached adulthood. We’d been traumatized. The many detective shows proliferating on our TV screens made it clear: the world was a scary place, and other people were not to be trusted.

Of course, we can trust our government, big business and big money sources. They have power, so they must know more than we do… I follow the science. What about you?

The Patriot Act was passed after the September 11th terrorist attack. Americans were told it was a temporary measure to stop terrorism. Before this law was passed, there were not surveillance cameras on all of the streets. People expected a certain level of privacy. People talked to their neighbors and had a tendency to look after each other rather than rely on a far away government to protect them.

But after 9-11, Americans were told that privacy kept them from being “safe” from terrorism… Most Americans believed that and naively gave up their 4th Amendment. (The Constitution was “just a piece of paper,” after all.)

What has not been explained, though, is why surveillance cameras were set up in other countries that were not attacked on 9-11?

What was life like pre-9-11? Believe it or not, there was a time when one could walk down the street without being watched by someone far, far away observing the streets via a surveillance camera. Oddly enough, there was less crime and violence in those pre-surveillance days… People held onto their privacy as a basic human right. Employers checked references for job applicants. They were allowed to only ask certain questions that pertained to the perspective employee’s employment history when doing so. They could ask about the applicant’s job title, salary and duties in their previous job. However, now, since the passing of the Patriot Act (nearly 20 years ago), employers can conduct in-depth background checks and find out all sorts of information about your background.

People with criminal records will not be hired for most jobs, so don’t get arrested at any protest any time soon!

After 9-11, the police were given military-grade weapons and the license to aggressively pursue their victims... er... I mean, their suspects. Before 9-11, Americans were innocent until proven guilty. That has changed. We are now all potentially guilty. Our government and law enforcement has become predatory. 

Can we change any of this? Can we go back to September 10th? Well, not if people are too darned afraid to speak out against tyranny. As long as  people continue to go along with all of this, it will continue. 

What will you decide?

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Aug 17, 202149:08
OYM Ep. 58: Killer Rockers: Why Do We Worship Them? Can We Appreciate People in Our Own Lives More?

OYM Ep. 58: Killer Rockers: Why Do We Worship Them? Can We Appreciate People in Our Own Lives More?

David Ghoul (FU Fighters) and Bruce Sprankenstein are American rock ‘n rollers on a mission to kill their fans… Well, not really. They just want to force them to take toxic injections that will shorten their lifespans, make them prone to contracting diseases they otherwise may not have contracted, encourage them to engage in segregation and prejudice based on jabbed vs. unjabbed (as opposed to race or gender), and, basically, to collect as much money as they can for their already way too deep pockets.

Hey, is your right pocket sagging, or are you just happy to see me?

Like music? How about music that sucks peeballs?

But seriously folks,

Why can’t we appreciate each other more instead of worshipping these empty-headed celebrities? What would happen if instead of going to their concerts, films, sports games, etc., we spent more time with our families and friends and let them entertain us? What if we sat down next to our child while he practices the piano or while she learns to strum the guitar? What if we sat down to listen to our best friend recite a poem she just wrote or watch our neighbor’s son recite a monologue? What if we learned to act, to sing, to dance, to play a musical instrument so that we could entertain ourselves and each other?

Before the advent of computers, smart phones, television, and radio, people entertained each other. Many people learned to play musical instruments, to create their own songs and poetry. Maybe we need to get back to that? Stop depending on them to entertain us?

Stop worshipping those far away “celebrities” and start appreciating the people we interact with in our daily lives more? How about we appreciate the people we actually know and love rather than these people who we don’t know at all but who look good on TV?

Just a thought...

Jul 13, 202110:38
OYM Ep.57: Is Gov. DeSantis really a good guy? Why did he sign a bill that allows Floridians to be force-injected?

OYM Ep.57: Is Gov. DeSantis really a good guy? Why did he sign a bill that allows Floridians to be force-injected?

Governor DeSantis of Florida signed Bill 2006. Presumably, he signed this law to forbid vaccine passports in Florida... Or did he? Take a look at pages 38-39 of this bill. Apparently, this law has been on the books for years, so DeSantis did not create this law. Question is, why didn't he remove the part of the law stating vaccines may be "ordered" and forced upon a person "by any means necessary" before signing this bill?  

Also we lost a strong voice when Rosa Koire passed away recently. Rest in power, Rosa Koire!


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Jun 25, 202147:31
OYM Ep.56 Are You Sure You Want That Jab? Also: Special Deal on Some Tasty Swamp Landfill in Florida! Listen for more details!

OYM Ep.56 Are You Sure You Want That Jab? Also: Special Deal on Some Tasty Swamp Landfill in Florida! Listen for more details!

Over 200,000 adverse events (injuries) and over 4,000 deaths... According to VaxxTracker dot com, the current number of "events" is 285,656. This includes over 3,050 blood clots, 10,277 fainting episodes, 251 neurological issues, 447 miscarriages, 60,710 skin disorders, 610 strokes, 57,331 cases of unusual fatigue, and 2,830 cases of vision impairment. 

Oh dear. Was there a hurricane? A tornado? A nasty volcano? Did the gods of Big Pharma find themselves unappeased? 

Nope, this results from no "natural" disaster. This is human-made, I'm so sorry to say. Created by propaganda, brainwashing and the worship of Big Money.

Of course, this is just WHAT HAS BEEN REPORTED. Many injuries and deaths due to the Covid injections have not been reported. It is estimated that the number of injuries and deaths may be as much as one hundred times greater!

Do you seriously believe that these "vaccines" won't genetically modify your body? Do you really believe that Big Pharma (and Big Tech) are looking out for your safety? Are you proud of taking those toxic injections?

Then I have a special deal to offer you! Listen to the podcast to learn more. A special deal right here for those of you who trust Fauci, Gates, and Schwab. If you voted for Biden, even better. I've got a deal for you! You won't see more enticing swamp land than the piece of work that I'm selling in Florida. So... listen up for more details! You may very well be the winner of a tasty piece of swamp land in Florida! Just message us with your Euthanasia ID... er... I mean, your "vaccine" passport. We'll enter you to win some swampy dirt in the heart of Florida's landfill! All that--and more--can be yours!

Yet politicians, employers and businesses around the world are attempting to mandate these injections. Why? What does this say about our leadership? Can we as a species survive when most of our leaders are, essentially, murderers? 

More strange things happening in New York State... Within this state resides such rebels as Naomi Wolf, Mark Crispin Miller, Gerald Celente, Dr. Peter Breggin and Dr. Andrew Kaufman. Yet New York State is probably one of the worst states in the country to live in right now.

In this bankrupt state, who is funding the unusual construction work surrounding certain large, corporate stores? Why is National Grid offering residents $100 if they choose to have "smart electricity" installed in their homes? Am I a conspiracy theorist? The Queen of Sarcasm? An unemployed English major? Let me know!

Jun 08, 202141:34
OYM Ep.55: Big Pharma Brainwash--People are Hypnotized! Is this permanent?

OYM Ep.55: Big Pharma Brainwash--People are Hypnotized! Is this permanent?

Kicked out of a public library for not wearing my mask "properly" while sitting alone in a room...  Yep, some things only seem to happen to me.  

 Concerned about the "safety" of library employees who would have to disinfect the room after I was in it, a hermaphroditic buddha-shaped security guard ordered me to leave. He said my mask was not covering my nose completely and was not tightly clinging to my face. He looked at me closely, not because he wanted to get to know me or was concerned about my health but to scrutinize my mask wearing skills. When I informed him that the mandate (ordered by Dictator Cuomo) clearly states that only those who can "tolerate" the mask are required to wear it and only if they are not "socially distancing," buddha-boy told me that it was the library policy and had nothing to do with the mandate. BS, of course. but it doesn't matter. Laws do not matter. The PTB are just doing whatever they want now. Laws are irrelevant. The average American is adequately dumbed down, obedient and begging for enslavement (for their own protection, of course.) 

In essence, we live in a lawless society, and that does not bode well. Laws are what tie people together (in a good way.) Good laws give us rules to abide by so we can run our society smoothly. If, for example, some people decided red was not the best color to stop for and preferred to stop for green and go for red instead, we would end up with a lot of car accidents and confusion. It could become impossible to drive. (Hmm... Perhaps I shouldn't give them any ideas?)

Point is, we need to agree on some rules in order to keep our society functioning... If some people decide to create their own rules just to benefit themselves without any concern for others, well, that can/will/is cause/causing a lot of problems for a society.

And to be treated like dirt--literally!--because the room needs to be cleaned up after I've been in it! Is that not insulting? 

