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Off Course Agility

Off Course Agility

By Ed Peters

A podcast about dog agility focused on the NADAC venue. Your host Ed Peters started handling in NADAC with his beagle Dino in 2005. Now he is competig at the Novice level with his new beagle, Tres. His sister also competed in NADAC with her beagle Belle who is now retired after running at the Elite level in most classes except for the pesky Chances class. Guests discuss how they started in agility, the venues they run and share their story.

A new episode is usually released once a month.

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S2 E16 Arrival / Pre-Trial Day 1

Off Course AgilityOct 06, 2021

S4 E6 So You Are Going to NADAC Champs

S4 E6 So You Are Going to NADAC Champs

On this episode Ed Peters discusses and comments about NADAC Champs being held at Springfield Ohio. The Pre-trial begins this week on Tuesday 10/3/23 and Champs begins on Thursday 10/5/23 with Finals on Sunday 10/8/23.

This episode draws from a document by Marcy Matties which can be found at following link BUT only for those who are member of the NADAC community forum.

If you have comments, suggestions, or would like to be a guest, email Ed at:

Oct 01, 202359:46
S4 E5 The Hunt for a new RV
Aug 23, 202359:24
S4 E4 The End of NADAC trials in NJ - Part Two audio
Jul 14, 202344:43
S4 E3 The end of NADAC trials in NJ - Part One video

S4 E3 The end of NADAC trials in NJ - Part One video

This year was the last year for the In The Zone trial at Salem County Fairgrounds in Woodstown NJ. This effectively means that there will be no more NADAC trials in New Jersey for the foreseeable future. To remember the location Ed Peters shot a walkthrough video of the Salem County Fairgrounds while trying to remember some things as he walked.

Correction: The first time I went down to Salem County was most likely 2009 and not 2007 that I said a few times in the video walk around.

Part Two of the end of In The Zone trials at Salem County will follow in a few weeks with a normal audio only podcast.

Morristown NJ intro

Salem Country Fairgrounds Walkthrough

As always, any comments or feedback can be sent to:

May 28, 202325:53
S4 E2 Choices
May 02, 202301:02:17
S4 E1 Fun with Technology
Feb 27, 202335:57
S3 E6 The 2022 podcast year Wrap Up
Dec 31, 202225:07
S3 E5 Frustration and Joy
Sep 06, 202236:58
S3 E4 Crazy Times
May 09, 202239:41
Memories of Nadia
Mar 20, 202236:28
S3 E2 Marcy Matties
Feb 25, 202242:54
S3 E1 NADAC 2022
Jan 31, 202228:04
S2 E23 2021 Wrapped Up
Dec 30, 202138:37
S2 E22 LeeAnn Peters
Oct 27, 202151:22
S2 E21 The final day of NADAC Championships
Oct 13, 202131:10
S2 E20 Performing, the end is coming
Oct 10, 202122:54
S2 E19 Storming and then Norming

S2 E19 Storming and then Norming

Ed Peters commentary about the second day of NADAC Championships 2021.
Oct 09, 202117:55
S2 E18 Let's Get the Party / Chaos Started

S2 E18 Let's Get the Party / Chaos Started

Ed Peters commentary about the first day of NADAC Championships 2021.
Oct 08, 202116:36
S2 E17 Pre-Trial Day 2 / Bruce Vincent Special

S2 E17 Pre-Trial Day 2 / Bruce Vincent Special

Ed Peters commentary about Pre-Trial Day Two at NADAC Championships 2021.
Oct 07, 202117:42
S2 E16 Arrival / Pre-Trial Day 1

S2 E16 Arrival / Pre-Trial Day 1

Ed Peters commentary about arrival at NADAC Championships 2021 and Pre-Trial day 1. Also a short conversation with my sister, LeeAnn.
Oct 06, 202118:53
S2 E15 Planning for 2021 NADAC Championships
Sep 28, 202147:48
S2 E14 Marj Vincent

S2 E14 Marj Vincent

My guest on this episode is Marj Vincent from Ontario, Oregon. We discuss how she and her husband Bruce got started in agility, the breeds of dog that she has run, some of the venues she has run with her dogs, her friendship with Sharon Nelson over the years.
Marj is one of the judges that judge the video taped runs on Youtube that are submitted by NADAC competitors from across North America.

