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Off The Bricks

Off The Bricks

By Brick Street Poetry

Off The Bricks is a poetry Podcast Produced by Brick Street Poetry. Listen to explore and immerse yourself in the world of poetry with interviews of Poets Laureate and readings from newly published books of poetry.
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Ep. 39 Samuel Peralta

Off The BricksNov 16, 2023

Ep. 39 Samuel Peralta
Nov 16, 202331:57
Ep. 38 Patricia Clark
Oct 19, 202329:52
Ep. 37 The Poet's Path

Ep. 37 The Poet's Path

Welcome to Off The Bricks poets and Poetry lovers! This week we have a special program hosted by Joyce Brinkman. The Poet's Path is a guided poetry hike through Pokagon State Park including poetry from notable Indiana poets and prompts to inspire your own poetry. Bring a notebook and pen as you complete this guided program anytime during the year! While we suggest you take this opportunity to get outdoors with your poetry, this poet's path can be enjoyed indoors too if you have a bit of imagination. We hope to see you, Off The Bricks!

Sep 21, 202330:20
Ep. 36 Lylanne Musselman
Aug 17, 202331:07
Ep. 35 Bonnie Maurer
Jul 20, 202330:56
Ep. 34 Karen George
Jun 15, 202331:11
Ep. 33 Thomas Kneeland
May 18, 202331:54
Ep. 32 Jessica Thompson
Apr 20, 202333:36
Ep. 31 Kirsten Miles

Ep. 31 Kirsten Miles

Welcome to Off The Bricks, Poets and Poetry lovers! Today we explore the Tupelo Press' 30/30 project with Kirsten Miles. This is one of our special interviews that feature someone from a press other than Brick Street Poetry to help our listeners hear tips for engaging with programs, journals, and contests that would help them on their poetic journey.

Mar 16, 202331:17
Ep. 30 Katy Didden
Feb 16, 202330:26
Ep. 29 David Allan Evans
Jan 19, 202329:07
Ep. 28 Holiday Special!

Ep. 28 Holiday Special!

Welcome to Off The Bricks poets and poetry lovers! This month we have a Holiday special episode for listeners young and young at heart, featuring poetry read by some of the poets from Brick Street Poetry's new children's book, What I See I Can Be! A book for children to explore occupations that might be of interest to them as they think about what they want to do when they are a grownup! Thank you for joining us, Off The Bricks!

Dec 15, 202233:28
Ep. 27 Hiromi Yoshida
Nov 17, 202232:60
Ep. 26 J.L. Kato

Ep. 26 J.L. Kato

Today we welcome J.L. Kato, who was recently honored by Indiana Humanities, as the first Glick Literary Champion Award recipient. J.L. shares his experience as a Japanese American, and the experience of his fellow creatives through the expression of his poetry. You can find J.L. on Facebook and learn more about his recent award by clicking here. In addition to his recent award, Kato has served as the past president of Etheridge knight  Inc. and Brick Street Poetry, as well as serving as the cofounder and curator of Poetry in Free Motion, a project that combined quilting and poetry. His moderation and participation in the Poetry Salon encouraged community poets to improve their writing and critique skills. Although currently out of print, you can refer to this link for limited copies of J.L.'s work at Tim & Company's Another Fine Mess.

Oct 20, 202231:07
Ep. 25 Mark Neely

Ep. 25 Mark Neely

Welcome to Off The Bricks poets and poetry lovers! This month, we welcome poet Mark Neely as he shares his multidimensional poetry. His latest book of poetry, Ticker, explores the continuity of life and features a dynamic formatting style. Neely's poetry is available for purchase on his personal website, as well as at your local bookstore. Additionally, Neely will be reading at Poetry on Brick Street at The Sullivan Munce Cultural Center, in Zionsville, Indiana on November 3rd at 7 pm. We hope to see you there poets and poetry lovers!

Sep 15, 202231:23
Ep. 24 Mary Brown
Aug 18, 202233:29
Ep. 23 Jessica Reed
Jul 21, 202231:41
Ep. 22 Alessandra Lynch
Jun 16, 202234:17
Ep. 21 Karen Kovacik
May 19, 202230:59
Saturday Special Ep. 2 Haiku for Hikers live reading
May 14, 202211:06
Ep. 20 Barry Harris
Apr 21, 202231:41
Special Ep. 1 Catena Poetica reading
Mar 26, 202227:10
Ep. 19 Kevin McKelvey