Forget the trans-human agenda, many of us have already lost their humanity. Yes, we humans are filled with germs. We share them with our environment. Now, suddenly, we're supposed to be afraid of touching or getting close to each other. We're also supposed to be afraid to breathe. When will this madness end? Are the devout Christians right? Is this the end of the world? Will the narcissists and psychopaths who've taken over the world finally end it? Perhaps we are all engaging in a worldwide suicide attempt? This is madness!

Toxic masculinity, a.k.a., "machismo," will not solve this problem. We need to come together as people and start loving each other again. Yes, I know it sounds corny, hokey and trite, but let's take a look at what the PTB keep telling us to do: socially distance. They don't want us to be together. They don't want us to love each other. They want us afraid of touching each other, of being in the same room as one another. They want us fighting, and guess what? We are.

Let's take this moment in history as a sign that we, the people of the world, need to start loving and supporting each other again. We even need to love and show compassion for the "sheeple." We are lucky we have this great ability to think critically, to see beyond the propaganda. Let's have some gratitude for that. 

Now, if we could just get people to disable their TV sets permanently then to shut off the Internet and go for a walk outside in the fresh air...

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#weainthavingit #criticalthinker #rfkjr #childrenshealthdefense #thehealthyamerican #peggyhall #naomiwolf #pampopper

Apr 12, 202137:23
OYM Ep.54: Why Do We Obey?

OYM Ep.54: Why Do We Obey?

Why are so many people giving up their civil liberties, walking around with cloth over their noses and acting like they're frightened of one another?   Blind obedience and faith in authority figures, I would argue, is the culprit. Americans, and people around the world it seems, have learned to just do what they're told, to not ask questions, to just assume that the authorities know what is right. 

Is the sky blue? Not if Tony Fauci says it isn't!

Several years ago, a crime was committed in several states here in the USA. A con artist called over sixty fast-food restaurants, claimed to be a police detective then convinced the managers and employees of the restaurants to engage in unthinkable sexual acts--acts they'd never have engaged in otherwise. The victims did things that went against their core moral values. They obeyed orders from a stranger, a man they couldn't even see, who told them what to do over the phone.

Many people want to blame our educational system or television and social media addiction for today's Covidian cult-like behavior on the part of Americans who are willingly giving up their civil liberties and allowing a frightening totalitarian system to take over.

What is happening here in America and around the world is beyond frightening. We are watching a hybrid of 1984 and Brave New World emerging before our very eyes. But why? How?

Could it be that we humans naturally obey authority? Perhaps education isn't the problem but the possible solution. Perhaps kids need to learn not about the Constitution but about obedience, conformity and how power is wielded over those who thoughtlessly embrace the two.  

#weainthavingit #orwell #1984 #obedience

Apr 01, 202138:40
OYM Ep.53: Strange laws sitting in the NY Senate--Is Cuomo Governor, Dictator or Santa Claus?

OYM Ep.53: Strange laws sitting in the NY Senate--Is Cuomo Governor, Dictator or Santa Claus?

Strange things happening in NY State... Actually, it's more than strange. This is downright scary!

Laws being proposed are very frightening and disturbing. While these laws have not been passed, they are sitting menacingly awaiting approval. Perhaps that approval will never come? But then who would have thought our government would enforce curfews, mask mandates and social distance mandates? There is no clause in the US Constitution stating that we all have rights... until someone catches a virus.

A-11179  This law would mandate vaccines

A-416 This law would enable Cuomo to decide who is naughty or nice... er... who poses a health risk and should be physically removed from their home and forced into a hospital or prison. Yep, we did say "forced" because that is what this law demands. And it is very arbitrary. Cuomo decides he doesn't like you and... well, ... you're a goner, as they say. By the way, they can force medical treatment--including vaccines--on you once you're incarcerated too.  (For your own good, of course.) Cuomo knows best!

S-4512 Requires social media networks to provide mechanisms for reporting vaccine "misinformation" on their platforms. Censorship, anyone? Some NY politicians want to require it! 

S-4516 Prohibits the falsification of Covid-19 vaccination records. Hmm... why would anyone want to falsify vaccination records? Will vaccines become mandatory in order to participate in society?

Section 2120 of NY Public Health Laws - Title 2: Control of Dangerous and Careless Patients -- Yes, this is what could happen to you if A-416 enabled the Governator (a.k.a. Santa Claus?) to force you into a hospital. (Hint: it's not good...)  Ooh, this one is very interesting... You'll have to listen to the podcast to hear the details (or go on the website and read the law yourself.) 

For more information on Nazi New York, go to --> 

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Remember, to occupy your mind! Have the courage to think independently. It might just save the world... 

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Mar 29, 202138:28
Ep.52 Creating New Communities

Ep.52 Creating New Communities

We need to create independent, off-the -grid communities, start our own villages. The system no longer works for most of us, hasn’t worked for many of us for a long, long time. ........... .......... ............,,,,,,,, ............ ....,,,,....,,,,....,,,,..........,, ....,,,,.... 

Voting won’t change anything. Our current political system simply doesn’t work. We can start something new but we’re going to need each other for that. Sorry, but no one can do it alone. Our strength is in numbers. We are going to need to learn to work together as a community again—the community of the human race! ....,,,,....,,,,......,.., .......... .......... ..... 

To do this, we’re going to need to undo a lot of brainwashing, learn to be kind, to see how we are all connected, to learn to cooperate and work together again. We’re going to need to learn how to set aside our differences, to agree to disagree, to respect each other’s diverse life experiences that lead each of us to develop our own wisdom. ..... ........ ..... ..... ..... 

Let’s stop ‘socially distancing’ —stop fighting with each other and learn to rely on each other again (rather than looking for millionaires to solve our problems.). .......... .......... ..... We can do it by reaching out to each other, practicing random acts of kindness, compassion and empathy—instead of judgement and criticism. Let’s start today...... ..... ..... ..... 

We got this! ..... ..... ..... .......,,,,,,......,,,,,,......,,,,,,......,,,,,,......,,,,,,......,,,,,, 

Interested in economic inequality and want to support this show? Consider buying my book, “Diary of a Mad Bag Lady” by Meria Cairns ..... ..... ..... ..... 

Or go to

Feb 05, 202159:54
OYM Ep. 51: MK Ultra: Yet Another Example of Doctors and Scientists Using Their Medical Knowledge to Do Harm

OYM Ep. 51: MK Ultra: Yet Another Example of Doctors and Scientists Using Their Medical Knowledge to Do Harm

First: If you live in NY State, go to

It is with great sadness and concern that we need to tell you this:

Right now, corrupt politicians in NY State are considering Assembly Bill A-416. This is a very frightening and disturbing law that will allow state officials to detain and arrest people they arbitrarily deem a health "threat." This, of course, means those of us who are critical of lockdowns, curfews, mandatory masks, etc. , or just anyone they don't like! Talk to your immigrant friends. They might be able to tell you stories of what life was like in a country where people disappear everyday because they say or do something their government doesn't like. We can't let that happen here. 

Apathy is the freedom killer!

PLEASE, EVERYONE: go to the above website and voice your concerns NOW! Stop what you are doing right now and spend just five minutes going on the website above, voting "nay" then contacting your senator to tell him/her to vote "no" on this undemocratic, unconstitutional bill.

If you do not live in NY, please contact a NY senator anyway--just do a search online--and contact at least one senator to let them know you are appalled that a law like this is even being considered here in the United States. Remember, if this law goes into effect here in NY, your state will be next. We need to oppose this NOW! Please don't postpone this. Do it NOW! Please!

Please, everyone, do your part!

Please do this TODAY! Even if you don't live in NY, please go on the website and find a state senator to call or write to. This is a very dangerous bill being considered. The law enables NY officials to drag people out of their homes and detain them against their will. This is no conspiracy theory. People, this is real! Please speak out! Your voice matters! We need people to call, email and flood these corrupt senators to let them know we do not want a mandatory "vaccine" and we do not want people to be sent to detention centers or hospitals. If this law passes in NY, your town will be next. We are all connected. Speak out NOW! It will take 5 minutes of your time at the most. Stop what you are doing right now and contact the NY Senate immediately!

Episode 51: First episode of the new year... Yippee! ... Actually, Yikes!

Do you trust scientists? Doctors? Experts? Perhaps if you knew a little bit more about history, you might change your mind?

MK Ultra was a CIA-funded mind control/brainwashing experiment. Conspiracy theory? Nope! Think again! MK Ultra was/is real. Dr. Ewen Cameron of Montreal, Canada was a psychiatrist back in the 1950s and 60s who used his knowledge of human nature and the mind to conduct diabolical experiments on unwitting subjects. He attempted to erase then replace their memories and, essentially, brainwash them--at the CIA's request. 