We also discuss Jeannie and her GotDog? training business and how she does agility and Jeannie tends to focus on herding.
GotDog? Agility and Herding
The NADAC Championships state basket raffle that she and her husband, Bruce, were instrumental in growing over the years is discussed.
Here is the link about 2021 NADAC State Basket Raffle from Marj:
Finally Marj talks about the Starfleet Canine Aid organization that Bruce Vincent founded before his passing.
You can make a donation at their website.
Starfleet Canine Aid

As always if you have any comments, feedback or would like to be a future guest, our email follows.
Sep 15, 202101:00:26
S2 E13 Luke and Lisa from the Luke and Lisa Puppy show
Aug 18, 202154:13
S2 E12 Trials and Communication
Aug 04, 202128:17
S2 E11 Isabel Danforth from NH
Jul 21, 202153:34
Toya McCullough - new to NADAC
Jun 16, 202153:08
Heather Eckenrode from Pennsylvania
May 26, 202159:54
May is NADAC season
May 12, 202117:60
Erin and Clay Batchelor from Maryland
Apr 21, 202101:05:58
April Random Topics
Apr 07, 202131:12
Eric Brad from Vancouver Island Canada
Mar 17, 202101:03:12
March NADAC news and commentary
Mar 03, 202131:19
NADAC Couple: Pat and Tom Moloney-Harmon
Feb 17, 202158:05
NADAC changes and Top 10
Feb 03, 202159:07
Lorrie Reynolds from Colorado
Jan 20, 202154:33
2020 in review
Dec 30, 202031:57
Lisa Schmit and In The Zone Agility
Dec 16, 202057:46
Terry Todesco from Maryland
Dec 02, 202056:25
Craig Coonrad from Arizona
Nov 18, 202052:55
Karla Vialle from Kansas
Nov 04, 202050:20
Sam Lietz from Washington
Oct 21, 202052:10
NADAC Video Taped Run Course Maps

NADAC Video Taped Run Course Maps

Ed Peters discusses the Video Taped run course maps, for Oct 1 to Nov 1st of 2020 found on the NADAC website at following link.
Ed is joined by LeeAnn Peters to discuss the Elite regular courses and which one she might enjoy running with Belle.
If you listen to this podcast after November 1st 2020 you can find a video of some of the courses discussed at the following link.

As always comments and feedback may be sent to
Oct 07, 202041:25
Beth Gideon from Washington
Sep 23, 202045:50
Michael Vorkapich from Washington
Sep 09, 202053:08
Pat Daggett - NADAC judge

Pat Daggett - NADAC judge

On this episode Pat Daggett tells how he discovered agility, talks about his dogs that have run in NADAC. How and when he became a NADAC judge and we have a good discussion on how he goes about course design. We finish up with a bit about his attendance at NADAC championships over the years.
Aug 26, 202055:52
Audri Tarr, handler of the beagle Cee Cee

Audri Tarr, handler of the beagle Cee Cee

My guest is Audri Tarr a fellow beagle owner. We talk about her agility dogs including Cee Cee, a beagle that ran at NADAC Championships in Sunbury Ohio. She tells how she started in agility, her dogs, Lily, Cee Cee, Toto, and Calypso. She discusses how some of these were foster failures and her attending the NADAC championships in the east dating back to 2011.
Aug 12, 202043:13
On deck with Ed Peters
Jul 29, 202031:21
Carole Daggett - NADAC judge

Carole Daggett - NADAC judge

Carole Daggett is a NADAC judge, my former instructor, and a fellow attendee of trials and seminars. Carole is the first NADAC judge to be a guest on my podcast, we discuss how she first became involved with agility, her agility dogs over the years, and how she became a judge. Carole has been a NADAC judge for over 20 years and she has judged both Dino and Tres. Carole brings up how the first time we met was when I was in her beginner agility class with Dino and her husband Pat and his dog Druid.

Jul 15, 202040:31
A visit with the North Jersey Agility Yappy hour

A visit with the North Jersey Agility Yappy hour

A group of North Jersey NADAC agility people have been meeting weekly with Zoom on this episode I take my podcast to this group for a bit of fun with a round table of agility questions. Special thanks to Melissa, Maureen, Danielle, Roger, Pam, Dennis, Margaret, Cindy and Len for participating.
Jul 01, 202046:19
Heidi Konesko from New Hampshire

Heidi Konesko from New Hampshire

My guest is Heidi Konesko from New Hampshire and she discusses how she started in agility. Talks about the dogs that have been her agility teammates. Heidi discusses her vacation to Champs in 2011 and the 2017 Championships where she ran with her Australian Shepherds, Penny and Hi Jack. We talk a bit about agility camping and virtual trials / runs.
Late breaking after this podcast was recorded. Heidi now has a new good looking Australian Shepherd, Maybelle.
Jun 17, 202042:55