Ep. 19 Kevin McKelvey

Today we welcome poet Kevin McKelvey who joins us to share his ecological, biological, and geological poetry. McKelvey is a place-based poet, writer, designer, and social practice artist. He teaches at the University of Indianapolis and directs the MA in Social Practice Art. His first book, Dream Wilderness Poems, is a poetic trail guide for the Deam Wilderness Area near Bloomington that represents years of exploration in the Hoosier National Forest. Other poems are collected in Indiana Nocturnes, a collaboration on Indiana’s urban and rural divide with another native Hoosier, Curtis L. Crisler. McKelvey has been a writer-in-residence in the Long-Term Ecological Reflections program at the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest in Oregon and at Isle Royale National Park in Lake Superior. This inspired him to bring this model to Indiana, working with local land trusts to create annual, centuries-long creative and scientific reflections on natural areas, including NICHES Land Trust and ACRES Land Trust. His work in novels, essays, social practice, and placemaking continues to explore the intersections of art, writing, ecology, gardening, food, and farming. McKelvey attended DePauw University in Greencastle and completed his MFA in Poetry and Creative Writing at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Mar 17, 202231:08
Ep. 18 Marianne Boruch

Ep. 18 Marianne Boruch

Today we welcome poet Marianne Boruch who joins us to share her multidimensional and densely vibrant poetry which celebrates the unique animal life of Australia! Boruch reads from her new book Bestiary Dark, and shares her experiences from her time in Australia as a Fulbright Scholar. Boruch Earned her MFA from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, And went on to teach at Tunghai University in Taiwan, and at the University of Maine in Farmington. Today, she is a Professor Emeritus at Purdue University after developing and bringing to life the MFA program of creative writing there.  You can find Boruch’s publications for sale here as well as learn more about her work, on the Copper Canyon Press website.

Feb 17, 202232:36
Ep. 17 Shari Wagner
Jan 20, 202231:29
Ep.16 Gabriele Glang
Dec 16, 202132:46
Ep. 15 Elise Paschen
Nov 18, 202131:07
Ep. 14 Joyce Brinkman
Oct 21, 202133:54
Ep. 13 Helmut Haberkamm & Norbert Krapf
Sep 16, 202129:57
Ep. 12 Dr. Eric Kreuter

Ep. 12 Dr. Eric Kreuter

Today Dr. Eric Kreuter joins us for the 12th episode of Off the Bricks! Listen in as Dr. Kreuter discusses his work with recovering drug addicts as he allows them to process their emotions around addiction via poetry writing as an alternative to traditional therapies. This episode features the work of a recovering addict by the name of Rammell S.

Aug 19, 202130:27
Ep. 11 Linda Neal Rising
Jul 15, 202133:22
Ep. 10 Mary Sexson
Jun 17, 202130:44
Ep. 9 Katie Hesterman
May 20, 202126:44
Ep. 8 Matthew Graham
Apr 15, 202127:40
Ep. 7 Rosaleen Crowley

Ep. 7 Rosaleen Crowley

Today Rosaleen Crowley joins us for our seventh episode of Off The Bricks! Listen in as we discuss Crowley's Irish roots and how the coastal regions of Ireland inspired her creation of a three-part poetry series. You can find Rosaleen's work in central Indiana book stores or by contacting her via email at

Mar 18, 202124:19
Ep. 6 Shonda Buchanan
Feb 18, 202132:08
Ep. 5 Carolyn Kreiter Foronda

Ep. 5 Carolyn Kreiter Foronda

Today we welcome Carolyn Kreiter Foronda as she joins us for the fifth episode of Off The Bricks! Listen in as Carolyn discusses the world of Poets Laureate, and shares her nature-driven poetry! Be sure to check out Carolyn's website at to find her wonderful selection of poetry including her newest title, River Country: A Poem-PLay.

Jan 21, 202127:22
Ep.4 Rebecca Kai Dotlich

Ep.4 Rebecca Kai Dotlich

Today we welcome Rebecca Kai Dotlich as she joins us for the fourth episode of Off The Bricks! Listen in as Rebecca reads many of her original works which are geared for children of all ages! This episode is primarily poetry reading as Dotlich brings everyone, regardless of age, into the whimsical and detailed world of children’s poetry. You can find Mrs. Dotlich’s work on her website here.

For ease of navigation, we have included the timestamps for each poem read in the episode.

A Circle of Sun - 00:17

Race Car - 04:28

Riddle Poem (1) - 05:45

Riddle Poem (2) - 06:54

School Story - 08:00

Jump Rope Rhyme Poem - 09:32

Sea Skip - 10:09

Tucking in Song - 11:20

Whispers to the Wall  - 13:02

Firefly - 15:07

Fireworks - 16:02

Skyscraper - 17:08

Museum Farewell - 19:06

Dec 17, 202023:06
Ep.3 Joseph Heithaus
Nov 19, 202030:49
Ep.2 Eugene Gloria
Oct 16, 202026:54
Ep.1 Norbert Krapf
Sep 17, 202028:20
Off The Bricks Promotional Announcement
Sep 14, 202000:30