Interestingly, Dr. Cameron participated in the Nuremberg Trials in which Nazis were tried for acts of torture and murder. Did he learn from the Nazis?

Please listen to the audio of this documentary from the 1980s, then let us know whether you still trust "the science." There has been a long history of corrupt doctors and scientists who have done great harm. We expect doctors to be good people who care about our health. Sometimes that is true. But... not always!

#weainthavingit  #nazidoctors  #medicalchoice #billgatesisevil  #criticalthinker 

Jan 12, 202143:55
Occupy Your Mind Ep. 50 - Travel is a Privilege, Not a Right- Nurse Collapses After Covid Vaxx

Occupy Your Mind Ep. 50 - Travel is a Privilege, Not a Right- Nurse Collapses After Covid Vaxx

When my passport renewal was delayed, I just had to call.... We don’t have a right to travel, according to the State Department. Travel is a privilege, not a right, per the US Department of State! Meanwhile, a nurse collapses in front of news reporters after taking the Covid vaccine. Hmm... Do you think any of the “journalists” on the scene will investigate? Ha! When the nurse woke up later, she told reporters that she faints all the time when she’s in pain and apparently she felt pain in her arm from the shot. Interestingly, other recipients of the vaccine haven’t reported pain in their arms... not yet... We haven’t heard from this nurse since, and online rumors are circulating that she’s dead. However, a marketing rep from the hospital where she works claims she’s alive and well, just hiding from the publicity.
Dec 20, 202038:13
Occupy Your Mind-Ep. 49: Alison McDowell: the 4th Industrial Revolution, Biometric Health Passports, the Bio-Security State, and Covid 1984!

Occupy Your Mind-Ep. 49: Alison McDowell: the 4th Industrial Revolution, Biometric Health Passports, the Bio-Security State, and Covid 1984!

Most people don’t know that millionaires who run the World Economic Forum (WEF) meet annually in Davos, Switzerland and make plans that affect people around the world. They promise that their plans will make the world a better place. So… what’s the problem?

Well, first of all, we do not vote for these WEF “partners.” They are not held accountable by the people, nor do the people have any say in the policies the WEF creates. In fact, most people have no idea the WEF exists and mistakenly believe their elected officials make policies.

Most sinister of all is Event 201, a pandemic preparedness exercise that oddly occurred just before the new coronavirus was first noticed. Wait… Didn’t our elected officials tell us they weren’t prepared for this pandemic? That it had surprised them?

By the way, one plan the WEF discussed during Event 201 was to shut down the Internet to prevent us all from communicating with each other—for our own good of course… They voted against this idea, deciding it might create a panic. Aren’t you glad someone (not you) got to vote on that?

Nope, this is no conspiracy theory. In fact, the WEF’s website is right here: And you can read all about it! Go ahead! I dare ya’ to!

While the WEF claims to want to end racism, climate change, and poverty, it is important to keep in mind that the WEF is managed and funded by extremely wealthy, privileged white businessmen. Do you really think they care about you? These are the same millionaires who often don’t pay taxes, who urge our government to budget cut funding for programs and services that help the poor and those in need.

The WEF’s funders? Mostly big corporations—and lots and lots of pharmaceutical companies. Yep, Big Pharma and Big Tech. Really? Oh yes, really! Pharmaceutical companies donate lots of money to the WEF and have a powerful influence over the policies it creates—again, these are policies that affect people from all over the world!

Among their plans to “help” us, the WEF would like to set up “smart” cities in which you—yes you!—are constantly being watched and monitored by AI (artificial intelligence.) Your every move could be controlled. They also want to collect your personal data and store it indefinitely. This data can be used to influence and control you.

This is not communism or socialism, people. This is capitalism on steroids! Lots of big money people will make even bigger money. Unless you are a multimillionaire, you will NOT benefit from this. The society the WEF seeks to create will be worse than Orwell’s 1984. If they succeed and create this totalitarian system, it will be very difficult to get our civil liberties back because we will be very tightly controlled and monitored. Life will be miserable, people! We need to resist this NOW!

What can we do? Say no! Say no to the vaccine, even if our sell-out politicians follow the WEF’s orders to mandate it. Say, “No!” And stop getting tested for Covid. The tests are not accurate and are throwing out too many false positives.

And never trust another politician again. We, the people, need to be running things. Let’s start talking about OUR IDEAS for ending poverty, racism, climate change, etc. We know better than the millionaires about what is best for us.

Alison’s blog is located at

A video of this podcast is located at “Occupy Your Mind.”

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#weainthavingit  #arrestbillgates  #totalitarianism #fascism #nuremberg #nazis #untestedvaccines #learntherisk #surveillance #surveillancecapitalism 

Dec 18, 202012:49
Occupy Your Mind-Ep. 48: Abolish Politicians: Daniel Roy Baron of Brain Blown Media and eTownHalls
Dec 14, 202001:37:43
OYM Ep.47: Dr. Roger Hodkinson: Stop Lockdowns, Restrictions--They Do More Harm Than Good-We Should Stop Tomorrow!

OYM Ep.47: Dr. Roger Hodkinson: Stop Lockdowns, Restrictions--They Do More Harm Than Good-We Should Stop Tomorrow!

This is a recording of Dr. Hodkinson speaking to Canadian officials about Covid-19.    

As a pathologist, Dr. Roger Hodkinson has a strong understanding of virology. He is former president of the Pathology Section of the Medical Association. He has also worked as an assistant professor of medicine.  He was also Chairman of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada's Examination Committee in Pathology in Ottawa.  (Note: This is not the same thing as saying he was 'Chairman of the Royal College of Physicians'. He was Chairman for their 'Examination Committee in Pathology' in Ottawa. Please understand the difference!) So-called "fact-checkers" are trying to discredit brave whistleblowers like Dr. Hodkinson, but those same factanistas are also currently being sued by some pretty savvy attorneys.  

Currently, Dr. Hodkinson is chairman of a biotech company that sells Covid-19 tests. As such, he clearly has nothing to gain by making the statements he has made about Covid-19. 

Soon these "fact-checkers" will need to face the facts of THEIR OWN SORRY EXISTENCE: that they are toxic human beings willing to sell out the entire world, if necessary, for their own personal gain. Fun fact: the world would be better off without them (fake fact-checkers), and that is very, very sad. Gosh, I'm glad I'm not one of them! At my life's end, I don't want to face the great, Big Maker of All Things in the sky and have to answer for their horrible deeds. 

In short, Dr. Hodkinson is not a conspiracy theorist! This is real science, uncensored, people! So listen up! Get others to listen! We need to make as many people aware as possible!

Dr. Hodkinson was speaking before Canadian policymakers who were considering more restrictions to place upon Canadians. Footage of Dr. Hodkinson speaking about this has been censored from mainstream sources. However, you might find it if you go to Bitchute dot com or BrandNewTube dot com. Dr. Hodkinson is also receiving death threats! We need to support people like this good doctor who are speaking the truth.

There was not time for extensive editing or bumper music on this one. People, I need to share as much information as I can, as quickly as I can, so here it is... Doctors, nurses and scientists from all over the world are saying that this "pandemic" does not exist. Maybe it did back in March, but now it is over. We need to get back to normal--or maybe a "new" normal that we, the people, create, a normal that includes everyone--rich and poor, male and female, black, white and red. Let's create a new normal that is democratic and just. Let's create a better world for all of us! 

But first... we need new Nuremberg Trials for the perpetrators who have done this. We must hold them accountable! Lives around the world are being destroyed!

#weainthavingit  #freedomoverfear #constitution #billofrights #restorethe4th #patriotact #masssurveillance #rfkjr  #pampopper  #peggyhall #makeamericansfreeagain #freeamerica #freetheworld #unmaskny #unmaskamerica #freeny    #criticalthinker 

Dec 02, 202004:57
Occupy Your Mind-Ep.46: Microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi--Public Officials and Mass Media Hype Over 2nd Wave is Criminal

Occupy Your Mind-Ep.46: Microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi--Public Officials and Mass Media Hype Over 2nd Wave is Criminal

German microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi is co-author of "Corona, False Alarm? Facts and Figures." It is available on or Guess what he thinks about the so-called "second wave" resulting in lock-downs and civil liberties violations around the world? 

Is there really a second wave that we should be worried about? Or are media talking heads and politicians lying to us? If so, they are committing a criminal act. Question is, when and will they be tried and prosecuted for this global crime against humanity?

Are we being lied to about the dangers of Covid-19? Yes. Are lock-downs and mask-wearing necessary for stopping the spread? Probably not. Should we run away from viruses, hiding in our homes like scared rabbits, in fear of catching a cold or flu? Well... We've never done that before... Why are we doing it now?

The full interview is available on Triggernometry's YouTube channel:  

#weainthavingit  #criticalthinker  #microbiologists #covid19 #coronavirus #arrestbillgates #bigpharma

Nov 30, 202036:29
Occupy Your Mind-Ep.45: Mini Episode-Employer Tells Employees Not to Celebrate Thanksgiving!

Occupy Your Mind-Ep.45: Mini Episode-Employer Tells Employees Not to Celebrate Thanksgiving!

In a mass voicemail message sent to all employees just two days before the holiday, an employer instructs employees to not invite anyone over for Thanksgiving nor to visit anyone for the holiday in order to "slow down the spread" of Covid-19.

This happened in a state that has had mask mandates and physical distancing mandates for months yet claims to have the highest number of cases in the country. Hmm... could it be that mask wearing and physical distancing aren't stopping the spread? Could it be that the virus will spread regardless of what we do?

The video for this podcast was put on YouTube's "restricted" list as soon as it was put up! The "restricted" list is intended for videos that contain profanity, nudity or inappropriate content.

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Nov 26, 202009:08
Occupy Your Mind-Ep.44: Strange Things Happening in NY - Small Business Owners Rebelling!

Occupy Your Mind-Ep.44: Strange Things Happening in NY - Small Business Owners Rebelling!

Strange things happening in NYS. Small businesses located in WNY get together to discuss how to save their businesses when Cuomo orders another lockdown. The police show up and the people chase them out and off their private property and back to their cars!

Despite a campaign contribution limit of $65,100, Cuomo has found a way to get around that law, receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from large real estate developers and other wealthy tycoons. After this was revealed, Cuomo, amazingly, proposed to lower campaign contributions in 2019. The very manipulative Andrew Cuomo also was scheduled to get a $25,000 raise which he was happy to take until the media--in an uncharacteristic display of actual journalism--decided to reveal the planned raise. Cuomo's response? To, once again, make himself appear to be a "good guy" by rejecting the raise. Question is: would he have rejected the pay raise if the media hadn't informed the public of it? 

Our Great King Cuomo has laid off toll booth employees, putting many out of work during a time when many New Yorkers are already unemployed due to coronavirus lockdowns, replacing them with Big Brother technology. Cameras will photograph you and your car as you drive along the I-90 in New York State. This will help our king to keep track of who enters and leaves the state so he knows whom to imprison... oops... meant to type "quarantine" or not.

#weainthavingit #fascism #tyranny #ny #impeachcuomo #makeamericansfreeagain #stopcovidrepression #freethepeople #arrestbillgates #arrestandrewcuomo 

Nov 24, 202052:54
Occupy Your Mind-Ep.43: AI-enforced social distancing--Robots will prevent you from getting too close to other humans

Occupy Your Mind-Ep.43: AI-enforced social distancing--Robots will prevent you from getting too close to other humans

Good news! Our friends in the tech and medical industries are going to use artificial intelligence to keep us apart. Who needs love, compassion and intimate connection with other human beings? Such nonsense! Too dangerous! Spreads disease!

If Hitler were alive today, he'd be proud. At last, the world has accepted fascism! The government will violently violate our personal space. No need to worry about making decisions--decisions, decisions, decisions... The government, run by large corporations, will decide for you. Following the Patriot Act, passed after 9/11, surveillance cameras were placed on the streets of major cities. Now, AI will use those street cameras to watch you, make sure you're covering your nose and mouth and that you aren't getting close to other people.

Lonely? Good. That's exactly how you'll remain. Forever. Unless, of course, you purchase yourself a talking robot.

#weainthavingit   #arrestbillgates

#makeamericansfreeagain #freedom #liberty #billofrights    #rfkjr  #greensagainstcovidrepression

Nov 24, 202031:39
Occupy Your Mind-Ep.42: Transhumanism-Should We All Be Micro-Chipped? Will We Have a Choice? Is Virtual Reality Better Than Natural Reality?

Occupy Your Mind-Ep.42: Transhumanism-Should We All Be Micro-Chipped? Will We Have a Choice? Is Virtual Reality Better Than Natural Reality?

The people were getting out of control, causing chaos around the world: protesting instead of obeying, expressing opinions instead of blindly following orders. No one seems to know their rightful place anymore! Women have come out of the kitchen. Minorities and people of color have run for political office. People who come from poverty aren't blaming themselves but blaming public policy for their lot.

We need to stop this democratic revolt before it is too late! Know your place, people of the world! Know your place!

Essentially, the Powers That Be (the PTB) are afraid of democracy. They equate that with chaos. They need order, control, regulation over the people. They think they are better than us and they want us to agree. 

Dictators force their will upon others, so they need to constantly be watching over the people to make sure everyone is following orders. Who isn't? Who is dissenting? Who doesn't like us? Who disagrees? We must extinguish them immediately!

Dictators are afraid of dissenting voices because they weaken the dictatorship. Makes sense, doesn't it? Dictators are afraid. They transfer that fear onto us. If they can make us afraid--especially if we are afraid of each other--then they can keep us from coming together to revolt. Now, we're not only afraid of each other but we're fighting among each other. It's brilliant! Good job, dictator! You've done well, so far...

But here's the truth. Dictators are just schoolyard bullies who've somehow reached adulthood without ever being held accountable for their actions. Like any schoolyard bully, they seem intimidating. They're loud, pushy, selfish, and they tell us they're bigger and stronger and that they'll always win. They don't expect we'll ever stand up to them. Our fear is too powerful. They've done a great job of instilling fear into us. It never occurs to them that we might win, that we might muster up some courage, that we might confront them one day and win.


When we stand up to them and we get louder and stronger and bigger and then we tell them, "No! No! No! No! No!" We will see them squirm. We will see them as they are--fearful, weak, small, not as big as we thought they were.

These psychopaths who now hold positions of power over us, over the people of this world, are mere humans, just like we are--except they were born with a defect. They are incapable of empathy and compassion for others. They see us as weak because we have those abilities and they seek to exterminate those abilities in us so that we become just like them. We can't let that happen. We won't let that happen.

People of the world, rise up! You are more powerful than you know. Bullies, like vampires, hide from the daylight. All we need to do is drag them into the light and they'll die before our very eyes. They are not as strong as they want us to think they are! We are stronger! Stop hiding! Speak your truth! The whole world needs you now! We need you to speak so that we can speak! 

Like to read? Enjoy Kurt Vonnegut? Interested in economic inequality? Buy Meria's book! It sure is fun to read--fun, philosophical, humorous, and deep--very, very deep.

Buy the paperback here:

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#weainthavingit #vaxinazis #saynotocovidvax #covid #psychopaths #billgates #makeamericansfreeagain #healthyamericans #freedom  #rosakoire  #naomiwolf  #cynthiamckinney

Oct 27, 202038:53
Occupy Your Mind-Ep.41: Joyce Appleby's Relentless Revolution Describes How Scarcity Leads to Authoritarianism

Occupy Your Mind-Ep.41: Joyce Appleby's Relentless Revolution Describes How Scarcity Leads to Authoritarianism

Joyce Appleby's book details the history of capitalism. In it, Appleby writes of the historic resistance to change that was largely caused by fear. In the past, people feared famine as nature was unpredictable. This fear and instability caused people to rely on strong authority figures (alpha males!) for protection and safety. Do today's world leaders know this fact of human history, that fear makes people complacent and obedient?

Social distancing makes people feel alone and isolated, and therefore, more prone to fear and looking to the authorities for protection.

Crimson Contagion and Event 201 were two preparations world leaders engaged in before this "new" coronavirus in efforts to prepare for a pandemic. Were there more events besides these two? We don't know. But the question is this: why did they tell us they were unprepared for Covid-19 when they have had at least two preparatory events during which they planned for a pandemic?

Covid-19 sure did show up at a convenient time, didn't it? Protests against economic inequality around the world, and now we're told that in order to make the world a better place, we should not protest but stay home instead, avoiding other people. Socially distanced from others, it is easy for us to forget that there are people around the world who are struggling and suffering right now--not from Covid-19! They are suffering as a result of lockdowns, quarantines, curfews and social distancing measures that are causing people to enter states of despair.

Meanwhile, former Bernie Sanders supporters, who we thought were so radical, so focused on changing the world, remain unconcerned about the deaths due to despair, due to lockdowns and restrictions, due to social isolation. Many of them were affluent to begin with and were not true to their ideals. They are fixated on hating Donald Trump, unable to see--or perhaps refusing to see--that there is a worldwide power grab going on right now. 

This power grab centers around the pharmaceutical industry and technology industry. "Liberals" used to know the dangers of big money infiltrating our political, educational, media and medical institutions, but suddenly they've forgotten this. They've become the kinds of people they say they hate. They've become bigots, unable to listen to opposing views, unconcerned about social injustice unless it fits their narrative, and prejudiced against those who think differently.

For now, it looks like the powers that be have what they want. They've convinced the radicals, the protestors, to conform and embrace the status quo. But this won't last. More and more people are waking up to what is going on. Their plan will backfire, eventually. Question is, how long will it take?

#weainthavingit #nomandatoryvax #criticalthinker  #medialfraud  #naziamerica  #joyceappleby  #historybuff #capitalism  #totalitarianism #fascism #freedom #unmasking #event201 #crimsoncontagion 

Oct 17, 202029:36
Occupy Your Mind-Ep.40 Why Do People Give Up Their Power to Cult Leaders and Dictators?

Occupy Your Mind-Ep.40 Why Do People Give Up Their Power to Cult Leaders and Dictators?

Historically, people have given up their power, allowing strong, powerful authority figures tell them what to do? Why? Usually it’s because they are afraid, they feel powerless and have accepted that the authorities are smarter and stronger and so will protect them.

Case in point:

Over 900 people—nearly a thousand!—lined up to drink poison at cult leader Jim Jones’ command. Why didn’t they gang up on him and overpower the gunmen surrounding them? They must have noticed the people ahead of them dying after they drank it, so didn't they know they were going to die anyway? Why didn't any of them resist? What did they have to lose when they were going to die anyway?

The first handful of people who lunged at the gunmen may have been shot and killed, but if all 900 had acted in unison, ganging up on Jones and his posse, most of them probably would have survived. But the people weren’t unified. They were all focused on following orders coming from one man. What if they had been listening to each other and to their own consciences first? What if they’d recognized Jones for who he was, just a man? What if each one knew that the others would watch his/her back? What if the first person to lunge at the gunmen knew that the person behind him/her would do the same?

Similarly, victims of the Holocaust, dug their own graves, as they were ordered, then lined up in front of the graves, stuck their necks out and waited to be shot. If one person had defied orders and lunged at the Nazis, he/she would have been shot. But what if they all had lunged? Even if they all were shot, they would have made it difficult for the perpetrators, may have even gotten some of the Nazi soldiers shot in the process.

We humans can do incredible things when we’re unified and supportive of each other. Knowing we have a crowd standing behind us watching our backs gives us courage. But when we’re divided, we can easily be conquered. Rugged individualism teaches us to be selfish, unappreciative of others who help us, and unwilling to help others in need. It may sound like an attractive idea, but it is actually a lonely way to live. We humans need each other in order to thrive! (And yes, that means physical contact.)

We’re told to obey authorities in the realm of science. Yet history also shows us that scientists, doctors and even psychologists will often help torture victims of dictatorships. Are medical “experts” really better than us? Are they all nice people with good intentions? Do they really know more than we do? If that is the case, then why do they disagree with each other?

Thanks for listening to the show. Give it a “like” if you enjoyed it and want to hear more episodes.

#weainthavingit  #criticalthinker #nomask  #brainwashedsociety  #wearethenews  #idonotconsent  #digitalarmy  #wwg1wgaWORLDWIDE #wedonotconsent #wherewegoonewegoall #digitalsoldiers  #nomasks  #scamdemic  #medicalfraud

Oct 14, 202038:23
Occupy Your Mind-Ep.39 Trump Taken to Military Hospital-Does He Have Covid-19 or Something Else?

Occupy Your Mind-Ep.39 Trump Taken to Military Hospital-Does He Have Covid-19 or Something Else?

President Trump is taken to a military hospital. Mainstream media sources report that he is Covid positive. However, months ago, news sources were claiming they believed he had Covid. It was also reported that he was wearing a mask for the first time. But Trump has been photographed wearing a mask before.

Ivanka Trump, the president's daughter, says she'll take a coronavirus vaccine on live television. If this is true, will it be the same vaccine everyone else is given?

Trump issued a statement a few days ago, on Monday, that he is distributing millions of tests to governors across the United States. Will these Covid tests be mandatory? We know that many of these tests are not accurate anyhow. What will happen when more people are tested? Will these tests be used to exclude some people from going to work? That is, if people test positive, will they be required to stay home? Will they be placed in a database and kept under surveillance? Will their friends and relatives also be required to stop working and stay home? How accurate are these tests anyway?

Is this mass hysteria going to continue forever? When will the fear-mongering end? With mass protests happening around the world, Americans have some catching up to do. Come on, people, let's be the land of the free and the brave again. We have been a free country before. We can be again. Remember?

This is another mini episode, short and sweet!

#weainthavingit  #makeamericansfreeagain  #nomandatoryvaxx

Oct 03, 202006:26
Occupy Your Mind-Ep.38 Dr. Peter Breggin, MD, journalist Kristina Borjesson: Shoddy Science & Corruption in Medical & Media Establishments

Occupy Your Mind-Ep.38 Dr. Peter Breggin, MD, journalist Kristina Borjesson: Shoddy Science & Corruption in Medical & Media Establishments

Dr. Peter Breggin interviews journalist/filmmaker/writer/whistleblower Kristina Borjesson. They discuss corruption and the black-balling of whistleblowers within  mass media and modern medicine. 

Key points raised:

--In 2015, the US worked with China to develop a new coronavirus as a bio-weapon, raising questions about the virus that we're dealing with now, which is very similar (though not the same virus.) This disturbing news raises some serious questions. Is the new corona virus we're dealing with now a bio-weapon created in a lab? If so, was it released by accident or on purpose?

--Dr. Fauci released a paper in which he suggests humans should stop interacting with nature--to prevent viruses from leaping out at us! Considering the many viruses we've dealt with throughout human history, this is very strange reasoning indeed. Why didn't we shut down the entire country for deadlier viruses we encountered in the past?

--Is Dr. Fauci simply the front man, the face representing the true decision makers behind Covid? If so, who hired him? Bill Gates? Big Pharma? Corrupt politicians? All of the above and then some? 

--What is causing some people to use this new corona virus to dismantle civil liberties of people around the world? Why are they so power hungry? Are they psychopaths? Or has extreme wealth made otherwise mentally healthy people so extremely bored and unchallenged, that they must create problems for the world in order to find stimulation? Dr. Zimbardo wrote a book called "The Lucifer Effect" in which he discussed the recipe for human evil.

#weainthavingit  #onewokemindatatime #fauciandthevacfactory  #billgatesisevil  #rfkjr  #judymikovits  #childrenshealthdefense  #medicalchoice  #noforcedvax  #learntherisk   #drugskill  #fauci #bioweapon  #drscottatlas  

Sep 30, 202036:38
Occupy Your Mind-Ep.37 An Old Conspiracy Theory from the 1930s: Can we learn from history?

Occupy Your Mind-Ep.37 An Old Conspiracy Theory from the 1930s: Can we learn from history?

Back in the 1930s, in Europe, a strange conspiracy theory spread throughout the land. Crazy crackpots were spreading a rumor that a man wanted to take over the world, that his followers thought they could exterminate an entire race of people, that--like the bogeyman--they were coming for all of us. Yikes!

While a few people fell for this and actually packed up and moved to another country where they felt "safe," many disbelieved this nonsensical rumor--to their own detriment!

In fact, millions of people--Jews, gypsies, communists, labor leaders, religious leaders, dissenters who refused to do what they were told, children and adults both--were imprisoned, tortured, and killed. The atrocities Hitler and the Nazis committed were so horrific that they are hard to believe, even today. Yep, some people are holocaust deniers. They still think it is a conspiracy theory! 

Nazis tossed babies in the air and shot at them. They forced victims to dig massive graves then shot them, letting them fall into the hole they'd dug for themselves. They turned children against parents, friends against neighbors. They murdered so many people, they ran out of space to bury the corpses and actually had to have the bodies shipped to other regions where there was more earth space. Even doctors, who'd been trained to save lives, participated in torture and murder, conducting cruel medical experiments. 

Most of us are nice people, so we have trouble understanding that there are people who are not. In fact, the Nazi ideals live on. There are still--and have always been!--people who want power. They seek to control us, our every move. They don't want us to express opinions or ideas different from their own. Hitler relied on people to spy on each other. People turned each other in: "He's not a good Nazi! I heard him say he doesn't like Hitler's mustache!" People turned in their own mothers and fathers when given the opportunity!


They turned each other in because they were afraid. Show them YOU are a good Nazi and maybe YOU will be saved. Save yourself!

Fact is, the Jewish people of the 1930s were a lot smarter than us. They weren't glued to their TV set or smartphone all day. They were reading, studying text, thinking deep thoughts about the meaning of life and why we're all here. Point is, these were not stupid people! Theirs was not an idiocracy. As Wiesel writes in his book, the ghetto was "ruled by delusion."

Let's learn from history, shall we? Rich or poor, male or female, black or white, college grad or not, we can all face current reality. Going into denial won't help us.

They want us controlled, afraid to talk to each other, afraid to gather in large groups. This is not an effort to keep us healthy. (If that were true, the FDA wouldn't be allowing all those carcinogens to be put in our foods.) This is an effort to quell rebellion. They are shutting down dissent.

They took away our 4th Amendment with the Patriot Act. Now, they are taking away our 1st Amendment.  

We need to stop referring to the United States as a democracy or a republic. We, the people, have no voice. They have marginalized us, turning our homes into prisons. How much longer are we going to continue wearing masks and being afraid to socialize? Are we going to dig our own graves like the victims of the Holocaust did at gunpoint so long ago? 

#weainthavingit  #politics  #healthcare #theholocaust #nazis  #nazigermany #hitler  #rightwing  #billofrights #constitution #freespeech #makeamericansfreeagain 

Sep 20, 202037:36
Occupy Your Mind-Ep.36 Another Mini Episode: Chinese Virologist Claims Virus Released Intentionally by Chinese Government

Occupy Your Mind-Ep.36 Another Mini Episode: Chinese Virologist Claims Virus Released Intentionally by Chinese Government

Here's another "quickie" mini episode for y'all: 

Chinese virologist Li-Meng Yan claims that she (and her colleagues) fled China to reveal that their government intentionally released this new corona virus to cause trouble for the world. She claims to have evidence supporting her contention.

Do you believe her? Should we believe her? If she's so afraid of the Chinese government, why did she speak on national television, allowing her face and name to be publicly shown? Will anyone ever investigate her claims?

Where is this evidence she says she has? Will we ever see it? Probably not, as we have an inept and highly-biased media that continues to bombard us with sensationalist propaganda designed to manipulate us rather than to inform us. How can we evaluate this scientist's claim to find out whether or not it is valid when our media sources aren't telling us what exactly the evidence entails? 

A true journalist would take Yan's evidence and present it to at least one scientist (several would be preferred) who is not funded by the pharmaceutical industry and is nonpartisan, then have the scientist evaluate Yan's claims to see if they are true. It's called "investigative journalism," and it's something I'd like to see return to our major media outlets. (Not going to hold my breath on that one, though. Having trouble breathing as it is with that flimsy mask covering my nostrils.)

In fact, find a scientist who is an anti-Trump democrat, another who is a Trump supporter and another who is nonpartisan--all of whom are not tied to the pharmaceutical industry--and ask them to evaluate this evidence. This is how we could find the truth. But the truth seems to not be important to today's so-called "journalists" who have become hired hacks who simply write what they're told to write. Journalists have become glorified propagandists. No rational, critical thinking person can believe what she/he hears from mass media sources these days. And that is both sad and scary at the same time. We can't have a democratic society without access to accurate information because we, the people, can't make intelligent decisions about important issues when we are kept uninformed.

To get to the truth, we must listen to alternative media, journalists who are not so well-known and who do not work for major news outlets. Unfortunately, most people don't have the time or the desire to seek out this information which can also be biased and still requires critical thinking of us.

#weainthavingit #virus #Chinesevirologist  #TuckerCarlson #China #coronavirus #Wuhanlab  #conspiracy #virology #billgates #mandatoryvaccine  #antivaxx

Sep 17, 202022:06
Occupy Your Mind-Ep.35 Breaking! UK Govt.Tries to Push Through Mass Vaccination Law -

Occupy Your Mind-Ep.35 Breaking! UK Govt.Tries to Push Through Mass Vaccination Law -

If you live in the UK, you need to resist this NOW! Apparently, they're planning on pushing through this law within the next few days if enough people do not resist. (This is from Sonia Poulton, a UK journalist.)

Apparently, this law will enable just about anyone to vaccinate just about anyone. Imagine the kid pumping your gas offering to vaccinate you! I'm not saying that will happen, but who knows?

One thing is for sure: this type of law will make vaccines an even bigger business opportunity, a chance to cash in on the human suffering and deaths that will result from this untested vaccine. 

Here is the science, people: It takes years--many years--to safety test a vaccine and determine it is safe enough to distribute to the general public. A vaccine issued to us this year or next year will NOT BE SAFE! Concerned about your safety? Immersed in fear of the corona virus? This vaccine will be much deadlier. 

Here is more science: Corona viruses mutate frequently. Vaccines are not the best approach for that reason. Do you want to get vaccinated once or twice per year for this? Then add the flu shot to your vaccine repertoire? 

Vaccine manufacture is big business. Look up the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. It is very difficult to sue vaccine manufacturers because of it. They have no incentive to manufacture safe vaccines but every incentive to sell vaccines to all of us--billions of dollars in the making! 

You know what? I hope I am a whacky conspiracy theorist. I would love to wake up tomorrow and discover that this was all just a bad dream. But until enough people wake up, I cannot. So... please, wake up, people! Let's resist! We can do this!

#weainthavingit  #billgatesvaccine #soniapoulton  #rfkjr  #cynthiamckinney #democracynow #mandatoryvaxx #1986vaccineact  #thepatriotact #democracy  #freedom  #vaccines  #masks #forcedmasks  #makeamericansfreeagain 

Sep 15, 202011:28
Occupy Your Mind - Ep. 34 Having Fun-Enjoying Life is Illegal in NYS - Can't Have Fun Till We Get a Vaccine? Mini Episode

Occupy Your Mind - Ep. 34 Having Fun-Enjoying Life is Illegal in NYS - Can't Have Fun Till We Get a Vaccine? Mini Episode

Today's mini episode, less than 20 minutes long:

A woman writes a book of poetry during the pandemic, hangs up flyers throughout her community then finds them all taken down a few days later... Musicians can perform publicly but aren't allowed to advertise their shows or invite their friends to hear them play. What is really going on here? 

Is fun illegal? Are we really trying to slow down the spread of this new corona virus or are we just shutting down our society and everything that made life worthwhile? Is celebration and joy causing people to become vulnerable toward getting sick? Are we supposed to give up on meeting with others and enjoying life with others permanently? 

Do we really want this "new normal"? Do we?

Are we going to just sit back and be good worker bees--work, work, work--and stop enjoying life out of fear of catching other people's germs?

People in our community are miserable--just miserable!--thanks to this state of fear, mask-wearing, and social distancing. It is making people unhappy, very unhappy. So... should we keep doing it? Keep ourselves germ-free but miserable? Is that really how we want to live out the rest of our lives?

Life is short people. (Kinda like this episode!) 

But seriously, life goes by very, very fast. Think about it. Do you want to die alone, unloved, and neglected with a mask over your face?


#weainthavingit  #nomandatoryvaxx  #greedygates  #event201  #jillstein  #richardwolff  #noforcedvaccination #nomandatoryvaccine  #makeamericafreeagain 2

Sep 15, 202017:43
Occupy Your Mind - Ep. 33 Republicans Vs. Democrats--Trump Gives to GAVI: Are They All In On This Together? Which Side Are You On?

Occupy Your Mind - Ep. 33 Republicans Vs. Democrats--Trump Gives to GAVI: Are They All In On This Together? Which Side Are You On?

While Democrats characterize themselves as do-gooders who want to save lives, Democratic governor Andrew Cuomo budget cuts funding to Medicaid, education and substance abuse rehab. Yep, Cuomo budget cut health care for poor people during a pandemic... (It's okay, though, 'cuz he's not Donald Trump, and he's... uh... a Democrat.) Democrats, it seems, are do-gooders--even when they're not doing good.

Meanwhile, as a result of Cuomo's lockdown of NYS, substance abuse has risen at an alarming rate, earning a front page article in a local newspaper--mainstream news! Cuomo responds by budget cutting funding to substance abuse rehabilitation. 

Clearly, if a Republican had slashed programs to help the poor as Cuomo has done above, we'd never hear the end of it from Democrats. Apparently, greed, selfishness and callous disregard for human life is okay--as long as the Democrats (not Republicans) practice it.

Of course, the Republicans are also guilty. While Trump supporters continue to believe he is an alternative candidate who will not force them to take an untested vaccine for a constantly mutating coronavirus, Trump has invested in GAVI, a Bill Gates foundation that seeks to promote the administration of--you guessed it--vaccines for viruses.

Why can't we stop this partisan politics and admit that neither Democrats or Republicans have our best interests in mind? We are in serious trouble here in the DisUnited States.

The elephant in the room that we need to confront is this: Are more people dying due to coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions than are dying from Covid itself? How many deaths will we see from suicide, domestic violence, substance abuse, or other health problems not taken care of due to this focus on Covid? Are we exchanging one form of death for another? Why? Do we really want this "new normal"? 

#weainthavingit  #cuomo  #substanceabuse  #GAVI #trump #partisanpolitics #democrats #republicans #healthcare #coronavirus #ChrisHedges #AbbyMartin  #WhitneyWebb

Sep 08, 202027:30
Occupy Your Mind - Ep. 32 Swine Flu "Pandemic" Hoax of 1976

Occupy Your Mind - Ep. 32 Swine Flu "Pandemic" Hoax of 1976

Will mandatory masks lead to mandatory vaccines and a high-tech surveillance state? Is this the beginning of the end? Does wearing a mask really prevent the spread of this highly contagious virus, or does it give people a false sense of security? Emily Coleman of Kansas speaks before the Johnson County Board of Commissioners.

Is history repeating itself? Back in 1976, the head of the CDC, Dr. David Sencer, urged Americans to take a vaccine for the swine flu, knowing of the potential deadly side effects of the vaccine. It was later discovered that the swine flu was not as big of a threat as the CDC had claimed. However, many people died or were severely injured by the vaccine. Dr. Sencer was forced to resign. But questions remain unanswered. Why did Sencer present this vaccine to the public? Did he gain financially from it? Did he really just make an honest "mistake"--even though he knew of the vaccine's potential side effects?

We'll listen to a (circa 1979) 60 Minutes report about the swine flu outbreak. A journalist confronts Dr. Sencer and presents evidence that he and others within the CDC knew of the potential harmful effects of the vaccine, yet urged Americans to take it. It's hard to believe, but there was a time here in the United States when journalists still had the freedom to confront powerful authority figures, ask tough questions, expose injustice, and live to tell the tale!

In keeping with the US government's relentless efforts to reward social injustice and unfair play (as long as big business/big money outlets somehow benefit), Sencer was later appointed Commissioner of Health for the City of New York. Yay! Injustice was served! Big Pharma celebrates!

Yep, he was, essentially, later rewarded for endangering (and given the opportunity to further endanger) the lives of Americans--at least those Americans living in NYC.

So... this raises some interesting questions, doesn't it? Why are we listening to advice coming from the CDC today? Are we expected to believe that the CDC is somehow less corrupt than it was back in the 1970s? Now, while our country is even more co-opted by big business interests? Really? What would make anyone think that things have gotten better within the CDC--especially when we know that Mr. Sencer was later rewarded for his efforts?

We did our best to get a decent recording of this decades-old 60 Minutes episode (thanks to TheLastAmericanVagabond and TheUniversity YouTube channels.) Take a listen to the segment and let us know what YOU think!

Aug 25, 202029:53
Occupy Your Mind - Ep. 31 Two Types of Progressives: Limousine Liberals vs. The Rest of Us

Occupy Your Mind - Ep. 31 Two Types of Progressives: Limousine Liberals vs. The Rest of Us

Americans are a bunch of temporarily embarrassed millionaires, conditioned to believe that the US is the land of opportunity where anyone can strike it rich... Liberals, conservatives, democrats, republicans--all seem to believe it...

Is there a true progressive movement here in the United States? Is the progressive movement dead or was it just co-opted by wealthy, privileged "limousine liberals" who might care about saving the trees, the whales, and maybe even 'black lives matter' (as long as it's in vogue), but they don't care about human life and civil liberties in general. From their comfortable mansions, they pontificate on women's rights, sexism, racism, climate change, etc. However, these same "progressives" seem to be okay with the government telling them to wash their hands, wear a mask, and take a mandatory vaccine. So much for the right to control one's own body... (Or maybe they think their wealth and privilege will exempt them from an enforced vaccination?)

They claim to be anti-establishment, but can people who are living comfortably and who benefit from this establishment really be anti-establishment? Why aren't there very many people of color, poor people or homeless people involved in the "progressive" movement for social change? Why does the so-called progressive movement seem to increasingly resemble the establishment--wealthy, privileged white men who devalue women and minorities while holding up their BLM signs to fit in with the current trend.

The movement for positive social change has been hijacked! Women, minorities, people of color, immigrants, poor people, homeless people: we all need to come together, despite our differences, and speak out!

They want us to think that our opinions don't matter, that if you're not a "scientist" or some other authority figure, that you don't know anything...

Listen, people! One of our greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln, was self-taught. His family was poor. In his day, a poor person (had to be a white man) could become president! 

We've been conditioned to listen to "experts." We are the experts on our own health. People, take back your power! 

#weainthavingit  #mandatoryvaccine  #covid  #corona  #billgates  #liberals  #progressives 

Aug 08, 202039:33
Occupy Your Mind - Ep. 30 Why We Don't Trust Mainstream Media

Occupy Your Mind - Ep. 30 Why We Don't Trust Mainstream Media

Do you believe what you see on TV? View on YouTube? Hear on the radio? Read in newspapers or magazines?

Have you ever experienced something then seen it reported very differently by mainstream media? Well... We have.

In today's episode:  Dracula makes another appearance, only to be thwarted by fearlessness and alignment with the force of good, we discus witnessing an agent provocateur in action, experiencing current events then later watching them misreported by major "news" outlets that essentially lie or mislead the general public by omitting crucial facts.

How is it that some people still watch television? Amazing! Must be addictive...  

#weainthavingit   #fakenews  #propaganda  #psychology  

Jul 15, 202031:48
Occupy Your Mind - Ep. 29 US States that Didn't Lock Down, Pro-Vaccine Progressives, Does the US Have a Progressive Movement?

Occupy Your Mind - Ep. 29 US States that Didn't Lock Down, Pro-Vaccine Progressives, Does the US Have a Progressive Movement?

Today we discuss the dangers of driving an automobile. Why do we not hear much about the great dangers of driving or being driven around in cars?

According to MSN, some states didn't "lockdown." How well did they survive the pandemic? Did the quarantine reduce the number of deaths or did it do more harm than good?

Progressives who want a vaccine for this corona virus dislike progressives who do not. Why? Why are so many progressives okay with the Democrats extending the Patriot Act and mass surveillance, using the corona virus as an excuse? Is it okay when the Democrats violate our civil liberties but not okay when the Republicans do it?





Jun 12, 202030:00
Indy Art Show-Occupy Your Mind-Pandemic! Ep. 28 - Looking at the Science: Deadly Viruses from the Past and H.R.5546

Indy Art Show-Occupy Your Mind-Pandemic! Ep. 28 - Looking at the Science: Deadly Viruses from the Past and H.R.5546

We discuss the many viruses that have plagued humankind in times past: Dengue, Ebola, HIV, etc. and how they compare with this new Coronavirus. The science may surprise you. Looking at actual numbers, the mortality rate of this new Coronavirus is, thankfully, relatively low. 

The new Coronavirus is not the deadliest virus we've seen. Yet we've shut our entire country down! Why? Surprisingly, many people in low-risk groups--the young, those without pre-existing conditions or vulnerable immune systems--are living in fear of an illness that has scientifically been shown to not likely cause them serious illness. Yet many who are a part of this low-risk group claim they're afraid to leave their homes. Why?

Has this virus created mass mental illness among Americans? How will we manage that?

We also look at H.R. 5546, the 1986 law that immunized the immunizers! Vaccine manufacture has become a huge and highly profitable industry among pharmaceutical companies--the same companies that sponsor many of our television, radio and mass media broadcasts. Hmm... Could it be that the information we're getting on Covid-19 is biased? Are some people making money off of our fear? Should we be afraid of the Coronavirus, even though the majority of people who get it will have--at most--minor respiratory symptoms and then recover?

The scientific fact is this: the mortality rate of the new Coronavirus is low, at least here in the US. 

Maybe we should be afraid of the tremendous power the pharmaceutical industry has over our thinking, our health, and over what little is left of our "democracy."

HInt: If you like this show, please share it, give it a "like," subscribe or leave us a comment. This information is important!


May 23, 202031:04
Indy Art Show-Occupy Your Mind-Pandemic! Ep. 27 - Sick of viruses? Health Tips for Staying Well & Mass Media Influence Over Our Minds

Indy Art Show-Occupy Your Mind-Pandemic! Ep. 27 - Sick of viruses? Health Tips for Staying Well & Mass Media Influence Over Our Minds

Question of the day: If someone offered you $10 million and told you that if you took the money, a million people would die, would you do it?

Imagine what you could do with $10 million! Sure, a million people would die, but you could help a million other people to live, right? Maybe you could save two million people! Then you'd be making up for the million people who died, right?  

Stop for a moment and ask yourself, "What would I do?" Because this is what big businesses do all the time. They offer to help us, tell us they're contributing to charities, that they're feeding the poor in third-world-countries, and so on,... so the fact that they're killing a few of us by infecting our air, food and water with carcinogens is okay. The fact that they do all sorts of things that harm our society as a whole is okay because the good things they do (so they claim) makes up for that. But is it true? Are they really doing good things to contribute to the world or do they just hire PR (public relations) agents to promote that idea?

Can you go for an entire day without being exposed to mass-produced media? Facebook? Instagram? Television? Radio? The Internet? How about a week? Could you spend an entire week without being influenced by mass-produced information? What would happen if you did? Can you figure things out by yourself? Find your way around life without the GPS of Siri or the "Internet of Things?" Is thinking just a waste of time when you can get a machine to do it for you?

On a healthy note: What are some healthy, natural ways we can defend ourselves against viruses in general, aside from washing our hands and our clothes, and bathing regularly?

Thanks for listening! Give us a like, subscribe and/or share this podcast! Remember, sharing is good for ya'!

#weainthavingit   #coronavirus  #covid  #plandemic  #civilliberties  #infowars  #londonreal

May 19, 202031:24
Indy Art Show-Occupy Your Mind-Pandemic! Ep.26

Indy Art Show-Occupy Your Mind-Pandemic! Ep.26

Those people you see defying the quarantine aren't stupid--they're human! Human beings have a strong need for social contact. In fact, numerous studies show that people who are lonely, lacking adequate social connections don't live as long.  

Malcolm Gladwell's book, The Outliers, discusses one example: Italian immigrants whose close-knit community affected their physical health in a positive way. Despite their poor dietary and health practices, immigrants from Roseto Valfortore living in Pennsylvania had a lower rate of heart disease than most of the American population. 

The fact that we need to  mention the importance of human contact here at all shows how socially distant we've become, long before the Corona virus. It's amazing how many Americans can't see how damaging this quarantine will be on the mental and physical health of many Americans. Yes, perhaps the quarantine was necessary, but is there a better way to manage the spread of this virus right now? Is it necessary to quarantine everyone? How long can people remain in social isolation and without jobs to keep them afloat? 

Our corporate-controlled media has done a wonderful job of convincing people that anyone who protests against the quarantine just doesn't care about Corona virus victims and that we shouldn't worry about the economy. But people will suffer from this economic collapse!

Will NYS provide unemployment benefits? Could it be possible that the state (and perhaps other states as well) simply can't afford to pay the benefits? What are we going to do with the millions of Americans who are unemployed?

Check out Meria's blog at  

Let us know what 2 think!

May 15, 202029:43
Indy Art Show-Occupy Your Mind-Pandemic! Ep. 25

Indy Art Show-Occupy Your Mind-Pandemic! Ep. 25

Ep. 25 Occupy Your Mind-Pandemic!

We continue our discussion regarding the mismanagement of the Coronavirus here in the United States:

Unemployment - People around the country are having difficulty obtaining unemployment benefits during this quarantine. Is this due to faulty computer systems? Or could it be that states don't have the money to pay the unemployment benefits? (With all the money being spent on tax breaks to the rich, mass surveillance, militarization of our police forces, etc.)

FDR who was president during the Great Depression of the 1930s famously said, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." Have we decided as Americans that fear is actually a good thing? Is being afraid all the time keeping us safe? Is safety even possible? Should we value safety over freedom? Are we no longer the free and the brave but now the fearful and safety-seeking?

Since the Patriot Act was passed following 9/11, have we gotten safer? Does mass surveillance keep us safe or is safety an illusion? Why can't we repeal the Patriot Act? Why are we allowing the government to use the Coronavirus to take away more of our civil liberties? Will we ever get our 4th Amendment rights back or should we just forget about the whole thing?...

Why do we wear masks, maintain a distance from each other, hide in our homes in fear of a virus then sit down to eat junk food, smoke and drink? Is it better to die from heart disease, diabetes, or cancer than it is to die from Coronavirus?  

May 06, 202029:57
Indy Art Show-Occupy Your Mind Ep. 24 Unemployment Benefits, Covid-19, Civil Liberties, Bernie drops out

Indy Art Show-Occupy Your Mind Ep. 24 Unemployment Benefits, Covid-19, Civil Liberties, Bernie drops out

Lots to discuss today.

In some states, people are having trouble applying for unemployment insurance yet are forbidden from working due to a mandatory quarantine to slow down the spread of the Corona virus. If the government mandates its people to stay home, shouldn't it provide unemployment benefits? How will millions of people pay their bills when applying for assistance is nearly impossible due to the large number of people applying at the same time? Is this the result of our government not being prepared? Isn't it the government's job to prepare for a crisis like this?  

We're not allowed to talk about 5G and concerns that some people have that it may be harmful to human health. Question is, where is the overwhelming evidence that 5G is safe? If it is safe, then why censor people? Why not just present the evidence and make your critics look like idiots? After all, if someone claims 5G is dangerous and you have several experts who come forward with a HUGE stack of evidence proving beyond a doubt that 5G is safe, then you don't need to censor that person because people will

Here's what's really disturbing: If a significant number of people are concerned about 5G, wouldn't that be reason to stall its use until more investigation is done? Why are the Powers that Be (the PTB) responding by telling people to just shut up and not talk about it? In a democratic society, we respond to people's concerns, even if we don't agree with them, by taking a second look and considering that maybe there's more research we need to do in order to reassure people that this is safe.  Do we really need 5G? Is this like food or water that we absolutely must have? Can't we do without it for a while so that more study on its effects can be done? Will I lose my ability to post this podcast after asking these questions?

How sad that we've lost our precious right to freedom of speech, along with our privacy rights.

Finally, Bernie Sanders has dropped out of the race--for the second time. But people, this was never about him. This is a movement that needs to live on in our hearts and minds. As discouraged as I also feel, I need to remind us all that ideas are bulletproof. Censorship, privacy violations, and a choice between too possible rapists for president? Very discouraging indeed.

Let's maintain our sanity during these insane times. Remember, it wasn't long ago when a person with dark skin couldn't attend the same school as a person with light skin. Things can change. (I'm not saying they will change... ) But they can.

Until next time, occupy your mind!

Apr 10, 202029:18
Indy Art Show-Occupy Your Mind-Pandemic! Ep. 23

Indy Art Show-Occupy Your Mind-Pandemic! Ep. 23

Well, here we are. Many of us are unable to work due to the pandemic. While we're wondering how we'll put food on the table, we have to ask, "Why is the US government managing this crisis so poorly?"
Is the Coronavirus another scare tactic, like 9/11, to convince us to give up more civil liberties? Is it a distraction against the upcoming election? Or perhaps our wonderful (Ehem!) president is trying to keep the stock market up? Are there people who will benefit financially from this pandemic? Is there money to be made?
Well, certainly not for us. We're out of work and worried about what might happen next. How long can we remain in our homes and maintain social distancing? We humans are social beings, after all.
Let's discuss!
Mar 31, 202028:01
Indy Art Show-Occupy Your Mind: Pandemic!

Indy Art Show-Occupy Your Mind: Pandemic!

The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted lives all over the world. Here in the United States, many states are forbidding residents from going to work and from leaving their homes except for necessities such as grocery shopping or medical visits. 

Many Americans have already been living from paycheck-to-paycheck, some are unemployed, and some are without homes. Needless to say, poverty can only increase under these circumstances. Businesses will fail. People will lose their jobs and their homes. Many will not bounce back. 

How did this pandemic become so severe that we're needing to shut entire cities down? Why are we not testing more people? Why are we lacking test kits, ventilators, and other resources to stop this pandemic? Here, in the United States of America, surely we have plenty of resources to build whatever we need to curb the spread of this virus. 

We've been practicing trickle-down economics, listening to millionaires and billionaires assure us that helping them will trickle down back to us. Yet the wealthy are mysteriously silent, unable to fund the resources we need to fight this disease. Why?    

Could it be that some people are profiting from this epidemic? Why did Trump shut down the pandemic response team and reduce funds for the CDC? Why did the CDC refuse test kits from the World Health Organization and restrict laboratories from making their own kits?

We, the people, are paying taxes to support a government whose job is to prevent pandemics like this. We want answers. We want our money back!  

The Republicans have an economic "stimulus" plan that benefits big corporations, not the average person. Both Democrats and Republicans will probably use this pandemic as another way to extend the Patriot Act and take away more of our civil liberties. 

Mar 24, 202029:57